How The Top Podcasters Make Money

If you’re a podcaster, then how to make money podcasting is probably on your mind a lot.

If it is… you might enjoy free access to these 70 high-value gifts from top experts in podcasting, sales, marketing, sponsorships and more sharing how you can profit from your podcast.

I’m a featured contributor along with Chris Krimistos of Podfest, Alex Sanfilipo of PodMatch, Dave Jackson of the School of Podcasting and many more.

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When I saw what my friend Tony Guarnaccia (Host of The Ultimate Podcasting Giveaway) is doing everything just CLICKED for me.

Because there is no SINGLE way to make money podcasting. We can agree on that.

But the surefire way to grow your audience, income and impact of your podcast is to make it – PROFITABLE!

Some people brag that they get “X” number of downloads… but are listeners buying anything? Can they attract sponsors or strategic partners? Will having more downloads translate into more income?

If you can answer YES to the questions above, then podcasting is profitable. That’s the type of podcast you want.

Otherwise… you’re spending more and more time, but showing little rewards for all your effort (and may even call it quits)…

Plus… when you are losing money, it’s hard to build any momentum.

Which means the opportunity to grow your audience, your income and your impact…

All that decreases.

A profitable podcast fixes all that. The question is… how to do it quickly, without having a huge audience or being a sales or marketing influencer.

That’s why Tony assembled the best minds in business and podcasting to share, step-by-step how to:

  • Quickly generate sales from your podcast so that you are instantly profitable
  • Effortlessly grow your podcast listeners and build a thriving community
  • Get sponsors jumping through hoops to work with you – even if you don’t have many listeners
  • Build trust and sincere relationships with your podcast guests (that lead to future sales)
  • And much more!

Now, the total value of these gifts and prizes (you can also win free gear, software and tickets) is over $70,000, but you get free access during the giveaway,

PLEASE take notice – this level of free gifts, deal and prizes do not come around everyday.

And they are only available now – for a limited time – through the Ultimate Podcasting Giveaway.

I have already accessed and feel confident that it will radically change the direction for you and set you up to make more money podcasting every single month!

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