Highlight: Ivana Ciabatti

The Ivana Ciabatti luxury brand expresses a profound culture of excellence and an immense love for the renewal of the Renaissance. Made in Italy, Ivana Ciabatti took inspiration from the best products of Italian craftsmanship, art and tradition. The Ivana Ciabatti brand encompasses the Liquors line, the Gourmet line and the Chocolate branded with an edible gold leaf.

Italy is the home of craftsmanship excellence and the aim of this luxury brand is to highlight the unique atmospheres of Italian lifestyle. The beautiful products come from the skilled hands of Italian artisans.

If you have a sweet tooth the Ivana Ciabatti chocolate line is just for you! Inspired by the colors of the Italian Renaissance, this chocolate is made to enjoy and feed the soul. Made with the best cocoa in the world and the highest quality ingredients Ivana Ciabatti offers 9 flavors of chocolate. And as you know with me, branding is EVERYTHING and this chocolate is “signed” with their signature edible gold leaf.

Not only is their chocolate a work of art, but their liquor line is absolutely beautiful! Part of what makes the liquor line so unique are the masterful bottles made by skilled Italian artisans. An expression of the careful Tuscan craftsmanship, the blown glass bottle is a symbol of elegance and refinement, inspiration of the beauty of the Renaissance era.

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