How Getting Uncomfortable Helps You Grow
  • February 9, 2023
  • GSD Creative

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What is your bigger purpose? Have you really thought about it? I’ve noticed throughout my travels and experiences, that many times people tell me I’m their “first”. The first person who made them feel special and included. 

Yes, I put pressure on people to step out of their comfort zones, but that’s where growth happens! When you get uncomfortable you give yourself the room to grow. And I love seeing how people take the opportunity to give themselves that room, they just need a little push and a sprinkle of confidence. 

What do you think about when someone says, “Do you remember your first time”? The first memory or the first meaningful thing you can remember as a child? Sad, angry, mad? How would you feel? I want people to feel FUN. I want them to understand you can have fun while being present, productive and profitable.


  • How getting uncomfortable helps you grow
  • Finding your bigger purpose (through life experience)
  • How are you making others feel?


Make sleep a priority

Knowing how to manage emotions like stress

Connection starts with stepping out of your comfort zone


Speaking at pod fest about affiliate marketing, thank you for coming to my session if you came, and we got to do the stop, drop roll, tick tock slash real before we leave pod fest, okay. did really good on time, I talked really fast. I always want to over deliver in value.

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And we got to the very end slad. But I like hit time. And I wanted to make sure that I had enough time to address people's questions. I did work questions that people pre submitted into the presentation and answer those throughout the presentation. Then there were questions at the end, which we have a text community I'm like you can text me, I'll make a video I want to get over everybody their answers because we're not going to have time to get them all right now. And so I skipped my last story. So if you were in my session, and you saw the driver on the screen, and I said I'm just going to skip this, that was a driver from Egypt. That was our driver for a tour that me my travel has been took when we were in Egypt. We were there initially to do an education for certification that were part of this a global international certification for wedding and event planners that want to go global and plan and design events all around the world. This is certification and that was initially while we were there, but we went and stayed extra time so that we could do a few things. It was our our year anniversary since we had met Natalie, our tour guide that we instantly became friends with and she was in our tiktoks and our reels and she was dancing with us it was just so much fun. And then in front of the pyramids, my travel husband wanted to go in, I didn't care to pay extra to go in. I'm like, I'll just get steps and I'll be out here and I'm going to do some tic TOCs and some dances and then i The driver was just like sitting there. And I'm like you should come out and move with me and do some some dances with me. You'll get some steps. And now this dude looks like he needs to eat a hamburger. Okay, like he's not he's thin. And he's like, no, no, no. Now, mind you, he doesn't speak English. So we had a translator with us. And I'm not sure really what she told him. But he eventually got out of the the ban on like, Okay, this is what we're gonna do. And I'm talking slower and louder, as if he's going to understand me. And then I catch myself. I'm like, What are you doing? You sound ridiculous. So I tell the translator, but I'm looking at him. I'm like, just follow. And so I'm like, we're gonna stop. Like you stop it. Traffic lights. Again. He has no clue what I'm saying. Am I gonna drop and then we're gonna roll. And he's thinking I'm crazy or like on drugs or drunk. Now this was early in the morning, okay. I'm sure when people are on vacation. They're drinking that early in the morning. But I was not during this is what I do every day. It was just a normal day. I mean, it's not a normal day to ride a camel. It'd be at the pyramids every day. Let me clarify at least once a month. There's something batshit crazy like that, that not everyone in their life always get to do. You should get out more. Make a bucket list anyway. So that driver at the end of the day, said add something to our tour guide who then translated it to us now he had barely spoken word the whole day. And he told her, he said, I love to dance. My kids love to dance. My wife loves to dance. My family loves this. I never dance with them. And I'm like, You should. You should, you know, why? Not that he asked me. You want you want your girls to remember those memories? Because he told me he had all girls. Bless his heart. They're under 10 Right now, you don't know what's coming. But I'm like you should. Tom is really precious. And then he told her. He's like, I've lived here. 20 years, I've been to the pyramids 1000s have taken 1000s and 1000s of people here. And he's like, no one's ever invited me into a video. He's like, I take the videos, and I take the pictures. But no one's ever asked me to be in it. And certainly not to dance like what? Then, you know, I connect with these people on Instagram. And on tick tock, tick tock is not big everywhere. And it's been in some of the countries we work in. But I connect with these people. And they follow me and they comment on my stuff. And they I taught them how to set up the translations on Instagram and on Tik Tok and because some of them knew, but some of them didn't know. And just about connecting with people, and sharing stories. And so because of that, you know, I get DMS and I get messages and emails and voice memos from people saying, like, you saved my marriage, or thank you for helping me understand this, or this is a different perspective, or I never thought of it that like the reason i i share. And the reason I talk a lot, and fast are so much I want to say not to brag or not to be a no at all, but to help. And when I get DMS that are like, you helped me reconnect with my children. And my wife, thank you. There's a bigger purpose, y'all. To the outside user, it looks like I just travel the world and I shake my ass in front of cool places and go to these beautiful places. But it takes a toll getting there. Right? It's all it's all work. It's all work related. But I take me days and I take GSD downtime days, and I'm still getting shit done. Yes, I'm gonna be productive, even on down days. And that might be me listening to a book, or listening to a few podcasts that I've banked that I want to listen to for like to help me grow. You've got to recharge to if you're a leader, it's very important. That's why we changed productivity in our face three to wellness, and not software. automation software helps you be more productive. Yes. But if you're not well, mentally, if your mental health isn't, well, if your communication plan isn't, well, if you don't know how to deal with anger and stress, or you have issues from when you were a child, because your parents never taught you how to actually deal with negativity, or trolls or feelings for anger or blow up see how well this mic works. I gotta get some steps. And I can't just I'm glad we're having lunch. Sorry, mom. I'm eating and chomping and talking. But I have a very tight time. People are like, I can't see your mic. What kind of mic is that? Why do you have it turned around? What kind of mic? Is that? What's on purpose? So you'll ask me? What kind of mic is it? Then you're gonna ask me? Where do you get it. And then I'm going to tell you, it's in my Amazon store. And here's the link. And since you learned about it from my content, I would love your support. And if you love the mic, you can become an affiliate too. You just have to tell people and tell stories. What this mic system has allowed me to do is travel the world with one less suitcase, and y'all don't understand how much shit I travel with. And a carry on, which is all equipment by the way. Some of it's like, like drugs like like things that you get at a pharmacy that you can't get in other countries like this is like my mother in me where it's like just in case just in case you get any of these things. I know I can't get it in another country. I don't even know if it's available like in Europe, a neti pot. They don't know what that is one of my neti pots cracked, and I couldn't breathe. My allergies were like oh my god, and then I took like little cartons of distilled water that you go to a foreign country without shipped when you need it. Then we can talk about however pack. Everything is situational, right so I learned things from like hook I'll always carry this I'll always carry that. Like my watch my motion sick watch. Like just as important as my phone. If I had to pick you're falling into the ocean motion watch phone. I would keep my motion watch because my phone is backed up. Everything I have is in the cloud, or them iCloud space was full recently and I had to get rid of scenes to free up more space which sucks especially like the highest plan you can get like $10 a month. Give me more space. I'll be $20 A month ship. I just don't have time to organize it all right now. But and then then precious. The day is coming. We've marked a GST day. Yes, we did. So I guess this could be a podcast to anyone. Did I finish the story about the draft? It's all about how you make people feel. My mom always says that and there's someone very famous said it too. I'm sure I just I want to remind people to have fun. You can work hard and play hard and be present and just To remember to have fun at 20. We all this shit we don't want to do. Right. There's a point. There's a CTA, a call to action for the driving story, my Egypt driver, or Egypt driver. He said something to me that people say to me all the time, and I freaking love it. He said, You were my first you were the first American tourist that invited me into a video. Why am I crying? It's meaningful. That's why I think I decided to tell stories based on my interview, I think I might cry on stage. And we don't have time for all that regroup. So I'm aggressive. I don't peer pressure people to do bad things, I peer pressure people to get uncomfortable, so they can grow as a person and in our business. And as a leader. I'm not asking you to do anything hard. If your legs can work, and you can move, you can fucking do this. And I can say that, because my sister, her legs don't work, her arms don't work, her hands don't work, her toes don't work. So when people were like, Oh, I can't I'm not a dancer, I'm like, you can move perspective, be thankful that you woke up and put both feet off today. And that your knees work, and your joints work. And you can use your hands and reach for your phone, or the remote. Or that you can talk and tell Alexa or Siri to make your coffee. But when you can't talk, and you can't move, you reassess what you're thankful for. So I get a lot of people in reels who've never danced, and I hear it over and over. What do you think about when someone says, Do you remember your first time automatically go to sex? It's not what I'm talking about. The first memory or the first like meaningful thing you can remember as a child, sad, angry, mad. How would you feel? I want to, I want people to feel fun. I want them to understand you can have fun and be present and be productive and make money and be profitable, and be a good leader and be a good parent and be a good family member. Whatever your calendar says you show up for it. And you commit to what your calendar says, Will you say yes to you, we're making a commitment and you be present. And then you won't miss those sons in life that you never saw. Because you weren't looking more paying attention. You weren't being aware you were too busy on your phone scrolling and looking at someone else's content when you could be finding meaning and purpose and everything around you. Just like my story last night about the joy bracelet that apparently has been in my suitcase since Bali, which was months ago. It was a gift a swag gift from the four seasons and in Bali, but it was just it was a Saturday meant something. There's something that we're planning for International Women's Day with a this amazing, amazing leader. She's also a speaker and a venue owner and there was a son. And then last night I'm walking downstairs. And there's this humongous television in in the lobby at the hotel map. And I looked down and they're doing a special on Pat Summitt, who was the women's basketball coach for the Vols which is where I went to college and she was the coach when I went to college there. And she was just such a great coach and such a great leader I let me be clear, I did not play basketball I just And nor that I ever watched basketball. I just watched how she coached and led and taught that team and they were an undefeated, our women's basketball team and our our football team was like I was there when Peyton Manning and T Martin we went all the shit like sec, Jamie like we were on fire. I was fascinated with the coaches and the leaders. And so I would like watch documentaries and like do nerdy shit. But you actually had to like watch it live because like are recorded on a VHS. VCR. I remember that and then DVRs came out. Well, that's how much experience I haven't see the Egypt drivers story because Oh, yeah. So pet let me finish the pennant story. The reason I love her is she died when she was so young, like in her early 60s, I think mid 60s, because she got Alzheimer's and it was linked to one of the number one things was sleep. And I hate to sleep well. Things are different I used in my 30s I hated to sleep, I'm like I was sleeping or die. I didn't really understand the negative health effects that it had. You don't sleep. And then I think of like terms were like, how sick I would get or how unhealthy I was or how my allergies were acting up or how snarky I got with someone because I wasn't being patient that day because I was tired or the mistakes that were made. I'm sure you don't know when someone's falling apart. Like the Taylor Swift song says like, Don't ever take advice from someone who's falling apart. But the problem is you don't know if someone's falling apart. Like on the other side. You never know what's going on with people unless they tell you and sometimes people are embarrassed, they're never going to tell you and they're never going to talk about it. Oh, I'll talk about it. When I'm ready to talk about it. Sometimes it takes me years to get over something or to really learn the most valuable lesson, which is to put ego and pride aside and understand that you can help so many people by sharing your story where you fucked up. You made a mistake. It's an opportunity to grow. I'm so excited. Some people came up to me afterwards. They're like, will you be on My podcast, Sam Evans, Sandra Barker, Mack
and Laurie Adams Brown. Yeah, of course. Super excited. Get all my gadgets, go back downstairs. Gotta take my mics, my gimbal my Facebook glasses. I think it might be freezing down there. Thanks for watching. Thanks for listening. Be sure to tune in next week to another episode of business on Vale. That's it for this week's episode of business unveiled. Now that you have all the tools that you need to conquer the world and GSD get shit done. Would you share this with your friends and fellow business leaders? One thing that would really really help us and help new listeners is for you to rate the show and leave a comment and Apple podcast, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you tune in and listen to business unveiled. You can check out the show notes at Angela and link up with us on social media so you can share your biggest insights and I want to know your aha moments. Until next week, remember the profitable shifts and structures you're creating and your business help you be more present in your life. So get out there and GSD



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