How Timing is Everything When it Comes to Business
  • February 16, 2023
  • GSD Creative

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Timing is everything. We all have a plan right? The way we think things are going to go. Whether it’s personal or professional, we all have a journey we are on and a path we have planned to take. But life is unpredictable and many times our path takes turns that we do not expect. How we respond to the unexpected is what determines our success in reaching our goals. 

Today I am so excited to share guest, Holly Carpenter, Owner and “Sales Queen” of Carpenter Hospitality Consulting. We’re talking all about Holly’s journey both within her business and personally and how she prioritizes her time to create the life she wants.


  • Why building relationships in & outside of your industry is so important
  • What CEO day is and why to do it every week
  • What a consultant really does


Create Connections

Remember a Consultant is also your cheerleader

Drink Wine (Holly’s Favorite!)


Holly Carpenter is a purpose driven relationship builder with a deep history in the hospitality industry. She got her start at 16 when her Dad drove to the local IHOP and told her to get a job. With over two decades experience in all facets of hospitality, Holly is well known for her incredible sales and management skills in her adopted hometown of Nashville, TN and beyond.

Holly has held a range of positions including Wedding Sales Manager for the historic Hotel Northampton and Catering Manager at Gaylord Opryland where she served on the evaluation and reopening team during the 2010 Nashville Flood.

Most recently she was Senior Catering and Sales Manager for A. Marshall Hospitality, opening their upscale steakhouse Deacon’s New South while also managing a team of four sales managers for the family-friendly Puckett’s Grocery.

In February 2022 Holly took the leap close friends and family had encouraged and launched Carpenter Hospitality Consulting. CHC focuses on supporting companies in the hospitality industry, increasing their sales through process and systems consulting. Whether finding the right CRM, creating customer friendly packages or menus, automating tasks or creating attainable goals, CHC offers the opportunity to uplevel all aspects of the sales and customer experience.

When Holly isn’t serving as Sales Queen for her clients she is traveling with her son Jameson. She and Jamo share their Nashville home with pups Smudge and Maggie. 

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Welcome to our happy hour in Nashville, Tennessee. This is Holly. Love Holly. And Holly probably for like most of our career.
Well, 13 years, 14 years. Yeah, yeah, yeah, minutes.
And so I didn't even know I was gonna get to see her recently. And I walk into a meeting about shopping for a client and market and she's like, Oh my gosh, what are you doing?

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And like I work for this client. They're my client.
I started her own business. And so and then we got to have dinner for really late at night. Yeah. And then we did it. And it was so fun. You're gonna do tick tock today. She just doesn't know yet. We're gonna go to the bathroom, the bathroom to talk about tick tock. The lighting is so good in the bathroom. I'm like, we could do a tick tock in the battery. That girl that hangs out in the bathroom. I get in and get out sometime. Well, if I'm dancing. Like I'm going out really quickly.
Yeah, we're gonna get personal. Yeah.
This really is going to be very personal. Because when we were at dinner last time you were sharing with first stock, y'all. I didn't know she had a kid.
And all knowing that it happened during COVID. Exactly. And I'm like,
wait a minute, you have a child. And he's two in one. Yeah, there's so many things that we have, like, missed. I feel like, I know so many people that have like, COVID babies. Yeah. And then she started telling me the story. I'm like, timeout. Can we do a podcast about this? Like, would you be comfortable? Are you okay with sharing your story? Because I feel like a lot of women go through some of the things that you were sharing with me and that they don't want to talk about it. Yeah. And thank God, we're in an age these days where it's more about women empowerment, and you don't have to have a husband or significant other just to have a trial. That's right. And you made a goal and dammit, you were like, I am doing this. Like you, you just you have a plan. And I don't feel like a lot of women. You know, we blink our eyes and we wake up and we're like, oh my god, I'm boring. And if I want to try or I've never had a child, like, you know, just scientifically, things start to change and you start to think about things differently. Absolutely. And so we're going to talk about that today. Like are you okay with it? She's like, yes. Oh, my God. Y'all look, right. Reporting a lot of fun. Okay, well, first of all, I want to tell a little backstory, yes. Because you knew my dad. I didn't love him so much. And he was so just everyone. Just the gaylord family, like knew my dad. And so like you have a special place in my heart because of that.
When we were talking and we're drinking We didn't even bring it up. But like so I was at Gaylord during the fun. And one of my favorite things about your dad was I so during the renovations and all that, we all kind of took other jobs. And mine was a gatekeeper at the construction site, because I was the one that didn't have problem telling somebody turn that frm. So and, and you're done, because he was insecurity would drive around and check on all of us. Yep. And he would bring us Gatorade. And I remember once being like, I wish I had ice cream. And like the next day, your dad showed up with a nice pot. Yeah. So like he Yeah, he was a really special guy. Yeah, it was really special.
Yeah. So that just it holds a special place in my heart. And then we've done events in the city that I grew up in for like, years, like well over a decade. And you really, I feel like you've been at like some new hotspots, like, you went, like one place, I met you, and you're like, we didn't get there. And so basically, the whole point of this part, coming together, her relationships matter. And she actually did her homework and like, fill out the paper and like looking or fill it out online. And I'm like, every like the key word here is like relationships. And so when you find somebody that you have a relationship with, no matter where a sales director or sales manager or whatever, it's like, whatever you're doing, I want to do that with you. Because people like you GSD and genuinely mean it. And so she did two callers, we're gonna get through that. When we get there, I'm like, I don't know. I'm like, Oh my gosh, do you have a child? Human being online, like,
like, Oh my god.
Okay, so give us a little backstory of just where you started, because she's been in hospitality industry for a very long time. Yeah, yeah. And so just tell us, I just want a quick version of like, the journey to fast forward you to where you're like, I'm gonna start my own company. I'm gonna do consulting. Yeah.
So I mean, got it. It goes back. So so long, like, I always talk about like, my mom, years and years and years ago, when I was growing up, she was a waitress, you know, a server at a restaurant and then became an admin, administrative assistant, all that kind of thing, but my mom was the party planner. Like we if we were having a party like she was, she I remember one of our friends got married, and she was throwing the bachelorette party. And they hope they all worked out and drug company drugs, like cocaine. Not cocaine.
Which is what my dad's
got. We're not talking about that. Yeah. But anyway, other day. And so she made test tube shots of all different colors of the rainbow, because they went with a theme that they all work with. So she she made the test tubes and all the different color. And it was like she was the theme. She was like, the heart. Like I learned that from her. I learned a lot of what I do. But like, it came to when I went to college, and I was trying to figure out what I want to do in my life. And I met the director of intro to like hospitality. And he told me he's like you should try in intro to hospitality. And the biggest piece of that was the intro class talked about Gaylord entertainment.
And the I don't know what Opryland is
just Google it. It's the largest non gaming hotel in the United States, like I think it's 4808 rooms or something like that when you step into that. It's huge. And so that's actually whatever brought me down here. Like I started my career in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Massachusetts, actually playing weddings for a historic hotel, which I don't know that when you read my bio, you'll know don't need to read anything. So when I came down here, I've just always had opportunities. And you know, Gaylord was my dream. And when I decided to part ways with them, I just, I always check on the next opportunity. Yep. And is, most recently, a couple of years ago, I started kind of thinking like, what if what if I had several people that would say to me, you should start your own business. And I think the biggest like showstopper for me was I had a friend of mine who we were having coffee, and I told him like I have 30 minutes, I've gotta go meet so and so and she was somebody who worked at a restaurant doing sales like me, and he said, Why You're sitting down and talking to your competitor, like, what are you doing? And I was like, No, we're not competitors. And Nashville. First of all, we all play nice in the sandbox. But she just wants to pick my brain. And he stopped. And he said, Stop giving your brain away for free. And I looked at, what do you mean? He's like, Do you know what a consultant is, you know, like paying, like, get paid for their opinions. And I was like, I don't know that anybody would pay me for that. And he's like, you're worth more than a cup of coffee or lunch. And that's where it started. I can tell you, you know, you have those moments in your life, I remember where I was, what I was doing, what I was drinking, like, all those things. And it just started forming. And I talked to several people. And, you know, I talked to people that I built relationships with. And from that means saying, Hey, I have this idea of suspicion. Two of my first clients came on, because they were like, what you're doing is genius. And we want to be a part of it. And so, again, it's, that's just kind of how I grew and blossomed. And it didn't happen overnight. a while, and even I just had my one year anniversary. Just insane to me. But
like, depending on when you're listening or watching, like she started, let me just be clear, you started a company, at the end, towards the end of a pandemic, it was yeah, in the middle of a pandemic, where the hospitality industry was impacted more than any other industry in the world. So we need to stop and like, just acknowledge that, like, who does that? Probably partner already?
Crazy a lot, too.
It's just entrepreneurship. Yeah.
I actually had this conversation yesterday with my marketing team. And I was saying, I don't even know how to spell that word. Because I never, I never looked at myself as that person I never had. I remember, you know, years ago saying I could never have my own business. Like, I need a steady income, and I need a salary and I need health insurance. So they brainwash
you and teach you and then I
went insane and said, Let's, let's, let's do this.
worst that could happen.
So when I started this, I had an intention to start at, like, June of that year, okay, something happened that I was like, you know, what, we're just gonna pull the band aid off, and you know, it was gonna get there. Yeah, we'll get there. No, it was the company I worked with, like, I saw the writing on the wall time ago. And I said, Let's just rip the band aid off and do this. And in my head, I said, I'm going to give myself six months, in six months, this isn't working. You just pick it up, and you just go find another job. And your restaurant is turning around in Nashville, and hospitality. And, and I didn't need to, you know, I got to a point last fall, where I kind of went, let me take a step back. Yeah, like, maybe, maybe this isn't working. And I got really lucky by hooking up with this business coach that's changed. And instead of winning, we reevaluate, or then said, Well, what do we have to do? And you know, and I believe every business is ever evolving, ever changing, you know? And it's, it's wild, crazy ride, but I loved it. And I can't go back now, like, somebody the other day, it was like, well, if somebody offered you 200,000, guys, I was like, It's not about the money. Gonna keep zingers when it's not it's, I love getting to put my hands on so many different things. And talk to so many different people. And, you know, again, because of those relationships, like I get to say, I know guy, I can do that. I can do that. It's just fun. And then you also get to make your own schedule, which is kind of
important. And I do want to talk about that because I'm so proud. When she was telling me all of this. She's like, Well, I'm sorry. I know.
I go to bed at 10 p as she tells me, after I'm just getting started. I'm just getting my child wakes up at 7am with your child on a towel. I think he was he's
okay with that. So yeah, she, I love it. Because when I have a heart like I have a ending time to meetings, and then I have a hard stop.
She has a hard stop. I mean, I have to pick up the child.
Yes. Like in my head, I'm like, Oh, I gotta drive to another meeting, you know, or like, So Amanda will like put a call or something. So it's like I have to leave to because I was so proud of you because you were telling me like you have specific days of the week that you do things when you were Were very upfront with the expectation to your client because your hospitality your nights
and weekends. No, thank you.
Okay, what she said? So, I mean, in your It wasn't even anything I asked you like you were just like I'm very appalling my client This is it. So just tell us like how did you come up with that? And how did you arrive at them? Yeah, I love that.
I mean, I mean Well, so I'm a full time single mom. And my nights and weekends are really important to me, because that's when my child's on daycare. And so I do set that expectation up with my clients that you hire me for these tasks, and they will be done. But there is certain times that I'm not going to answer the phone. And the biggest time for me is between 5pm and 8pm. Because those are my time with my family. Because my son and my two Furry Babies,
they go a little while and there's so
and and that's our time, we have dinner together. And we play games, and we watch TV and we have popcorn nights, and I'm not going to be the mom that's not gonna be present. And everything that I need to do, I can do during the hours that I need to do it. I also set what I call a CEO day, which is on usually Fridays to take notes. But my CEO day is that day where I get everything done, I don't take meetings or phone calls and GST get shipped. I know I love it. But I don't take meetings or phone calls and I get things done. It's paying my invoices for my for things, sending out invoices to the clients putting my mileage in for the week for my bookkeeper. So she continues to love me. And but it's also a time where I put in my Kroger order to pick up on Sunday, or I set a doctor's appointment I keep putting off because being a CEO is interest of your business and also a CEO in my life. Yeah. And so that's something that's been really big and life changing for me. But it's another thing that I kind of set that expectation is that this is a day that like things have to get done. And I can't be interrupted for other things.
And I love that and she sticks to it. And the thing too is most people become a consultant because they have a lot of experience to share. You don't just roll it will some people try to put up a new website. Just tick tock. But the fact of the matter is, is that no large million dollar company who has multiple different states that are not going to go hire someone who can't back up the experience in the references. Yeah. So you can put information out you can copy people shit all day long. But if you don't know what you're doing, like you can't just get in at that level. Like it, you got to put in the work. You got to know what you're doing. Yeah. And so I love that you do that. And you were like very adamant with it. But you thought ahead. And the reason consultants sometimes don't start like, I didn't do this, like I didn't. When I got into corporate America, I didn't sit down and say what do I want my life to look like? Let me be clear. I am a planner for a living for other people. Okay. And so when I'm like, oh shit, like, I gotta do it for myself. It took another consultant telling me that yeah, that you are going to die before you're 40 if you don't stop, like, what are you doing? Yeah, and he was a hard ass, but I needed that. Because we think we're robots. Y'all need a tough love. We didn't need that. I call it I call it a little bee sting. Like a little, like buzzing around like that. So now it's like, I just don't even know if you if you want to become a consultant. Like that is probably the number one thing would you say? Oh, yes to sit down and like design out what you want that first year?
Yeah. Oh, absolutely. And I don't. It's funny. I don't think I did that. I think I I started with like this intention. And when we first started, and I say we because now there's more than just me. But what, when we, when I first started, it was like, I had this idea in the stream and like, oh, this will be so much fun. And then as it's gone on, it was like, Okay, well, we gotta revamp this a little bit. And we got to make this little tweak and, and like when I send this fall when I was kind of figuring out okay, what's the next year gonna look like? I sat back and said, What did I not enjoy this year? And how do we not do that next year? That's so good.
But what did you find that when you did that assessment was completely
different than how I thought the business was gonna be a year ago? Yeah, yeah. I was like, Oh, I don't want to do that as much as I thought. I did. And this is way more fun. So when I sat down and evaluated it, the one piece that I didn't really enjoy doing, it was still something that was beneficial. So instead of me saying, well, we're not going to do it, I found the right person. So green devils. So one of the things, a lot of times I'll say, I had to consult the consultant. Yes. So I find myself telling a client something. And I suddenly go, oh, I should probably write that down and look at that on my own
life. And she will go do it, y'all.
Yeah, that person. Yeah. But, you know, I, when clients hire me, and I'm kind of given my little pitch, you know, I'm the person that like, somebody will say, what's your niche? What are you looking for? Well, I'm looking for the owner that's working in the business on the business. And they need to grow. And they need somebody to take over this piece so they can grow other sides of the business. And I had to sit down and do it myself. Yeah. And that's when I said, Okay, well, this isn't my strength. I'm gonna find somebody who it is their strength. Yeah. And we're still gonna be able to offer it, and that person is gonna love it. Yes. And then I'm gonna love this piece of it. And I'll say, since I brought on my account executive in November, it's It's the scariest thing because it's your baby. And you're allowing somebody else to run with it, as you know. But it's also been the most empowering and amazing game because it's given me time to focus on other pieces of my business. Yeah. So yeah, it's a it's been, it's been a wild ride a crazy ride.
I'm so proud. I'm so proud of you. Like you've taken like your skill. And y'all, so she's brightest blue, and her colors will go down in a few minutes. But it's like her blues to go out and start a business. Like, it is scary. Where orange is like, I'm a hot like, it's like, we're just like, get back out and keep wasting money and keep doing it. Until it works.
Well. I do say I'm my own worst critic. And every day, I'd still be doing this check. Check, keep going. And then I had that one crazy phone call. And I'm like, No,
I'm gonna keep going. This makes sense. It's not but it's the worst that you use with yourself is very important. So not like, should I quit? Or if I quit, or will I keep going? It's like, I'm gonna keep going. But things have to change. And that's where you just have to take a step back and be still Yeah. And for entrepreneurs. It's so epic hard, like the only
time I'm still is when I have a glass of wine. I'm gonna
I just every time she loves one, and like, there is this tick tock, where she like I love that. My favorites are Coronavirus. And she has you do awesome content. She has an awesome team. Like it's not me. It's my team, but they're crushing. But you have to do the content. Yeah, but they have to sell me on it. I know. I know. We have
to sit down we have a monthly meeting. They're like, Okay, so here's what we're gonna do this month. And I'm like, No. With any of the ideas. Oh, no. Again, my my weakness. No. So here's the funny thing. They came to me. I think they were really nervous. And they're like, sorry, we really want you to have a tic tac account. And I was like, that's fine. I don't want the login. I don't want to know anything about it. Okay, y'all have to run it and get followers. I'm not dealing with it. Okay. And so yeah, they come to me and they go, here's what we're gonna do. And when it comes to the reels, and I'm like, Alright, here we go. It's like, I listen to them. And we keep getting likes and follows and whatever. So here we go. Follow me on tick tock. Yes.
Instagram because your reels to that you like keep tell us the BTS like what's the behind the scenes of you and this wine bottle and she takes her mouth and pops the cork off and then like, posted across like, oh, Horace Spencer. Like it's hilarious. But then you see the little quirk rolling back? Yes. Yeah. Which was not playing? No, it actually was not.
It probably took about five or six takes. The funny thing is this was a day they asked me to bring my son Jameson. And so there's a two and a half year old running around. Luckily, I brought my my nanny because I was like, like, I'm not that bougie she's part time. But I had her come with me. I was like, There's no way we're gonna get this done and not like, and so he's running around with a stick and they're like we want they wanted me to pull it out and pour a drink and like take a sip. It was some like tick tock thing where there's like waterfall on on people. Yeah. And when they showed it to me, I'm like, I'm not pouring water on myself. I had an event to go to after and they're like, No, we're not gonna do that. So I think it was like the second or third day going I did it. And I shot it out. But I didn't shoot it out as far as it was supposed to go. And it just started rolling. And they all stopped. And they're like, Hey, we're gonna do that again, because that was amazing. But we need you to not make that weird face in the beginning. Because I was like, what? It was funny. Yeah. And so we did it a couple more times, they found the perfect one. It was amazing. But again, I just sit there. The ongoing joke is, as long as there's Wine, wine or whiskey, that's my poison. Like, I'll do whatever damn video or photo or weirdo thing. There's some good ones coming this month for the one year and I cannot wait to see. Okay, well, when
is it coming out?
I have a content calendar. I just don't I just look and go. That's it looks good.
Okay, that's not my strength. But if you don't have a content calendar, or if you're not looking ahead and planning ahead, like one of my team members, that is her full time job is just to manage, like I actually was on with a guy. I just, I love it. Yeah. But then when I when it started to become a thing. And then people started asked me like, how do you do? And I'm like, Oh, you just wash, rinse repeat everything. Like everybody knows what that means? Yeah. And so then I'm like, Oh, shit, I should probably teach this because yeah, I really don't know. Yeah,
I'm gonna leave a link to the next class, because I'm probably sick.
We just had a class in Seminar some of the people that we've worked with, they sent their team members so I can learn some stuff. Yeah. It's just you got to get organized in half the things that most business owners, including myself, until I sat still, yeah, which was almost dying, of COVID. Understanding that, like, you can't be everything to everybody, no. And I can still continue to do weddings and make a very nice living. But that's not what brings me passion. And so, you know, it's just I like, being able to help and see other people that I know they have the drive in them, they just don't know what to do. And so and that's what consultants do. Like, for businesses who, I don't know, I feel like now people are very much into fast tracking things. And fast forwarding. Yeah, like, I'll just hire a consultant who's been through all that bullshit, and helped me fast track. Like, that's essentially what we do. Yeah. And, like, when we reconnected, it's because of a, a group that we've known for years. And we've actually worked with them for several years. And then they're expanding. And so it's time to bring on a consultant and start pre selling and learning and training the team and all that hospitality. So that's amazing. But let's, let's shift gears a little bit. And when I heard her, tell me the story about her son, I was like, people don't talk about this enough, at least around me. Like I have a lot of friends that married once, twice or three times. And some are kids, some don't. It's not that they never wanted them some tragedy, there's been so many, just issues where people have no idea. So I wanted to have the backstory of you being in hospitality for a long time starting your own business. And it's not like, you were like, I'm married, and we're gonna have a baby. Yeah. It's a different kind of story. Yeah,
no, I, I got to that point, a couple of years ago, where I thought to myself, well, let me start first, when I was in my 20s, I never thought I was gonna have kids. And I think I told you that. I was like, I was, like I said, I was a wedding planner, but start telling your dream to move to Nashville, like, that's not, that's not near right now. And 30s hit, that clock starts ticking a little, but I was dating somebody, and I thought somewhere down the road and work out, you know, everything happens for a reason. And about 35 I thought to myself, Oh, if this isn't happen soon, I don't know that it's going to happen. So I decided to make an appointment at a fertility clinic and just kind of see what was going on. Like, can I have a kid? What would it look like? What would it be a sperm donor and all that. And as many were single, I was single, that's important, maybe appointment. And as luck would have been about two weeks before I go on a date, and I meet this guy. And then the next day, he asked me on a second date. And second day, turned into day number three, and we were sitting there drinking coffee or whatever we were doing, and I said I gotta be honest with you about something and I said, I like you, and you seem cool. And also, I'm from the north. So I'm very honest and upfront, I have no filter. I don't have I've done this whole podcast so far without swearing. It's amazing. Oh, my God young with 30 minutes, and I don't think either of us is very good. When I sit down, I'm like, I want to be very honest and upfront with you about something and I have this appointment on fertility clinic, I want to Kin my clock's ticking, like, that's what I want to do. Clock.
I'm like, what is that? Tick, tick, tick.
So he said, Okay. Yeah, I'm spacelike. Additionally, one thing I will say about him is like, he really is really good at talking and confrontation. I don't think I didn't tell you this when we were talking about it. But he actually, prior to meeting me was going to take the classes to become like a minister or pastor and ended up not doing it. And but he was at one point before we met in whatever, he was very, very involved in church. So so he's very good at like talking, you know, and whatever. So he said, Okay, well, we'll go to your reading, go to your appointment. And like, if you're cool with it, like, let's just talk about it afterwards. Yeah. So we continued day, I went to my appointment, doctor said, I don't see why there's no reason if you don't do this, this and this, you can't be pregnant in like six months. And that was weird.
You, you knew you wanted to like carry a child. Yeah.
I did. And so I was home. And we talked and he was okay. Like, like, if you're okay with it, like, can we just kind of like see how things go? Like, could he have any kids? He does. So he has a older son from a marriage. Okay. And so
that first initial shot, so I just wanted to give context, because he's already been a dad. And I think that I just want to sorry, I mean, because I think that's important for people to know that when you're in your 30s, or you're getting close to your 40s, or it's most people have children, yeah, they have something. And it's like a double edged sword almost. It's like, it's great. Because the older you get, you know more about what you want, and you're not willing to bend on right. But when you have a child and a human being that you're is responsible for, it changes it. It should I didn't know, I had my son. I'm really honestly, already. So that's why he reacted. Well, the way the way he reacted was like, oh, okay, you want a kid? All right. You know, he's like, in my head, I've been okay.
So, so we just went on, and the next, you know, I don't know, six, eight months, great relationship. Everything's rocking and rolling, like to get pregnant. So that's fun story. So
it was mid December, I was with one of my best friends and our local dive bar that we go to. And I lost it. I had a couple of drinks that night. And I started sobbing, I said, I'm never going to be pregnant. It's not going to happen. It's just I just don't think it's my car. And I was getting ready to just
give up free drinking like roba tessen. And
Jameson and ginger ale,
you know that, you know, there's like a myth. Like if you drink roba testin? No, like, later, like, drugs, like antibiotic drugs, not like, this has to like help you anyway, this is these are conversations. Some of my friends are like, I really want to hang out, you really wanna have a baby? Like, there's so much work and they're so expensive. Like, are you sure? Oh, there's
so worth.
I know. I know. I hear
that was mid December. And then January 5, I take a test because something wasn't right. And I'm pregnant. And come to find out, I was pregnant when I was sitting there sobbing my best friend. Drinking. He's fine. And, and so here we go. And we're gonna have a baby.
How do you tell him? So
I was actually on a walk with a friend of mine who had gone through IVF. And I was like this happen. Something's weird. And she's like, you might be pregnant. And I'm like, and so I texted him and said, Courtney thinks I should take a test and he was okay. He was at work. He said, Well, do you want to go home and do it? Do you want to wait for me to get home and I was like, I'll wait for you. Yeah. And so and again in my head, I'm not and I take the test and I know with him, sorry, he came home and I took the test. I put it on the living room table, and we're just sitting there we're getting ready to go like to Cinco Demayo for dinner or something. And he you know, three to five minutes goes by whatever and he looks down I mean, smiles and he hands it to me and I'm like, so he saw no, no, I'm not like I I mean, come on as women, how many damn t tests do we take? Because we're like, oh God, am I am I am I right? And it's never. And I was like, Oh my God, and he actually has a picture of me holding it where I was like, I was shocked, random, ironic thing is we go to Cinco de Mayo, him and I, we run into one of the first friends I ever met in Nashville. He's there with his pregnant wife who's like two months from giving birth. And they're like, come sit with us. And we're like, I didn't say anything, because we're still like, decompressing. We take a selfie the four of us. And several months later, once I announced it, I was like, by the way, y'all literally 10 minutes before we saw you, we found out we were pregnant. And we tell you, they loved it. They were like, Yeah, you know, you know how the universe is bigger. I was like, I got chills. So so here we go. We're gonna have a baby, January 2020. And life is good. This this is great. He's got a great job. I've got a great job. Like things are boring attend than anybody yet, because it's first trimester and you don't know and smart. And we go down to Florida in March, beginning of second trimester to go tell my parents. And we tell them, they're excited. Everything's great. We're spending a week with them. And as we're down there, people are texting me and saying stuff about this COVID thing. And pretty much while we're down. There's COVID Yeah, COVID. Right. Like, that's what we were saying. And I got a call today, we're going home, and it's from the HR director of the company I work for. And she said, hey, just give me a heads up. You missed a meeting today. You were on vacation, no big deal. But the company is going to close tomorrow. Like Nashville's closing, let you know, she caught me. But the so just so you know, you're good. But your partner who also works for us is going to be laid off tomorrow. And you know, we're just gonna see how things go. And you're like, and I'm like, oh, okay, cool, cool, comfortable. My company has an old friend. Here we go. And so we actually decided to stay a couple more days since we didn't really have work to go home to. And, you know, here we go. And so we get back home. Luckily, he was in the National Guard. And so he had COVID orders. And that was huge, because the insurance and the insurance, money and we needed it. I was grateful to say I only was laid off for a week, which was huge for me at the time, because I was so stressed about health insurance. We're not married,
you know, I've even imagined. And
so I was about 20 weeks
pregnant, he was staying in a hotel because he was on COVID orders and couldn't be at the house for obvious reasons. He had a break, and they let them come home. And we went out to go do some shopping. And we were shopping for couches, I really needed a new couch. And something was different. And we found this one couch and I was outside of my budget. We were talking about it. And he made a comment to me about essentially, I don't mind helping you, but I'm not going to buy you a couch. And I said, Well, it's our couch, it's the home we live in together.
They live together and they're having a child with
my couch. And he pretty much said, well, let's be honest. I mean, do you really think this is going to work out? And this is why you're shopping for a printing house. So I'm you know, when people say what happened, I got broken up with over a couch. And I just looked at myself, Well then I guess we just kind of ended here. Long story short, I went and bought a couch with my own money for cash. And and that was that. So I'm 20 weeks pregnant. I'm single. And about two weeks later, I go to the doctor's for a checkup and we find out that I'm 23 weeks I'm already a centimeter dilated. And and I get put on what they call a modified bed rest. So what this means is, I didn't have to like stay in bed. But I could get up and take a shower and then I had to lay back down. I could get up and make a sandwich. Then I had to lay back down. I couldn't get up, take a shower, make a sandwich, do laundry like you had to. And so I had no choice but to have my son's father come over and take care of me because it's COVID and you couldn't have people coming and going
but what a good golfer actually Oh yeah.
I will give him that we will we have been through a lot together. Yeah. And we still have some challenges you But the most important thing to us is our child. Yeah. And that is what is the most important? Yes. Um, so thankfully, is Sergeant or whatever it was with the National Guard, like worked with us, let him come stay at home when I'm on different orders so that he wasn't being in front of COVID. So he could be around me and take care of me. And one morning, at about 29, late said, a couple days, I woke up and I was bleeding. And we mainly call the doctor and doctor said, get to the hospital, we're going to meet you there. My doctor was actually on vacation, which is really funny. But somebody in the practice took care of us. And so I went to the hospital, got checked in, checked on the baby, heartbeat, everything was great. They're gonna keep me overnight for observation. And they just want to make sure that like, nothing was going on. Yeah. And the heartbeat kept going, everything was great. And this morning, we're waiting to be discharged. And I start, I had breakfast, and I think I have lunch. And then I start getting really nauseous. And I still remember I'm sitting in the hospital bed. My son's father sitting next to me. And honestly, I look at him and I was like, oh my god, I think I'm gonna be sick. And he literally did like this ninja move around the hospital room and got the garbage can and pulled it over before I was sick. And I start getting sick. nurses come in late check babies still fine. Then I started having contractions, and come to find out for some reason. For some women, a sign of labor is getting sick. And I'm one of those women. And
that was it. We are only how
many weeks? 30 weeks, 30 weeks. And so 32 weeks, sorry. 32. Okay, and so
if it's two weeks is a really big deal. It is a big deal. It's a big deal. I understand. Yeah.
And I was fortunate enough that I had gestational diabetes, which for some women, you're like, diabetes, but for me, maybe was a little larger than it should be? Good. So they tried to give me some medication, like slow down, the contractions stop the nausea. At one point, it puts me asleep. Thank you. And I wake back up and it all starts again. And it's about five, six o'clock at night. And they said Doctor said if this happened again, we're gonna take him. We're gonna, you're gonna have a baby tonight.
Where are you? Like, did you even think that for the slightest moment?
No, no, I mean, the biggest thing to me was my baby. Okay, right. But here's the funny ironic thing. Something told me all along to be prepared. I already had my hospital backpack. Maybe it's the event planner. Come on now. I was like, I need to have I need to have this. I love that. You know, there were a couple of things like extreme grabbed the pillow and the phone charger or like a bag was packed. The face wipes were there. Like we knew. Yeah, I was just like, I just want to be prepared. And so they said the doctor said if you woke up You were like this again. Because the amount of pain and sickness I was in. I looked at the nurse and I went cowboy. Let's get this guy out. That was done. Like y'all women listening that do natural birth. I praise you. I did it for a hot second. And there's a way right you try No, no. Not having like the drugs because I didn't know the contractions you
may heard
Oh, yeah. Like, think of the worst menstrual cramps you've ever had in your life times like 75 I was like, No, I wouldn't eat all the drugs. Let's let's get this baby out. And so my son was born. And totally unexpected. Yeah, that 911 at night and I say that because his his due date was 911
I'll never forget now. I'm in America. You know what? 911 me? Yeah,
very weird. So he was born at 911 at night in July. He was born eight weeks early. Five pounds seven ounces, which was weird side. So this side again because of gestational diabetes and he wasn't. If I didn't have that he probably only would have been two or three pounds. So we're gonna put us in a whole nother world whole nother spectrum. He's spent 31 days in NICU, which were the worst 31 days of my life. I put Nikki on my worst enemy.
Yeah, it's terrible. having
to leave your baby every day. Yeah. Having to go home without a baby which you don't understand unless you have been through it. Yeah. Um, you know, and you have people that try and help during the time and say, well, at least you have a healthy baby and you're like, but he's not home. Yeah, um, but we did it. And 31 days, and he came home, my Jameson. And yes, he's named after the whiskey because it's probably because of the whiskey he's here. And I told him that he loved me some Jameson. And he's two and a half year home. My ex and I, you know, raised him together as best as we can you do a great job co parenting, we do. Yeah, moments, you know, and I was talking to somebody the other day about it. And they reminded me that every relationship has its moments. Like, you're right. We're not always gonna have good moments. But I have a healthy, happy little boy, and he's the best damn thing in the world. Do you want me to talk about that other piece that I did this one? So
she knows, I'm gonna ask.
So I decided that my son completes me. And I decided to have my tubes tied. About a week ago. Now we're gonna have no she's just out of surgery. This is the bar,
that we're sitting at the bar talking. And I'm like, I just didn't know that you wanted to obey me that that? And I like, because it's not you know, when you don't when you don't have thoughts to yourself, like you never unless someone tells you, you don't know what they're going, right. Like, I just had no idea. You know, I
love that. You said that one of my favorite things. There's a meme that I saw not too long ago. And I'm like, oh my god, it just needs to be like my my story every Monday is when you look at a person you never know what's going on inside you, don't you? You know, and I say that all the time. Like people are like, Oh, I didn't know I'm gonna tell you. It's something I'm going to. Nobody wants to hear everybody's story every day. You want to say how are you doing? I'm great. Nobody wants to hear? Well, I'm really talking
right now. Whatever.
But I think it's really important as women that we talk about this shit. Yeah, like we talked about. Life's not, I mean, its ups and downs. It's a roller coaster. And, you know, I just shared recently on my Facebook about having my tubes tied. And it was really important to me, because it wasn't something I decided overnight. It is something that took me a while. And there were several reasons why I made the decision. And, you know, I thought to myself, like there's somebody else out there that might be having the same thought in their head. And I thought about when I was going back and forth with it. If I had seen somebody make that conversation, it would have been one of those things where it's like, yeah, it is so important. You know, and so I think it's important like not to be afraid to share, you know, I know, I don't sugarcoat anything I tell
very not normal for for Habilis like her bright. Oh, really, it's not a dark blue.
Like my cold heart
to talk about it. But I'm so just like, excited for you, again, like your company and like your life and like you just being real about it. And like you're comfortable in your skin. And like from the moment I met you, however many it's like, she's sweet and fun and confidence. I mean, you just you know what you want. And it's like that you get it done and like you're reliable. Yeah. Like, that's the thing. Well, that's important
about consultants too, you got to be reliable, or else you should.
Yeah, you should not be a consultant. If you can't do it, reliability sort of thing. Don't do it. And this is why we outsource to people, and do a better job and follow up, and you become really happy. To the true colors. There's a few fun stories that were in the plan. But we're just going to this is actually a very important that's one of my takeaways, this is a very important tip.
So I have a habit of once a month I google my main habit, habit, a habit. It's a habit. First. It's a CEO, Dave, I love this first of every first Friday of every month cod. And I google myself and I Google it two different ways. I google my name Holly Carpenter, and then I google Holly Carpenter, Nashville, Tennessee. And there's a reason why it's a fun fun story that I found out a very funny way So several years ago, and I guess actually now it's more than several years ago because it was back before Bumble. I had a friend of mine set me up on a blind date. Her boyfriend knew this guy that I would get along really well with he loves brunettes I'm kind of a redhead now but I you Sweet Burnett. And so we didn't know each other. We just knew we were meeting and we both knew these people. And we I got there first and I texted him. I'm at the corner of the bar and he walked in and walked right past me. And he kind of looked at me he was wait. You're the corn? Are you Holly? And I was like, yeah. And he was like, Halle Carpenter, like and he's like, and I was like, Are you and I don't want to say his name. But are you that person? He's like, Yeah, I don't like what you see a picture like weird rice is any good is your name and I hate to say this, but you're not what I expected. Come to find out if you Google Holly carpenter. She is an Irish
supermodel. Supermodel like
and it was so funny because afterwards I said something to her husband goes What is he thinking I'd set him up with a supermodel
laugh about it,
but I guess I wasn't his. My knees start Googling myself. I've been doing it for years now. Like I know all about this Holly carpenter. I would love to meet her someday. She recently got arrested. For some I don't again, you go go live once a month. Do you find stories? She's good though. she I think she was wrong place wrong time.
We googled her. Honestly take a screenshot.
screenshot. Oh, good. No, I think that's her boyfriend. But that's my favorite. That one's been around for a while. Yeah. So that's why you Google yourself. And it's so fun. Because, one, yeah, it is damage control. You look up. When you look at your name, you want to make sure especially for your business, that one your business is coming up first and get all those things right. Yeah. But also like, was your name linked to something that maybe you didn't know about? Like, are there? Is there anything you need to do homework on? Yes, I'm I told you, I'm in business coaching and I'm in the cohort? Yes, it means one girl in the cohort. We're having a call one day. When we had this conversation. I thought it was hysterical. And so I googled her name, and started like doing some searching. And there was this weird like, Link, where it was her picture from her Instagram. But it was her being like a pet Reiki healer. Where was a pet Reiki healer, something like dog and cat. But Frankie was just like some like rule like thing. Yeah,
I don't know. But anyway,
long story short, it wasn't hurt. It wasn't hurt. She was like, What is this? Like, this is my, my photo from my company website. And that's my name on it. But that's not me. And so because we did that little exercise, she contacted the company and got it taken down. I think that's really important. We don't think to Google ourselves. But you want to make sure that like, what what your I mean, your social media website or everything.
And this is a this is a great point. I'm going to stop for a second. Yeah, because the most important thing is the reason we put blog content out every single day. Yep, is because the more you put out on Facebook, even if you get no lights, even if you get no engagement, even if you don't pay to play, if you are using keywords, and you're consistent. what starts to happen in SEO without you paying for it when you're consistent with creating content is that your blogs every time you post, and then if you do a teaser on social media to send people back to your blog, which is free SEO and free traffic, there's a little formula that you kind of have to figure out how to do it. But it's all very learnable it's a very easy process to follow. You just have to do it. It sounds so easy. But like it's not people don't take the time to do it. So it's like whatever is on your website, whatever is on your blog, people think blogs are dead. People may not read anymore, but more importantly, AI. And when people Google as you're saying, If you Google yourself, if you're if you are on Instagram, a lot you post on Instagram, your Instagram may come up first before your actual website. Because nowadays, people are using Instagram and Lincoln bio and then putting the different call to actions CTAs. So from an analytical perspective, you look at it and you know what people are doing? Yep, we go and look at Google Analytics every month for our clients to see like what's going and we've noticed on several of our clients who are very active on Instagram who have tokens system, they have a great audience, their audience is very in tune, they do labs, they do stories, you know, they're using all the features, their Google would like their website stuff has gone way down. But their Instagram and you know, legs have gone way up. And what's happening is people are DMing. And they're going to the link tree and clicking on exactly what they need, which tells us how to order all of those icons. And all of those call to action buttons. Yeah, so there is a method to the madness. Like when you really think about it. Yeah. So I just wanted to pause with
an eye on your name and your company because of the wrong thing is popping. Your thinking that I'm walking in like that for sales consulting,
I will say so I don't have my stories, nothing like that. At all. It's actually you're not an Irish supermodel. I'm actually an attorney, which is could actually be very believable, because I used to love to argue apparently my parents said, because my father, like it was always like, I mean, growing up as a child, like
add a great, yeah,
we talked about we were just like, yeah, right, like growing up. And I mean, he supported our family. My mother didn't work. She said with three kids, which is a child you don't know like, oh, one person and a family of five is supporting all those four people. So I look at a very different ways to do it. But after he retired and my sister had her first baby Hannah, who's like Lobos 21, like, we didn't want to do things for diverse workplace. She's like Vegas. It's the stigma, right? And I thought she would be like, let's go to Cabo because like, I love Cabo, and she always likes to go to Cabo when I like, have an extra opportunity. And she's like, No, let's do Vegas. I'm like, really? Even thinking about that. Okay, whatever you want to do, like, let's do it. I'm like, honored, but she would like want to spend her 21st birthday with like me, like, or like, like our family, not just me, but like our family because some kids are like, Screw you. I'm going
to get my mom threw me a surprise party for my 21st birthday. So what did you do have a house party?
But it's very memorable. Oh, yeah. Yeah. But it's just like, you remember. Oh my god. I met this guy who's like apparently the most world known ping pong player last weekend at pod bouncer BBs speaking. Well, he's a real ping pong fight. Yeah, we just posted a tech talk about it. It's really funny. To me, and this other blonde actually, we beat him like as a team, it took two blondes to beat one champion anyway.
But do you hear an attorney? An attorney on social media?
So um,
she in Nashville?
Okay, this is crazy. Okay, so this guy was dating was in LA like he was into film and production, which is how I know so much about video, it's so much about content, because I was doing all means go for content was really content. Like, I was like, Oh, that needs to be edited out and that a camera doesn't go with that. But like I already kind of knew some of it. I just didn't know how to do it. Within just being around the studio, you just kind of pick it up. And like you pick up then like the lighting and the equipment and the technology and you're like, oh my god, you can do that. It's just, that's how I picked it up. Because I dated the guy for like, seven years. So it wasn't like a hot minute. Like we were around a lot of it. Why was that telling you that?
The social media and
oh my god, oh my god. So he's,
I keep her on me on every podcast.
Oh my god. I'm so add and then COVID Right, and we're drinking alcohol and I'm on my second page. She's
gonna be like, Thank you for keeping her on.
Thank God, it's the older I get, the worse it gets. So he's like, I am moving to he lived in Hollywood. And he's like, I'm gonna move to Santa Monica. Okay, because there was a client and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, whatever. And I'm over I'm like, listed on this is still on the beach.
Because like,
I mean, if I'm doing this, I'm a water girl. And allergies. I love to surf like not when I was out of shape, but it's just like, I'm like, it's it's so gonna be at the beach. Not that I was using him for the beach, but it was a park right? And it's a few blocks away, you can still sue the I was like, okay, you know, that's great, whatever. And so we had a place in Santa Monica. And right across the street. Literally, you could see it from the big windows in the condo, Angela Proffitt, comma, whatever, like her attorney thing, whatever those credentials are. But I knew who she was because someone googled and asked me if you were a wedding client if I had formerly been an attorney, because I was very like, like adamant about like, this is my way.
My wedding with her.
But it goes off. Yep, you get the timeline and you're like, Who is this military Sergeant fight happening? Like this is it like normal. But that's why things are flawless, typically, and when unexpected things. And when unexpected things happen. The stress level is not as high when you plan ahead and you think through this scenario, yeah. And so, so I knew this name and already knew because I'd already has one I did. I did Google and they're like, oh, this Angela Proffitt that she's in LA. But they're like, but you you work in LA. And on your website. I did have an LA address. Because also had an office, you know, in LA. Yeah, we did. We did do some stuff there. It was convenient for the light blue shirt actually shared a lot of clients. That's why gotten away the relationship when you can't meet deadlines, and you start not meeting deadlines. And then clients are like, what is that? And I'm like, this isn't gonna work. Like you're shitzu. Anyway, calendar blocking clearly wasn't his first priority. But that's okay. So we just move on. I look out the window when the very first day I go there that he was like, this is where I made and this is where we're going to be staying. And I look out the window and I'm like Angela Proffitt, the attorney that this client like two years ago, that's
when you get to meet her.
It's like me with Holly Carpenter, the carpenter the supermodel,
and I'm not even kidding you every single time. I went by and we walked all the time, like we walk to the beach, and we we never open by appointment. Only. She
wasn't a very good attorney.
I don't know. I mean, she was round Santa Monica ball or whatever it's called. So it's like, the rent was not cheap, or budget friendly. Let's just say that. Okay. Like it was, it was a nice part. But I know I never met her. But it's your story's a little story. It is just a fun story. So
okay, and it's my colors, because I've been waiting for this. Okay, Google, your name. Okay. Google your name, Google your company, check
it often. Google your name. Because if you don't, you don't know what you're missing. The more importantly, you don't know what you could be like, capitalizing off of. Okay, so let's look at your colors. So it's turned a little bit, but it so let's say so you're 21 Blue. So that means you're the brightest blue. So if you're ever looking to hire a leader in your company, not that. Let me back up. Everyone has all four colors, right? You typically have a bright and a pale, high low strength, weakness. Same thing in two colors to color bright, pale, because we like
group therapy right now. I'm excited. It's so fun.
So when you want we saw the numbers going this way, how to equal 60. Okay, and so when you're doing this, and you did it this way, and then you go this way, equals 60. So why didn't add all that? Well, it's done in the year. There's like a little hidden thing. And so
we're talking about it when you give me a list and say, Do this, this and that. She did it.
She did it. Okay, I'm so proud. Like, I like usually Amanda's like, we can't do this. If you don't fill this out. Like I won't do it. I can't. I can't.
I can't now it makes sense. Yeah, like, as a method to the madness. And sometimes
people at the end, they're like, why are we done? I'm like, Yeah, we're done. They're like, but I filled out all this stuff. I'm like, oh, that's those are for the shownotes. And for SEO and for our audience to know, like who the guest is. But yeah, we dressed as
I filled it out. But it's
like, we don't really go through all of that. That's more for like substance for foundation. So when you jump into our podcast, if they want to know more about hard carbon, they're gonna go back and look, right? So anyway. So if you're ever hiring a leader, meaning someone to lead a sales team or anything, you want to look for people in the 20s. Because there's people that like, we'll have people that are 18 1817, whatever, close to 60. But their numbers are all really close, which is the general population. In America, I get it. Right. Apparently, in my life, I attract people that are in the 20s meaning we are leaders, we know what we want sometimes or if we don't have what if we're not happy? We may not know what we want the week keep looking and searching for something else. Even if we're good at something like wedding planning. And it's like, I know there's something else we veer I mean, keep going until we feel good. And it's like, okay, this is where I'm supposed to be. And it changes every five to 10 years. Yeah, like just depend just depend just like your taste buds. Yes. Oh my god, that could be a whole nother podcast. So, so you're 21 Blue. So let me just explain. In the colors, so blue means that you, your customer service is incredible. You care about people, you get your happiness for making other people happy. And not that not that this is you, God is gonna give an example, like on wedding night, on weekends where we've had a four day event, it's been 20 hour days. And I specifically have blue people to take care of our VIPs on the wedding day and on the wedding weekend. It's like we we have our blues to we have a blue with the gosee of blue with the girls or same sex couple. We do that too. But we still if they don't have an attendant or a family member who is going to be like a blue googoo gaga over them all day because let's just be real bridesmaids are not concerned about the bride. Okay, some are the Billy reds are. I've retired from weddings. Yeah, most have retired. And I'm not there yet. I mean, I say
for some reason.
Like moving along, we still will do like, what for the right people, right? Why? And my team loves them. And my team is much younger than I am. And they can work for this 20 hour days and not p or E is just fine. We try not to do that. But anyway, I even asked him like, do you just want to rotate? Or do you want to like work? They're like, No, we want to be there for the whole day. Anyway, I totally live on a squirrel.
Squirrel blue.
Okay, so 21 So you get your happiness from blue. So the next number is orange, which 100% Makes sense to me. Because if you weren't orange next, I'm like, how did you sort of business? Oranges is me like I'm the 24. Orange. So now you understand. Right? So you're 21 Blue. I'm 24 Orange. So my brain is like since
consulted thing I'm trying to like please the client and make sure they're happy and drive. Okay, so, which is my next step for you?
I want to say you are not the typical blue. Because most blues are not compassionate, or too compassionate about other people's needs. Where you realize your needs first. Yeah, you put your needs first and your child first in your family first. And you were and you communicate it, which is not a bad thing. It's a beautiful thing. And that's what women have a specially women. We have a hard time saying because no one teaches us in school. Oh, you feel good. If you take care of people because you have that motherly instinct, whatever that means. Speaking of which, next
time my mom's in town we all drink.
Oh my god. She's like a party. braider
Oh, yeah. And my mom like we joke around like the Apple, you know, falling from the tree. Yeah. Now this apples still hanging like they are the same human. It's really scary. Really scary. I love that mom raised me to get it.
It's like, I mean, my mother totally raised me. Like my dad was always working on the road. I'm just like my father.
I see. Like, just like,
I am nothing like, I went down that road. My mother is 24. Okay, you understand? Yeah, she's very sweet, kind, great mom. A little bit too nice sometimes gets taken advantage of often. So blues get taken advantage a lot. I could see that. And so that's where when I say like, I'm so proud of you. And I'm like, so excited for everything you're doing because you've learned through your experience. Set boundaries. Set limits? I've done this. I don't want to do that again. Yeah. And you like strategize it out. And you say, I'm not doing. Yeah. And I love that, which is not normal for blues. But it makes sense. Because your orange is 15. And so orange is we take risks. And we know there's always more meaning. And blue is all about the meaning of something. And the purpose. Yeah, it's not about the money. Usually it is about quality of life and memories and spending quality time with people regardless. But you also have to remember on the flip side, people who are not bright blue, and they're blue thinking, Okay, so my goal is six. So if you had a blue six, and you were going to talk to a blue, you might not come in and say how was your weekend? How's your dog? How's your kid? It's like, they don't want to talk about any of that. Why would you even ask me that kind of thing. So like, it's important to know, like, what's important to other people. So your orange or orange, they take risks. We fall down fast, and we get right back on board. And I've been taking some risks and we take some we are more a little bit more flexible when it comes to like the rights in the lab. So I can't even imagine if you were like driving down the road talking to your boss and they're like, Hey, by the way, so it says giving like go and there's this thing. Depending on what personality you are, you're gonna automatically react a certain way and you can't To
do so, if you know anything about zodiac sign
we can have a whole nother podcast, or we're
gonna be so good. Anyway, so colors, then you are gold 13 And then your green was 11. And so what what gold's do so think of Amanda, like our operations, communications? GSC queen, live without her 24 I can't, no, I can't No. And in fact, like, she's off right now, she's been out of town for a few days, and, and she's on like, I wouldn't necessarily say vacation, but she's out of town. And, um, and I try to always be respectful of people's time. And I'm like, you know, I was like Marco for, you know, we Marco Polo. And, like, communication wise, and I'm like, oh, you know, you got to stop and think sometimes, like, this isn't the time. This isn't a good time. But without a goal, and without, like, Amanda isn't just, it's like the right person. Yeah, you know, but when you can at least use a psychology tool to prequalify people for your business, if you're hiring them. This we do for our clients too. Because it tells us how we communicate. And so your your palest color is green. So this is where it makes sense with the social media. Because the most important thing about this is what people don't realize, yes, your content has been entertaining. And some people just haven't a natural Knack at it. But brain is all about analytics, the the high greens, the straight, the like the brightest greens, they want to be alone. They're introverts. They're driven by research, and numbers. So like your attorneys, your doctors when it comes to sales, but I'm not dipping my toe, we are so genius. But what comes down to that is, you know, you have to have the data. And what's so different about what where you've been in your life and all the experiences you have, is that you you know how to think like a green. Because you're you are you in house. Yeah. And it is about numbers. And it's about goals. If you don't meet those goals, then you either don't get your commission, or you do it three months in a row. And you're on to the next thing. Yeah, that for you. It was the relationships first, it was never about the money, it come all about relationships using ugliest place in the international array anywhere in the world. But if you know what you're doing, you have a good team, it all comes together. And that's what's important. So for example, and just to give you like a high level, like from a business perspective, like oranges, clearly, like, just do something different every day. I'm a potty trained orange, meaning, like, we have whiteboards, we have goals, we have calendars. This is why without my calendar, nothing gets done.
Oh my god, he showed me your calendar when we were out drinking, and I was like this thing is making?
Like, I don't know,
let me look at this. This is what it looks like that you can't do choosing someone here's the thing. This is what happens. You're not going anywhere near her on Saturday, either vacation, or an unexpected like thing happens to team members or things like that. But it's like, everything is color coded. You have a day where it was almost all white. Okay, so my all white days is the days that I'm traveling in an airplane.
I was so proud of her.
Or, or or in, like I'm traveling, say I was in India here. And when I'm traveling, I'm I show up 100% Right. But that conference for that trip or whatever is on my calendar, right?
I do too. unless somebody's market bothering me from work market.
Y'all, that's a whole different stories. Like, oh, my gosh. But when you start to understand the way brains are wired, the way you communicate to a blue, is if you don't start a meeting, I mean with every week hog, and we you know, it's just like when you walk into a meeting with like a high dream, not that it's a bad thing at all because we need all four colors, but you're gonna make them really uncomfortable if you hug them or touch them.
I have several greens as my best friend.
My very best friend in the whole world is a 24
a lot that one of mine is like we she's been my best friend since third grade. And it's funny since I moved away because we now only see each other maybe once a year. I get one. And it's when I first get there and she's like No more Hi. Yeah,
I'm a hugger. Yeah, all the way because you're,
you're 21 blades. And so to know these things, it's crazy how you can spend five minutes and do this little assessment and no, you have to answer it. Honestly. Yeah.
Honestly, yeah. The funny thing is when I was looking at the pictures that you have to look at to like, what's your color? I was like, which one has a beach? And I was like, well, the closest to a beach is low.
But the more important thing is the pictures. Yeah. It's like, like, people walking together, like people. Yeah. And I like you. And community. Yeah. So it makes sense. It's just, it's so easy.
So people can do that by signing on your website?
Because we teach a workshop. Okay. I just want to get through my notes really quick, because there's good we hit it all. As we wrap up. I know. I mean, it's like okay, wrap it up. I know, we talked too much. We talked about that. Okay, so the last one, I talked about that. Yeah. And this wasn't even on the list. No, we were just chatting before we started recording. And I think this is brilliant. I didn't do this the first 10 years I was in business. Yeah, it was a consultant who told me, you have to project ahead for your revenue. I'm like, What are gross? What is net? What? I'm like, I don't know.
What is gross and net?
Oh, I will
never forget. You'll never forget that. So my new accountant and business manager who I like me with monthly and do this quarterly stuff with you, like entertain my batshit crazy ideas. And then they're like, yeah, no, we can measure for next year. We're not doing that this year. So my backdrop with all my maps and everything. That's the 2023 Wasn't it? 2022 is a COVID. But that's okay. Other great things came out of it. Oh my god, what was? What
about gross versus net?
Oh, my God, it is worse is gross. How much money people spend on a wedding. Oh, obscenely gross, meaning they put out all this money. Now, my family's from Mississippi, and they fish and like, you know, you talk to my brother. And he's like fishing and hunting. That's what we did. And he knew that. So he's like, you know, your family. And this is brilliant when it comes to consulting, to relate back to like your family and your people. Because you get to know your clients, you really do. And not only do you make a difference professionally, you make a bigger impact. Personally, when you're happy at home, you were happier at work, and you get more done at work and get more shit done. And you're more productive. Anyway, I totally Oh, my God. So I didn't understand, like some of the things that like this business manager account was trying to tell me. And so he was like, No, you have to understand to project like, what does that what does all this mean? And he's like, it's gross how much money people spend on weddings. But when you go catch fish, and you put them in a net, and you bring them into your boat, and you take them home to that is what you say. So
because I always switch which ones I know I've been in sales forever, you still look at it sometimes different. Totally different
now, oh, I'm using my cash to net out. And you bring your fish home with you. And so your net profit is what comes home. Yeah. And just so you know, like during the service industry, and it varies by industry. But anywhere from like the profit margins on services are anywhere from 20 to 10%. So if you like have a service based business, and you're making under 10% of your net, meaning you cast the net, you bring your fish home and you cook them, something's wrong. Yeah, that makes sense. You either don't know your numbers, something's wrong. Or you're spending too much in the business to run the business or on labor, or team and then you so again, something's off. I don't like numbers. My green is very low. My goal is an amazing bookkeeper. She helps me. Yeah, so you've got to stay on track. But I didn't understand what he was like you've got a project your revenue, and I'm like, then they can speak like fourth grade English. So we were talking about this earlier, and like we have a 30 day which we didn't have for probably the first 30 days relation. Yes. Yeah. But I wasn't thinking the whole camp and if you cancel your event, your whatever it is, you still have to pay an estimated balance, right? Because we couldn't book another event we couldn't do another thing. We've been holding out on the calendar most of the time. 90% of the time for over 12 months. Yeah. Nothing's happened. The flood COVID We have to move things we have to replay Yes, there is time last. But at the end of the day it forces people to also think ahead that if they're going to just make a rat, a rational move, and fire or get rid of or anything like that, right. So you have a day, so Yeah, but how did you arrive at all?
So So the biggest thing for us is when we find out a client, it takes us at least three months to get to know them, and get to know their process and their system, and be able to really rock and roll and sell them. If that's the type of client they aren't. Yeah. And us, if you're going to get out, it's going to take us that amount of about half of that time to bring on a new client. Yeah, and you're filling a spot that we Yeah, and we can only so many spots, or how many people we have on our team, this run you fairing. And so we did a 45 Damn, because it's gonna take me at least a month and a half, to bring somebody on to get them going before you pull out on us. And again, it's about goal planning. Like, I've got to pay me I've got to pay my team. I've got to feed my kids, you know, I'm fine with eating ramen noodles every day. But picking so you know, we got to make sure he's got food.
And that's where again, like, as a business owner, unless we've been through some of those challenging slash painful moments, like in our industry, we don't know where we don't know. Yep. And so if you're going out on a new venture, like, just, sometimes you have to feel the pain
before you're gonna know. Well, you know, like, like I told you earlier, we were talking, there's times when I've had to consult the consultant. Yes. And I hear myself talking to a client and I think in my head, who I'm gonna write that down, because I have to do that. And I think that's, that's helped me a lot along the way is because of the way I look at things and, and because of the things I've been through, you know, like, pretty good, but there's been some shit that I've had to step in. Yeah. And you learn from that. And that's the only way you grow.
I love that. Thank you so much. So much. If you want to connect with you, yeah. What's your favorite?
My Instagram, my Instagram. Because that's, that's where the girls. And when I say girl, that's where they have the most fun. So all the content, and all the reels that they make me do. Like I said, Follow me. There's a couple of new ones coming up. Already. They're fun. And yeah, and if you want to know more about me, and actually what I do as a consultant, the website, which is carpenter is definitely the way to check me out and connect with me. And if you had a great time, send me a message. Just tell me I did okay, today.
She's like, I'm stressing, we were wonderful. And I'm like, oh, yeah, we mark like, the only thing you need to really think is like the top takeaways like when people listen
to this, what's my number one takeaway? Drink wine?
drinking tequila, but
we are drinking, she
may switch to why? We're gonna say, alright, okay, we have to order dinner. And this was so much fun. Thank you so much. Give us a hug.
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