Highlight: SWAG (Stuff We All Get)

Planning a conference? Need help with SWAG? Take note from these examples! We all know what SWAG is, but do you know what SWAG means?

S = Stuff

W = We

A = All

G = Get

I was recently in Italy at the EWPC conference and was amazed by the SWAG! I had to buy a suitcase and pay extra to get it all home! Take a look at some of the creative ideas!

Trying to make an amazing impression on your audience? Everyone loves SWAG! We have found that food and practical items are the most memorable. If it's something guests can eat or something they can use frequently, then it will be memorable! And your audience will think of you and your company when they think of that item.

Be sure to be creative and think outside of the box when planning your SWAG! Special thanks to:

  • S. Clary Porcelain – teacup and saucer hand crafted in Italy
  • Toscana Officinalis – Honey
  • Graziella Braccialini – Necklace
  • Buccia Nera – Olive Oil
  • Alfa 80 – Centro Vetrine – Wine bottle candle
  • Busatti – Lavender Sachet

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