How Mindset Effects Your Business

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Having a strategy for your business is crucial to success! Did you know that you and your team's mindset is a huge factor in order for your strategy to be successful? Today I am chatting with Business Growth Strategist, Darnyelle Jervey Harmon, Founder of Incredible One Enterprises all about how to focus your mindset to break through in business.


  • Money mindset, residue of lack
  • Breakthrough in Business Virtual Conference
  • How to leverage + scale your business financially and spiritually 


The principles of Next Level Everything in your life and business

Identifying the limiting belief stories that are keeping you from making more in your business

The difference between leverage + scale


Darnyelle Jervey Harmon, MBA who is a leading business growth strategist, teacher, business mentor and speaker.  She grew her own business by more than 10,000% (today she runs a million dollar company.) Her work has been featured in major publications and won awards. Our entire team specializes in breakthrough strategies in each of the  Pillars of Business Optimization:  brand messaging, marketing management, mindset/alignment, sales management, talent management and operational strategies.

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Today we're gonna talk all about business growth strategy. And if you've been listening to my podcast consistently, every week, you have been hearing this word strategy a lot lately, and that is not by accident. That is definitely on purpose. Because over the years, I have learned and it's like every single year I get a little bit smarter. And I work a little bit smarter and not so much harder. That understanding having a strategy for your business and not only for the business day to day processes, but to grow your business to six figures and seven figures and eight figures. And a lot of people they don't know what that means they don't know how to get there. And so today I'm going to be speaking with the founder of incredible one enterprises. And she is going to unveil a lot of those behind the scenes things about money mindset, and how you can really break through business now I know this year has been a complete shit show. Okay, like we we hear you we're all there. But there is a huge power shift and how virtual events and connecting virtually is totally acceptable now, and so we're going to talk a little bit about that too. So Darnyelle, Jeremy Harmon, welcome to the show.Continue Reading

Thank you so much for having me Angela. I'm so excited to be here.


I'm so excited it so first is your favorite color purple.




It's so bad that if I find something that is purple, I will almost buy it just because it's purple and then see if I can find a practical application for it. Yes really bad. I need a meeting. Yes we have


it. I love it. So I was like watching some of your videos and like looking at your website and I'm like this girl's on fire and she loves she has to love purple. Like I mean but I love it. It is um it is an awesome like not like too overly crazy power color but it's like it goes with like your skin and your hair and I don't know you like wear it really well. Not everybody can pull it off. I don't feel like I can pull it off.


I think you could I think what I love about the color purple is that it is it's regal, its wealth and so it is so it's people I work mostly with women but it instantly puts them in a state of up levelness that's what I like and that's why I love purple so much. It gives me energy gives me like like immediately. I think onset of seeing it and being surrounded by it. So as I look around my office right now, yeah, it's, it's a little excessive in here.

DarnyelleJerveyHarmonPodcastGuestEditePdage 2 of 13 Transcribed by


But it does. It's an energy color, though. That's a great way to put it. And like it is a very powerful like, it just makes me smile. Like it makes people happy. Yeah. So before we dive in and start talking about mindset, and money, and breakthroughs, and all that good stuff, like, share with us, how did you grow up? What's your journey been? And how you decided to, like start helping other people and especially women? How did you decide to come up with incredible one enterprises? Like was there a lot of turns to get there, honey, or it's,


we probably need two episodes to talk about all the turns, right is a quick and dirty version. So you know, whenever anyone asked me to introduce myself, I say, first and foremost, I am a child of the
Most High God, I love God, I don't apologize for it. And I believe that my life, every life is on purpose. My parents were drug addicts from the 70s. In the 80s, my mom actually didn't know she was carrying me. And so she actually was getting high when she learned that she was pregnant with me. And the doctor says that the damage may have already been done. And it was likely that I was going to come out with some type of a deficiency. But there's never been anything cognitively wrong with me, which again, is purpose, right. And if you if you're here with a purpose, nothing can toward that purpose. I am one of seven. I'm the only one on my mom's of my mom's children's to graduate from high school, go to college, I have an MBA also. And so that means that I'm a belief barrier breaker my whole life, I've

been breaking belief barriers. And so I started, you know, my professional career, probably like most people in corporate America, when I graduated from college, I took a job where I worked for about 12 years, three years, and I became a vice president. And one day, December the 17th 2004, I woke up and I realized that there had to be more to life than sitting behind someone else's desk. And so I did the unthinkable without a plan, and I do not advocate for quitting your job without a plan today. But I did I quit my job. And I said, I'll figure it out. Worst case scenario, you know, I'm educated, you know, brilliant, I'll find a job. But I'll never know if I have what it takes to be an entrepreneur if I don't just jump in the deep end. And so when I first left corporate I be I took my Mary Kay cosmetics business full time. And so I was a Mary Kay Sales Director for two years full time, awesome. During that time, I did earn two pink Cadillacs. And I was topping my national area within my state. And then again, two years later, I had another wake up moment where I was like, yo, all you did was trade one desk for another. You're still doing what someone else created, you know, someone else design, you're not doing what you are here to do. And so I decided to start my own company. I literally had a dream, Angela went to bed on September the 30th 2007. And I asked God, I said, God, what is it that you have next for me, I did not expect him to speak as fast as he did. And my dream I saw myself walking into a building that had a marquee that read incredible one enterprises. And so the next morning, I woke up, I was looking good. And I probably had on purpose. I don't remember what I was wearing. But the next morning, I grabbed my journal, and I said, Okay, what and the devil was an incredible one enterprise. And so I started planning, what today has become a business growth strategy firm. We work with six figure service based entrepreneurs, and we take them on a journey to become seven figure CEOs, helping them to connect mindset messaging and marketing to sales systems support and scale so that they build a business that serves them financially and spiritually. And before we got to where we are today,

DarnyelleJerveyHarmonPodcastGuestEditePdage 3 of 13 Transcribed by

we, we've found bankruptcy. We probably had, we were talking a little bit about rebranding before we got started, we probably rebrand or refreshed our brand three or four times and you know, I spent a lot of time in the early years Angela in the I can help everybody pool. And when you think you can help everybody, you don't help anybody. Yeah, so that's what happened to us in the early years. But I started to really hunker down circa 2013 and get clear about what I wanted to do. And then the rest is kind of history. I, you know, really started to be clear about who I wanted to work with, and we went to work, we started doing what I knew to do, but wasn't actively doing. And the results kind of caught up with us. And today, I'm really on a mission to shake the planet. I want to help as many entrepreneurs as I possibly can get to abundance financially, spiritually through understanding the role that mindset and alignment please. I said a few weeks ago, it just kind of popped out of my mouth. But now it's like my new catchphrase. If you're not in alignment, you're leaving abundance on the table, and I want to help people to pick up the abundance that's on the table.


So that's what I love, that I was listening to some of your videos, and I'm like, you know, people, some, you know, there's trolls out there and like, they'll I'll say, you know, everything happens for a reason, like, I don't know, where I'm gonna end up. Sometimes it's wherever God wants me to end up like you're not in control. People like to realize that they like you can make good decisions, you can make better decisions. And you can have focus, and but you're not always in control people. And so do you help people like I've, I had a coach, like helped me overcome the mindset of like, quit trying to be perfect. I mean, I do like to plan and I do like to have goals, but even like, we set our goals every December the end of the year. But if I did not have the mindset of understanding, like how to be flexible this year in March, like everything that's been going on, like I would be a dead business. So like, how do you help women? Because I know you said you work with mostly women, like how do you help them overcome that mindset of like, let let God be in control? Like, that's my first question for you.


Absolutely. And yes, we and we, we spend, probably, if I'm being honest, more time than I wanted to spend on mindset, when I first started my business, I was so excited about strategy, I love strategy, you can tell me what number you want to hit, and I can create the plan. I love the love, love it. And what I was starting to find, as I was giving people all of these amazing plans, and they weren't ending up at the result because of the mindset because they didn't believe that they deserved it. Or they were questioning whether or not people were gonna think that they were being salesy, or whatever the thing was, and I'm being flippant, kind of on purpose. And so I just really started to realize that there was a connection and correlation into how people saw themselves and their connection to that and how they showed up in the world. And that was flower or de flower, their ability to position themselves to experience profit. And so once I realized that I started spending more time and unpacking it, I used to do a three day live event that was marketing and sales that we killed. After doing it successfully for about five years, we were generating millions of dollars every year from that live event. And I killed it because I realized that it's not more strategy that people need. It's a reckoning with themselves, they

DarnyelleJerveyHarmonPodcastGuestEditePdage 4 of 13 Transcribed by

need someone who's willing to hold up a mirror and be a safe space for them to experience the shift that they most need in order to step into the life that they secretly want and are afraid to tell people because they're afraid of what people will think of them if they say they want to be wealthy. And so I just kind of put my turn my whole business upside down to really start spending time focused on getting people the right mindset. And in spiritual alignment. We still spend time on the strategy stuff, but that has become secondary to doing all of the mindset work.


What do you think? Because I've never met a man like the business owner, a gentleman who like has this mindset, like why do you think do you think it's because women, you know, for so many years, it's like, oh, stayed home, have kids cooked dinner? Like, is it just like a generational thing? or Why do you think women's mindset is so far behind? Like, what, what it was for a man to provide?


Yeah, I think that some of it is definitely gender based, but I do I do have male clients who come to me with mindset issues, too. And these are white men as well as black men. And so but I but I do think it is primarily a woman thing. And the reason why I'm going to make this statement and when people are either gonna like it or, or or lump it. But the reason why I say that is because as women, we from the day that we're born, we have been taught to be subservient to a man we have been taught to submit a man we have been taught that we are less than and there are roles that are just for us, and that we can't go out and do it. And it doesn't matter what we see out in the world. I mean, you know, there are a lot of people who are very excited about the current candidate for vice president on the democratic Ticket Ticket. And I'm so not trying to take this into a political thing. But there are a lot of people, they're excited about it. But there's also a lot of people who are like, why is that woman there, she can't do that, because that is what's been ingrained in them from yay high to a grasshopper for as long as they've been around. That's what they've been taught. I mean, it's subliminal, it's not. It's not often I mean, now if your your father or the male figures in your in your upbringing happened to be boisterous and out there with their chauvinism, then yeah, maybe it is a little bit more prevalent. But it can also be subtle, that that's not what women do. And so we're carrying around that baggage and the tape is playing incessantly. Like that's just one, again, gender based distinction that I think most women deal with, and then add on top of that, whatever the individual circumstances are in your upbringing. So whether it was drugs like it wasn't mine, or alcohol, or mental and emotional abuse, or whatever the things were that you observed as a child, they become who you are as an adult, unless you do the work to unravel all of the stories that are being told in your mind that are governing how you show up. And so they come to you they come to me as adults, ready to grow a business. And no one has dealt with their inner seven year old, no one has dealt with who they weren't. When they first learned that there was a thing called fear and lack, no one has dealt with the fact that money didn't grow on a tree out back and you had to work hard for money and whatever other stories and anecdotes they heard over and over and over and now is this woman who wants to start her own business and change the world. She can't possibly charge what she knows she should be charging what our male counterparts charge,

DarnyelleJerveyHarmonPodcastGuestEditePdage 5 of 13 Transcribed by

because of all of these underlying innuendos that she's been living, breathing thinking, for her whole life. And so as you know, a business strategist, I have to unpack all of that work if I want her to be able to build a seven figure business because nine times out of 10, I'm bucking up against against her deserve level, someone at some point in time told her that she didn't deserve a she wasn't worth it, that she should be heard, or she should be seen and not heard, or whatever the story was. And that is intensified as she's grown. And that is the reason that she's been in the shadows instead of shining in the light, like she was created to shine. And so she has an encounter with a me or you and everything in her his rock because she's feeling this sense of empowerment. But she doesn't know what to do with her sense of empowerment, because everything she's ever been told, is bucking up against everything she's feeling right now. And she doesn't have anywhere to go with it unless somebody helps her to unpack it. And so it wasn't what I thought I would be doing. When I got to be a business growth strategist, but it's what I absolutely have to do to help people to get to work.


Well, yeah. Because you don't know what you don't know, if you didn't grow up around women like like, I didn't grow up around women like that. I mean, my mom stayed at home and cooked dinner every night and like raise three kids and all I knew growing up is I don't even want that. Like hell to the No, write more. I mean, wonderful. I had a wonderful like upbringing, like as a child, and I'm very lucky that my mom was able to do that. But like, I would like pull my hair out. And like, that's just, it's not for everybody to like, stay at home. And so like by now my mom, like, She's totally okay with that. She's like, you're just the career woman, and your sister makes a lot of children, messengers for kids. And then my brother, like they have one which my brother's an entrepreneur too. But it's like, I never had this mindset as a woman of like, let's just get married and make babies. Like, there's more to life people like and I'm not knocking that, like, Mom, being a mom is hard. Like, so many. I watched so many of my friends who own businesses and like I sometimes I'm like, how do you do all of this, like, Oh, my God. But it was just never in me for that. Like I wanted more like out of a career to make a difference. Yeah, for a lot of people. And so it So when do you feel as though you've kind of like turned into this. You got to be this therapist, before you can even start to talk about making money?


No, because I have people on my team who do that work. Like it's not the part that I love. Like I can talk about the mindset issues and themes, my high level but helping them to unpack and figure out what's another way I've got my coaches on my team. I set coaches on my team for that. So I can stay in my zone of genius, right and I think everyone should be in their zone of genius. Wasn't a place of stability for me. And so rather than try to do all the things myself, I decided to go out and find the were the best at doing it and bring them in house so that my clients get the benefit of working with the basketball, they want working with me.


DarnyelleJerveyHarmonPodcastGuestEditePdage 6 of 13 Transcribed by

Okay, so let's even talk about that. So when women come to you, and they're like, help me get to so many figures and help me do this? Do they already have a team? Or do you teach them to put a team in place to free up their time to do other things?


Usually, they


do a blanket across the board, they hate themselves and maybe one assistant and that assistant
could be, you know, full time in house or full time virtual or, you know, part time or virtual usually, that's the way that it shows up. And, you know, can you build a seven figure business in a very lean way without a big team? Absolutely. But if you build a business that way you are everybody on your team is a generalist and not a specialist, and you don't get to only work in your zone of genius. So often, it's about me helping them to see how the build out their team and its incremental growth, it's not like, okay, yeah, we need to bring all of these people in tomorrow. If as they hit a milestone, we hire someone else on their team. And and then also being able to determine whether or not they should be employees or contractors, because that's a whole nother debate. But often, they come to me with like I said, about one. And when they leave, they do have a full blown team and what what they realize is a, you know, there's so much more productive and the thing that they really love to do, because what happens when you don't have a team is you don't get to do the part you love, you're stuck doing all the stuff that has to get done. And you're burnt out when it's time to do the part you love. And so you can't give your all to it. And so they realize that life gets better when they have other people in place to take things off their plate. And I learned that lesson. Not so early. But I mean, I got tired of working really, really hard to make good money, I knew that there had to be a better way. And so I had to unpack my own limiting belief that if I wanted something done, right, I needed to do it myself in order to be able to scale my own business. And so once I was able to do it, because I don't believe in consulting, in theory, once I was able to successfully do it, then I could start teaching other people what route to take if they wanted to do it for themselves.


I love that you said that. Because there's some people that like, I'll be speaking somewhere, and someone will be standing up on stage talking about how they're a consultant, and they've done this and this. And I'm like, you're 21 years old, like not that age has anything to do with it. Okay, but there is a point where you need to experience life experience before you help other people do something that you've never done.


Yeah, like what? Why do you think their age has something to do with it? Because you aren't it? I don't

DarnyelleJerveyHarmonPodcastGuestEditePdage 7 of 13 Transcribed by

think theory is going to lead to transformation. And so if you haven't done it, then it is in fact theory. And if it is theory, you can't even help me course correct. What I might be doing wrong to validate that I should or shouldn't be taking a step. And so I do think that there's something to be said it's true 21 year old consultant. Now, I mean, it depends on what they're consulting on if that 21 year old is consulting on Instagram, okay, she might be onto something, because this is the jam for people who are age. But if she's trying to make the person how to generate, you know, 12 figures in their business, then we might have a whole other problem. You know,


seriously. So after you've helped people with the mindset, and then because I'm, I'm assuming, like, people come to you, like, they'll come to us and be like, Can you just throw up an ad? Can you do it? It's like, Can you just show me how to make seven or eight figures. And it's like, wool, if it were that easy, like everybody would do it? Like, it's a process, right? Like, how do you prepare their mindset? So once you get over the unpacking, of like, the past, and then you have them in the right frame of mind. Now, how do you prepare them for the process of how to get there?


Yeah, I mean, it's, it's daily, you know, like, we got to do the work, the mindset work, whatever work every single day. So it's a consistent process. But once they once they realize that the lies and stories that they've been telling themselves are, in fact, not true. It becomes easier to introduce what they need to do, but it's still one step at a time. It's not, you know, it's not just the end result. It's like okay, where do you want to be and then let's back into how we get there. And what are the things that you can commit to doing? And what are the things meet that needs to be done by somebody else. And so oftentimes based on whatever the project or the launch, or whatever they're working on is, we're looking at it at that project level, right? Okay, so here are all the things that have to be done. But all of these things don't have to be done by you, who's already on the team that can begin to do these things. And if they don't have the team in place, we might have to hold the launch back by 3060 or 90 days to get the people in place. So that once we go, it doesn't require them to step out of where it is that they want to be. And so at that point, is really just individualized to see what it is that they are most needing. And one of the things that you know, we have here on our team is we have coaches and consultants for every piece of the puzzle. So if you know, if you need help with social media, then we've got a consultant for that if you need help with the technology in that piece, and we got that. And that's whether it's you individually talking to the coach or consultant, or someone on your team talking to them, so that we can make sure that you have everything that you need to be able to do it. But not one person is trying to do all of the things. And so we don't teach that to our clients either.


So you hit on it a little bit like I was looking at your website and the pillars of business optimization, talk to us a little bit about like, what are those pillars? And how do you prepare the mindset for like each of

DarnyelleJerveyHarmonPodcastGuestEditePdage 8 of 13 Transcribed by

those pillars?


Yes, certainly. So the Seven Pillars are mindset, which is any winning the inner game of abundance, because if you don't believe you deserve to be abundant, we can't leverage and scale your business messaging, which is how you get known we got to get you known before you can get found. And the way we get you known is with the right message marketing is getting you found. So allowing your most ideal clients to self select and come into your sphere, so that it makes it easier for you to convert them and all of the things that go along with marketing, sales, which is how you get paid. So everything that goes along with the sales and the financial management processes inside of the business. From there, we move into general operations and making sure that we've got systems and infrastructure in place so that whatever they're creating, it's not they have to start from scratch every single time they do it, that we can put some automation, we can put some standard operating procedures in place, we can create job descriptions and what other people are going to be doing on the team. From there, we move into talent, which is Who are the people that are designed to help you to get the competitive edge. The only difference I have from every other technical business consultant or business growth strategies are the people that are on my team. That's the only thing that gives me a competitive advantage and the process that I utilize to take my clients to results, right. So making sure that I am developing my people so that they continue to be on the cutting edge and serve our clients in a way that their results are unparalleled. And then last but not least is leadership and legacy which leads to their lifestyle. So mindset is everything I say all the time, Angela, that until you work on the six inches in between your ears, you will not feel six fingers in between your fingers. And I'm not talking about your business. I'm talking about six figures in your finger six figure cash flow comes with a seven figure business. And so mindset overshadows everything right. So if your mind isn't right, your messaging isn't going to be tight. If your mind isn't right, you're not going to be marketing to the right people at the right place at the right time, right, you're going to be thinking that the best way to get new leads is through posting 24 by seven or going live constantly on Facebook. Whereas if your mind is right, and you'll know that it's actually in your best interest to get some Facebook ads together or another advertorial platform that allows you to allow an algorithm to do the work to bring your ideal clients to you, and too late to save you the time necessary to find those people. And if your mind isn't right, then you're not going to be able to close the sale and especially not at the investment level that is required for you to build the lifestyle that you want for you, your family and for generations to come. Right. I believe that your business should fund the lives of your children's children. And so in order for that to happen, we've got to put some specific things in place and unpack anything that threatens to derail that from your business. Your ability to set up systems is going to be limited by your mindset, right? If you think that you can't afford to hire anyone or if it has to be done, right. It has to be done by you guess what, then that means it's probably not going to get done because you're going to burn out way before you could ever cash out. And and then when it comes to building out a team, if you don't have a good mindset and you're going to bring other people on your team who also don't have a good mindset, then you're gonna have a A whole bunch of bad mindset people trying to grow, you're just not going to be a good scene. And if they don't have the right mindset, then you're not going to be able to

DarnyelleJerveyHarmonPodcastGuestEditePdage 9 of 13 Transcribed by

build a legacy.


So when I was looking at your website, you have incredible, incredible mainly women, if you've been on, that you have taught, and they have seen your system and your processes worked for them. And the thing that I love about this, and the theme, is it's all driven by data and numbers. And so like, consistently, like every single person, and so is that one of the first things that you feel like women really need to understand, like, understand the data, understand the numbers, like what's the first few things to even start to help them understand because I know myself years ago, like I didn't understand what the hell I was doing. I didn't know how powerful data and numbers were. So where would someone where would one start with that?


Yeah, I think that the numbers can be intimidating. But business is a numbers game. Right? I remember when I was in Mary Kay Angela, there was a National Sales Director, her name was Cindy Williams.
And she said, we were all at one of the workshops, that seminar, that's their big conference. And we were all in the room. And she said, How many of you want to be national sales directors? And of course, everyone's hands goes up, right? Because they are the women who are in the st. JOHN suits, and they were just running the show, and everybody wanted to be one. And she said, How many of you think the national sales directors know something that you don't know? And a lot of the hands stayed up? She's like, well, they don't. It's they have more people. It's just a numbers game. Business is a numbers game. And that was probably the second time because when I was in my corporate career, of course, I heard that business was a numbers game. But corporate business is way different than entrepreneurial business, right? The numbers are way bigger, the percentages mean, they have a greater impact than they do inside of a small and sometimes micro business. And so ever since I heard Cindy Williams say that back in 2006, I was like, Man, I've got to pay attention to the numbers. And so not just for my myself to be able to validate that I'm good at what I do, which is the testimonials and the success stories that you're referring to. But for my clients to understand how to get to where it is that they want to be. What I love about business, is that no matter what your problem is, I can look at the numbers and tell how we change it. That's what I love about business businesses black and white. It's it's numbers. mindset is convoluted and messy sometimes. But business business is easy when you understand the numbers, and you know how to back into the numbers. So if you want to be at seven figures, that's just $83,333 and 33 cents a month, a month, or Yeah, mom. And if you let's say you have a program that is at $500 a month, you only need to have 10 people enrolled in that program to generate a million dollars. It's easy. Okay, so then what do we need to do to get 10 people to sign up? So we need to understand how many people you need to talk to before you get a yes. And let's say the average person has to talk to four people before they get it. Yes. So that means you need to have 40 conversations a month with people that are in the right classification, the right profile, so that an 80 $500 a month commitment to them is feasible to get to a million dollars, like it's my heart. But you know, what stops people from getting there. Angela is all the mind What? Yeah, that's what they're like,

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what I could charge somebody at $500 a month. Like, that doesn't and I don't, that doesn't feel good to me, or whatever the story is that they're telling themselves, but the numbers don't lie. And it makes it very easy to understand how business works. And so I do get to spend a lot of time teaching my clients about the number side because most of the clients that we work with, and I'm sure you get this too, because you work with creatives is they love what they do. They're not checking for the numbers, they know they want a business, they know they need their business to generate at a certain level so that they can, you know, pay their bills and live really nice. But they what they really want is to show up every single day and do that part that they love. Mm hmm. And so helping them to understand how to get to do the part that they love is the part that I love.


And that's the biggest problem that like the biggest challenge to get people to see that talking to the right 40 people. And I mean, in some coaching and mastermind groups, it's like you know, we all hold each other accountable. And it's like, well, I talked to 40 people where we're at They're right people. Are you surrounding yourself with the right people? Are you just talking to people who are just going to listen? And then they're going to go back and tell their friends, but none of them are in the right demographics, so then that's not really a productive way to use your time. So how do you get people to understand like, how to how did they? Okay, so if you didn't grow up in your demographic that you're serving, I did not. I didn't grow up in that demographic. So right. So like, how do you teach people how to go after their demographic, even though you didn't grow up in it? Because I get that excuse all the time? Well, I didn't. And I'm like, Nope, can't can't use that with me because I didn't either. Right. So is there like some magical potion or something that they can drink?


I wish.


I wish there was I mean, it's simply this. It's not where it's not about where you're from. It's about where you're going and how you can help people. And people don't even care about where you're from, they care about the problem you solve, and can you get them the results that they are craving period. And so if you solve their problem, then you let them know that you can solve their problem. And if we stop looking at people from a space of comparison, and start looking at people from a space of service, then a lot of that dissipates. But again, it goes back to mindset, Angela, because if I believe that I don't deserve to talk to someone who's in a different demographic than I grew up in, then that's a bigger prop. Like there, there's only so much you or I or anybody can say that's going to get that person to move into marketing to that demographic, right, there has to be some serious mindset shifts that have to occur, in order for that to happen. And it's mainly going to have to start with them realizing that they are worthy, they do deserve it, and they do get results for people. That's another reason why I love business and the numbers because if you had five clients that you work with, and each of those five

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clients grew like this us growing business, each of those five clients grew their business by even 3% 3% growth could be incremental, it could be huge, right? But if all five of those clients grew their business, then you have some you know, something, you know something about growing a business, if you start pulling on what you've uncovered, as you work with each of those five clients, nine times out of 10, you're going to create a an approach, a framework that you utilize that begins to make success predictable for your most ideal clients, right? I call this your signature business move. Once you identify your signature business move, then that means anybody anywhere who has the problem that you solve can get to the same result that you've gotten for other people, if they allow you to help them to solve that problem. That then makes you universal? Because I promise you don't nobody care. Yep. I said, Don't nobody care where you're from, if you can solve their problem.


Right. Right. Exactly. You see, it's so well, I love it. I love it. Tell us like what is the, um, the breakthrough in business that's coming up in October? What is that about? I want to


tell everyone


breakthrough in business is my three day mindset shift and spiritual alignment incubator. So the whole point of breakthrough is to do all of this work that needs to be done to allow you to get out of the way, like you said earlier, like we are not in control. And until we learn how to ebb and flow with God in this abundant universe that we live in, we are going to continue to miss the mark. And so breakthrough is really doing all of that mindset work that fear work, that limiting belief, work that self sabotage, work that out of alignment and need to surrender work over three days, so that you come out like completely invincible, like you could lift a treadmill over your head when you're finished with breakthrough. And more importantly, it sets you up to get that financial breakthrough inside of your business, because you no longer have those limiting belief barriers in the way.




that's amazing. So is it going to be in person or

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virtual, virtual for the first time ever, as a result of COVID-19 you guys can think COVID-19 you can break through from your most comfortable chair at home, you do not have to get on a plane. You don't have to book a hotel. You don't have to stand in line to check in any of that you'll be able to do it my team and I've been working really really hard to modify the experience to make it easily replicable and duplicatable, from your home so that we can keep everybody safe. But we can still allow people to set themselves up to make 2021 their best year yet, because like you said when we first got started I mean 20 2020 is not the year that any of us thought it was going to be when we say Happy New Year. Right. But I still think that there was a purpose for all of this. And as you said earlier, we're learning how to pivot. We're learning how to think more creatively, we're learning how to deepen connections in a, in a way that serves and supports who we are without continuing to expose us to this disease, which is for real, like, I think there's there are people who were still questioning whether or not this was a real thing. I'm like, Yeah, no, it's real. So like, we're learning something that we were never forced to learn before. And we're creating a new way to deliver transformation, which I'm really excited about. And I'm, I can't wait to do it. Because I used to not think it was possible to do it in a virtual environment. But now, I know that it is, and so I can't wait for people to be able to experience it.


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