How to Discover Unique Ways to Find Your Niche

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How to Discover Unique Ways to Find Your Niche

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Finding your niche is one of the most important steps in starting a business. You want to find something that you are passionate about and that people will be interested in. While there is no clear cut way to do this, defining your uniqueness is a good first step on your journey.

Our guest today, Jonathan Tuttle, Founding Director of Revenue Ascend is going to share with us his journey on finding his niche through his unique real estate knowledge and what steps you can take to discover your niche!


  • Unique ways to invest in real estate
  • Digital marketing trends
  • How to find value in unlikely places


Be unique when finding your niche

How to invest in real estate so you can split your time amongst different places

The riches are in the niches


Having an extensive real estate background, knowledge, and experience that started very early growing up in a real estate family where his father was a general contractor for over 80 custom homes including being selected as a preferred home builder by Inland Real Estate. In addition, learning from his father who had over 30 house flips, owning multi-family apartment buildings, parcels of land, 3 mobile home parks, as well as owning and managing 2 residential real estate brokerage offices in the suburbs.

Jonathan previously served as the President of the Midwest for Yale Realty and Capital Advisors. Yale is the preeminent boutique mobile home park brokerage firm in the United States where the team of 5, had completed 2 Billion in closed brokerage real estate transactions and evaluations in this niche sector. He pivoted to acquiring these assets with accredited investor capital as the fund manager at Midwest Park Capital, a mobile home park real estate fund.

Midwest Park Capital is a private real estate investment firm providing accredited investors with exclusive access to high yield investment in the mobile home park vertical. Our fundamental strategy is to assemble a diversified portfolio of low-risk, high cash flow mobile home park assets with the goal of delivering capital preservation consistent quarterly cash on cash income paired with equity growth. To see our PPM go to

Jonathan is the Founding Director of  Revenue Ascend, a digital marketing agency that was selected as one of Chicago’s most inspiring stories by Chicago Voyage Magazine. They are trusted by small businesses using our powerful lead generation & conversion systems, omnipresence and intent-based branding, marketing automation & follow-up, dynamic call tracking, detailed analytics, along with unmatched client support. Revenue Ascend handles it all. To learn more

Jonathan understands the value of first impressions and was selected by the prestigious Crain's Chicago Business and Fox News TV as the best dressed Chicagoan.

He was selected by Habitat for Humanity Youth Board as one of the top social media influencers in Chicago. Wanting to create more value on better and more favorable negotiations to his clients, he attended the program on negotiation for senior executives at Harvard Law School. Considered a trusted resource for real estate information as he is quoted in national articles for Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, and local media. He was one of 12 selected to speak on stage at the Manufactured Housing Institute National Congress and Expo 2020 in Las Vegas which included speakers Dr. Ben Carson (former Presidential Candidate) currently the National Secretary at HUD and Warren Buffet's, Clayton Homes CEO. Recently, he was selected to Forbes magazine as the real estate council contributor. Jonathan's core principles are built on the highest levels of honesty, integrity, and transparency.

In his spare time, Jonathan gives back to local charities and has sat on numerous Board of Directors of 100% nonprofits including; the Chicago Culinary Museum and Chefs Hall of Fame for 5 years. Also, he was one of 99 selected members of the most exclusive culinary invite-only society in the country, the Les Amis D' Escoffier Society of Chicago. Jonathan through Revenue Ascend is looking to give away 4-7 free college HVAC technician scholarships. In addition to Founding the Brownie Bash, which is his annual fundraiser and adoption event to help homeless dogs to find forever homes.

Before real estate, Jonathan was the Number 1 sales producer in the United States out of over 9,500 associates at women's clothier, bebe. Setting many records including first in the company's 33-year history to achieve the company's biggest milestone of $1.5 million sold in a single year. In addition to being on corporate videos, Jonathan received the most positive complimentary letters written about him in the companies history.

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Hi, y'all. It's Angela. I'm back for another episode of business and beyond. And I'm super excited to talk with our guest today we have been chatting and I'm like to start recording because this is also good. He is a lot like all of you listening and watching. He is an entrepreneur at heart and does a few things really, really well. But there's one specific hot topic that we want to share with you today and talk about and it's real estate. So Jonathan, welcome to the show today.

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Thanks for having me. I'm excited to be here.
Yeah, I'm so excited. So before we jump off and talk about real estate and y'all will probably like do a little bit of like digital marketing or like geeking out talking about courses and things like that earlier but share with us your whole journey to because you're clearly an entrepreneur and you know what's hot and you go where what is hot like how have you fallen into some of these things that you love doing?
Yeah, I think if you want to go way back I start when I was a little kid I would take my little his way back I take my little red wagon when I'm like four or five golden neighbors and self the flowers smarter yard to them that money then take that money to buy toys or Toys R Us to buy like Micro Machines and you know little cars whatever Oh, so I learned the value of hard work like four or five just like I'm doing that and you know also that I learned how to go door to door and not be you know, afraid and talk to people and so when I got a little bit older I started selling cards. I actually got some back a magazine offer and then you go door to door himself like holiday cards and I go door door solid holiday cards so I get my super nintendo games. So I bought my super scns and other games from just selling cards I learned the value of like working and you know being out there and go and get what you want. So I think that's the old school mentality I learned from my parents and then as I was a teenager early 20s I worked at BB woman clothing store Yep, yeah I end up being the number one seller now in the country and the first to sell like a million and a half a year which was really good back then you know 1015 years ago you make pretty good money like I was making 150 plus at my age you know it was pretty good and I'm like them Neiman Marcus nordstroms we're all paying that's what retail is really big I actually went to the stores not shopped online pre econ blowing up. So I kind of saw that trend that's what got me into like digital marketing and then also same time my dad was a real estate developer had a couple real estate offices and a contractor so I as whole journey I was always you know working on the job sites and you know, my teenage years I used to fill the dumpsters like you know there'd be extra lumber and parts I felt dumpsters I was always on a job site in real estate so I really learned that side of it while I was doing my side hustles and then what's it about 30 I was like I just want to be an entrepreneur full time and there's you know like basically just take control of my future and that's when I did digital marketing in real estate which is my two main focuses and now everything's Fast Forward 10 years those are the two hottest things going on right now so just kind of wasn't like yesterday was a long journey to get here basically
well and that's the important thing because anybody listening or watching and they're like oh my god this is easy like I can just count do to do some videos and then like sell something online and it's like you know I'm always telling people like don't compare your numbers and your like today to like my today I mean we've been doing funnels in and getting into e commerce and doing things since 2013 and we still have not scaled one funnel $2 million dollars which is the click funnel dream million dollar funnel and I asked you earlier I'm like have you been any Click Funnels conferences like you're gonna see that it's a little cultish like, in a good like marketing But some of it it's like the people get up there and they tell you know their stories and I've actually watched a lot of real estate people do it in their courses too. And I'm like timeout timeout Okay, I know you just said you made six figures seven figures on like this one webinar but can you tell me like how many did you do before that and what was your investment your overhead Yeah, exactly your actual net vert, you know, they just kind of look at me I'm like you got that's, that's a really important part of the story here. Because you're making people think sitting in the audience that you can just go do this, like in a week, and I'm like, these are six to eight month projects, and then you test it. And then I mean, the first couple we've done like, I never made a profit, I learned more, and I got more data, but it but it's the long haul. And I mean, it's great because it is the two hottest topics right now. And just with real estate alone, and when the pandemic started, I never thought like the inventory of homes and people wanting to move and build on to their house and then the whole supply chain of demand like you can't even get like simple things to work for like building homes or like doing these remodels which I know that you've really started to do that and so I do want to know I do want you to share with people how did you start to because right now like you have this niche of like doing flipping mobile homes and so how did you get into that?
Yeah, cuz like now it's like you alluded to real estate and like mobile homes are like probably the hottest real estate niche right now one of the hottest and with the media and everything but like when I started off at two years ago my dad got his first mobile home park and I would tell my friends like what are you talking about and like we're not like I wasn't a major suburb of Chicago before I'm with the city and like people out there they're like that's so weird you know it's not like you know if you're in a small town you're used to them or whatever and certainly Florida California pie use them cuz they're everywhere but like we're we're at someone's like, what do you talk about mobile home parks This is so weird, especially being your 20s I'm working at a fashion company like this doesn't make sense I'm like, no these things are great. And then they were the top performing real estate asset actually even Forbes and article last year while should your home sorry, and it said this is the best performing real estate since the last housing crash and like it just dominate like when everything was really really bad. People need affordable housing if the rent and average rent at even at that time like $250 but average apartments $1,000 for the same thing. Of course like if you're only paying 60 bucks a week to live in house it's a lot better than paying you know 250 bucks a week equivalent if it was an apartment or 15 $100 for a house so always serves the affordable housing and there's different levels of parts and most parts if you go in these houses if they're decently maintained, they're actually nice it's just like a regular you know, it's just like a regular affordable house it's not like people have this Eight Mile movie picture in their head where it's like oh, it's gonna be crazy and there's a math dealer right next door. It's not like that for 99% of the parts but like the the movies make it sound like that but you go to anyone that's maintained it it's actually nice quality affordable living that's the whole premise behind it. Maybe there's a few slumlords out there and you know, it's like anywhere you go any place where people don't take care of it's going to happen so but my dad got his first Park and I saw him because remember I said he did all different types of real estate. He's like this is the best one I've seen like this one just makes sense. And at that time, it was you know, internet was just kind of getting big, and then there wasn't really much on it. So the returns back then were like 2030 plus cash and cash was like unheard of like in real estate. And that was like the norm now just give you context in the last year, Wall Street the biggest private equity in the world Blackstone palo group these big Wall Street firms and are buying billions of dollars in mobile home parks and like they're all in on our niche because it was a top performing real estate last year by fire so when everything hit the fan I was like you mentioned the cost going out we're the only affordable option and so we dominate like a lot of like real estate went down in value the commercial side just because of you know the supply chain issues and Yep, in other COVID in our situation, we just we do better when the when the crap hits the fan like goes crazy. What Walmart's dominate so that's why people like that the niche and then for us, ethically we're serving the fordable housing providing quality place live they come in we rejuvenate the park and so I guess we comes back to your question is Yeah, 15 years ago, my dad got it. I saw it I was like this makes sense affordable housing, always available to help people that need it. Why wouldn't this not do well, and now it's becoming such a hot niche and like numbers have been really substantiated last like 1015 years like really, you know, VM workers till we understand data and the data all shows like we just dominate when it's like, when times are tough, basically. So that's why I went all in, basically,
it's so interesting, because a couple things, she said, the first thing is you got to know your data, you got to know your numbers, you don't know your ROI. And then if it's good, like, and it's hot, like you can go all in, but you have to stay in front of the trends. And the data tells you that typically, so that's really important. And we work with a lot of creative entrepreneurs, and including myself, and I'm like, data numbers at No, I don't understand. But once I learned how to understand it, it's like the first of every month I get really excited. I'm like, Alright, let's look at the stuff like what worked, what didn't work, what weighed in money, where do we lose money? And it's, it's fun now, and my team makes it fun, which, you know, we got to have fun while we're doing it, right? But the interesting thing that you said, and it's so true, is that the way that Hollywood and the way that the movies like portray these, these parks, and he's, you know, you hear the term like, I mean, I'm from the country, and like, all the time, like growing up, I can remember even when I was a little girl, and people would use the term like, well, they live in a trailer park their trash, like their white trash, and I'm like, I don't really understand what that means. So my parents never let me said that and like I'm really glad that you know, I was raised that way. That it doesn't matter where people live, it doesn't matter who they are or what they do, or how much money they have. Everyone is human, you respect everyone. You're nice to everyone. You make eye contact with people, you smile at people, you're nice, you're kind it doesn't matter, because you never know what's going on with someone. And I'm so thankful I was raised that way because there are so many judgments around this kind of thing. But I will say Hollywood has ruined it and so getting out there and educating the consumer on Hey, it's not bad. It's actually it's actually kind of cool now so are you on tik tok?
No, that's silly. I'm not the only platform listen
real estate on Tick Tock is super effing hot right now you got to check it out Yes, there's this guy actually there's multiple guys but there's one specific guy so we do a lot of affiliate marketing and set it up for people and he is like there's these two guys that are affiliate marketers but they're totally different one is like all in on like one big course like a click funnel course and saying like focus focus focus on being an affiliate for like one big thing that you believe in that has helped you grow your business while this other guy he is all he's like 450 affiliates and all this income stream coming in from all this stuff. And they like do it each other on Tick Tock and like duel it out. It's actually really funny. And I'm like, do you guys have a deal behind the scenes and you're like, which candidate I I kind of think they've remarketing. But they both live out of vans. And these vans are, I would say it's more like between like a mobile home, but like, it's on wheels, you know, so they can move around and like, show up for their audiences. And they're like going around and creating these huge buzz, just fun outdoor parties with mask, but you know, social distancing, like, like doing all these course launches. And so like some of my team members, I'll send them their tic toxin, like we should get a GSD van. And like, drive it around, and it's like, get shit done. And, you know, that's like our whole thing. And then the pandemic started and I'm like, Well, I guess we have to get shit done at home. But we have in one of my team members for one of her businesses she actually purchased it in like an old this cool old Tommy kind of thing. But the whole thing is like it's more it's cool now, you know, like before, it's like oh, if you have a mobile home and you drive around in like a car home, like you're weird or you're poor, and the but I love these two affiliate marketers because they're like, it's a souped up really, really nice thing and they're like we can go and reach our audience and so they're completely reframing how consumers perceive like mobile homes and living in these different places where you can just up and go like you said, it doesn't have to be a crappy place and it doesn't have to be trashy. In fact the lap before COVID there was a new park is opening up like two hours outside of Nashville like on the lake and it was specifically for it was kind of like motorhome kind of things, but it was like a very upscale luxury. So we did go to it for clients purposes. I don't camp, I don't clamp. I don't do any of that stuff. Like I don't like bugs. I don't like the outdoors at all. But I do love the fact of like being Be able to like move around so people that are that are investing though in these mobile homes like do they go and move to like different parks? Or do they just stay put?
Yeah good question there's a couple of key takeaways the there's two things there's the RV and then there's a mobile home okay luckily you know the name says mobile home they don't they're actually full size homes they take like, you know big semis double wides and like they have to have a track a truck that follows the make sure people move out of the way right typically like 95% never really move okay RV because I like you said the RV size very close to latest so a lot of mobile home park owners will have that RV Part Two or component to it. Which is another trend like that those things are exploding right now to well both of them are you have the tiny home movement. You have TV shows now with a tiny home movement so that you know people the demographics even millennials now are like well hey I'd rather especially if the creatives like I'd rather be in Bali half the year and then instead of having this two or 3000 month apartment I'll pay 500 bucks four bucks for like a luxury mobile home and then six months a year I'm in Bali you know doing that or traveling around the country but then I have all this extra money I'm saving instead of having this luxury apartment that I'm stuck in and can't go anywhere so that's why it's been feeling that and then people then also comparatively if you can look at it like if you're in a mobile home usually have your own like grass and you know acres the RV park especially it will have like you know, amenities they'll have like lakes or they'll have something to do it average apartment for this same price or you know, even like a Class B or C apartment probably doesn't have anything it's probably from like the 60s and 70s You know, it doesn't have anything you know, enjoyable so you get all the amenities you get to save all the money and that's what's really driving them. And then also what you mentioned, which is funny like is beginning of the conversation was Hollywood back in the 50s 60s luxury mobile homes were actually considered a luxury and then it kind of pivoted over time so like Elvis had a like his own park in front of his mansion, whatever they call it down there in Tennessee was in Memphis I was on little like 12 hours crew that was back like so it was like luxury back in the day. And then I kind of pivoted to as I got older, like you know, it was considered like a luxury second home or you want to get away and right now to speak into that there is paradise Cove in Malibu, like Matthew McConaughey lives out there. I think Betsey Johnson the designer is one of the majors like women's designers then there's also one in something in Hamptons in New York and it's like billionaire from Wall Street's like three or four or five billionaires three or four or five billionaires live in this mobile home park as a weekend getaway cars right on the ocean so they have like their million dollar mobile home and they just go in there they change they go for like two days and they go back to the you know so you have like both spectrums you have like this until this day there's still some like really unlike the average house in the paradise Cove just give it context is like three to 6,000,003 to 6 million but the same houses next door are like 40 million. And so that's why it appeals to people so and you're both in both those community parks you're right on the ocean so it's like an ocean view for 3 million it's still worth it. Absolutely. Compared to like what everything else is um, you know, like it's crazy over there in California. But yeah, and then for the investment side of it, it's it's been feeling it too because it just it's can't really develop new parks RV you can. But mobile home parks, it's like a lot of cities, it's taxation purposes, they don't get the taxation, the local, like just give people context and the financial side of it. The city is take the money from the real estate taxes to pay for the schools or infrastructure, the roads, the fire, the police, libraries, all that stuff. And then if the average mobile home tenants paying 10 bucks a month, and you know, 120 bucks a year while the average house across the street spending four grand Well, what do they want more? They want the four grand not 220 bucks. Yeah, so that's why cities like a lot and that's another benefit for the tenants like hey, we could go same school fire everything we had all the same amenities for 10 bucks a month, the person across the street, spending more in real estate taxes than we pay for our light rent. So
interest never drive. This never thought of these things. Ever. So if people want to get into real estate, like this specific type of niche like it I just I keep going back like when COVID started, like my brother was building a home like we've been looking to move on, like even just personal experiences. I'm just like, this is crazy what is happening with real estate and like the inventory and like I'm on all these list that I sign up for willingly. Because I want to be emailed like all the new MLS stuff like any land any, just because me and my brother have been looking and then we were also looking for land to build out like a content creation studio. And even the land has been hard and the prices were I mean so inflated and like I'm over here like looking at what it was four months ago and I'm like, are these people effing crazy? Like I'm from here like I grew up in like this was the slums This is where like, I mean, undercover My dad was undercover cop my brother was an undercover cop before he started his PR business and it's like, my I'm like, I think my dad was like shot over there. But now it's like the way that they are the way that the infrastructure of the city and how they really started to build it up, like the crime and stuff. It's like on one side of the Interstate, you've got crack houses, but and some mobile homes that are crack houses. And then on the other side of the interstate less than a mile you have million dollar homes, you know, that are the tall and skinnies and it's so just the real estate market and Nashville alone. I know that it has been crazy because I have friends that live all over the world who have been saying just like real estate's crazy real estate is crazy. But if someone wants to get into investing, do you have a course or something that teaches people like how to get into, like mobile home investment type things?
Yeah, actually, we have a launch coming in about four weeks here three, four weeks, okay. And it's gonna be like step by step, teaching people how to flip wholesale and the best part about our niches like it doesn't like you'd mention how that skyrocketing cost average house in America has gone up to like 300 and some $1,000 and well if you're collecting unemployment or your work at you know 50% of the jobs that created in the last decade or or minimum wage jobs well if you make minimum wage, you can live in a mobile home park and still have food and still have you know, be able to live and that's why you're if you're serving that percentage 60 million of people in America need affordable housing you fill that void and there's only 44,000 parks and you know so you have this large you know gap of where you need to be and we have the only solution so there's always demand for it so we teach people how to get started step by step we have all the contracts I have in our industry is kind of like a lot of the old school guys are kind of like they never want to give away the secrets but then the internet happened Yep. Because they knew is such a goldmine and now like when all these articles are coming out so now we have the changing of the guard the old school guys are selling off their old parks and making huge money and then the new people coming in want to revitalize it and you know make money and also serve that affordable housing need and so we basically teach people the the flipping wholesaling but then also we have like a bonus section how to buy your first Park it's not really intensive on it but the whole goal is if people have flip or sell or rent rent to own and so they have that monthly income for next few years and then eventually you know as you're doing these with some of these parks that you know a small park the owner will say hey I want you to sell this to you instead of listing with the broker I like what you're done your hands on and then how you become a millionaire just by getting your first car so and then the most time seller or finance that are given to you or you get you know if it's a small enough partner like you You probably gets auto financing for the first few years then you go to the bank and say hey, this is the cash flow the asset or use the same bank he's using, we're just changing it over I don't need to put a down payment because he's handing it over to me or he pulls in the equity other parts so it's a it's a great way to just pay so teach people how to be financially free and the easiest part is that the motion is is like you're not competing. We've mentioned all the other real estate everyone's going on the MLS it's driving the prices are crazy on the regular real estate, while Arnage is under the radar. So because every TV shows teaching people how to flip single family houses. Every course every seminar that comes in the town, there's a roomful of 500 people do you want to compete with the same 500 people and you're even in Nashville 500 people competing in one room and they do seminars every week. That's 1000s of people competing over where do you want to be with like one or two people so it's like really blue ocean as entrepreneur you want to be in the ocean where you come in, you're gonna not be that great and come in and scoop it up before everyone's you know, the riches are in the niches you want to go where people are not at, but it's also trending and also there's opportunity and also helping people so it kind of fits every void and then you kind of come in there and just be like, Alright, cool. This is might not be glamorous, but you know, this is where the money is. And I'm also helping people and making money.
Absolutely. So like how does this work? Do you like, go buy some land, and then you know, like, get all the trees down and then you you know buy some mobile homes and then you start apart like this is just me As a dumb consumer, like not knowing, but I'm like you like do you have to get permits to do this? Or like I'm sure it's all in your course you're like just watch the course. But like really? I mean how does that work to like start a park? Is that how it works? Like my whole thing is like I would am picturing in my head. Have you been to Burning Man in Las Vegas? Or have you heard of it?
No, no, I I know I know exactly what it is. I know people go to it but yeah,
I'm just like, envisioning like this amazing Park like this mobile home park with nice mobile homes. And like all the digital marketers who do courses like coming together like once a week, like a quarter and like having these amazing discussions about like Facebook ads and how crazy it is right now. Anyway, but I'm just like, how do you do this? Like, can you just can anybody go buy land? clear it bring in mobile homes and start marketing them and renting it to people? Or are there rules?
Yeah, good question. It was a couple of points that speak out your idea Tony the guy that just think maybe he killed himself or had that issue from Zappos, we sold the Amazon he had his own mobile home park and community for like creatives in Vegas, you know, he was worth like, you know, eight or 900 million and he lived in his own mobile home park and it was in Vegas and he do like parties and stuff like that they would have like a daily or outdoor like kinda like Burning Man they have a little cancers outside and as creatives and it's Tiny Homes mobile homes, so it's kind of he literally takes to get to your idea. It was doing that and that one's like well yes. And then he also did a lot of infrastructure Vegas but yeah, like a billionaire living in a mobile home that was kind of the story. He's like four or five months ago like some crazy weird acts and so they're trying to figure out those like, suicide or weird is weird. But um, yeah, so he did that. And then also like in regards to like, it's too cost costly one, most cities don't want it because of the taxation so the park owner pays the bulk of the taxes for the land, they get approval, this is only about seven and a half in parks. based on the data we can find there's not like really institutional data but it's almost impossible to get a brand new park so you can't just go buy a lot you know, and then say hey, well then then there's the cost structure of the cost basis so you have to burn the you know, the sewage water line Do you have to connect to like either city or bring in your own sewage or water, all that infrastructure is very costly, and then you have to buy you're not gonna find new songs to bring in you're gonna have to buy new homes and Warren Buffett is the biggest owner of mobile homes. Manufacturing is called Clayton Homes so he's got this multi billion dollar company Clayton Homes, they build mobile homes but the average home is 75,000 so if you bring in 10 homes at some point, you know center 50,000 you bring in 20 homes 1.5 million, plus the infrastructure and then you have to get people to come in so like at that point, you're not even profitable usually on a cost basis for like three or four years if you get approved. So when most people that like all investors do is they buy something that's already cashflow positive like here's our 40 year history of this part. Here's how much income comes down here as expenses here's we can improve upon and they buy some from day one that pays their bills and the way they make money is they reduce overhead increase rents so that's the core side of it is going to these smaller owners and then saying hey like a lot of these guys were 60s 70s they developed in the 70s 80s they're you know they're all there the kids don't want to do anymore so you come and say hey you literally just drive by your local park and look for sale for sale by owner and the windows mostly is listed on MLS and have a broker listed it's they don't know how to price it because it's not it's not the same data as a house and then plus any real estate broker does not want to be showing up when they can be selling a house for $7,000 across so the brokers never really focus on it because not worth their time so for you as an investor This is where you make your money like the brokers you can make the same what they would make with a real estate broker does want to do the work they just want to throw in MLS sit back calls yeah that's we got a couple offers on it boom your value is driving on local park so looking at Facebook marketplace looking for sale by owners which is really easy because remember there's no nobody really doing it spend a weekend doing one or two days doing that find three or four by one of them maybe two of them and I'm less is more so yeah actually outside nothing crazy replace the windows and the thing is with mobile homes you can't knock down like the walls because the whole thing with collapse so it's not like doing like is crazy got rehabs like regular single family house and like all of a sudden there's mold and like all this crazy stuff discover Well yeah, there could be more but you just don't. The amount of work you have to do if you want to do in a rehab is significantly less like an average flip should take seven times in two weeks. And that's like Usually replacing the floor if it needs at the sub floor put some new carpet
you know maybe some new appliances update the kitchen update the bathroom, do some fixtures power wash and clean the inside and that's about it and maybe you want to paint outside like maybe add a new ramp or something like that so it's very or just replace it like if it's a handicap one. So it's literally like literally like 10 to 15 things you could do that then you to put it back on Facebook marketplace and you're not paying real estate brokers you're basically eliminate the real estate brokers, the middlemen, they don't know how to market anyway. And then as like people your creatives are using Facebook well Facebook's the most powerful platform for marketing though throw it on Facebook marketplace even though you could use your own you know ad account or just do the boost but you know because he can't really super target because it's housing and they put new restriction out like two years ago but the ones 50 bucks you'll get 2030 calls in like three days and then you just find one buyer and you flip it and boom because it's remember there's a shortage of affordable housing the average house 200,000 you have you bought the house for time for five grand no you slept for 2025 you know that's and there's real estate you can't compare it The good thing about it is real estate regular MLS data does not collect they're not most 99% of partner homes are saying MLS and it's not a comparative because brokers don't have to price it so you can make up the price you just say hey, I need to make five or seven grand for it look at a couple of times but then like there's no data on like regular single families you can say well we put new floor in the powerwash shed and like it's better than this unit even though it's assembler I need five grand for it and you'll have 20 people that want it so yeah unlike MLS which controls the data so you have this basically where that any plus Where else can somebody live in a house for less than the cost like a Honda Civic
and pay 10 bucks well they don't care like I can you know my minimum wage and be living comfortably and it's cheaper than my car parked up front
it's just I mean my my wheels are just spinning and then and then you have a digital marketing agency to so do you go you know how to market these things as well.
Yep Yeah, exactly. So that's how we finish like
yeah, it's I mean it's just a win win situation. Do you market specifically for real estate agents?
No we focus on on the agency side we do Facebook ads and Google Ad Legion basically for H four h back and RV dealerships so RV is very closely reason we don't do more home parks is mainly because the the average mobile home park is like three or 400,000 in revenue and if you're charging you know three or four grand a month or plus add span like they're not even making him money so it makes sense for them there they make their money on the you know when you when you making money in mobile home parks is if you're the best tax advantage of all real estate it's actually 15 years for land appreciation, multifamily apartments and granite Cardon, those are 27.5 and any homes owned by the park is 27.5. So we have you know there Grant cardones eyes all your tax depreciation like we actually have the basketball Real Estate's 15 years, it's kind of little known fact. And then when you sell it just same thing you want to buy it, you know, the party part for a million athletes 10 years down the road for three, three and a half. That's where you make your money you don't make any place you get better cash flow than other real estate, but it's not like this local guy does 300,000 a month in cash flow, I could charge him you know, he could charge for five grand a month because even you're going to add an extra half million million dollars in revenue. So that's why we focus on those two niches. We also do custom websites here for custom websites a year that they're pretty good. We're actually really good at that. So and then regards to marketing a free effort, you know, our products we own Yeah, so I use this I use the same thing. I'm teaching the course on my live showing people. Like if I check right now I probably got six or seven messages from people just from the Facebook booth and one of the one that homes are selling so
that I'm just I'm so fascinated about this. I'm like, I want to go learn more. Your course comes out I'm like, okay, cuz I get bored. And then I'm like, Okay, what are we gonna do next? But what
state tonight everyone's moving from like Chicago, where I'm at New York are coming to the three hottest states are Texas, Florida and Tennessee. So yeah, yeah.
It's like we have so many people moving here. And I don't know that the the news the media, they're like 100 people a day. And it's awesome for the economy and for businesses. And there's some really large companies moving here. But it definitely drives the cost up of real estate. Even like the further you get out of the city what like where I grew up like 30 minutes outside of the city and mount Juliet like what you used to get for your money and like what you can get now you know just keeps like it was like inching up and then the pandemic kitten everything just you know shut up so this is a great a great thing so if people want to learn how to do this when will your course be available and what is the site so people can go and check it out
sure sure yeah it's gonna be I mean I just last couple days I probably 10 hours identify the last 15 3049 states because there's no there's officially no mobile homes in Hawaii just because of the it's in the middle of the ocean and so they need a benefactor there there's the house you know there's so many different islands they've never really put it out there I think would do really well but I like the big island but so the 49 states I literally put down all the title laws and so like I'm literally filming some content today so I got the hat and the backdrop here Yeah, I guess so yeah, yes, so thank you so about four weeks out so well, it's gonna be pretty comprehensive I really put a lot of effort into it I have all the contracts I have a lot of people the exclusive interviews are not on any other course and so we want to be cheaper than all their the courses that you know like by a third I've looked at the pricing what they want and we have a private Facebook group and then we'll have special guests to come on to give like live q&a type of stuff and then we have literally step by step and then so much like the calculator which we could put for cost because you mentioned that lumber cost is the biggest thing right now for flooring that's going up last I would say like an average spending like $1,000 more compared to like let this small house and a 3000 square foot house the average bill only only 912 100 square feet but so at least saving the lumber cost those are crazy right now. And then we have like a cost simulator probably won't be launched and that's we do have a salary now we it's not the click funnel. It's not that I have two funnels built but they're not live. It's mobile home wealth Academy comm so mobile home wealth And you can put fill out there and they'll have like, a form, you know, elite lead capture there, you get first access to it. So and then we're going to basically we're gonna have content. So if, if it does pretty well, we'll probably have contests and giveaways and things of that nature, where we got some good ideas would probably even buy up a gift cash to somebody to buy like a small mobile home, that's probably one of the ideas we're gonna throw out there. So
that's awesome. Like, in my world, in the design world, it would be like, okay, we're gonna run a contest to see who can decorate and design like, the coolest mobile. People would like, enter, and like, come and design these homes. Everything is a contest. Like, I don't know, we love contests. Like I'm competitive. Like, I think people really love contest. So I love that idea. But we'll put everything in the show notes, too. So if anybody's interested in it, they can definitely go and check it out. And then I love when so you're on this podcast form. We're like, Hey, where can people connect with you on social media? And are you on any social media at all, you're just like, now. He's like,
I've gotten I don't know if I'm throttled or what happened to you, but I have this amount of followers like 543, or 4000. Follow me on Facebook. So I put Facebook, but every time we do a post now, like two people see it, I do a video on like, I literally would have, I would do something I would launch like here I'm giving away a scholarship, like which I am for the you know, the H back side, I'm giving away free scholarships, you know, to like zero likes, I'm like, dude, I'm giving away 50 grand and appeal. I'll do all paid now is definitely
all paid to play well with Facebook. So it's, yeah, the organic reach, it just isn't there on some of the platforms, you definitely definitely have to pay to play. And also like, what makes me sad on the digital agency side is like, a lot of people, they don't know what they don't know. And so they'll go spend their money and boost stuff, but they're not doing it like in business manager, like under ads. And then they're not tracking and then they don't have a pixel code, and then they can't target and they don't understand. And they're like, Hey, can you just run a Facebook ad? And I'm like, No, it's not that simple. Like we need a strategy and we've got to back up and I'm not just going to take your money and go run an ad like and Facebook has just made it more difficult with all of the updates like I'm still in there still working through bugs, like depending on when you're listening or watching this podcast like you know, hopefully a lot of these things will be worked out but even like some of the The best marketers on Facebook are a little stumped at like some of the bugs and some of the things that like they're trying to work through so I mean we partner with people that do it I don't want to do it like gives me a headache but the return on investment when you know what you're doing it set up correctly is really amazing like the reach that you have to people but you got to know what you're doing. You can't just like sit down and watch a YouTube video like it's not that simple anymore so I don't know I don't know what your thoughts on it but no 100%
I think which you made a couple points and that kind of goes back to the courses people think they just put a course up and all this time to do organic it's not probably going to work and all those guys like you mentioned I should have mentioned literally but yeah, a lot of those like you said How much do they put in ads like we're expecting what the course of the startup to and then we're going to have probably 2530 grand we're gonna kind of see what it costs to acquire a customer our competitors are charging five 710 1000 for the exact same course that we're doing and one of the reasons is that they could say hey it cost us 1500 to $2,000 to acquire customers so if we're paying 15 $100 to acquire a customer obviously we're not gonna charge two grand we have to go up and that's the reason the courses yeah as of course we sell put the course at two grands not 100,001 point 2 million year but your profit margin if you're making 500 bucks just in this not including taxes anything else and you're maybe making like 200 bucks or 100 bucks a course I'm like okay, cool. I made you know $10,000 next year so basically we have to figure out what the costs were we you talked to a couple of Warner Brothers we actually hired to the best of two different people you know they've done their funnels are the funnels you probably bought from just because they were excellent with the dead so they're saying 500 to 1500 depends on what the the promise and the offer is. And then also which goes back to you son. In this this year, the new Facebook with Apple issue. changing the rules and the retargeting. The retargeting is gonna be a big thing I recommend people using ad roll, ad roll for retargeting a perfect perfect audience. Those are their platforms for retargeting and makes you look like you're a lot bigger than you are and those are you could go for littles like five or $7 a day for those and those are actually really easy stuff because it's just literally just be following ads they just put your you put the pixel on your website having just web developer do that then they even ever will actually give you the first ad sets for free so you'll have your cool creative and your copy on there and then you'll be up and running in like two days so arrows good for retiring I recommend them and they'll those are those ads that appear on like if you're on TMZ or CNN Fox whatever they'll fall around and all those little ads on the side of the sale makes you look like a lot bigger company but Facebook yeah but like you mentioned Facebook it's getting the the change the back end every month so like every day I'm like oh you click here on that's like a new button and then sometimes we're gonna call the client I'll do a zoom like hey let's do some changes here quickly and then I look like an ad I'm like this was what was yesterday but now they move that that section somewhere and then takes me to actually text you'll find it it's like an extra 10 seconds but you look like you're like you haven't done it before I'm like I'm like they literally changed it by the time we have this call you know if we did tomorrow they might even change the backend again. It's like I don't know why they do that. But there's like no other platform changes their back end and the business manager every like it's literally like every month like a small changes and like so even if you went to YouTube, like the YouTube videos more than like three months old, I guarantee you though, where you click on is gonna be off. So those videos on YouTube if you're trying to figure out how to set up your ads, unless it's like within this 2021 it's probably you're going to be spending an extra hour trying to set up that because
it's so true. It's so true. It's I just have to laugh at it. I mean every Monday we like get on with our whole team and then the guy that like leads the initiative of it he's like oh my god, they moved it again. Oh my god. And he says the same things like I'm not an idiot like I just and I'm like listen, I know you don't have to explain it to me just find it. So the next time I need to see something I'll know where it is. And then I'll go into look for it and it's not the buttons gone. I'm like yeah,
for no reason. I don't know why Facebook does that. It just is and they have the worst they are the worst reps like I ever used to spending ft start spending so much they have like the generic and then I have like the first tier there's like three tiers or reps. Yeah, then like a lot of times these people are like their best bet is actually just talk to people. They're spending millions of dollars on Facebook ads or getting groups online or you know, Facebook. Those guys actually like yeah, the rep doesn't know there's talking about because Facebook says this, but the algorithm is performing different than what they expected. So follow people are actually spending the money you'll get a lot better advice than the you know the reps that are paid like significantly less if a guy is making millions of dollars on Facebook and revenue. I listen to him more than somebody that just go in there. Chew on some gum and doesn't really care 100 that's like a big tip don't listen to the Google SEO Google the Google has the wraps like they think they know but then they give you like the worst advice like and it's funny because you'll literally see goes to people like I did their recommendations now my ads cost like tripled yep that's crazy so don't listen to advice get in groups get it you know hire people that could perform for you. Like you mentioned get a team that's gonna help you and that's the key is like you It sounds easy like you said but it's not like you need a team in today's business so if there's an entrepreneurs on here their first you know they solo entrepreneur they're first getting going start finding some people you could partner up with you could maybe do a rev share like I do a rev share even with a couple eecom stores I like even though I'm at bars I rather hire the bus I'm like here I'll do rev share because if they're gonna make you more money and I can have my team focus on the clients, but if they're gonna make me more money on that specific niche, I partner with them and say hey well if you perform I'll put the credit card behind it and we'll rev share with you and then that that's where to grow your business so look at ways to be creative and don't look at it like trying to you know to nickel and dime every $1 find partners partner up with people invest in yourself and it's gonna pay off long term cuz you got to keep experimenting testing different things and see what works for you and that's you know, some key takeaways of some of these are kind of first getting entrepreneurship and the faster test the faster you get to results in some things you think will work by water things you don't think or work will work so just get out there and test it like you know and what the core side of the biggest key takeaway is just like just have the quality content out there and find a niche that people it's not super oversaturated like there's three or four of the courses right now. And right now the hottest one of the hottest songs in clickfunnels is a mobile niche and then the other ones are all doing some figures so like I'd be highly surprised if we don't add some fingers because we have the media buying team we have too high type tapping funnels and then we have we're basically undercutting everyone plus a year guarantee plus we have all the contracts plus 4949 states you need all the title you know all the title tips everything you need to succeed and then plus we have all these exclusive interviews so like we're basically coming in like the Bulls in the 90s or like LeBron James for the Lakers last year we're coming down like this All Star team so as long as the offer kick hits I don't see why we won't hit a million
I love So one last question tell everybody how long you It took you to build the course and focus on it.
Yeah, so I've done a couple of things yeah, so I started promoting we first started the first funnel builder about this time last year and then they did have the funnel and it's I love the guy he's on my Facebook and he's very very known like you've probably seen his ads the first funnel they did an offer so it was a little bit cheaper and then they end up getting to me people end up signing like they originally reached out to me and the price was like way more expensive and they came back like oh we're doing a special for a couple people like we literally like your concept so are just a couple people so what happened was they were they blew up and last year like if I mentioned the guy's name you even know who he is he's all over the internet and does very well and the first funnel took like three months it was like complete garbage and look like something from like 2001 like Sunday like the just as at first Click Funnels there's no graphics no design no copy I'm like I just went off I'm like what is this crap like dude I wait three months my life for a funnel that looks like you know some of you just outsource on Upwork for like 100 bucks like that was that bad I'm like dude, I got all these podcasts on mine like we're all ready to go and they're like they're like no we're sorry if you don't mind waiting another five six weeks or we rectify the situation they came back with the funnel of all funnels like you can tell like I said is what I needed they came out like exactly like they do for like their celebrity clients and like this guy's you'll know if I mentioned as thankful as day because he was one of because sometimes in this digital marketing agency or people that just kind of like disappeared like I when I was picking my ecommerce guys and went to seven media buyers if I find somebody good yeah so that's what people like and the problem is every time I give them the it's four or five six grand protesting plus you know so you're losing money until you like you're gonna lose money and digital marketing until you have enough data and having the right team like though this dream of like oh you just start off and then tomorrow you're gonna start making money digitally you know you're gonna lose money like it's you needed some credit card you need to have some reserves and now everyone's online so it's gonna get worse and worse. And so if we're all using Facebook ads and you're all using clickfunnels and it looks the same, the offers the same, you have to have a trending niche or grid offer. And a lot of times some of the best really not of course is like you said a finally like I don't know how there's, it's so basic. The promise, the promise is good. And it's So basic and simple funnel like it's the more educated ones you're like oh this would do really well doesn't do well. So but yeah going back to say less than a team so that was last year they came back we have their funnel ready and I'm like I like a lot of autoimmune inflammation, all this stuff my show cuz I was overworking, overstressed and so I just kind of a derail me for the last few months recording I've kind of got like insecure like I lost some hair I still have a full head of hair but like I lost you know, like, like to call intelligence something or last hour but luckily I had like more than hair then like 90% of people with me I'm like so known for my hair so I was like little I'm doing all these like you know collagen peptides and biotech 10,000 milligrams on like, MSM all the different you know, you know vitamin and sleep, wanna sleep and steps I used to get up like, from like, four o'clock, I'm like, let me sleep into the six 630 now getting more sleep. This is a moral story that took me it's going to be from the original concept and he is talking about it last year, about this month, it's gonna be about a year. So and I'll make improvements on it. And I could have gotten it done and probably like six months, like we were talking before, it's like to do a ride like I don't want to be on like coffee Zola, or one of those like, like, this is a scam, like we literally like and then I'm gonna have probably, I would say eight to 10 hours, maybe 12 hours of video content plus all the contract contracts alone, we went to a local unit we got on like a cheap website and the other pi spend 500 bucks in contracts the minimum but probably about two or three grand with the contracts and providing those. So you're right there, you're breaking even and not. plus all the other stuff, the time you save. And then the cool thing about our niche is, Unlike regular single family, you don't need a 700 credit, you don't need to have 20% down 20% down on a 300,000 house you want to flip where you get it for 200 you still putting 40,000 down, you could buy five mobile homes and remodel them for that and make the same or if not more, then do it every week, every two weeks flip them but it doesn't take more than a month like we in the quality of our niche. It's such it's so basic that they think of flip mobile homes really quickly. And there's such a need for affordable housing. So it's not like one thing that it's gonna really help people to make extra income that also provide quality affordable housing for people that need it so well like you said it took a year, it's gonna take basically a year. And also for me, I was a little nervous, even though like a lot of podcasts. I was a little nervous to record myself on video is like I mean I can tell
I just it's different. Like I'm I'm speaking in front of people on fine. I'm speaking I speak digital marketing. I do like conferences and stuff like that I speak on stages and some uncomfortable that. But as we're recording yourself and uploading into there, I just it's just weird to me.
I felt the same way when I first started doing video, but I had the bit one of the best video coaches used to work with Dave Ramsey. That's where I met him years ago doing a podcast. And he was like, you got to get over to Angela, it's not about you. It's not about you know, I mean, I'm a chick. It's like, Well, my hair, my makeup and my clothes. And he's like, it's not about you, honey, it's about the knowledge and everything that you're sharing, and how you can help so many people in literally my first video, my very first video that I ever did. He's like, what are you doing tonight? I'm like, it's a Friday night, I'm rolling washcloths, and soaking them in my bathtub with cucumbers to make these really like fresh smelling washcloths for an outdoor event tomorrow. Like that's what I'm doing tonight, like 500 so we went to the dollar tree and like, you know, got all these whitewash cloths, but and then we throw them away afterwards because it's gross. Like he was sweating all over, whatever. And so he's like, awesome, I want you to video that and I'm like, why? No, like, I'm gonna be in my robe. My hairs on top of my head. Like I do this before I go to bed and it soaks overnight. And he's like, I want you to video it and I want you to explain what you're doing. I'm like, but this is stupid. Like it's common sense. Like, an outdoor wedding, whatever. And so I did I did what he told me to do. And oh my god, he was so right. Like, he knows what he's doing. And all these people started commenting. They're like, Oh my god, this is genius. I never thought this and get it done. I'm just like, oh, wow, what I know and the knowledge I've learned over the years and working in hospitality. Not everybody knows these things. And what seems so simple to us is not so simple to everybody else. But it was such a great I'm so glad that happened to me like early on before video really took off from a marketing perspective. Because now like the first few years I was like everything has to be perfect and then I just got so oh it. And then the things that actually perform better is when I'm not like so perfect because you're not relatable, people want to relate to you. And so I'm like, I'm not perfect. I'm always learning, we make mistakes, which I call them opportunities. So it's like, the more transparent that you are with your audience, the more they appreciate that. And I mean, that's why people listen and watch to this podcast, it's like, you're not going to fluff it up, like you tell it how it is, you use yourself as experience shares constantly. And I'm like, if I just would have had this 15 years ago, I'd be a little bit further along. And I mean, the whole it all goes back to helping people. So I feel like I'm like preaching to you. But I'm like, don't worry about your hair, and the way it looks and all that because as long as your knowledge and what you're sharing is a powerful message, and it's gonna help other people, you're good. And like you're saying, the bigger you grow, and the more your video gets out there, the more trolls you're gonna have. And like when Pete I love it, when people do it. I'm like, I'll pray for you. But clearly, you watched my video. So you want Yeah. So it's like, reframing on it. And I mean, we've even we've even turned a few trolls into clients like online where they end up buying because they're like, Oh, we didn't expect you to come back. It's almost like they're looking for a fight. And usually it's never about you like it's something
with their insecurities. Yeah,
yeah. So go do the videos and crush it. And we'll put all this in the show notes. I could talk to you forever, but we have to wrap up. And this was so much fun. So thank you so much for being here and everybody listening, be sure to tune in next week to another episode of business unveiled by
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