Highlight: 3 Types of Keywords

🏃‍♀️Feel like you are running all over the place sometimes and you just can't get ahead? 🙇‍♀️ I've been there! Recently, I was sitting on this beach in Cabo at our annual GSD Retreat thinking about keywords and how important it is to know your company keywords and what your audience needs. 

Learning about how the brain works and understanding how people make their buying decisions is fascinating.  Mind blowing in fact 🤯It can change the way you do business. 👩🏼‍Let’s talk about buyer keywords; There are 3 types that people use as they go through the buyer’s journey 🛍

1st type: Informational keywords, which means that your prospect is in the awareness phase. 📌 They know they have a problem or need help but they aren’t sure how to solve it (heeeyyyy, that's where you come in 👊)! They use info keywords to find solutions!  To help them find what they need, customers search info phrases like: How do, How can I, What is, What are the benefits of, Ways to, Guide, How to, Alternatives, Compare, Improve 💪So the next time you are writing your content, think about these words phrases and how you can communication your solution and how you make someones journey better. 🚴‍♀️One example “How to make video content on my iPhone” (which is one of my favorite things to do and share!)

2nd type: Navigational  🗺The Consideration Phase (you want people to consider your product and brand…right!???). These are GO keywords. 👏 Ready for what people are searching for: this is important: ❤︎ Brand Name, Product Name, Service Name, Location Of, Near Me, Features Of, Hours Of, Directions To, Reviews, Prices.  Think of these keywords the next time you are sharing stories about your product or services and how it can help someone find what they need. 🕵️‍♀️

3rd type: Transactional or “do” words. This is where a consumer decides to buy from you and spend money 💵because they feel as though they are in the right place. They are ready to take action. 🎬They are ready to “do” something about their problem. Think of these key phases when trying to convert a consumer: Apply, Buy, Deals, Exclusive, For Sale, Order, Purchase, Reserve, Schedule, Special; these are words to test for CTA (Call To Action). 🛑

Make consumers stop in their tracks.  Get their attention! 

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