How Accountability and Experience Drive Transformative Change

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I was honored to be interviewed by The Decision by EO Nashville podcast. If you have been a long term listener of Business Unveiled, you have heard me mention EO just a few times!! The Entrepreneur Organization is one of the best investments I have ever made as a business owner.

The Decision by EO Nashville podcast was started by the EO Nashville chapter, out of the curiosity of how we can make better decisions with the help of the forum experience. A forum is similar to an advisory board, we share experiences and help each other through thick and thin. So today's podcast is going to be about how to use pain and drive change.

Are you experiencing burnout from a fast-paced lifestyle? Business owners often undertake every available opportunity and amass too many responsibilities at once. Joining an EO forum allows you to prioritize tasks and regain control of your life. But it’s your responsibility to make meaningful change. How can you transform your personal and professional life and help others in the process?

In today’s episode of The Decision by EO Nashville Podcast, Robert Hartline and Eric Jackson invite me to speak about the power of transforming your life and business. We have observed that life-altering events drive radical change. After developing severe health issues from managing 250 events yearly, I was compelled to restructure my lifestyle. I attended EO forums to budget my time and reassess our priorities with calendar blocking and strategic planning. Through extensive coaching and accountability, we gained the clarity and experience to teach others the significance of self-care and prioritization. When coaching others with similar challenges, I recommend allowing them to seek help first before using your experiences to guide them. I also share business goals, how to embrace change through EO coaching, and how to coach new EO forum members without offering advice.


  • My background in psychology and how I joined EO
  • How I shifted my mindset through EO and transformed the business
  • Embracing personal and professional change through EO coaching
  • The key drivers of change and decision-making


EO is a high-quality support network of nearly 15,000 like-minded leaders across over 60 countries. We help transform the lives of entrepreneurs through the power of life-enhancing connections, shared experiences, and collaborative learning. With EO, you'll grow beyond your personal limits. You'll make breakthroughs. And you'll redefine and realize your goals in life and business. EO Nashville is the largest EO chapter in the US, 3rd in the world, and currently has the most female members of any US chapter.Look behind the entrepreneurial businesses driving Nashville, and you’re likely to find members of EO Nashville. From architecture to apparel, health care to hair care, engineering to events, insurance providers to investment services – EO Nashville attracts the people who make things happen in this city and gives them the experiences, tools and connections to thrive.


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Welcome to the decision from Nashville EO where you will hear the rest of the story after tough decisions were made by entrepreneurs who faced adversity and live to tell about it.
Hi, Robert Hartline here with Eric Jackson with the decision, the Nashville entrepreneur organizational podcast to help you with that decision that place in time where you're stuck. And sometimes you need some help you go to form and say listen, fellas and ladies, I need some help. I don't know what to do any walk in and do a presentation. They like to call it the deep dive. And the reason we do this podcast is for our younger selves to help other entrepreneurs on a decision that we need to make Miss Angela Proffitt here. What's what is going on? Now tell us tell us a little bit about Angela. Yeah, how long have you been an EO?

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I've been in EO since 2013. Or 14. I did catalyst prior to that. So I had some experience with the forum. And it changed my life. It changed. Also, oh my gosh, I had my business almost 10 years, my first business almost 10 years before joining EO. And I don't have a business degree. I went to school to be a psychologist, I worked in a mental hospital. I worked in health care in corporate America. And I loved helping people. But that definitely was not my calling. My family had a wedding venue for 35 years on the Gulf Coast. And my uncle was an entrepreneur, but my parents were not. My father worked the same company for 30 years. And my mother was staying home on so I didn't understand business and opportunity and the money side of it. So my friend who was a lighting designer for all of our events said there's this thing called EO and you have to do it. You are going to be dead before you're 40 if you don't do something to better yourself, and you're on all these boards, and you help all these people, but what value are you getting for you? And that hit me hard. He's like, I know you don't have time, but you're spending your time doing the wrong things. And now that's what I teach you. Here we are so many years later, over a decade later, and I'm so glad I listened. He did not shut up until I went to catalyst and learned and I learned basically I felt like I was getting an MBA in business but like way better, way better. Just all all the teachings and so throughout the years and meeting other EO members and having opportunities, you know, we've pivoted and we've grown and I've been part of of lots of startups and lots of companies and it's it's been a wonderful ride.
You know what showed up for me when you said that Did you say you worked at a mental hospital?
I did y'all. My first job was I worked in a morgue. And I didn't know it was with dead people.
A mental hospital with dead people? Oh, no.
So I worked at the morgue first. And because I was getting college credit for rotations. And then because I taught this lady in gymnastics who was like 30 at the time, and I'm like, Oh, my God, I hope I can do that when I'm 30 years old. You know, I was like, 20. And she worked at a morgue. And she's like, I know you're in nursing school, you could come and get some great hands on experience. I didn't really know that in. My parents were like, Yeah, that's great. But so it was like a college thing. And then I did work in a mental hospital in Pensacola, Florida, but
the mental hospital thing kind of stood out to me, because I often think that, you know, entrepreneurs are just different. We are just completely different. And when you're around an entrepreneurs, like, automatically, you have something you can talk about, because there's some kind of story that you can instantly relate to. It's most of the time, it's some crappy employee we hired but, but, but it's always buddy. I also feel like sometimes I feel like, are we crazy? Because are we because we know the things that we do is pretty remarkable. It makes you wonder, why would someone do something like this, unless it were a little bit off?
Well, and again, because I worked in my hospital, I can say this, you know, with all the passion in the world, that we are unique, we have our own personality. And that's the number one thing the hospital taught me is that I am not crazy, even though my parents think I am in my family who are not entrepreneurial, who don't wake up with all this energy and ideas and excitement. And it's like, you have to figure out how to fuel all that energy, and where does it go. And if you don't put the energy into the right people around you, it's just gonna make you feel like you're, you're nothing. I mean, even driving on the way here, my friend is Marco Polo and me. He's a floral designer. And he's like, I feel so defeated. And my parents, are they around for the holidays, since I'm like, Jake, that don't go to people for advice, who've never done what you want to do. And the problem is some people we don't know what we want. Because no one ever asked us, we just know what our environment raises us in. And so I always say, I broke out of my show when I was like 30, because I had an opportunity to actually plan Kelly Pickler ‘s wedding on a private island, but I had a job at the hospital. And I didn't have time to think about it, it was like, sign a bunch of paperwork, and NDAs and get on a bus and go to be on this TV show to plan this wedding. And I chose under 24 hours, I didn't talk to anybody, I'm like, I'm going to take this opportunity, and my parents will think I'm on drugs. And they did. And, you know, why would I? Why would I do that. But I can always go back, why not? Why not take since six months off, like I had the money saved, I did everything my parents told me to do. But AEO taught me all this, how there's nothing wrong with you. There is mental illness. And a lot of times as entrepreneurs, we bring it on ourselves, because we put so much pressure on ourselves. And that's because we want to do good for others. And we want to show up for others. And when you again, you don't have a support system around you in the entrepreneur world, then there are negative things. And I did have patients end up in the mental hospital. And again, I learned so much from those patients of like short term tragedy, and how you can do that. But then you also have real long term mental illness where those people you can medicate, and you can have support, but they're never going to get better.
Yeah. And I think that that experience probably helped you deal with the employees along the way. 100%. So let's take you back to that moment. You get into EO you're you're getting your feet wet, you're understanding what it's like to be in form and what was a, I guess, a challenge that brought you to form with a presentation that you would like to share?
Well, in first, my my forum, they, I think a lot of people look at what we do and are like, Oh my God, you like work around all this beautiful stuff. And you get these beautiful places. And sometimes it's hard for people to do exactly, again, just seven event planning company. And we do destination weddings and events. I'm not too involved with that company anymore, because it's been over 20 years and I've set up a process and have a great team. I now spend my time more teaching workshops and speaking all over the world, primarily in the hospitality industry, just because that is my industry with hotels and resorts and working with with teams and leaders on a lot of the things that they don't have access to video gives us access to and helping them understand my whole pitch is how to be president in everyday life. And how you do that is calendar blocking. You know, I don't talk about the how it's just, it's fun, but you can have fun as an entrepreneur, and really free yourself of all the rat race madness if you live your life at 20 and think about the capacity and you block your time and so I do what I want to do now. Like I do what I want to do I mean you know you put in the hard work and you put in the years and we We have a great team and you know, we have people coming and going all the time. But you know, out with the old in with the new brings new things and technology is changing. So do my form doesn't always understand what I do. But at this point, this was many years ago, when I joined you, I would say the biggest challenge for me, thank God for my forum was when we were completely going to change our business model. Because a mentor, three of our very first mentor at Bally, he's like what do you do it like you're all over the place, he's like, you gotta focus and, and get track of your time. And it's funny, because here we are 10 years later, and he's teaching, you know, boundless on paper, and I'm like, here's the power of calendar blocking online, and I put in Andy Bailey, and I got chills, because I'm like, literally to this month, 10 years ago, we were sitting in Nashville, talking about all my companies, and consolidating and changing the plan. And here he is, 10 years later, teaching people how to do it on paper, but I teach people more on the productivity side on calendar blocking. So it's just funny. You know how it all comes full circle, but he's like, You got to get track your time, you're saying yes to everything. We were doing over 250 events a year, which is a lot. And I and we weren't really profitable. Because I didn't have a business manager. I didn't have an accountant. I met all these people through EO. And that changed my life when they wrote down the numbers and said you did 30 Something weddings for free last year, and yet it cost you money. I'm not a numbers, girl. What year is this? This was 2012 2012
for second your last name. I mean, you're supposed to make a profit.
Well, that's my ex husband's left. And I was only like 21 years old. And it didn't work out. He's a good person. It's just I'm an entrepreneur, and he was in the National Guard and in the military. And it's a very controlled environment. We need those people, but entrepreneurs and military, if you don't get therapy, and you don't understand each other, y'all It just ain't gonna work, FaceTime texting, none of that stuff existed back then when all this happened. So yeah, it just didn't work out. But professionally, everyone knew me with that last name. But it's not spelled like profit. Like, I'm not trying to be cute, right? But I do preach that now that if you are not making a profit, if it don't make money don't make sense. You know, it's just yeah, you really have to understand, but without EO and without my forum, teaching me all these tools, I wouldn't have known what to do when I was trying to shift my business model.
I like to tell my team that the profit power is the purpose. So if your company has a purpose, and you're making a profit, you can do more of that and bring more good to the world. Right? That's
awesome. Yes, it's a tool.
I didn't make that up. I don't want to
say so you're, you're you're not making your last name. You're not making a profit. So you're struggling. And you? How did you go about going to your form? What What was the, what was the problem you were suffering from?
Okay, the real problem is that I have 100%. Close, right? And when I meet with people, it's a yes, period. So when he was like, no, let's track your time. And let's see, I'm like, No, you don't understand. He's like, No, you don't understand answering your phone and doing this 24/7 and texting, and this is madness. And I'm like, I'm gonna lose clients. And he's like, no, they will show up differently. You are in control. How many events do you want to do? How many weddings Do you want to do in all the things that I was going to leadership wise, it wasn't teaching us about that. It was teaching us about the pretty things which we love doing as creatives and entrepreneurs. But that's not what keeps you going. And it's not what what fuels the passion. And so I didn't really Andy helped me put together and say, Okay, how many do you want to do only do full service, we split apart design, because that's when Pinterest was coming out. So it's an opportunity to split apart planning, which is, there's a million steps you have to do and no matter if you have five people or 5 million people at your wedding, or you spend $50, or you spend $5 million, the steps are the same period. But on the design side, it's a completely different avenue. So they taught me about offering different services, how to communicate that how to do the contract. And then I started to meet with people. And the first four people said, You charge like an attorney. Like we're not doing this because the model we were doing no one in town was doing. And I had to learn through EEO. It doesn't matter what everyone else is doing in my industry. It's the value and we do do things differently. And I started to understand that when I started to travel and speak and teach, I'm like, Oh, we do have something special. It's called psychology. Everything we do is based on the person's personality that I'm talking to and just little things that can very quickly tell just how people you can tell from an email or looking at a Pinterest board, how people respond to things what they are and customize in that message. And it helps people take a step back and think before they react. And but at the time, my confidence was crushed so I couldn't even use my own. It's like I was stalled. And my form can saying, No, Angela, this is how you run a business. This isn't a hobby anymore. So the reason I didn't I wasn't a numbers girl, there was always money in my bank, I've always worked and I had money saved. So I never really paid attention. Everything's on auto in my life, which is not good people, you should at least evaluate at least once a year, not telling you what to do, just from experience. I'm like, Oh, this is what he does another mistake.
How was this this this part of your life part of your business showing up with you personally? Like, it's one thing to say you're not making money, but how was it really affecting you? Oh, my
gosh, was terrible. I was Angela, then I'm a very scattered person behind the scenes, like, you know, making people think I have it all together, which, you know, I have it together because I was instilled from being a gymnast young, but you have to have a process. And you have to do the same thing every day to get better, or you're not going to get better. And so really being a gymnast, like that instilled in me what I needed to do to be a successful business owner. So I thought the I thought success to me, and again, this is where, what is your definition of success? I thought it was doing 250 events a year with all these employees and all these people who needed me, right? It was like a need to be needed. And so it felt good of like the text and the emails, and the phone calls dizziness, almost like I liked it. Yeah, it was like an adrenaline thing. But then when you learn another side of it through EEO, and it's like, no, I mean, it's the complete opposite of everything that I thought that I knew. And that's not what really running a business means. And so I got access to new information, where I could shift my mindset. And and I did the work, because I did not want to feel like that anymore. I was so unhealthy. I mean, I didn't sleep, I drink Coke constantly to stay up three nights in a row, my hair was falling out, again to turn away. I mean, you guys know, you know me for a long time you see me go up and down, and up and down look terrific. Well, now, but the point is, is like, what you focus on and where you put your energy, and where you know, your capacity. And I do very elementary things like color code, it works. But again, 90% of the me taking these tools and using them, it comes from eOe. But you got to do the work, you got to do the work. And so going to my forum and saying, oh my gosh, these people are saying no, I gotta go back to my old business model. And they encourage they're like, No,
as someone who has intentionally made my life simpler, I have found myself in the last month and a half, filling that time with others crap that don't need to be doing. Right. And so it takes a lot of discipline. So how do you how do you how did you manage the discipline part of this
through calendar blocking through so we color coded my online calendar? And it seems so Elementary, but it is like when you look at it at a week, what is your balance, and so we have red for meetings, meaning that's my face only blue for the things that I need to do on the business. And I can do it at home, and it's flexible time, green is billable time. So that's client work behind the scenes that we're working on, because we track our hours with our clients. And then orange is like personal like workout time. get my hair done time. And so when you look at a week back then you asked who was Angela Angela from six o'clock in the morning, till 4am. It's just it was just read. There was no me town, there was no family, I would go to family dinners. And my dad's like, put your goddamn phone down. Yeah, you need to be here. And I'm like, No, Daddy, you don't understand. There's so many emails, there's like 1000 views, like you don't understand. And then my dad got cancer and he died. You know, it's like, I wish now I understand that, you know, being older and having more life experience, like what that means. But presenting the things to my forum. You know, I was kind of the baby of the group. So it's almost like they loved seeing that vulnerability. And because I almost didn't even know how to present a presentation because I've never done it before. Because I'm used to everyone coming to me for help. No one asked me, What can I do for you? How can I help you because the people around me, were not the right people to help me get to where I wanted to go.
You know, a lot of things that show up with a lot of things that you were saying and I'm reading a book called letting go. We spend a great deal of our life having the act of having by doing but we really are trying to be fine to be and what you're saying is like you want to be here you want to be in The Now you want to just be part of the experience. And what we tend to do is doo doo doo doo doo doo doo and where we feel like we're getting but but we're not like The purpose is that we're not being for our dad. We're not experiencing what we're supposed to be experiencing. It was just breath. We're here today having a conversation on how to be because at the end of the day, that's what I'm discovering is we're just trying to be and what you were saying about your time blocking users like being is sending the intention of the time, right? You're basically saying what Dave Ramsey is asking you to do spin your money on paper, but no one's you know, spending your time on paper before the month begins. And then you can you know, have an outcome of something like, what do we want? We have to think about it we have to imagine, what is your dream? What is Angela's dream? What is your what's the outcome?
Oh, my gosh, it's so funny. Well, in so going back to the time thing is I like to call it pots, you know, because we, y'all, I can't grow anything, but like, I grew up and live around fires with my industry. But if you when you plant something, you know, in a pot, your seed grows. And so if you have at least four time pots of your personal life, and your professional life, your work life, or even if you're a soccer mom, you have to show up for other people like with with kids. And then you've got to have your growth pot, and then you've got to have the meeting pot where your face is required, or there's still a task that has to be done, but someone else can do it. And so those are like the different pots, just you know, for mentally just to close that loop. Okay, what was the question?
What, why weren't? Why are you doing it? Do it at the end of the day? What's your vision? What? Oh, what
do I want? Okay, it's funny. So Andy's like, what do you want. So when I went to private island for my very first time, which I didn't even know, that was a thing. I went there is this tiny little island in Antigua called JUMBY Bay. And I'm like my dream. I told me, I'm like I want about private island. And I want it to be the happiest solid in the world. Because I know what drives people based on their personality. It's the whole foundation of every business, I work with every client and couple we help with like, it is everything, which really goes to communication. And then I went to this private island. And then I'm like, I started traveling pretty much for a living and working on a lot of private islands. And then a like, I don't know, I don't need to own a private island
is not the dream anymore.
Like I just like to be the consultant. And then I can go in and help them. It's always it's always the people. It's a huge miss, when you don't put your people first, especially in hospitality, there are people taking care of people. And when you don't take take care of your people. And there's a culture problem, or there's one bad egg or there's mental illness and it's not mean handled. It's like those types of situations. Were doing weddings on these islands are like, How are you so happy because wedding planners have a route? Like there were some crazy bitches, we are control freaks. But let me be clear, I'm a control freak. Because I value an experience. And if one person doesn't do their part, or if they have a new person who's not appropriately trained on what the goal is, because they haven't been communicated the way they need to hear it, that's a problem. And it's a wholeness, a gap. So just by traveling, you know, some of these gyms have said, Can you come in and help us understand how you build your team and how you build. And so that's how the consulting started. And now I'm like, I don't want to own anything. I'm in the phase of life today, right now, it depends on when you hear this or watch this, of I just want to travel the world and meet people and connect with people where I can make an impact for my pain. Because my therapist said, you know, I have so much guilt like for my dad and everything. So I don't wanna start crying. But she's like, I want you to use your pain, and not being present for your family for 10 years, thinking that you needed to like build this big empire, which I've made it up in my head, no one told me how to do that. And you're thinking that you have to do all these things. And she's like, instead of living in regret, and being depressed about it, and just beating yourself down, let's transform it into a positive message. And again, this is where EO people have helped me really craft my story. And COVID was great for us because I was able to take more of a step back, get better in shape. We shifted from software to wellness. So a lot shifted based on my personal experiences. And now all these people in my industry, they're buying treadmill desk, because I bought a treadmill desk, you know, so it impacts other people's lives and they're losing weight and they're becoming more healthy. And they're learning to eat better. And they're learning to spend their money on good clean food, rather than going to Starbucks every day and spending $30 a day. So it's just the information. It's like I don't want my mom's trying to get me build another house right now. Like I don't want stuff. It I like nice things. But it's not about the stuff. It's about the memories and the impact and the people and the connection and the phone. It's just
people at the end of the And that is why EO assistant draw for all of us because you get an opportunity in form, to hear a struggle that you're like, all Yeah, been there, let's talk, I want to let go of this out of me because it's a pain. It's like a piece of pain that we walk around with. And it's seeking an expression because we have earned so much of lessons out of that, and with the act of helping someone is so beneficial. And that's what we get to do. And so when you were in your businesses, where it was you needed to change the game, was it that you were ready to change or you resistant to change, in the form navigate that resistance? Or were you just open for it? Oh, my
God, I knew I had to do something different. Because I knew that I couldn't keep doing what I was doing. Because I was getting sick. So like, for example, I get the flu. And then I'd be at the lane on the Skirball horn in a room. Well, I have a team with a radio and my mom's like, This is crazy. You need to be in the hospital, and like that kept happening. So I knew I had to change. I wasn't resistant at all. I'm like, tell me what to do. And I will do it. Because every one of you, all eight of you in here have have all been through multiple things. I mean, there were people in there who've had multiple businesses have 1213 figures like so I listened to those people. It was painful. I think for me personally, it was more of a self esteem hit than anything. Because I was always I was the Yes girl. And I liked. sickly if you were like Angeles, like a robot, she doesn't need a lot of sleep. And then Pat Summitt died of Alzheimer's and all the sleep stuff came out. I went to UT and I loved her. And I'm like, Oh, shit, I gotta sleep. And that's what I went to a doctor and I, you know, started to AMI and didn't work took me all the time. But I started to understand and try different things based on recommendations that people in my forum would talk about. And like my employees and my team members, at that time, I'm not going to talk to them about this shit, because they don't even understand. And they're probably not going to tell me Oh, I have a sleep problem, too. I take these pills. Like, that's just things weren't like that back then. Now with COVID people are way more Oh, I mean, I have a great relationship. So it was like, okay to your mom, but like, let's work through it. And I love that they come to me for these things, because I don't judge. I don't judge we all go through hard shit period then like, and I think it's healthy, to talk about it. And to talk about therapy and to talk. I mean, II Oh, for me, a lot of it is like therapy. I
didn't know did you get coached? When you did your your presentation for that particular subject? Yes, I did. Yeah. And how did I remember and what was what was the was it because a lot of times we go get coached, you kind of make a decision, sometimes in the coaching, like you can get an outcome. And then it's like, you're just going through the motions when you actually do a presentation. And was that experience like that for you, or,
again, life changing, there's a framework. And it works. And when you follow the process, the framework, the pattern, whatever it is, it works. And so when you veer from the process, it creates gaps, it creates confusion. And so having that clear framework and the present are working through it. And again, it brought me clarity when Oh, I just need to do this and do this. But then doing the work is different. I'm talking
that's the hard part. There's a lot of steps after you, you say yes to the change. So what the how long does the process take from like, I got to change the way I'm doing business? Was it baby steps into it, or
27 months to be exact? Oh, wow. And how I know this is because most people at the time would hire our company and engage with us about 14 months in advance at least. And so the old events and weddings and things that we were doing at the old rate, and me looking at the next year, and how much that costs me, you know, because our contracts, it changed the way we did everything, because like our industry takes 50% In the beginning and then 50% before the event. Well, if you're an event planner, and you live in Tennessee and you don't travel, you don't have other means of income. It's just very seasonal thing, if you don't do holiday parties, if you don't do other executive retreats, and so you live like a squirrel. And when I got divorced, guess what? There was only one income. And so I had to fucking figure it out. Or somebody had to figure it out for me. And that's where I learned outsourcing is the best thing ever and the experts that come in and tell me how to do things. Now not that they're perfect. And I have learned that I need to pay attention and I need to be aware at least once a month, but I don't need to control everything and I don't need to tell everybody what to do. So finding the proactive people to help me again all coming through. It's just it's been life changing for for so many reasons.
So 27 have been months.
Yeah. So then we finally were able to sign our new contracts. And it was 27 months until that first event that we were executing, got it got weird, they were on the new. So we went to a monthly we went to a monthly so it would help me when I got a divorce. He's like, okay, you've got 12 months that you need to make money. And he's like, let's really think about this, what do you want, I'm like, I don't want to work. Holidays, I've missed every holiday with my family for the past 10 years. And now my dad's gone, I want to be home, or I want to be traveling or taking my family somewhere around the world to a cool place that I've already been. So how can we do that. And so that's where the time tracking came in for the planning. And we split apart that design, again, lots of details. But at the end of the day, you've got to know where your time is going. And you have to make sure it's profitable. So in my family and friends are like, I have this thing in Italy, can you just help out and sponsor and didn't like, we have a we have a framework and it's like we have a hard cost of what the labor is going to be what it's going to cost the company to do it. If I want to volunteer my time and I look at my capacity, I can say yes or no, it doesn't mean I don't want to do it. It's just sometimes I'm like, What's your timeframe in the next three months were completely at capacity.
You know, it is something that's showing up for me as you are talking. And I lost my father in law during COVID. And his death shaped our family tremendously. And it was, it was a pivotal moment for my family. And I'm noticing that with you with your dad passing every night. It was like you probably had a sensation and knew that it was off the just the business, the stress the how your body was being abused by this stress, because this is what it is. And it was something so profound as a death to flip you into decision making
as an entrepreneur. If you've ever had a near death experience, that's what drives change. Oh yeah, it's my dad dying. And then me almost I've had COVID Really bad acts, I was died for real. And I made good Bob Bob videos to like my nieces and nephews and my team members. And my doctors, like you have to get in shape. You are so overweight, and you're so out of shape. Because I was sitting for 10 months building a whole nother company for social media strategy. And 90% of our clients were young. But we had 10 figures ripped out from under me in 48 hours for all the events we were doing. And when I when I heard from Amir Jahangir, who was my groom, who like lead the Nashville team and all the infectious disease with like, all the COVID stuff he's like, and you're not doing any events for a year, like and that helped me know, okay, confirming with all of my clients, what are we going to do? And then learning to build 3d online campuses and weddings in the metaverse. Like, the shit we're doing now, like, this is crazy, but I love technology. Like I'm very much into VR, we build cool floor plans and stuff and, and the virtual conferences are great. It gave us a great opportunity. We actually made more revenue in a year than we probably didn't last three years from profit because it was a needed thing. And no one knew how to react no would we didn't have a backpack and a compass on how to do it. But it again, it reminded me it's never about the money. It's a purpose and a need, like all my friends and a yogi. They're like, Oh, you do all this social media stuff and all this content, we have time now. And but again, I lost myself and it happens every few years, when something bad happens or tragedy happens. And it comes in threes. It's like divorce death. And then I don't know, it was like something else. You know, it's it's always big things with me. It was COVID My, my dog got cancer who's like my child. Um, and then like some things happen in my family. My sister's very sick, and she has four children. And so your time you have to make a choice, like, where do you want to show up? I know, my impact with my nieces and nephew are way more important right now at their ages that I need to be there for them. And so that's where you want to set aside the term, but they have to be ready to listen. And sometimes, you know, I in family dynamics, I it is hard to say but I don't get along with my sister. We don't speak and it's because we're different people. But I think she's a great mom and she's a stay at home mom, and that's great. But she feels like I am she's less than you know, because I travel the world and I do all these great things. And this is where therapy comes in. But I don't want it to affect the children. Like my thing is like I just want to make an impact on people so that they can make good decisions. Because even when I was in high school, there's people who did stupid shit and it follows them to today, like even professionally and so I tell the kids like you're gonna work in any of my companies, or your uncle's company, because my brother is in a yo two with his company. I'm like either of our companies, you gotta keep your shit straight. Because my parents said, you'd be nice to everybody. You'd be nice. And you'd be kind to everyone in the hospital taught me that working, you can look so put together and smile. I mean, it just happened to one of our clients, and you never know what's going on. And you wake up and people die from it. Because they don't have an outlet. And they don't know that there's help,
you know, you're, you're you're telling the story. And I wonder, are you able to make a tough decision without tragedy? No,
no, it takes a near death experience for for me, and talking to a lot of different entrepreneurs. They're like, Yeah, you're right. It takes a really bad thing that is so painful, that you never want to do that again. And every single big pain that I've had, like my computer crashed in college, the flood in 2010, and having a displaced weddings, you know, you we have our stories. That was one of the speakers who said you have your your foundational stories that shaped you into who you are today. And it's those very painful things where I'm like, I never want to feel like this again, I never want to be like this again, what can I do different, so I never have to do that again. And I'm, I'm like psycho gung ho, when I say I'm gonna do something,
I can do it, I have a feeling that I loved your energy. You've always had like, a ton of good energy. And that's probably how you've been successful is it's all we do is energy. We're just we're just maintaining our own energy so we can help others with their energy. And so after you have made this transition in the form, like if you were to go back, well, let's just today, let's say a new el number joins forum. Your little sister is doing the exact same thing. How do you help the little sister? The little Angela? Yeah, right, that thinks she can do everything? How do you do that without giving her advice?
Well, so there's, there's a couple of things, the first thing to need to know is, and I've had to learn this the hard way is, you know, because I've, I've actually been through this with my little brother. And I'm like, Oh, my God, there's this thing. And there's this thing. And there's this tool, and this, and I just vomited. And he's like, so overwhelmed to begin with being a fairly newer business owner. And so don't do that, like I've learned, like, don't do that, because then they just kind of shut down, I saw a great quote, it was something about information overload is like, I'm trying to think and see the image. But I just like something about pop too much information is like the poverty of something. And I was like, Oh, my gosh, and that's the feedback I get on from everyone there. Like, your frameworks are great, you're very entertaining, your stories are batshit crazy. But it's so much information that we can't even process it. And so we're, I think I just want to help, I just want to give value, because that makes me feel good. I feel fulfilled, when I can make other people happy. Now, let's not be confused, that there's irrational people out there that you're never gonna make happy, and you can't beat yourself down for it. Like, that's what I had to learn. But I had to learn like with with, even with my brother, or my sister was coming in is, is let them have the experience and the path, like the framework is set up. And then when it's time, when it's time. That's when they come to you and ask, just like with our weight loss experience, when people come and say, What the hell are you doing? That's when you have a little bit of a window to then use your experience. I'm a big girl time is right. And so hard, but again, you he had to feel the pain before he's like, I know you said this, but or somebody else. This happened yesterday in his forum, a forum member said something to him and I'm like, he's like I know you said this but hearing it from so and I was like, it doesn't hurt my feelings that you don't listen to me because I did the same thing. I never take it personally. So I would just say like wait till the right time instead of like just telling everybody everything right them like there's a there's an appropriate time and place. And instead of like being excited for them, like let let them come to you. And that's and the therapist helped me with that even when massage she's like, don't go home to your family dinners and monopolize the dinners with all of your pictures of all over the world, you know your sister, and so we don't you know, we want to make it about them and I want to make them the most comfortable they can be. But they have to do their part to. And when the other party doesn't do their part, when do you shift your energy into something else? And when do you give up. And so that's where EO forum, you know, acts very much like therapy where they can say, every single person in every single form I've been in, none of us are best friends with our family. Because we're so different. And we don't recognize those differences, that it's okay, if you don't want to be married, and you don't want to have kids and you want to travel the world. It's okay, if you want to work at the same company for 30 years, there's nothing wrong with you. It's your personality, and it's what fuels you. But I know for a fucking fact, 70% of the people that I worked with, and I work around that you're unhappy as shit. I'm not dying like that. I'm not going down like that. And I'm not gonna let anybody else around me because they're in a pity party. I can only help you so much, I can't fix you, you've got to want to do the work. So that's where it's like, I'll put a timeline on myself. And that's again, going back to capacity. And Jay Shetty says, people come in and out of your life like seasons for a reason. And a lot of women. I don't know, if men do you struggle where it's like, this relationship is done. It's just time to move on. And that's okay. Okay.
I've experienced that many times in life. It's just because I just simply back away. Yeah, just go. This is not working for me anymore. Sign Ara.
This is this is great. Angela, thank you so much for joining us, I think yes, is a wonderful podcast to listen to, if you're in that place where it's not working in your body says it's not working. You do feel it in your soul. It's not working. You have a forum, you have people out there. And if someone hears the story isn't inspired and wants to reach out and maybe pick your brain a bit, how would they find you? Yeah,
well and go on your health is your wealth. So my dad always said you can always make more money but you can never buy your time. And it's so true. My website Angela Two F's as in fun and two T's as in Tom.
A couple of times a
branding Master.
Thank you, Angela. Thank you. Thank you, Nashville entrepreneur organization for watching this latest episode of the decision.
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