Highlight: Grand Hotel Quisisana, Capri, Italy

It's impossible to miss the grand entrance of the Quisisana, just steps from Capri town's central Piazzetta. This five star hotel has been the favorite of politicians, poets, royalty and rockstars since it opened in 1845. All visitors to the Island of Capri sooner or later find themselves in front of the iconic entrance to the Quisisana. Like the Piazzetta, this historic hotel is one of the island's most famous, beloved, and recognizable landmarks. The hotel is located at the top of Via Camerelle, the picturesque lane where workshops of local artisans and boutiques of the best-known Italian fashion designers sit side-by-side.

Outside on the legendary terrace, guests relax and watch the bustling crowds of visitors to the island of Capri pass by. Inside, a luxurious oasis of peace and tranquility awaits, where shimmering chandeliers, polished marble floors, mirrors, and the warmest of welcomes immediately transports guests to another world.

The boutique-lined Via Camerelle skirts the hotel on one side, and the fragrant gardens overlooking the Mediterranean, complete with a scenic pool and an unforgettable view of the Faraglioni, welcome guests on the other. Glamour, luxury, privacy, and the natural beauty of Capri are the secret of Grand Hotel Quisisana's 150 years of success.


Each of hotel's luxurious room welcomes guests with Mediterranean elegance for which this enchanting Italian island is famous. Rooms and suites are decorated in various shades of white, Quisisana's trademark color. Most rooms look out over the grounds surrounding the hotel swimming pool. Terraces in the suites boast spectacular views of the sea, the Faraglioni, the Charterhouse of San Giacomoand the Gardens of Augustus.

At the Quisisana, there's a bar or restaurant perfect for anytime day or night, making sure you savor every moment of your time on Capri. Breakfast, lunch, dinner: treat your palate to an unforgettable culinary experience at Grand Hotel Quisisana's restaurants and bars. Want to see more of Grand Hotel Quisisana? Click here!

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