Highlight: My Experience with Obaji

After a recent conversation with my dermatologist here in Nashville, we decided that since I am getting a bit older and to avoid those pesky brown spots I should start using Obaji products for my skin. I don't like to wear make-up everyday so we decided to take my skin care to the next level. The next step for my skin was the Obaji Blue Peel and I want to share my experience with you! 

Day 1: 
In preparation for the peel I took some medicine and stocked up on Vaseline to keep my skin healthy following the peel.
Following the peel I almost dropped my phone, my face was actually BLUE!
My skin stings but it's not as bad as I thought I was going to be.
I washed my face for the first time and some of the blue came off though with the cleanser.

Day 2:
It's been 24 hours since I had the Obaji blue peel.
More of the blue has come off my skin and peeling has begun.
Heading to a team outing with a blue face, thank God it's to a haunted house since it's Halloween!
So I'm headed to a haunted house and I'm going to wear a black wig in the.

Day 3:
My skin really tight and dry.
I'm going in to the doctor tomorrow morning for her to take a look at it.

Day 4:
I went to the doctor this morning, she's not happy with how my skin on my cheeks has reacted.
You can see where it's about to start peeling.
The hardest thing ever is not to touch my face.

My forehead is getting less blue.

Day 5:
Lots of peeling to go.
My skin is still fairly blue.

Day 6:
More peeling.
More ointment for my cheek.
Going to the doctor in the morning.

Day 7:
I'm almost done!
My forehead is still pretty blue.
I feel like it's looking much better.

Day 8:
Thank you to my doctor and her team for being so awesome!

How did I make it through this week without going any where but still GSDing to the fullest? I booked myself solid with webinars and modules and things that don't involve me going to meetings face to face. I will definitely do this again as a preventative as a I get older. Check out the pictures of each day below!

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