How to Charge What You Are Worth

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As business owners and entrepreneurs we are passionate and proud of the skills and experience we bring to the table for our clients. Despite this there are still so many of us who are undercharging for our work. I sat down to interview, Business Coach, Katie Wussow all about how creative entrepreneurs can raise their prices and charge what they are worth without losing business.

In this episode, we are chatting about:

-Why so many people are undercharging for their work
-Some pricing mistakes that creatives make and how to avoid them
-How to step into a fresh season of profit

Here were my Key takeaways for y'all:

-By charging what you are worth you will attract the clients you WANT
-There are both short and long term consequences of pricing mistakes
-You have a max capacity and it is up to you to not exceed it

More about Katie:

Hi, I'm Katie! I'm a business coach for creative entrepreneurs. I help passionate and talented creatives transform from frustrated freelancers into thriving entrepreneurs. In my work, I translate nearly a decade of corporate strategy and finance experience into practical solutions that anyone, even someone with ZERO business background, can understand and apply.

Connect with Katie below! Check out Katie's Free Mini Course on pricing – Raise Prices without Losing Business:

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