How to Attract Positive Energy to Create Your Best Life

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How to Attract Positive Energy to Create Your Best Life

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Do you remember when you were a kid and couldn’t sit still? How you could play for hours without tiring? Do you wish you had that same energy today? Well, I hope y’all are ready to be inspired today! In this podcast, we’re looking at the energetic side of your life and how it leads to success. You are going to learn so, so much from our guest today, author and natural energy expert Tabitha Scott. To have a healthy internal energy, you need to let go of the things that you keep unnecessarily stored inside. We live in a world that is impossible to keep up with. Technology has evolved so quickly, leaving our brains with almost no time to catch up. Just as snakes shed their skin to get rid of toxins and make room for growth, there are times when we need to let go of negative things and begin regrowth. One of the things you’ll run into during this process is what Tabitha calls the “Should Monster.”

This monster is made up of all of the things we and others think that we should do to be successful. Telling ourselves what we should do or be is unhealthy, and this “shoulding” keeps growth away. We are exhausting our energy by this practice. Calling this tendency the “Should Monster” helps us to depersonalize the issue in a way that helps us keep a healthy relationship with ourselves and others. After you’ve learned to let things go and are aware of the danger you are causing yourself, you want to be very aware of energy attacks all around you. You must stop reacting to negative energy with a negative response. Instead, imagine shielding yourself from the attack. You’ll want to be very connected to your intuition, and that can be accomplished in many ways, but you need to figure out which ways work best for you. Everyone connects to their intuition and energy a little differently, and Tabitha lists a few techniques that can be used to do this.

Our energy helps us go after our best lives. Don’t be afraid of going after it!. Many of us are kept from the heights we could reach because we are too accommodating and are controlled by fear. We don’t even bother asking for better things, and this keeps us away from opportunities that are out there. We don’t realize it, but we have enough energy inside for any challenge. Listen to the podcast to get even more great nuggets!


  • How to let things go
  • What is “shoulding?”
  • How to protect yourself from negative energy
  • Realizing what is keeping you away from your best life


You don’t have to be spiritual or logical. You can be both because they reinforce each other.

We’re all connected by the exact same energy. We’re all more alike than we are different. We could be black or white, or left or right, or baptist or Buddhist, but we’re all energists at our core.

If we hang onto everything for dear life, then we’re never going to fly, we’re never gonna get up there to the heights we’re destined to go.


Having been raised on a small-town farm, Tabitha Scott has always had a strong bond with nature. She has been involved with many organizations dedicated to finding and using renewable energy sources. She led efforts in creating the world’s largest solar community, and her work has been recognized by the White House. During a hiatus to the Costa Rican jungle, Tabitha reconnected with nature and learned that the earth isn’t the only one who has energy: we do too! She wrote her book, Trust Your Animal Instincts, to help others learn to connect with the energy that they have inside.

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  • Check out Tabitha's Book: Trust Your Animal Instincts: Recharge Your Life & Ignite Your Power – HERE!


I'm so excited about our guest today, because she has been a long, long client and friend. And she's just an amazing woman that I've gotten the opportunity to know over many, many years of doing some events together and some different things. And I've just gotten to see her grow over the years. And she has really done an amazing job as a leader as a woman coming from corporate america and then doing her own thing. And she's got a new book. And so I'm so excited for you all to hear her story, because it's just a really, really inspiring, incredible story from where she's come and where she is today. And she has lots of amazing things. And that just stuff that she can share with you guys today that are going to that's going to help you so so so, so much. So Tabitha, welcome to the show..

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 Thanks, Angela.


I'm so excited to be here. It's good to chat with you again.


Yay, I'm so excited.


So before we jump in and talk about your new book that you've just released, I do want everyone to know a little bit about your background. And you have just created this amazing journey. And, and also your mom and and I know the mom's side story. So


we'll go there, too.


But can you just share with everybody a little bit about like, Where did you grow up? How What is your journey been? Like? How have you gotten to where you are today, which is becoming a published author?


Yeah, thank you. I actually grew up in a small town in Kentucky on a small farm. And so we grew up with this total appreciation for nature and animals and responsibility and hard work. And I'm probably best known in my career, for my work in renewable energy and innovation. And I led efforts to create the world's largest solar community and was recognized for my use of modern smart tech and sustainability ways by the White House. And so in the last decade, I shifted a bit from just working with electrical energy and financial models to accelerate that to study human energy. And you mentioned, you

know, you knew I was a mom, we worked on several events to raise awareness for narcolepsy, something that one of my sons had. And when he got that it's an incurable sleeping disorder. I started studying human biofield energy as well. So old time, energy healing from ancient days, all the way up to modern NASA physicists and work with vibrational medicine, and what that's done, whether it's my work with financial investing, or electrical certifications, it's given me this background of energy that ranges from electricity and blockchain certification and you know, these things that are technological,

but also human energy, how we interact, and I know your background in psychology. And so this is kind of about not so much how we feel about things. But how are we showing up? How are we getting into action? And how do we use our energy and since we're all made of energy, and that's now proven with quantum science. It's really helped me connect this bridge between you don't have to be spiritual or logical Like, you can be both because they reinforce each other.


I just I love how you because because when I first met you and you were doing and I read all about you on this whole solar thing, and anybody that's been listening to me for a really long time, you know that one of my first companies was with events and weddings, and I would travel and I will never forget, I went to this one island to do. And they told me it was solar powered. And I didn't really know what that meant. And I mean, this is a long time ago, but I'm like, What do you mean, there's no real electricity. I mean, everything is powered by the sun. And you know, I'm over here like thinking of catering and food. And until I got there, like I didn't really understand and, but then I started to learn about it. And I was, I became fascinated by learning all about it. And then when I met you, and you were doing all this stuff with, with the former company that you were with, I was like, This woman is so smart, I'm like, and it had nothing to do with like what you were doing for your child in the whole narcolepsy community. But it's just been something that I've always been completely fascinated on. But now that you say it, it's like putting that energy, you've got the sun energy, and then the human energy and everything is revolved around energy. It's, it's so crazy. And so with, with the year that we just had, and all of the frustration and all the fatigue and everything that has happened with COVID, and politics, and there's been so many changes, you know, finding a balance and and I know that that's

something that that I want to ask you about, like with your book. And but before we go there, tell me how did what was the voice? What was the in you that said, Okay, I just have to read a book, like I have to put this in a book. And what what was that driving force of saying, I have to sit down and write a book.


Yeah, it was this transformation that I had in the jungle. And that sounds a little crazy. without context,


literally in the gym, you have to tell them, you have to tell them what you did.


So let me back up and explain what I mean by that. But I became so passionate about what I learned while I was in the jungle that I just had to share it with others. And to give you the context, I've figured out how to tap into, you know, that childlike energy that you had as a kid. And I know my mom used to turn on the front porch light. And I knew that meant you got to come in and eat. And she had to do that because you were so absorbed in playing and what you were doing that you lost all track of time. And so I know how to tap into that now and with my background in science, and in spirituality, as we talked about, whether it's you know, how energy works, or energy healing the spiritual side of it. And I wrote this book to help anybody that's feeling disconnected and off balance, or burnout. And it wasn't one particular thing. And it's funny, because I've heard a lot of business women on your podcast, and they talk about, you know, reaching burnout and corporate executive life was a tipping point for them for starting their own business. And it was similar. For me, it wasn't one particular thing it was this series, it was, you know, a child with an incurable disorder. It was getting divorced, after 21 years of marriage, it was empty nesting That same year, it was having a career and says, it's in sustainability and renewable energy, and a new administration who just was not interested in the environment. And I couldn't fix those things. And you know, what we tend to do as women as professionals, is just suck it up. And you know, your tagline is get shit done, and mine is stop shooting on yourself. So I love it shoot on ourselves, we should be able to fix our kids disorder, we should be able to fix our marriage, we should be able to show up as a powerful executive and don't let anybody see us what we should have dinner on the table. We should be skinny, we should be beautiful, you know, and we just shut all over ourselves.


Mm hmm. And,


you know, I reached that point when I had held it in so long that I ended up with a cancer scare myself and surgery and I was like enough I quit my job. I gave away most of my things. And I lived in the remote Costa Rican jungle for three years. She just up in moved like


so. We wrapped up like four years in a row of this great event that started Okay, she

TabithaScottPodcastGuestEdited Page 4 of 18 Transcribed by

started this incredible foundation for her child and help so many parents People, you know, and then then corporate got involved, then you're like, Okay, I'm gonna do something else. And then I didn't hear from her for a little bit. And then I hear from her and she's like, I just had to move to Costa Rica. I'm like, that is freaking incredible. Tell me more like, how did you do that? Like, seriously,


I started asking friends, because the first part of having something become reality is languaging it and one of my friends had a friend who had a place in remote Costa Rica. And by remote, I mean, where I stayed didn't even have a street address that should have been my first clue. And then no connectivity for phone service, Wi Fi, radio or TV. And in my mind's eye, I thought, Oh, well, I'm a great bicyclist. I'll just, you know, ride a bike into town, I'll rent a bike when I get there. And I'll just walk everywhere. No, they're like wild dogs, you know, there are no paved roads, like it was just this shock. But even though I had no connectivity there, I found myself being completely reconnected. And that's where I got inspired by those absolute love and interconnectedness among all things. When I was there with the animals and my background in electrical energy and energy healing, it just all came together with this transformation. And it was that I did have control of how I was feeling about these things I couldn't fix, I still had the ability to feel and to love and to tap into my own renewable energy source. Because as Taipei's, and business leaders and entrepreneurs, we suck it up and move on. And that's part of what makes us great, and lets us move fast. But you also end up you know, becoming numb. And I realized that ability was still there. And whether in the jungle with the snakes and the monkeys or in the euphemistic jungle back home, I learned we're all connected by the exact same energy that we're all more alike than we are different. You know, we could be black or white, or left or right, or like Baptist, or Buddhist, but we're all energist at our core. And that message just inspired me and I wanted to share it with anyone going through similar challenges. So they can tap into that childlike positivity, you know, it doesn't take a trip to the jungle or an agenda. And that's what made me passionate about writing the book.


I love it. So So now we know, the book is called trust your animal instincts. And so I'm assuming that title came from that backstory of Costa Rica. Is that


a good assumption? It did. And even before that, I had, I was raised in a Christian family.

And so we were taught to pray growing up, and we were taught, you know, hey, people go to heaven, you can still talk to them. So I would pray I would, you know, ask my grandma, some people call it the universe. It doesn't matter what you call it, there's a source of energy that you can connect with. And I would ask her questions about what should I do in my life, and she would send me things like Cardinals, like a lot of Cardinals, not just one or two, or snakes. And I would keep getting them in abundance, until I figured out the message. And the message would be an answer to what I was struggling with in my life. And so the book is about the series of those messages and how it related to burnout, letting go of the stuff that wasn't serving me tapping into my intuition, and you know, living my best life.


So how do you know and this is probably in your book, but how do you know if someone that's listening right now and they know they need to let go of something? For some reason, as women, we have the hardest time of like, letting things go and knowing like it's okay to let go and move on. Like, is that something that you teach in your book? Like how to let go that energy move forward? And like it's okay kind of thing? Absolutely. It's,


the book is kind of set up in an unusual way, because the first two parts are kind of like Eat, Pray, Love. That's what people love it. Tell me you know, it's like this burnout phase, this executive rise, and then the bliss of Costa Rica, you know, a handsome man was involved in, you know, all of the wonderful things that happened in Costa Rica. And then the third section is for, you know, Chopra readers or said guru. It's, it's the part about the analysis of what was happening, why it was happening, how to shed things that are outside of our control. And you know, the looking at it And you know this from the psychology side of things. And on the energetic side as well, our brains have not had time to evolve fast enough to keep up with technology. We have 24, seven news cycles, we have our mobile devices on all the time, we see 10,000 ads a day, which is overwhelming. And you know, goldfish have an attention span of nine seconds, an 18 year old American has the attention span of eight seconds. And it just, you know, it blows my mind. And so burnout was classified as a syndrome by the World Health Organization in 2019. And you layer on to that the shoulds of being a mom of being a good dad of our upbringing, our religion, our society, our work and our friends. And we allow everybody to show it on us and worse, you know, we're shitting all over ourselves. And one of my friends said, you know, in counseling, they use a naming technique to identify unhealthy thoughts when they recognize them. And I thought, well, dang,


I'm going to name the should monster. So we


want to know more about it, because I think that, um, I was like reading some of your stuff. And y'all, it hasn't completely come out on Audible yet. So I haven't, I mean, I'm like a big audible person. So I will like be forced to, like buy the audible version, because I'm like, I was reading about it, I was like, What is this should monster know more about that.


So it's a way to de personalize things and to recognize them coming, if your father tells you that you should do something because of you know, religion, or to do something that he feels strongly about. going up against your dad is a big deal, like it hurts in your heart, and we want to please or your boss, you know, or your best friend. And so when you can label it as their should monster, and especially if you tell your best friend about it, you know, you can both laugh about it, and D personalize it. And so it's a way energetically to shift the attack from coming at you. And then you you know, kicking back, you don't have to kick back, you can just deep personalize it and the energy goes kind of around you instead of manifesting in you by causing illness or stress or burnout.


That is, it's such a great way to like think about it rather than it's so funny, because I was listening to another book recently. And the metaphor of the way that the lady started into the book is this, talking about this big burly man who was super rich, and he would always take care of his family. And she kept going on and on and on and on. I mean, kind of like the the old days, like kind of how I grew up, where it's like, the dad works, the mom stays home, the dad makes all the money. The mom raises the kids, you know, things are very different now. And it's funny, like as an adult, I look back and I'm like, that's why I'm don't want that. Because I was like, I don't want to do a kid growing up. Like, I'm more of like a career person, like I want to take over the world and teach everyone to be productive and use an Apple product. And, you know, it's so things are very different now. But then when the lady like built up the story, and what she was talking about is his monster. And he had like a monster side to him as like a dad and a leader and a business owner and an entrepreneur and everyone loved him as the man. But then when the monster came out, everyone hated him. Yeah. And no matter how much money he had, or how much he

showered, and again, it always went back to money. Just saying money is a tool money doesn't make you happy. That's what the whole story was. But she used this monster analogy. And I thought it was genius. Because even as an adult, it's like, we still identify with those things.


You're so right. You know, that is the thing. And it surprised me To be honest, I tried it out probably two years ago, I language it for the first time when I was in a speaking engagement. And it was with a bunch of business women. And after it the thing that was most sticky was the should monster and I kept getting these comments that shipmaster is real, you know, or, you know, and it's it gives people a language and a way to de personalize that. And there was this situation that I had where, you know, I had this great job, but I was so burnt out and I kept asking, you know, hey Grandma, like what should I do? I don't know what to do next. And you know, you hear people say meditate on it, pray on it, and I did everything, you know, trying to think about it and I kept seeing snakes. Like I don't love snakes. I mean, I love all animals, but I still get that fear. When you see them you just naturally end have that fear. And it was to the point where I saw up to five one day and five friends. Yeah, five in a day in a day. And this happened for months. I'm asking friends were googling, you know, nothing made sense. And finally, I'm riding my bicycle on a rural road here, you know, in Nashville and I'm just ticked off, you know, God, like, give me a billboard. Just give me a sign because I'm not getting it. Yes, I know, snakes. But what am I supposed to do about my job? I'm stressed out like, you know, I'm empty nesting. What was me? And here came another snake, just oh, I unclip you know, cuz I have my little racing shoes on. I watched it cross the street. And then I'm pissed. So I'm riding super fast. And you know how you just get huffy in a state and sweating. I'm like, What is going on? It just hit me just like this bolt of lightning, shed your skin,


shed your skin. Interesting. And it


wasn't until a year later. And I'm researching for the book and I got it, you know, straightaway shed your skin. But when I looked up the technical reason why they do it's because they literally can't grow, that skin is holding them back. And so in order to grow into what they're supposed to be, they have to literally let go. And then the second reason they shut it is because they take on parasites in their skin. And think about how many

parasites we have in our lives. Our negative self talk our friends that might be downers, you know, all this uncertainty and fear around us with the Coronavirus and their parasites, you know, the stress, get rid of it. And that was the message, you know, that she said, and and that's an example of how these animals were giving me answers. And you just have to learn to tune into them.


That is fascinating. It makes such sense.


Yeah, but I took me forever to figure it out. I'm like, well, gee, dummy, you know, no.


But we're so busy. And we're so you know, a lot of women that I know, it's like we have an agenda every day, we have a to do list whatever's on my calendar, I'm getting through it. Who cares? If I don't feel good? Who cares if I if I just ran into somebody the day before that had COVID. And I'm over here like praying, like, I don't get it. But it's in that I ended up getting it from somebody. But it's like, you don't stop and slow down. And you It's like the signs are right in front of us. Yeah. And we were smart women, we know these analogies, and we learn them as children. And they're all in children books and children, movies, lots of Disney movies. But if we don't slow down and stop and connect, and like you said, What, why do I keep saying snakes? Why do I keep seeing these things? But then it all makes such sense when you actually start to analyze what is happening and like God's putting things right in front of you.


And I think one of our biggest challenges is we think there's only one way to connect to our intuition. You know, we think we have to sit cross legged and formally meditate. And my assertion is everybody is different. We're all born different. We're all raised differently. And different things work for different people. For me, it was getting in the jungle and you know, doing yoga every day there and it was getting in a different place, which was you know, getting exhausted versus sitting quietly and meditating. And so everyone experiences it in a different way. And the reason we struggle as business people to understand why we're feeling off or see burnout coming is because we're feeling off

balance, because high vibe states are things like happiness and fulfillment, low vibe states are things like fear and uncertainty. And you know, the laws of physics say that high vibration is going to go fill the lower gap. It's like when you put an ice cube in hot water, it dissipates, right. And that's what's happening to our energy. So we're getting all these energy attacks all the time. And it's not like a guy coming at you with a bat. You can see physical attacks, but you can't see the energetic attacks, but you can sure as heck feel them because we're made of energy. And that's the problem is people can't see what's coming. And they don't know how to protect themselves. Gosh, it's


so good. It's so good. It was so how like, how can we protect ourselves to field I guess the the positive energy coming versus like, the negative like, I know the the easy Answers just like if a negative friend or person is calling you, or it's like, I'm always trying to turn a negative into a positive. It's like, oh, you're talking about bikes and my nephew recently, for Christmas, he got like a pogo stick and a bike. And I'm like, you have to promise to wear your helmet with all these fun toys. And then you're not wearing your helmet and you fall off, or if there's a consequence to that. So it's like, Don't attack them as a kid, you know, like, if it were my dad, and he was still alive, he'd be goddamnit. Angel, I told you to worry. I was raised with like, now from a psychological angle. I'm like, okay, so you're crying. So you're hurt. Now, what could have prevented? How could this and actually like, get that instead of like, I'm not going to yell at him and be like,


I told you not to wear your hat. My God, even


though your head's gushing blood, like, you know, we're going to talk through it, you have a few scrapes. But like, there's consequences when you don't follow directions. It's just like, when you touch a hot cookie pan, and you're gonna burn yourself. So it's like, you know, we have a family therapist, like, I'm trying to learn how to be a better and you know, I'm not the mom, but at the same time, I'm trying to help mom them, right. And so it's like, I don't want to scream and reactive, like, don't do that. I told you not to do that. So this whole new way of learning how to communicate even with children and falling off of a bike, it's like, okay, let's stay calm. And you know, there's consequences when now you're you touched off pan. So you're gonna get blisters, even though I told you not to, which now they tell you don't say that. They say, you know, let the child explore why these things

are happening themselves. Like you don't yell at them as a parent kind of thing. But I feel like we do that ourselves, like as adults, like we have these internal conversations with ourselves being negative. So how can we, as adults and leaders, like stay on track to make sure that we're being positive? Like, are there things that we can actually do?


Oh, yeah, there are a lot of things we can do. There's a whole list in the book. But let me talk first about the dynamic of what you were just demonstrating and tell me what happens in business. It happens with our families, but it happens in business all the time, with people that have new ideas, and they're so excited about it. And maybe it makes economic sense. And they just can't understand why leadership won't implement their idea. Or maybe somebody has a competing idea, and they're both equally good. But what happens energetically, it's like Newton's third law of motion. And I'm going to geek out for a minute, but in science class, you remember you had those clicking balls, and you click one against the other and it it makes them pop out. So it's equal and opposite reaction. And if you have a negative reaction to your nephew, who has done something negative, it just, your energy's gonna cancel his out and nobody wins. Because he thinks he's right, you think you're right. And that's why things like time out, or let's, let's take this energy and pointed in a different direction. Let's deflect it, let's transform it. Like we do a Transformers on electricity. And put this energy where we want it to, like I recently advised an ER physician here locally in Nashville that was dealing with both the real attack of Coronavirus, the real safety issues, but also the energetic attack of people just being so stressed out and fearful. And, you know, so physically they have their masks, but I said, You know what, focus on your invisible shield. And literally imagine that, you know, all of this frustration is just going around you the virus itself, that negativity, that fear is just going around you and you have an invisible shield. And that's a very effective technique. Since we're made of energy. And another technique, I like to call it the Judo technique. And that's when we're like on social media, you know, you see somebody post something political, and maybe it really ticks you off, or maybe they say something you don't like about your sports team. And everything in you wants to fire back and defend yourself or defend your team. And what you do by that is you have that equal and opposite reaction. But instead of you use their energy, you know, to move them in a positive direction. Like let's say, someone's in a meeting and they're attacking your approach, then ask them a question. Just the simple act of asking a question deflects their energy from being set towards you to going back at themselves, and and they have to stop to think so either a you're going to get an answer to what they think could be better, or B, you're going to get a few seconds to collect your thoughts for what you are going to say. But it's using energy. And that way just as we would as if we were in hand to hand combat.


That's an awesome strategy. And I'm so going to use,


ask a question the next time someone yells at you,


yes, I'm so going to do that. And I'm also like, trying to teach, like, my oldest niece just went to college. And, you know, so it's this whole new world of dealing with adult to adult. And she's like, well, this just happened. She's like, this lady told me that I signed the contract that I had to pay for the dorm for the whole year. But I don't want to live at the dorm second semester. And I'm like, Well, did you sign the contract? And you agreed to pay X amount of dollars for the year? Will? Yes, will that you're in a contract? So she's like, the Can't you just have the doctor write a letter? And I'm like, I'm sure you could. But that's very manipulative. And if you sign the contract, even if you don't want to live in the dorm, for it's one semester, how bad can it be? Right? Just stick it out. Or if you don't want to, then you're going to have to work your job




And you're going to have to pay because we're not wasting 1000s of dollars, just because you don't feel like you want to you're not even there that much you go to sleep there. You don't even have to study the room is so tiny, I get it. But it's like, Yes. Could I like fish her out and get a doctor letter? Yeah. But like, what is that teaching her? Yeah, you know, you know, it's like in the in what are we teaching our kids? Or what are we teaching, and then you go, you just take that into your adult life, and then your career that no use, you should have read what you signed, in the instead of just signing it, and maybe you'll pay better attention in the future.


You know, that is exactly what's keeping people from living their most powerful lives right now and getting the success they want. I see it happen all the time. And it happens to both men and women, although I think women are a little bit more of accommodators. And we're afraid of disrupting others or, you know, we're afraid to take action, we're afraid of rejection, or people may find out, we don't know as much as they think we know, or we're not perfect. And so we don't even ask. And one of the techniques that I love to share with others is the old Samurai warrior technique where they would imagine death before battle whenever they would go into a battle. And so I say, you know, imagine that in your own mind as it relates to your business, what is the absolute worst thing that's going to happen, you're not gonna die, they may not give you the job that you're asking for. They might fire you in a worst case scenario, you know, but you're not going to die. So when those things come up first depersonalized them with your invisible shield, or say, Oh, that's the shed monster, I need to decide for myself what's best. And you know, if that doesn't work, get to the bottom and go like, Hey, what's the worst thing that could possibly happen? And once you're okay with that, if you are okay with it, move forward anyway, just take that risk. And if you're not okay with it, then there's your answer, you know, if the risk is so great, don't move forward. But if the risk is that you get fired, or somebody gets mad at you for a minute, then who cares? Do it anyway.


Mm hmm. There, we just, I don't I don't, the more I sit here and like think about this, I just don't think that as a society, we have properly been trained and like, how to use our energy. It's things like this, it's people like you like, if anyone listening to the podcast, it's like self help books where Oh, my gosh, I need to go out and get this book because I need to learn these principles, because there is a better way to channel the energy, and a better way to also just communicate in everyday life, like, yes, in business and work, but then you know, also at home. And I really try to practice what I preach at home around my nieces and nephews, just like I would in business. It's like, I want to be the same human being. I don't want to have to turn my brain on and act one way at work. And one way with my clients and then one way around the kids because then it confuses them. They see me acting one way with clients. And then when we with them, and it's like, well, who really are you?


Yeah, and I think the hardest thing for entrepreneurs to do, and people that are movers and shakers is to take that moment and just let go for a minute. You know, as the snake said, like shed your skin because we want to fix everything. We want to do it all and we

want to jump into the next thing and sometimes the best way to go fast forward is to hit pause. And when I was in Costa Rica, one of the things I did every day was I go to this little thatched hut area in front of this giant tree. And I do yoga for about an hour. And it wasn't sophisticated, it was some mash up of different, you know, types of YMCA yoga, or, you know, back room or whatever. But I did it nonetheless. And these bats would come and hang out with me. And I've never seen a bat up close, people are kind of scared of them. But they were just hanging out in the middle of the day. And the lesson that I learned from them was, you know, you have to let go before you can really fly. And I had a lot of things I was hanging on to, you know, oh my gosh, the stigma of being a divorced woman, you know, just like at my age, oh my gosh, there were so many things I had to let go of, and I was afraid to do that. And you know, the reason they hang upside down, is because they can't take off from the ground. They literally have to let go or they can't fly. And it taught me I have to do the same and and so to each of us, right? If we hang on to everything for dear life, then we're never going to fly. We're never going to get up there to the heights that were destined to go.


So true.


It's so true. I just it gives me a better appreciation for snakes and batsmen. Like a be serious. Like I'll never forget, y'all, we were doing this event. And I turn around and the security guard is standing there. And he's like, your client has a reptile. Oh, my God, our event, remember? And I'm like, Okay, well, let me I didn't see that there was a no pet policy kind of thing. But I think it's like a support animal. And I didn't even know what it was like I was trying to talk my way out of it immediately. And I'm like, Well, let me go see. And so this was kind of like an outdoor and indoor event. And so the security guards were like, can you please tell your client to keep but your son had a wasn't an iguana.


Oh, boy,


it was a bearded dragon. That would be my other son. Ethan. Yeah, Ethan Crawford he's

big into now. He's a glassblower. And he blows coral and raises awareness and you know, gives part of what he raises for ocean and you know, coral restoration, how awareness but yeah, he raised reptiles for a while and brought a bearded dragon to one of those events. And it was so funny because then everybody wanted to have their picture made Yes, with the Beardy and,


yeah, Mom,


I did not know he was gonna bring that thing. You know? No, his older brother drove him to the event and you know, here they come with it. But hey,


but but the whole the whole, like I'm listening to all these stories, but and I didn't know that you didn't know until just now but I'm like, you're the coolest mom because you you so like embrace all of these outdoorsy type animals that as as girls you know we're I was raised to like be afraid of snakes and you know, go get a man to shoot a 10 off or chocolates and offer you know how about just like actually sitting there and letting it live in its own state of being it's beautiful nature scenery? Like there is a lesson into everything if you will just sit still. And like I wasn't freaked out by by the the animal but I did have to go I was like, Hey, guys,


let's so can you hang out on the


outside without your pictures because security over here. I think those men are freaked out by your, your reptile.


I forgot all about that. And you know, it's funny how he got into those. His he was a competitive soccer player, you know, on the team and the goalie and he ended up having five different surgeries to bind his knees together. He had this condition where they just would you know, fall out. They were hyper flexible. And so he went from being this active kid running around the neighborhood to being inside, you know, and he's in a wheelchair looking out the window. And you know, he turned to he was like, Hey, can I get a reptile Can I and the kid like it sparked his life. And it's exactly what you said, it's what you do with that energy. And so he read all about reptiles. And he started making like creative habitats. And the kid you know, was a YouTube partner by the age of 14.


Yeah, selling the house, beautiful


aquarium things.


And now he's remember glass and he's an artist and you know, who would maybe he never would have found that if that happened to him?


Right. So if you're the whole reason I'm bringing this up. You Because if you're a mom and you've got like, the snakes and the bats and the kids that want like these weird reptiles, it's okay. Like, yeah, it's okay. And like out, entertain it and like look at where it can take you and look at the beautiful stories that can become of all of these things. If you put that energy into something so different than what I was, like I was raised, you know, ah, Snake be afraid.


I have to give mom credit, she was an elementary school teacher, and she would bring in like the caterpillar, you know, that turned into the monarch butterfly every year and take us through that process of the chrysalis and renewal and you know, girls, if you want to help them when they they're trying to get out, but you can't because if you help them get

out of that chrysalis, that's how they build the strength in their wings, or, you know, kind of pushing against all those things that are holding them back. And so she was just great teacher that every single one of God's creatures has a purpose just like we do as people.


That's amazing. That's so awesome. Well, I could talk to you all day about this, but I can't because we're at a dab.


It's been so fun.


It's so fun. So


tell everybody, where can they get your book? And listen, guys, if you're driving because I know a lot of you listen, while you're driving and doing other things, don't sweat it. Amanda will put everything in the show notes to make it easy for you guys to go on. But I do want everybody to know, where can they go and download I know that you're gonna anybody that's listening to this is gonna offer some of the first chapter audio is the audio for free.


Yeah, the introduction, audio downloads, so for your listeners if they will go to powering dash potential comm so be sure to put the dash in the middle there. So powering potential COMM And subscribe to our email list. Then what we'll do, we'll send you the goodies and you know, the discounts and an information monthly, but we'll also send you a code
where you can download the audio book introduction for free and by the time this podcast airs will be on Audible will be on iTunes will be on all the Google Play networks with our audio book. And hey, you can go on Amazon now if you want the paperback or ebook.


Yeah. So if you're a reader and you love to touch it and see it and feel it, we'll put the link that you can go on and get it right now. So it's trust your animal instincts, recharge your life and ignite your power. And Tabitha, thank you so much for your time today. I


have loved chatting with you.


It's been great. Thanks, Angela for having me. And I love listening to your other podcasts. It's really fun.


Yay. And everybody out there. That's listening. Thank you so so much for your time. And I know that you walked away with some great nuggets today. So be sure to comment and share with us on social media. How this has made a difference for you. And be sure that you tune in next week to another episode of business unveiled by y'all. That's it for this week's episode of business unveiled. Now that you have all the tools that you need to conquer the world and GSD get shit done. Would you share this with your friends and fellow business leaders? One thing that would really really help us and help new listeners is for you to rate the show and leave a comment and Apple podcast, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you tune in and listen to business unveiled. You can check out the show notes at Angela slash podcast and link up with us on social media so you can share your biggest insights. And I want to know your aha moments. Until next week, remember the profitable shifts and structures you're creating in your business help you be more present in your life. So get out there and GSD


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