What do Business and Seduction Have in Common?

For the most part, dating and selling are very similar, they really are. The art of wooing a client is much like courting a love interest.  Another great reason to have an internship program; it is like dating so see their performance before extending a job offer.

In the creative world, planners and designers are selling an idea or a look.  Clients are looking for an expert in that area who can help them get what they want so it’s mutually beneficial. Isn’t that what dating feels like? 

  • You can only sell to the ones that have a need for your services (which remember solves a problem). In the art of seduction, you can only seduce the willing. If the other party isn’t interested, it’s over before it’s even begun. No amount of convincing will make any difference. What’s important is knowing when to stop following up; everything happens for a reason and sometimes it is just not a good fit or bad timing.
  • Business is like seduction in that you may be rejected more than accepted. It’s easy to say that you won’t take it personally, but the truth is that entrepreneurs who pour their heart and soul into a service or product only to be rejected, will take it personally.  After years of perfecting who my perfect client is, I have conditioned myself to know that if I don’t get the project it wasn’t meant to be and not to take it personally.
  • You have to be confident in what you’re selling, especially if it’s not a tangible product. In business, you must believe in the product you are selling to get the other person to believe. In seduction, you must believe in yourself and like yourself to find someone who is willing to do the same. Streamlining communication is so important on both sides of the spectrum and drives ultimate happiness.  
  • ABC: Do you know what that means?  Because I know it as something I learned when I was 2; it was a song.  But as an adult, and in sales, it’s something very different! ABC means “Always Be Closing”. This is a famous sales mindset made popular by the movie Glengarry Glen Ross (if you’re in sales and you haven’t seen the movie, go watch it now! Well if you like that kind of thing!  I am not much of a TV/movie watcher so watch a short clip on YouTube. You get the point!). I don’t really agree with the ABC’s in this situation.  In my experience I only want to close clients that are a good fit for what I provide and who will value the process I have created.

So why do I bring this up? Well, I polled you all, my audience, and asked for the top 3 things you need.  And one of the top things was an Intern Program. Often times, interns come into the industry thinking it’s super glam and over the top FUN (where the hell do they see that….OH, that’s right TV!!).  While it’s very rewarding and I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else, it’s is SO much work. It takes a village, right!?

So by popular demand, here is an intern manual you can download and use in your company to pre-qualify the right people that can help you grow your company, and be happy while doing it! Download the Internship Manual NOW!


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