How To Better Communicate In Your Business

In a previous article I mentioned how using Dropbox and Google Drive was a complete game changer to decrease our emails to around 300+ a day in my company.  But there were internal processes that needed to be set up to make this engine work. Let me explain.

For both platforms, you must have a few things. For example, how do you want to name the folders and the documents inside of them. Your data and how quickly you access it will only be as good as you make the foundation. Then coming up with a system for how you and your team members share the folders with vendors, clients and other team members. 

What I also learned is that it decreased the amount of emotional emails and text messages clients would send. Like, do you hate it when people misunderstand your email or text?  I am a super sarcastic person so I was constantly being misunderstood. 

My team now uses a free APP called Marco Polo. It’s a video texting app where we share stories and most importantly clarify work that needs to be done that is time sensitive. People can see your face and your expressions so there is no room for misunderstandings.

What the APP has helped us with is being better speakers. Gather your thoughts before hitting that record button so you are to the point. It also helps get you comfortable seeing yourself on video. So if you are going to be doing content creation for your company, you start to feel normal talking to a camera! Also give your viewer a heads up if they need to be at a computer to make a list before vomiting a bunch of info and make sure if you are about to share confidential information they have earbuds or headphones in. 

Another communication tool we use with clients is called Loom. I am all about documenting our process and sharing it via video so our clients can go replicate what we are teaching them to do. You can record your computer screen and show your face or your company logo.  

If you have a MAC you also have Quicktime that can do something similar. But then you have to worry about where to store the video and where to upload the video. That is why I love capturing the video right there in loom.

Now if you are a YouTuber or plan to have a channel to monetize don’t use it for storage for videos that are for your clients. It hurts your ratings; so consider Vimeo.

Now let’s take a moment to talk about automation and tools to automate your business workflows. Most of us; we all want more leads into your business, right? Automation is a tool to help you grow and elevate your customer service. 

The first way you can automate is the top Q&A’s you get from a potential customer. If you have an intake form on your website, ask questions so you can turn around and automate your response back to a potential client. Consider starting with an intro email series that could be something like, email 1-welcome them to your community, the most frequently asked questions, or a link to your calendar to schedule a call or zoom with you. Email 2 could be services or case studies your company provides. Email 3 could be more nurturing and giving them a free e-book more on your business. The bottom line is to always add value and don’t oversell your services. 

If you are just starting out, Mailchimp is a great platform with a free version up to so many leads and contacts. Don’t over complicate the process, because you will just shut down. Take it one day at a time. 

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