How to Elevate Your Business with Technology
  • August 4, 2022
  • GSD Creative

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Have you ever wished that you could be in a space but you are just too far away? What if there was a way to save time and energy? What if i told you that there was an intelligent platfrom for augmented reality and virtual reality to bring your property for events anywhere in the world?

Meet Monica Balli, I am so excited to have her as a guest on this podcast to share her platform VRPLANR. A platform that allows users to visit venues virtually from anywhere in the world!


  • Intelligent Platform For Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality To Bring Your Property For Events Anywhere In The World
  • Advanced professional planning tools
  • Sustainable ways to plan events


How to sustainably plan events from far distances

How to use technology for event planning

How to take back your time and utilize it to the fullest potential


Bring your Dream to Life with Monica Balli – Destination Event Designer & Wedding Producer to the stars. A Caribbean Dream, an Italian dolcevita, or a sparkle in truly unique worldwide spots. No challenge is ever too big to create that one and only time. Just wonderful . Be active or just relax and Enjoy the Ride.


Let's do this, y'all. We are getting the hang of this. It's been hard to like get in work mode, because we've been in like India, like conference mode, and then sightseeing mode. And now we're in VR mode, virtual reality. Welcome to our reality traveling the world. And today, I'm talking with the amazing Monica Bali from Italy, from Florence. She's our travel moms, and have some amazing connections all over the world. Literally, I spoke at a conference in hereto, Italy years ago, and met Monica and she had this interest in tech and I did too and then we became like these tech buddies and we like nerd out on stuff and and we love it. And so you've created something. Okay, but before we jump in, tell them if you haven't heard our podcast about a certification we're doing which may not apply to you and that's okay. But if you don't know who Manik is, tell him a little bit about yourself.

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Well, I am a destination weddings and event planners in a couple of decades based in Italy, Tuscany, Florence. And I do not only weddings, but also corporate and travel. I love to travel, I work with a big international network, which I love, which is also my friends and my professional, you know, destination teams, we can say, and what is it I've met Angeline and added a few years back and we saw we have some things that are very common to us which are not common to many.
Not only Okay, not common to women, a and not common to the weddings and events industry. I mean, even in some of the hotels like I am just like filming behind the scenes of like how outdated and unproductive their system is in not only is it costing them money, but it's costing their people time time that they could be building relationships with people, and building relationships with the customer face to face, because that's what business is about. It's all about having a great relationship. And when you don't have enough people to work, why not utilize software and sales tools, and it saves you so much time, money and effort once people are trained and got it through it. So you've come up with something I did. And we're gonna just tell you a little bit about it, because I'm so excited because there's nothing like this. So it is a I don't want to call it a floor plan because that's not what it is at all. It is like a live guided tour, where it's like you just you have to explain it.
Okay, so during the pandemic, what happened is that I was speaking to an Indian couple that wanted to come and do her their destination wedding in Sardinia. They hadn't ever since her Dania, and I'm Italian. And you know, Italy for COVID was the first country that was shut down. So finding on the web material that could help them understand the lifestyle of the destination as well as the property. Honestly, it's impossible, because all properties and I understand that I mean, I get it, they just put out like beautiful bedrooms, styled shoots, but honestly, for us, we're talking about the b2b market, the planners market, US that have to talk to Platt to brides, or to clients to convince them of a destination or a property. There isn't anything there for us to understand or explain a destination or a property in such a way that we feel comfortable to bring a client to that destination and that property. So from there, I said, Oh my god, this is completely missing. And I started thinking what I as a planner would need to avoid inspections. You know, we do inspect shins which take up even weeks traveling to different parts not only of our country but the Mediterranean. And you know how time consuming and also costly that is. And other than that, even if you get paid honestly, there's 1000 things that I would love to do more than that. So using technology, what I discovered is that there can be ways of saving time, because time no matter what, that's the only thing you'll never buy back doesn't matter how wealthy you are, how superstar you are. So we got to decide how to spend it. So I decided that time has more value at the moment for me. So I needed to find ways of being able to travel the world and show the properties to my clients, even without having been there, but feeling comfortable with it. And that's how the arc planner came to life. Beer planner is actually a b2b vertical platform for the luxury events market, where buyers and sellers meet. But the products the sellers and the buyers can use are not only among them, but with the outside community. So outside of the platform itself, we created six original products. We didn't reinvent the wheel. But because the technology, you know, we're discovering it now because well, simply because COVID has, you know, has accustomed us to new things woken us up, wake up,
hence the man in the background, wake up people. No more excuses,
no more excuses, you know, and it's apology that has been there for the last 30 years, it's just that now is the time that we are ready. Timing is everything. Timing is always everything. Exactly. So what happened is that we put these six products together, and they are used to understand the destination. So where the place is located, the lifestyle, the enhancement and the geography as well, as well as the property itself, then we have a tool that is a three sic 3d Walk, which is used to engage. So the photography is amazing because it's shot in high very high quality, so that exactly and in 10k. So this means that every detail is just there. And there's so many ways of using it. And that is simply really to sell that is a tool to sell. No matter if you're selling a room you're selling a property you're selling a villa yacht are Leyland does not matter. That's just perfect to say visual visuals sell. Exactly. And there's exactly and there you can go into the or be immersive. So if you have your headsets, just get on it and tour virtually, you're just gonna be like, put over to that world.
If you do it for the first time, just you might vomit. Amazing.
Yeah, it's true, because there's different technologies. And you know, although there's all of this is here, since a lot of years, each of the different technologies is used in different ways. And each of the machinery used is used in different ways. So maybe, yes, there is one some that I call the fish bowls. They do make your vomit. And that's not the ones we're using.
Know that after you like if you are a gamer, or you have used VR for a long time. And like when you take it off, and you every time you take it off, you're closer to like getting more used to it. But if you do it for the very first time, like I didn't get sick, which I'd get motion sick, but my niece wanted to watch a movie on it. She was the very first one to use our first Oculus. And she watched the whole movie, it was like, the whole time she was like, oh my god, this is incredible. Like I'm in a spaceship. I mean, it was so cute. And meanwhile, like I'm just you know, on my phone working, but I think it was like editing a video or something. And then she takes them off and immediately throws up like immediately in so just go to your bathroom. Yeah. Anyway, moving on.
Moving on. Well, this, this whole thing is about being immersive. So it's not a matter of only you feeling comfortable with a property you haven't you don't know maybe because you've never visited because you can visit it virtually. And with the products we have, you're going to feel 100% Comfortable planning an A to Z wedding and I'm not talking about like get a couple of flowers and put them on the table. That's not planning. I'm tagging about production part and due for everything from A to zero, so it's really like handy. So there's different products and so you have from the objective 360 The inspection throughout the property which is done with specific so everything has been coded everything has been standardized in order to create a great product. And everything is done with global resources. So this means that I am not traveling to each destination, we are using local resources so that they do the show the shoot with our criteria, and then everything is put on cloud and we do all the back work all the back office work. So at the end, we have something to understand that the destination fall in love with a location and then the planner comes in. Because at this point the the client has been contracted. So the planner needs to understand the potentiality of the property and that's another product has to put his creative eyes on and that's an immersive 360 pics that will totally like we call it the dreamers area up to the to the part the 2d part may seem, you know, awkward, but it's true reality what do you find in how is that property every day of your life? Do you want to take away those tables do you need that? That bench Do you want to take away that carpet, you know, that is how you will find it so know what you have for real and you can deal with it, take it away, put it in, bring something else out, you can only do that if you know the truth. And that's what we're here for.
So this is very different than an all seated or social tables. I mean those are great too, but this is very different.
So this one here as you see is the VR planner landing page. So in order to to be a buyer or a seller, so property on VR planner you need to be invited. So there is a contact us with a form that you need to fill out if you want to be taken into consideration now just for you to know we are looking into creating a platform for the b2b industry. With top event planners globally and properties and luxury properties luxury property does doesn't mean it has to be a five star it just means that you're willing to do anything for an event. And that it's an amazing, amazing property that deserves to be renowned worldwide. So this is our thing. So welcome to VR VR is technology and innovation for remote professional event planning why? Which will send distance and we enhance your time you know what save your time and do more of what makes you happy. This is my philosophy you wrote. So, well, if you log into the website, which is www.vr What you do is you're gonna see there's a slight presentation, and that tells you a little bit about our services. It's going to explain who we are and why we have created this. But above all, it will also make you understand our sustainability program which is really, really great and really, really detailed.
Are you secretly fed up with physically showcasing the property to your clients without any results? It's no secret that explaining the looks and flair of your property to overseas planners and clients can be a nightmare, not to mention the tiring physical visits massive time consumption costs and tedious paperwork this process brings along Isn't it about time to discover an innovative approach to solve all your sales and event planning needs? What about showing and explaining the potentiality of your property with 100% being sure the property is understood by b2b partners and your potential client falls in love with your property, your flair, and not just because you're a good seller. Introducing VR planner created by destination events planner Monica Bali, she has put her 20 years of experience in six original products and b2b platform to enable you to engage sell, plan, execute any event internationally, a revolutionary system designed to address your property planning problems with its cutting edge technology using AR and VR to plan any event with no need for an in person inspection. It allows property owners and event planners to remotely showcase multiple properties at different locations to clients without wasting long hours on physical visits. VR planner is a platform that enables you to help your clients in deciding the best property for their events and when opportunities to maximize your communication, sales and profits. It has many functionalities to allow you to interact with your outside directly b2b clients as well as our top international events and travel community. beaks bows to selected travel and events b2b professionals. V interplanar. Also lets you calculate the co2 of your travel. So you can learn how with VR planner you become more sustainable and can go up to carbon footprint zero. Our properties have sustainable tangible policies and our teams of coaching pros help improve their global sustainability. And that's not all. Here's how VR planner facilitates you with your property planning business. Provide your clients with a virtual tour of your destination, your property or collection of properties with engaging 3d tools and save your precious time. Generate connections with international top planners to understand the objective use of your property spaces and meditate on design through our 2d Real and 360 pics without any distance barriers. entice your audience with high precision laser scans of the property indoors and outdoors displayed on the platform. Continue showing properties to your potential clients for event planning, even during the pandemic without any travel restrictions. Sounds like something you can benefit from connect with us for more valuable information.
Another fun thing that you will find inside this platform is a way to calculate the carbon footprint. So either you're flying or you're in your home, or you're near any, you know, anything you're doing. We have this partnership with a UK based company. They're specialized since over 20 years and carbon footprint tracking. So that for example, if you're flying, we're talking about destination events. So I'm not talking about not taking place, okay, I'm a big fan of in person events, and we would like them to happen. But if we can limit instead of going like five times with the whole family and group of how many people to do inspections, maybe we just go one, that's a huge safe for our carbon footprint makes a major difference. Absolutely. So not only you can see, and you can tell your brides, you know how much that will impact depending on where you're flying to how many they are there to economy or if it's business class, but also on how to go to carbon footprint zero, because you can understand just by clicking then on the website, how what are the programs globally in order to help our planet. So this is a program just to create a little bit of awareness, if each of us does a little thing, just to spread out the word that will make it all easier, we don't have to change the world only with our hands, which is impossible. Okay, but every one of us a little drop, I think we can make a good impact.
And I love that you care so much about sustainability, which also ties into technology. It just makes such a big impact. And I want you all to know, the VR planner is VRPL. A in our Yes. So well. We'll put that in the show notes too. But we've had I even googled it myself, when you first mentioned it. I'm like, Oh, they're trying to Google it. And then she's like, No, no, you're not gonna say anything about it online just yet. But now it's like born and tell us more so awesome.
Well, there's going to be, what happens is that once you are invited and accepted you either your buyer or seller, you know, there's different paths, we can say. But first of all is your dashboard. So we're going to be looking into this for the properties. So what you will look because each of the property will actually see only their dashboard, but will be able to contact all the different planners on the platform, while the planner can actually see all the properties and use all the properties, but not only with their internal community, but also with your outside clients, for example. So if we go on the landing property, for example, in the lending sellers page, which is a dashboard, the first thing that we have is like an idea of the property. So we have a guided lane for the properties to put in all that we need to know as event planners. So not only the number of the rooms, how much we can party until what time, what we can do what we cannot do, but there's a whole lot of amenities that we have added in sustainability programs, you know, details, videos, photos, so in order to have really a full x ray of the property, but that is just like the presentation like to say, Hey, I'm here and I'm on this platform, that that is just the number one step. Then on top of that we have a series of different products which the client the properties can purchase. So this is simply an A to D video, which unmake to understand the sort of destination you're in your lifestyle and your property. This is our tool shot in 10k to engage with your clients. So either one or more multiples, it's easy to show and engage. So other than the 2d pictures and the 3d pictures, what we have is a, an objective 360 inspection created by a professional, and everything else is set on motion graphics so that you understands what is hidden behind the door. One other thing that we have, and naturally this will create a big difference is that we create digital twins. So with specific laser scans, so with machinery used that is different from indoors and outdoors, we actually create your digital twin and this cloud point is used in 2d picture into the floor plans, actual floor plans that you can even export into CAD. But mostly it helps you measure because every inch is measurable, both indoors and outdoors, on your property. Other than that, what happens you can also get a 3d model, which is pretty cool and is fun to have around. But this is just the beginning. This is just the beginning of a great adventure, a great software we're working on and be ready. So all these tools that you will see you will you will be able to do in 2d, but also in 3d and nothing has been redesigned. Everything comes from reality, because in my opinion, reality and design are very, very different. So I'm trying to match at most the reality and even with the designing and the rendering part that we're working on is going to be done with gaming engines so that the 3d objects are actually realistic. Rendering me planner will be coming soon we're working on it. My inspiration is Ironman. I want to create the Jarvis for events. I love it.
If people want to if anyone watching or listening, where can they learn more?
Well, they can contact us there's a form online on our website. And they can simply get in touch and we'll be happy if they're a property, you will see there's a forum to fill it in. If you're a property if you are a planner, or luxury travel agent, you can do that filling in that part. And then we'll get in touch because everything is actually hand picked. And we love personal relations. We use technology to better life and to shorten distances but still real people real professionals is what we look for.
Yay. All right. Here we go again. Not that that wasn't fun, because I love technologies like amazing. Okay. Let's see. Pick a card any card.
I knew it. I knew it. She's gonna love it.
What is the meanest thing you have ever done?
meanest? I always told my thought my sister she was adopted.
That's something I would have done to my sister. My mom said I would drop her on purpose. They're like, what do you want to name your little sister? I'm like, I hate it. I wanted to be the only child. And then a little brother came right after that. That does that's kind of mean. I think the meanest thing I ever did was put shaving cream in water at a girl's cheerleading camp. Like we weren't cheerleading camp. And someone it was like a dare. I shouldn't have done it. And then I watched her we all watched her drink. The water was shaving cream. And she like you know, it was just I felt almost like never do anything like that together. Like what if she poisoned or something? I think there's I've done other like really mean things, but I felt the worst. I think the worst thing that ever happened we had this long hallway where I lived when the house I grew up in and my brother pissed me off so bad and he was a golfer like growing up and so I took his golf ball and I mean afterward at his face is fast as I could and he ducked in when he ducked my sister opened the bedroom door at the end of the hallway. And she got the ball and you're busted her mouth and her teeth and blood. And then my mom's like I'm calling your father at work. And so my dad comes home and I had in the bathroom because there's this drawer that you can pull out and like you couldn't get the door open because the drawer and I was afraid of the dark. So they just waited until the sunset and it was dark in the house and then they turned the entire power off the house so that I would open the door and come out and I'm pretty sure I got the shit beaten out of me. Yeah, I kind of deserved it. That was like an anger management problem. Therapy since then. It's a really long story. Yeah, that's it. Okay. Thank you for watching. Next week to another episode of business unveiled. Bye. Bye. That's it for this week's episode of business unveiled. Now that you have all the tools that you need to conquer the world and GSD get shit done. Would you share this with your friends and fellow business leaders? One thing that would really really help us and help new listeners is for you to rate the show, and leave a comment and Apple podcast, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you tune in and listen to business unveiled. You can check out the show notes at Angela and link up with us on social media so you can share your biggest insights and I want to know your aha moments. Until next week, remember, the profitable shifts and structures you're creating in your business help you be more present in your life. So get out there and GSD


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