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I remember working 250+ events one year, and I thought I was making bank — but I ended up miserable and exhausted. I wasn’t making nearly the amount of money I thought I was. I didn’t know how to say no and I worked some weddings for free. I took on every client that came my way-even clients who didn’t respect me. Clients who took advantage of my value and time.  Plus, I gave away discounts like candy because I was worried they’d walk away. And I knew that I could help them and make them happy. They didn't know what they didn't know.

I had no self-worth. I did not understand the value of time and the value of what I was offering. Mainly because I loved doing it and loved helping people (especially when it came to design). I didn’t know how to manage clients and connect with them on a deep and personal level. Until I figured out how to implement my psychology background. Game Changer!  I didn’t know how to pre-qualify clients so instead of making sure it was a good fit, I would just say yes. I lived off of caffeine and adrenaline until I had nothing left to give. Sound familiar?? I knew I had to change something. I just didn't know how to get there until I met a coach who changed my life. I say saved my life rather! And my business.

It's time to transform your business just like I did mine. I know you can build a wedding business that attracts your ideal clients, because I've done it myself…Right now, I'm going to give you ALL of my secrets.

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I loved the Wedding Profit Vault. I think it has huge value to the business I am trying to run. It helps keep me and my couples organized with the google docs templates. It taught me how to communicate efficiently as well, which is huge. Along with how to read people – colors – with their needs!! Loved it!! – Callie Heatherly, Callie Elyse Events

It’s been good.  I’ve listened to the podcasts so far which has been helpful to make sure I am ahead of the curve and on the right track.  I have owned my event planning firm  for 20 years and I have two full time planners on my team.  Listening is the key to growth. – Audrey Zahares, Azalea Events

I want to thank you SOOOO much for taking time out to share your process with me. It was definitely an eye-opener and very beneficial to me and my company! I have begun to implement a lot of changes to my business; tracking my time by client to get a better gauge on charging, recreating my contract to include boundaries, which I am still trying to make things a bit more crystal clear, working to change my mindset on how to implement the schedule everything, working on my website to better qualify clients. Thank you – Tara, Wedding Business Owner

This is worth everey penny and more! Thanks Angela Proffitt! – Carol Lathrop

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