How to Create Passive Cashflow for Your Business

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Traditionally we are told the way to live our lives and to create a happy life is to study hard at school, get a secure job, and work at that job for years and years. We I am here to tell you that there is a better way! Today, I am chatting with Founder of Simple Passive Cashflow Lane Kawaoka all about how to invest to create the career and life you want!

In this episode, we are chatting about:

-How Lane started with his first few rentals
-How he used his podcast to grow his audience
-How the wealthy invest and in a tax advantaged way to pay 0-15% tax rate

Here were my Key takeaways for y’all:

-Investing basics
-How to grow and online community
-How to leverage the capital you have for legacy wealth

More about Lane:

After 12 years as a Licensed Professional (PE) Civil/Industrial Engineer, I fired the boss and began to focus 100% of my time on my investing and helping others in my Passive Investor Accelerator & Mastermind. I began investing in 2009 in rainy Seattle, being a ramen eating cheapo I was able to buy a property early right after college. After discovering the difference between ‘Cashflow Investing’ and ‘appreciation investing (gambling/speculating)’… I moved my portfolio into 11 single family rentals in Birmingham, Atlanta, Indianapolis, and Pennsylvania. Today, I am investing in syndications which invest in Class C & B Multi-Family Apartment, RV Parks, mobile homes, and assisted living facilities because of this Nation’s demand for affordable housing – not rich people Class-A assets. My mission is to help regular people into good deals that were once only accessible to the rich. The passive income from investing in stabilized rental properties made it possible for me to move back home to Hawaii where the cost of paradise is 10%+ cost of living and -30% less pay for comparable jobs in the US mainland. There I was able to live a lifestyle where I was able to  bike to work. It did not take me long however to finally quit the day job and ditch the e-bike for a Mercedes.

Annoyed by the bogus real estate education programs out there (that take money from people who don’t have it in the first place), I set out to make this free website to help other hard-working professionals, the shrinking middle-class dispel the Wall-Street dogma of traditional wealth-building and offer an alternative to “garbage” investments in the 401K/mutual funds that only make the insiders rich. We help the hard-working middle-class build real asset portfolios by providing free investing education, podcasts, and networking plus access to investment opportunities not offered to the general public.

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