How to Keep Social Media Social

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Social media platforms are a great way to connect with your audience, promote your brand, and share information. However, it's important to keep social media social by engaging with your followers and not just promoting your brand. 

I’m so excited to share guest, Kristina Stubblefield, Business Strategist and Speaker, who will be sharing with us how to level up your marketing and keep social media social!

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  • How to have the mindset of quality over quantity when it comes to social media
  • How to build a strategy
  • How to choose your favorite form of content and what resonates with your audience


Know your audience

Always have intention behind your posts

Wash, Rinse, Repeat


Kristina's love for computers and graphic design has been used to help many individuals and businesses for the past 25 years. She built an online presence for people starting back with AOL “communities” in the late 90's and has transitioned throughout the digital landscape ever since. Over the years, Kristina has been involved in building hundreds of websites, from e-commerce, blogs, directories, etc. She quickly realized having a great website wasn't enough, people needed to know and this is why she created logos, business cards, post cards and other branding material for her earliest clients. 

Kristina launched her career as an advertising and marketing consultant in 2007 when she had the opportunity to be part of a startup magazine. From the building of business relationships for advertising and printing, graphic and website design as well as development and maintenance; the tremendous industry knowledge and skillset that she developed afforded her the opportunity to collaborate with her local community. Kristina’s experiences during that time are what facilitated her realization that she had a passion for helping small businesses with their marketing efforts. In the years since, she has sharpened her skillset and become an expert in the industry offering business/marketing coaching, virtual showcases, marketing services and classes.

Beyond her immense marketing knowledge, Kristina went to school for her Microsoft Certified Solutions Engineer (MCSE). She uses her experience in IT and offers her specialized experience in website creation, streamlining systems and processes, understanding analytics, optimizing SEO and thoroughly understands all the facets of digital marketing that allow for online success.

Although Kristina’s vision has narrowed to helping wedding professionals, she remains sought out by business owners across a multitude of industries. Kristina’s work amongst the wedding industry started alongside a local DJ in the early 2000’s. The work she did then became a steppingstone for working with a local venue assisting with wedding planning and other event details. Being a change agent and a connector, Kristina has merged all the things she loves most – coaching, systems and processes, digital marketing and events and dived deep into the wedding industry in 2020 starting a globally ranked podcast that offers digestible and implementable marketing tips to wedding professional and wedding planning tips to engaged couples. After months of meeting and interviewing wedding professional and engaged couples and listening to their pain points, the plan for an all-encompassing online wedding community was implemented… The Ring The Bling And All The Things Online Community!

Kristina feels privileged to own and operate numerous brands and businesses with her loving husband, Josh Stubblefield who has shared her passion for results and serving the businesses that make up the heart of any community. They are supported by an amazing team who believes in them and their joint mission to provide genuine feedback (real talk) , superior results and proven solutions – the foundation of any successful business.

Outside of work, Kristina enjoys spending time with family, her four fur babies, being involved in her family’s stock car racing business as well as the occasional few minutes of downtime.

Kristina is a proud member of the Association of Bridal Consultants and The St. Matthew’s Chamber of Commerce. She is a frequent philanthropic practitioner and volunteers her time and talents for multiple local non-profits.


Welcome back to business unveiled. So today we're gonna do a podcast in Nashville, Tennessee, and our guest is the level. Chris Christina has a podcast as well, the ring bling and all the things but two phenomenal business partners who are so much fun too. They're not here today. But that's okay. We still miss you and love you, Mike and Sharon,
you're gonna be so excited that you even mentioned them just saying their name.

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There's just going to be thrilled.
And then Terry's here too, which, when we're done, we have to have her say hi, Christina's like, we just like clicked immediately because she's like, a tech blonde. And there's not many like, actually, there's not many women in tech. There's not many blonde women in tech. I've only met one other girl cat love you miss you lots. She I met her in Switzerland. She lives in London, I believe. But I'm so glad like more women are getting into tech. But the main thing that we were talking about last night that we want to talk about today is strategy. But before we before we jump into all that, Christina, tell them about your journey, like how have you gotten to where you are today?
It's been a long journey. So it started out all the way back to high school I did yearbook and newspaper. I loved graphic design. I loved being a creative. And I thought that I would somehow get away from that, but I didn't I ended up going to school for graphic design. I took a little detour along the way, don't we all and did mortgages, a number of years. But I'll be honest with you, I wouldn't change that. I worked with a lot of men. And honestly, it really helped me be the person I am today with multitasking systems and processes. It really did. And I found my way back into marketing. I went to school for my MCSE. And what is that? Microsoft engineer? Okay, in
case you don't know what that is? Because I don't know what that is Microsoft Certified certified systems system engineer, engineer. That sounds really smart. Okay.
Yep. Let's go with MCSE. Sounds good. So what I found was the whole corporate America thing, like hats off to those that do it. But I really found myself drawn to small businesses. Some of them didn't have computers, forget POS systems, you know,
we're talking point of sale.
Thank you. I love my
lecture money. Yes.
And you're talking about in the 2000s. And what I fought also found was how many businesses that were friends of a friend of a friend that I would go into to help them build a computer based on what they needed, had no business cards, no signage, no hours on the window, forget brochures, rack cards, things like that. And I have done websites all the way back to the AOL community. And so when I found that they didn't even have marketing material, I knew that they did not have any kind of online presence. And today's online presence is much different than it was back then. Very, very good. Hold on for 30 days, it will change again,
social media didn't exist back then. Yes. And
that is where I really found this love for helping businesses go from point A to point B and then to point Z, they couldn't go from A to Z. In 30 days, most didn't have marketing budgets. They weren't even used to the terminology, the whole idea of everything back then you were selling them on, this is going to help your business and not everyone was doing it. So it wasn't a fad or Well, my neighbor's doing it, this person's doing it. So I need to do it. And that's what I really found that I enjoyed. And what that turned it turned into is us having a marketing company and doing websites graphic design, email marketing, all those things and now Video Marketing and your favorite. And you'd have to spin this back around to realize that a person at that time in my life was in the wedding industry as a DJ. And that put me right smack in the middle with wedding professionals that guess what wedding shows, no websites, if they had a website, we'll just leave it at that. But so there, I got to start working with wedding professionals. But I got a firsthand take of how the wedding business works is very different than many other businesses, emotional, very different. And
she says she's cute, it's very different. And really emotional money.
And you can say that you offer these services or, you know, but what you're basically marketing people is the experience, the outcome, and how everything is evolved. It is so awesome that I've now circled back around and fell into a niche in the wedding industry that I can pull from all my experiences, me and you have talked about that, like you can go to school, and you can learn certain things, and you can get degrees. But when you get real life experience, and not only are you walking the walk and talking the talk, you're not doing it from just an education standpoint, you're doing it from real life experiences. And I think that's one of the things is how we are we can relate on a whole different level with people. Yes. And there's people out there that do marketing, that don't do anything with technology, so to speak. And bringing all of that together. I think that's a lot why we clicked because we get it. Yeah, we've been there, we understand it. And there's a better way. We don't have it perfect. And it for those out there that might think we do we must be doing something right. We mostly do them, right. But it's a work in progress. And to be part of that, and help create and pave new ways. I don't know about you. But I really think that something special and we're very blessed to be part of
that. Yeah, I think like there's two really, really, really big things. One of one of it is there's there's people in marketing that work for other people. And we need those people more than ever. But they've never had to use their own money to actually market something that is theirs. And so it becomes like super personal and super emotional. And so you know, so that's the first thing where it's easy to tell somebody to go do something. But if you've never used your money to do that, don't go ask for advice from someone that has never done what you're about to do. And so the beef that I have, and it actually like, wait, you have beef makes not armpit sweat, okay? Well, no, no, no, I'm like, coaching people are telling me people like are teaching a workshop. And they're like, well, so and so said that I should blah, blah, blah. And I'm like, Well, what's their case study? What's their numbers with their data? Did they A B split test? What's the outcome? What was their investment in something? And if they can't answer that, like, how can you be a consultant for someone when you've never actually used your own money to do something? So that's the first thing?
Well, the question is like, they're in the exact same industry doing the exact same thing with the exact same structure, right? Because that's solid advice. If you're in that exact same shoes. Yeah. And most of the time, it's no, no, no, no. Yeah.
Alright, so it's that. And then the second thing that is so different is that and it all has to do with personalities. And it's not that it's right or wrong. It's just that some of us thrive off of change. And some of us go out to conferences, or we watch YouTube videos. I mean, um, a lot of this stuff, like I'm completely self taught. I did it myself. And then some of the stuff works, and some of the stuff didn't work. But even so what we're used to work even three years ago, when we're talking about last night with Facebook ads does not work today.
Six months ago, yeah. Six days ago it is right. So it's
like you have to make a decision that if you're going to do it for yourself, and then if you're actually going to get paid for it, that you've got to you owe it to yourself and to your clients to keep up and in the wedding industry specifically, it's not like the medical industry where you have to have 100 CEUs continuing education hours. It's like hold a license or anything. It's just a super gray market and So these certifications and these conferences and these, these things that we're constantly continuously updating and learning, you want to find companies that are innovating and growing and moving with what is different. Because if you ask the company, so how long have you been doing that video marketing? Oh, well, about six months, because that is how long it's been around. Well, how much have you invested? It's just asking the right questions. But then also, there's a flip side to that to finish the point of, you can always look at someone's numbers like on social media, and think that you know what's going on, because a lot of it is vanity, a lot of it, you can, you can pretty much buy anything these days. And so the bottom line is, you don't need a million gazillion people following you. It's about the engagement and the impact that you're making. And it's one person at a time, one person at a time. And so instead of focusing on the millions, like someone said to me at a conference recently, they're like, Oh, you don't have very many followers on tick tock like you only have like, whatever it was, I was like, only, I'm like, first off every single person that I follow back on Instagram, I know them. I know, like, I've either either met them, or I met them at a conference, or we have DM, or they were on my podcast, or they came from someone's podcast, like, there's a very specific reason, because I don't want a bunch of random people. If someone is not going to believe in what I'm talking about, why do they need to be on my page?
So the other thing, too, is, sometimes people we talked about this last night, get so hung up on the numbers, that they're just looking at how many followers how many this? How many that there's so much more to it than just that data of a number. And the other thing to touch on that you said, as a wedding professional, you know what it's like to market yourself to market your own business, like you said, and if when sometimes it can be a roller coaster,
there is always a roller coaster. real busy,
you kind of slow which seatbelts, right? Buckle up, as Mike says a lot of times, but haven't having a structure in place, about your messaging about who you are. When you have that, and you're not just helter skelter throwing things out in wherever you're putting up websites, social media doesn't matter, wherever. There's so much more invested in those sentences in that picture. In that video that's included. It's not just from a marketing company that is saying, Okay, you need to include a video in your email. You know, you we've talked about this, like, what's the call to action? What do you how do you want them to feel? What do you want their takeaway to be? And when you're going to invest any amount of money in your marketing or advertising your content? When you have people that have walked the walk, it comes from a whole different perspective. Yes. And we've also talked about this, people can think okay, well I need you to come in and shoot a video and then I need you to put that up. Yeah, those two steps is exactly how it's done. Right. Oh, and oh, you want results over that to no problem? Sure. You want it in a day? Absolutely. Oh, comment over there. I know budget and but the steps that go into that being quality over quantity and producing results. Why the hell are you spending money in the first place not to just spend it I'm hoping I'm thinking right? You want something for it? Whether it be more followers, more leads more whatever it is you want out of it? Maybe you just want more people to know about your business.
Which is what social media is for. By the way social media really is to be social.
What Wait No way. Social. Yeah. Like many times do we forget that?
Social and like a real person. I'm all about automation and bots, y'all I like that is no secret if you listen to this, but there is a point to where you human connection is different. And when you go to an in person something and you meet people in person, it is a completely different experience than trying to connect with someone online or through the screen.
Gosh, I think we have we have learned that over the last couple of years. I really do think we got smacked right in the face with how great networking events can be or chamber events. So or whatever Association you're part of the power of being with other like minded or people that are in the same industry. I have to think back and I'm being honest. I think I got to a point where I took that a little bit for granted.
I think everyone did. And I mean, there's even Okay, y'all. So true colors like, earrings oranges, like, we're just, yeah, we're, we're at a bar. We're in a bar right now like doing this and turning in like,
the beautiful backdrop. This is not fake.
There's this isn't my green screen, right? These pillows are everything is real here. We're all real.
But they would this, she's getting to it.
It's like no matter like what your personality is. Everyone missed that human connection, like, on different levels. And so it's really important to understand how to connect with people, even through social media and through the internet and online. So we are so similar in so many ways. We both have brothers. Is your brother, your younger brother?
Yes. I'd love to call him my older brother. But no, he's my younger brother.
My brother's my younger brother. Everyone thinks how many years older? Six years younger? Okay, mine's
Okay, wow, that's even more. But but people who know me my brother, first off, I can't believe we're related. And second author, like, how much older is he than you? Which is hilarious. And I just I love it. Because I mean, we're also but our brothers thing, that they're that we just, like, show up? And they're like, yeah, just shoot, we'll just shoot this video real quick.
That one to both of us was that one that you you know, that magic? One,
I would do anything for my family. And it's absolutely we make it work. And we do what we have to do in the middle of
the night, to be honest, most of the time,
even getting them to back up and walking them through, like what a strategy means? And like, let's think about this. And how are people going to respond to this and, and you also have to backtrack and and, and use the wording that people are using tea to talk to you.
You don't you don't know exactly the lingo that these different business people are going to talk about, right? We don't automatically know that it is very important. I have that conversation a lot of times with people, what questions do people normally ask you? What do you mean? Like, what's the top three or four questions that you feel on a regular basis, right? Listening, you have to pay attention to listening can can make a big difference in this. And listen,
I was the worst. For years. I'm like, I'm going to do it I want to do and I want to do what I want to. But that doesn't work. And so I've learned to appreciate the data. And I've also learned the hard way where when clients come to us and say, Well, I want this, this, this and this. And it's like, well, we can do that. But it's not going to work. And you really need a B, C, D E F G book before we do this, and they don't like that. So then there are marketing companies out there that will just take the money and do exactly what you asked them to do, and then be done with it. And that's fine. It's not what I do. It's not what you do. We're but I also think we have a passion for education. And like making sure that people understand the why behind it. Even though I'm not bringing true colors. I still think it's under it's valuable information. But I've learned the hard way people don't give a shit. They don't care. They just want something quick, and they want it now. And guess what in marketing, it doesn't work like that.
In there's something to be said, if I'm not asking you to study the process, I'm not asking you to memorize it. I'm not asking you to do it. The important thing of realizing why there's 12 or 14 steps to something is because that if you had to figure this out on your own, you would end up paying how much more money versus what it cost to be have a coach or consultant or somebody do services for you depending on what you're needing. That's packing education, years of experience. You've got all that rolled into one that the whole thing is the outcome is what is what happens with what's done. And I think sometimes that's not talked about enough. You know, you can save posts on social media or put a story up or do a tick tock. I mean, okay, people have a lot of heard about hashtags trending on to their So many different things. And I think it frustrates people to a level that they don't end up doing it. They don't end up being present on different platforms that are out there, because they get frustrated with it. And I think it circles back around to strategy. Honestly, it does.
There's a saying that one of the monks that I love who he was a speaker at one of our events, I don't know if I'm gonna get it exactly right. But he said, some of them like, where energy, we're focus or energy flows, focus goes or we're focus goes, energy flows, and it couldn't be more true. And then when you actually track it, it's like, Aha moment,
track. You mean, you just don't. So plan stuff out and put it up?
So we decided, so we pick three things, we're like, what are three things we're going to focus on that we're going to talk about, for at least 90 days, and see if you know if it helps that people respond to it. And again, what I think it would actually have is do different things. And so it's really interesting, because now like, we've had our podcast since 2017. And so to watch the numbers, it's like, when I'm like out doing things like this, or I'm getting B roll, or I'm more engaged with it, people respond better to that versus where, you know, we did what we had to do during the pandemic, to keep things moving and keep things going. But it's a completely different energy. And it's a completely different outcome. And you can watch the numbers. It's just crazy.
I think what you've just touched on, they're active. Yeah, when you're showing up, and you're active. I can say, even over the last three months, that's something that I've been focused on where my energy has been. And it has, it has transformed, it has generated website traffic, phone calls, emails, followers. And there are days that I'm like, Oh, my goodness, yes, I'm gonna get through this, I'm gonna put something up every day, or I'm going to do this other real. And, you know, there can be days that you do want to do stuff, and you don't want to do stuff. There's power in batching and scheduling things out, because I'm gonna be honest with you. And if you're being honest, there's three days, you don't want to tick tock. I mean,
always get up and dance. Okay, maybe when
you go to the dentist, for example, the wife can happen. Yeah. And right now with where we're at with social media, you, you ghost, your social media followers for a few days. Your E, the algorithm is what right, next? And I think that's the thing is, I've even had people say to me, I see that you're showing up more, I see that you're utilizing stories more. Oh, I see you're doing regular reels. Yes, I've been much better about that. And the reason that I wanted to do it, then I hesitate when I say this, the reason I really want to embrace it, because of all the changes going on, you know, when you can speak from experience, and you can say I did this, and here were the results. When you go to tell somebody, this is what you need to do. It's not just because well, I'm writing it down on a piece of paper. And I'm telling you, this is what you need to know, here's what here's what I did. This is what it produced. So now I feel better educated, and have experience under my belt to say, you should devote some time to this, this should be come part of your schedule. It's just different when you're speaking from that experience, you know, you've been through it, and you've done it with tick tock, and reels and stories and all of the different channels. And can it be overwhelming? Yes, very much. So, if anybody tells you any different, they're lying, they are lying. I mean, I say that with full confidence. Because you can make it you can make it sound pretty, you can make it look pretty. But when you get to the root of it, it can be frustrating, but it's figuring out your strategy and your process. That is where you can help yourself. And you're all about that. You know, and it's but it's almost like you've you're you paved the way yeah, you know, you're, you're paving the way and you're gonna have people along the way that well why are you spending so much time on tick tock? I mean, like, You're everywhere. You're talking about me, you're my business name is in your mouth. You know, I must be doing something like yeah, I'm gonna please everybody and you know what you You, I love your saying about it, there's gonna be haters, there's gonna be negative nancies. However you want to frame it, trolls, TROLLS. And I think that's when you know, you're making waves. You are making money, they're paying
attention. And so first off, like, you can't be afraid of what everyone else thinks. Because if you're confident in yourself, and you produce an amazing experience for your clients, that's all that matters. And worrying about what someone else thinks of you online, who doesn't know you? Let's be honest, people put out what they want you to see on social media. And that's all that I mean, come on like that. That's
just you get to control the arena of what content is out
there. And the perception that you want people to think the story, the perception, everything, one of my favorite cutest little movies ever. And I know some people are like, I can't stand this tick tock.
Well, I love the tick tock. Why is it that we change our voice? I just did that while ago?
No, no? Well, I'm just like, kind of mimicking people who don't know what the hell they're talking about the ad and those tick tock, those tick tock kids are effing smart. Okay. Hey, guess what,
you know what? If they don't leave tick tock. They're your future potential clients, hell could be your target audience, right, then you're going to be making up so much ground and not have any kind of presents, because you didn't embrace it. And that I tell people that like, I'm not, I'm just on Facebook, I'm not on Instagram. There's still some people that say that,
Oh, yeah, a lot of people like that.
But you just told me your target audience is 20 to 40.
Anyway, the movie, so the cutest movie with Addison rang. And I think it's called like, she's all or he's all that or she's all that. So my little nieces were like, all in my bed, like four of us. And they wanted to watch this movie. And I'm like, okay, it was so cute. And it was so clever. The way that the producer and the director did it, because she was living a completely fake lie behind the scenes, she would get out of bed and her like super poor home, single mother couldn't hardly pay the bills, do her makeup, then get back in bed, then pretend like she just woke up looking like that. And then she would go to like some condo building and pretend to buy. I mean, it was just that people actually really do this stuff. But it's not real life. And so my niece's like, and they were just, I mean, they love those tick tock kids. So you know, they're just like, glued to the TV screen. And I'm like, this is such a great positive message for young kids. And for the parents, who are like, Well, my kid can't have social media. And I mean, even my sister gets super irritated with me. But it's like, you don't get an opinion. Unless you're playing ball. And you're spending money in the field, you don't get a right you don't have a right to give me your opinion about what's working or not. You just know the negativity of what the the kids what's happening with the kids at school. But if you're a parent involved in what your child is doing, and you reframe it and teach them the positive side of things, and I'm like, Well, you might be thanking me when you don't have to pay for their college, or when there's colleges, choosing children to go to their school because of the audience that they have. Like, this is where our future is headed. And so instead of alienating it and taking it away from things, put a strategy in place to sit down and talk to your kids about it, like what do you what do you want to be known for, you know, asking a 10 year old that and they're like, Well, I just want to be the best gymnast on floor. Okay, well, then how can we achieve that, and then bring that for your videos. And it just, it clearly irritates me that people don't take the time to sit down and like talk about it. We're not just talking about a strategy for your business. It's a strategy for just life, personal and professional. And it's like if you have family goals, and children goals, and professional goals, and then you have your own goals. It's like you have your own identity. And that's the hardest part sometimes when you like shift, doing things anyway, back to the strategy.
The other thing too, that is there, everybody's gonna say there's good and bad to social media. Your target audience is probably on social media. It's the it's the bottom line. And I have worked with business owners that want nothing to do with social media. And I think it's identifying how do you utilize it for your business, but not if you want to say get sucked into it however you want to word it. Personally. I've worked with people that for many reasons, many reasons, they do not want to be on social media, but they're smart enough. And they realize my business has to be, I have to have a presence. And it's identifying that and going to somebody that can help you. And just being honest with whoever's working with you. And while we're talking about all this, you know, I feel like both of us have conversations about content, quality over quantity, and the direction that social media is headed in. You know, there are people having a lot of success that aren't posting every day, not posting two or three times a day, that are spending more time focused on the quality of the content that they put out relatable content that is going to stop the scroll that is going to interest their target audience. And I think so many times people because their business is busy, like the wedding business, for example. I mean, we all know that what they've talked about over this next year or two, maybe that rolls into the following year and the following year. We don't know that yet. That, oh, it's been five days since I posted something like can you throw up a picture or something like, can you just do a post real quick
dollar for every time someone said that, I would never work,
there's so much involved in that content piece that I think that's important for people to know, to get something out of social media, whatever it is, you're looking for, whatever your strategy is, you don't, we're not sitting here telling you, you got to post three times a day on every platform that's out there. That's the whole point of having a sit down, figuring out that strategy. But that's what makes your content so important. Because unlike how things were posting three, four or five times a day, and you're posting all different kinds of content. And now this all depends on the industry, you're in your business, your target audience, what I'm saying doesn't apply at all. If we need to give that disclaimer, there it is. But it's what makes the quality of your content, so much more. So important, not so much more important, so important. If you're not posting multiple times on multiple channels,
so that is step one. And a strategy. Step one, is we're gonna get their steps here awesome, is that, you have to ask yourself, what do you want? What is your goal? What do you want? So some of your clients like what are some of the things and not five things? One thing? What is now you can have a top, a middle and a nice, so you can have like levels? No
more than three? The most important? What's most important? Are you asking me what people like?
What are some of the goals that your clients have said? I mean, we know that we need this, and they're like so irritated and aggravated about it a lot.
I want to be at the top of someone's mind, if they're looking for x in the wedding industry, they're looking for this type of vendor.
And then when you say, Okay, well, how would you like to do that? What do they say? If they say My role is to be top of mind? And that's why I'm
here. Seriously, if I could coin that saying, that's why I'm here. Yeah. Yeah, they don't, they don't know
that. That's the problem like, and the challenge is, you don't know. So instead of just trying to figure it out, you can go to workshops, you can watch YouTube videos, there's, here's the thing with free information, and you gotta love it. But there are people, I'm one of them, we put out information out of order, on purpose, on purpose, if you want the order of exactly how something is done, and all the details and you want it done, then that requires either coming to a workshop or getting a course,
to or from Congress conversation with you. As a friend, can I call you and can you or Amanda, you go talk to Amanda, she'll put a stop to that. But you're exactly right. Because in my case, I've been doing this for 20 years. You know, go find someone just like me, that has been through what I've been through has experienced what I've experienced has the education I do and all of that together. You know, same for you. You're in the exact same situation. But when they say to me, well, that's why I'm here. What the hell do you want? Like, what do you want people to do? Like, what do you want out of your audience? And they're like, like,
they've never heard that before. Yeah, they really Don't know. So that's the first thing you ask yourself is, what is the goal? Okay? If you want to do social media while everyone else is doing it, I know my business is gonna die if I don't do it, but again, really think deeply. What do you want out of it?
My competitors are there. So I know I need to be right. Okay, well,
that's not a good enough reason to just start it up. So that's the first thing. So typically, what people say is they want sales out of it. They want clients, they want to convert clients. Well, how do you do that? So the second step is to create brand awareness and educate on what you're doing. And now y'all when I say I mean, dumb it down, okay? What you think is important, and what someone else who is not in our industry, it is two totally different things, even rolling up wash cloths, same Keuka cucumbers, and soaking them and putting them in the freezer. And a guy that works for me, he's like, Oh, my God, you had a video that I'm like, This is common sense. It's August is effing hot outside. But it wasn't. And it was like such a good slap in the face to know that like we take for granted. And just because it's fun, or just because if it's were crappy, or we're creative, not everyone is like that. And so what you think, oh, everyone should know this, like this is stupid, it give yourself a little bit more credit, because people really don't know, make a list
of everything that you do. For a client in your business. However, it needs to be worded for you, each of those items, or at least a post.
And at least unless start with 10, I've learned to be very specific on my green people would be really proud of don't wait,
don't take the time may come 50 or 100, it will be filled with an award
1010 10. And then you rotate those 10 things for 90 days. Just 10 and keep it simple. And it is brand awareness. And what if you leave gaps in your messaging, people will fill them in for you by making things up. Now, whose fault is that? Your fault?
Surely not mine? Because you didn't,
you've got to close the story, you got to close the loop. Now how do I know all this? Because it's all happening to us. And we know these things are experienced. So people are like, what do you do? You're so confusing. I'm like, Well, I want to be confusing right now. That's on purpose. It'll come just pay attention social media wait patiently. There's some big things come in. But it's on purpose. Like, we were just doing what we're doing. And when people are confused, they either stay and pay attention because they're interested to see, or they leave, which means they weren't going to be in the community in the first place. It's not direct dedicated,
it's probably not somebody that is going to make a purchase from you will be a quality lead, right? Anyway. So again, don't get hung up on that are like add
to your community. And that's the other thing is, well, let's finish the steps for strategy. Okay, so what do you want? Is first thing? What are the 10 things that you want to talk like things that you get asked constantly? That one
stupid? Well, you're you're right 10 of your most frequently asked questions. That's content. And I said for social media, but even your website, I mean, email marketing, all of that,
it matters. Yes. And then the third thing is, just get over this, what I'm about to say, is you video, you have to incorporate video, so share some things about some video.
Everybody thinks that I love video, and I've told my pupils, but I wasn't a big fan of it. And I'm always been a numbers person. And when I could clearly see in black and white, if I spend X number of X amount of time, on content, whether it be a graphic wording, whatever it may be, and I spend the same amount of time on a video. And you can a B test or you can go off your past experience. And the video clearly, literally is it's not even in the same ballpark. As the response, the engagement, all the things. It kind of makes you say, well, if I'm gonna be smart about my time, and I want engagement, and I want people like you do things for a reason. You dedicate time just like you're in the business, you're in for a reason. You dedicate time for a reason you want something out of it. So if someone is saying here's the numbers what Shouldn't you want to do well, you might not like this one. But at the end of the day, it's best for your business. And video is a powerful tool. Thank God for technology, because most people have a smartphone that can do video from anywhere. My other soapbox item in regards to video is for all my wedding professional people out there. If you only understood how much of an advantage you have on many other industries, because all your planning meetings, your events, your testimonials, the list can go on and on and on. That is all content you have to use for your business. Now you have it already you're doing it all you're doing it now. Okay, let's put in some disclaimers here I've learned. So first of all, do you probably need to have some kind of disclaimer disclosure in your contract about the video footage at events or of your couples or if it's a corporate event, whatever it may be? Probably so but we're not here to talk about contracts today. But I will tell you, that should probably be somewhere in your contract. Most of the time, you're gonna find that couples, people doing events they want they'd love
it, love it at the heart of it. They love it.
And at the end of the day being an events professional or wedding professional. Those videos are selling your business for you. They're selling what you do the outcome. What other format can you deliver that is now
pictures don't tell the same story.
I have a lot of photographer friends, amazing photographs.
And I love photographs of other people, not myself.
Now. I've also had some clients that have had success using four or five photographs from the photographer with their permission where they've been tagged in it. They've even done a voiceover or they've done a blog about the event. Okay, but back to what we're talking about video is king, no matter what video is. inherently less so box item less so box items. I don't have anything against dealerships. I'm not going to call one out in particular dealerships Yeah, dealerships car dealerships? Yeah. I'm not gonna call any out in particular. But here's what I'm gonna share with you spokes people don't work for your business anymore. I'm sorry, it doesn't. You have to show up for your business. If they're doing business with you. If I go on camera for you, and I get many people ask me, again, I'm back. I'm not a huge fan of doing videos, I'm not gonna sign up to do it for other people. I have done them for clients in the past, when they come in to do business, Christina is not going to be there, Angela's not going to be there. The connection that they make, is with a person who's just doing a video for you. No one knows your business better than you loves could who else can talk about your business? If not you someone that has done business with you. That's why reviews and testimonials are so important. That's why people are having a lot of success with video testimonials on their website or social media. So I've been to many classes, workshops, where video has been the topic because for me, it was something I personally needed to work on. I can coach people through videos, I can do videos, of course I do it all the time. But when it's on you, it is something I identified that I needed to work on for myself. And why why would I invest money? Why would I invest my time? It's that important. And guess what? It's not going anywhere. There. You asked me to talk about video. Was that a good?
Was that good? So good. So I'm the opposite. I love video. I love it. I love not that I love being on it. Sorry about being on camera. It's about the message. And I And again, this is just my feelings of but the reason I feel that way is because I learned best through video. So again, it goes back to yourself. What do you identify? I'm
gonna say something to that, because Angela encouraged me in my team to use Marco Polo, video chat, testing, video texting, video test, texting, and it has really helped. And I'll tell you why is because when I'm talking to somebody, and I'm in a hurry. I'm looking at Tandy over here I am in a hurry. Tammy can see that. I'm like, hey, you know, this is something that's going on with a client. Here's the Little bit of the backstory, here's this and this. My team is not getting a text or an email from me that is one sentence long. That's like, like, is this customer upset, like, do any follow up like, the wheels start turning, there is no reason for that. And it comes back to the emotion, we're seeing the expression on your face. You're not questioning what those words. And that, to me really stood out when you shared that that's something you utilize in your team and with your clients? I think it is. I think it's monumental in a team environment. And for other businesses, just because video is so much more powerful than words on the screen. It is
and you it has minimize so much miscommunication. And also too with like Marco Polo, when you can see someone's face or like hear their voice. You can tell there's no miscommunication if I'm being sarcastic not being serious.
If when you're talking, you're kind of laughing, or you're not so happy.
Yeah, like, it's just and the other reason to that we really try to get clients to use it is because it actually gets you comfortable seeing yourself on video when I'm with like people, and they're, they're newly using it. They're like, Oh my God, look at these wrinkles. Oh, my God, look at my foot. And I'm like, quit looking at yourself. You gotta look at the camera. Like, this isn't about you, like you're delivering a message, like look at the camera. And you can tell, you can tell if I'm looking at myself, or I'm looking at the camera, like you can tell we're wearing sunglasses, because it's been sunny. I don't know what she's talking, my eyes are
looking at right at the audience for me. Yeah,
good. But it's just like, we're worrying about yourself. But I think also too, there's two different parts to social media, you're either a creator, or you're a consumer, meaning you consume content, or do you create content. And going back to that 8020 rule that we're going to talk about later. It's like 80%, creating it creating the strategy, what you're going to talk about, and listen, it can just be how we started is I would instead of answering emails back in the day, when people would ask me questions. I'm like, I'm just gonna make many videos about this and send it to them and then put it on YouTube. Which that was like the will or Vimeo like though at the time, Facebook didn't. I don't think I had Facebook back then. So if you have to say it more than twice, you get this say if you get a question more than twice, it deserves a blog. It deserves a video, and having a blog and a video blog and a blog goes back to strategy of how are you going to say it one time and then get it out to people. And that's your nurturing content, which is what social media is really for? It's brand awareness, education, how can you let the potential client know more about you. And that is what social media was for, to be social, and to bring awareness, not so much sell, sell, sell, sell, sell, sell, sell. These were social media platforms, before they became ad platforms so short. And before they I mean, even Instagram shopping hasn't been around forever. Monetization hasn't been around forever. And if it's like if one platform does it, then the other platform feels like they have to keep up and then they change everything and then you have to change everything. Just get over it. It's just like Gary Vee, he was speaking at a event that I was at recently. And tick tock was the main subject tick tock and cryptocurrency Bitcoin and NF T's is all about that. And people were like, but I heard like what a tick tock goes away and you worked all that time on blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And, you know, you're saying focus, focus, focus? Well, yeah, you should. If you're brand new focus on one platform for at least 90 days. Where do you think your audience is? But then wash rinse, repeat your content? And so Gary Vee is like, Well, shit, if Tik Tok goes away in six months, who gives a shit? Those 40,000 people that I build, they're gonna find me on another platform because they liked me on Tik Tok, who cares if it shuts down and all that content on Tik Tok. Its use over on reels. So it's like instead of fighting it, like build a community, if it goes away, who cares? They're going
to find you if you put quality content, you made an impact. You made an impression. Whatever wording you want to use, they're gonna find you or better
yet you have a link tree or a beacon and they go up in search more and then they end up in your text community or your email list meaning you fully own your audience then don't rely on social media to own your audience. It's a whole different topic. Okay, so the next step, so what do you want? What's your number one goal? What are the 10? Things that people ask you all the time that you're going to talk about? Are you going to do video? How are you going to deliver the content?
How are you going to do video? Like you will? How are you going to incorporate video right?
Now it could be vertical, it can be horizontal, there are plenty of creators that we know who never show their face. However, I will tell you get a dog get a mascot, get a stuffed animal. I'm not being funny. I'm being for real. However, when your face is in it. And people buy from people they like and trust when you show your face more. And when you're real.
Are you saying they're not going to find there can't make an im this can't make an impression. This they can't make a connection with this item? We're
here. I bet you anything though. But if you saw me doing this, showing it well, please don't do it. Because their outdoor pillows, like how to make the pillows look nice on your couch. And like there's like a furniture interior designer person.
This doesn't have a personality. But you do. There's no feeling let people connect with you. I feel like we're
afraid Don't be afraid. Let people want
to connect with people just have to people want to connect with Okay,
so video video. So how are you going to do it. And again, it doesn't quit trying to be perfect. In fact, perfect doesn't really convert. And I was just telling her last night like, I put out some drafts like some reels. And like they've performed better than all the other stuff that took way more time and thought and effort. Because it's more relatable.
You don't always have to have your hair did you don't always have to have your makeup exactly right. You don't always have to have on lipstick. Again, people want to be able to relate.
And so so then you This is when you got to capture the content. So even if like you're going on a trip or whatever, just get the video just capture it. So like, we go right, we pan real slow, horizontal, and then we turn it vertical. And then we get just get it just go that far. Then the next thing is take pictures, take
some video. Yes, you don't have to do it's not instant, you don't have to instantly put it out on some kind of social media. And I think that's something that people don't realize that's true that they don't have to use it right in that moment. Oh, well, I didn't post this yesterday. So I didn't post this last week, it doesn't expire. Now. I do share with people, if you're using a couple, and they might not be together anymore. I'll leave that for you to decide. But I've had that conversation with wedding professionals, we've had
people reach out and ask if we could take pictures down because they're no longer together.
That's a decision for you to make in your own business.
And you know, for for a lot of purposes, we we typically like when it comes to decor and design that we do have clients that say you can use whatever but no people and like I get that, like, you know, I totally understand that. But now there's green screen where you can like have something in the background of like talking about a decor design and then your face is keeping in. So there's there's different ways that you can do it and your face doesn't always have to be in it. I think that's the number one thing.
Green Screen is like phase three down the video list. Yeah, don't a turn your home or number one, turn your camera on. Number two, eat your camera, find a way to get your face in it find a way to get to some level of comfort with that people want
to see the magician behind the magic. And there's some Tiktok saying yeah, like amazing dancers that they wear. And I mean, this is their brand. Now they were like these masks, and they were like these, I don't even know what they're called. But no one knows what they look like. And it's all it's all a build up. So for these three guys that I know who are dancers have a huge following. And it was just a joke. Like they were just starting it out that way because they actually worked at companies that would probably fire them if they thought if they were since they were dancing. They're really good dancers. And now people are like, when are we ever going to be able to see your face? And so it's just been going on another day that they do take it off and reveal. I mean, they'll probably have millions and millions and millions and millions of people right show up at a pop up because they want to know who who's underneath the mask who then they're amazing Damn, and
then their strategy will shift exactly. You don't have to keep the same strategy. You will shift and then you come up with the next thing.
Yeah, and the other thing I will say too, is that once you start going through this strategy, really and we said this earlier Pay attention to what people are saying, like turn your ears
on, because there is value. There's valuable information that's going to be shared. It's just if you pick up on it, you make a note. I've had people say to me all the time, here's these ideas that I'm at this event or I'm at this networking thing. There's a powerful thing inside your phone that is note taking, it could be Google key, it could be some kind, it doesn't matter that you can jot a note now.
Yeah, just start, just start taking note. And then also look for repetition. And something recently, which I think I shared this with you, I'm not gonna say who it was. And I'm not going to say where I was, but I was at a conference. And someone was being given something. And so all these videos were made about this company and these people about how wonderful they were and how amazing they were and how, how much of a hard worker that you all these things. Yes, in our industry, we are all hard workers we are, we work our asses off. And we put everybody else before ourselves, which that's a different podcast.
But we've got like five or six, just
one thing that helped me in my business group was to write my eulogy. And think about it. It's super freakin morbid to like, when you die, what do you want people to say about you? And so these videos about this person and their company, every single video, and this really bothers me was consistently saying, you're such a hard worker, you're such a hard worker, you're so I mean, just over and over and over and over. You're such a hard worker, social worker. Well, no shit, we all work hard. But what's your legacy? Like? What are you leaving? And how are you helping people? And how are you making an impact, and maybe you're on Earth and you don't care to make an impact, that's fine, but figure out what you want. And then if you don't know, that's the new niche, you should go around and explore different things like, on what really is going, you can find passions and different hobbies and different life cycles of your life. And so don't pigeonhole yourself into something just because you're there. And you're like, Well, my parents did this, or I took over this, it's like, don't leave your like miserably. But what I definitely don't want people saying is, you're such a hard worker, no joke. But like, what is the actual takeaway? And I think some of that's generational to, because hard work. And then exposing yourself is is two different things like there's this book, empower yourself, if you listen to my podcast, you hear me talk about it all the time. And it's like the past, like 60%, is you putting yourself out there and not being perfect. And then 30% is the image and then like 10% is performance. So being such a hard worker nowadays is like 10%, it doesn't matter. So yes, we all work hard, but like, let's have fun while we're doing it, and let's be smart, and let's enjoy it. And if you enjoy something, but you don't know how to put a strategy together, there's plenty of people out there who do strategy these days, but just ask them for the results.
And if you love what you do, share it. It doesn't mean you have to share 100 pictures or five videos about it. But those in the event industry have such an upper hand with the content and video. I mean, it's honestly, I've told people sit down turn on your camera. Tell Tell me about last weekend Summit? Yeah,
just talk. But it's the same thing with strategy. It's like, if you do something for 90 days, and it's not really working, it's not really performing. You gotta go back to the drawing board sometimes. And sometimes it sucks. But that's how you learn in doing a strategy. So to wrap things up, you and Sharon came down to Nashville for there's a new content creation venue. It's so cute. In Nashville. It's awesome. It was awesome. But it was like 10 scenes, and then 10 tips that went along with each scene. And they're they're really simple things. And it's like, even the girl that owns it. They had an event that night and she was texting me and she was like, oh my god, I use this tip in this tip. And this tip tonight. She didn't take any notes she write it in. I'm gonna share a Google Doc with everybody. So like, you don't have to keep notes. But it's like going to those types of things and investing just a little time can completely change your perception.
For me For somebody who uses their phone a lot for photos and videos. But I'm also one of those people that I attend other coaches I attend other speaking engagements I like to learn from other teachers, Angela shout, she's amazing. But even for someone is actively using their phone as much as Me, there was something for me to learn. As a matter of fact, some of the things I learned I use almost every single day. So it was really important. And I also think it helps. For Sharon, for example, she's not here, but I'll speak up and filter just a little bit more comfortable in actually turning the camera on. Yeah, when you feel like you're, well, you don't feel like you are learning some tips along the way. And it's slowly building your confidence. And the smallest tips can make the big difference. But for that place, we were able to actually get, I can't even tell you how many photos I walked away from well over 200 pictures and videos, we did one of the pictures and there may or may not have been a jam box involved. And if you want to see that you're gonna have to go find it. And while you're there, whatever platform it's on, make sure you like or follow me.
Yeah. So. So then, like, we started talking, and then I went up and you you guys launched this amazing community. And during COVID, there's some software that got put together. And so you're like, Hey, come on to me. No, like, we're having this thing. And so I went out there and like, just met a bunch of people, and then just like, collaborated. And we Yes, we all have podcasts. Yeah. I mean, people are like, Oh, y'all do the same thing. I'm like, Well, we do some similar things. But like you said earlier have backgrounds and our experiences, we're able to two heads are better than one, three heads are better than one. And so it's like you can collaborate with people and learn and like it's like, build a little tribe to like, help hold each other accountable. To make sure that if you see something, say something,
so that you don't get to the top of the ladder by yourself, and you don't get to the top of the ladder, stepping on people along the way. And Angela could have easily blown me off. You know, she could have easily done that. And she really kind of took me under her wing. And you know, I don't know that she's learned much from me. I mean, she may fib and tell you differently. But it is something together the conversations, it's the collaborations, it's things we may both know, but how we say it, how we spin it, it sparks other things for us to do inside our businesses. Or together, there's power in collaboration. And I've said for a long time, our big thing is community over competition, always and wedding professionals out there other businesses that are listening, you can collaborate with somebody, I don't care what industry you're in, there are ways to collaborate to help everyone involved, we
are going to be doing some work. Yes. So that's where the the power of collaboration is so important. And you you're speaking a lot coming up, like I've spoken a lot. And when you're when you're speaking, you're putting yourself out there starting to pay attention to what people are asking for. It will either force you to shift, it has me because I've learned to listen to my audience. And that's what the return, the return will come once you actually start just helping people and oftentimes like, and I don't mean to do it, I people are like, wait, what you're taught, I don't understand, like, don't talk over people's heads, like, just get down to the basics. And, and be patient with people because people get so frustrated these days of like they don't and then they and then they just shut down. The best
part about the one that we did here in Nashville that I went to of yours hands on. I am so much better hands on. A lot of times when I teach I like to teach hands on because I learned better that way. And so a workshop like we're going to do and like I came to down here, I was immediately implementing what I was learning and doing it with repetition. So when I left there, I wasn't like let me get my notebook. Let me read what what says what page wasn't on. And I've done that I went to many conferences, workshops, all this with a notepad full of information. And let me tell you how many times I've read back through that. Most of which I paid for, with the power of doing things hands on, you build a little confidence with repetition, you're going to remember what you're doing. And the other part of this is you're collecting contents that can be used that day, that week, that month, that year, that is really doesn't expire unless you put something in it. That dates it.
Yeah, try to say evergreen. I'm not talking about a Christmas tree, like evergreen meaning like if
you go into the big words again, like it says to use a date. You're Are these specific about a novice? Yes. So content creation workshop, and I cannot wait. But this one is happening in southern Indiana. That's right, just across the bridge from Louisville, Kentucky. It's actually going to be at Huber's winery, beautiful venue and Starlight Indian saying, yes, Angela's been there. And what is in store for you with different stations, tips, strategy, it's going to be a combined effort, and probably going to be the first of many, meaning good, I'm glad she said it's documented on film
it is because then even after so you walk away with a lot of content, basically, and you can do whatever you want with it. I will say make sure that you have some space on your phone, you need some space. And if you run out of space, which some for some reason happens all the time.
We're gonna be talking about that to where you can store your photos and videos. Yeah, there's a lot of tools out there that you can do that. And even if you're on Apple or Android or Yes, Apple or Android, it doesn't matter. Yep, you're going to be able to utilize those. The other thing is make sure your device is charged to bring your charging cord with you. And you'll get all of the details. And the best part about it is the time that it's happening. There's other things that are going to be going on at Huber's that there will be room in the schedule for you to be able to take part in some of those things, there is going to be so many different content opportunities. Did you catch that it's in person in person? No. You can get all the information in the show notes. Tell
them what you got recently in the mail,
a rocking desk
attorney says There you go. So we're gonna be doing some things. That's all I'm gonna say.
And I know you're out there rolling your eyes just like I did. But I've been documenting I've not had it very long at the time of this recording, honestly, and I played sports all through school and after school, but it is not what I thought I was able to pick up on it really easy. And that was something that I asked you a lot about, like, Am I really going to be able to type or talk on the phone. Now I'm gonna go on telly. And then after I've been on it for a little bit that, you know, might not have to pause for a minute to return calls and stuff. But it depends on how brisk you walk or how slow you walk. But anyways, I'm really excited about it.
So we're gonna get some steps in which is a whole nother thing.
That will not be at the workshop, just so you know, don't think you have to do something on a treadmill. No, we're not doing that to you
know, you should wear tennis shoes, because we're going to be in the field. Like there's a lot of grass, tell them the ring bling and all the things I want them to know about cuz you she does a Marketing podcast. And then they actually do a podcast for couples and for parents and like specifically focusing on planning weddings and decor and Sharon who's one of the hosts, she is a planner. And then Mike is a floral designer who's also part of that. And so we'll put the links down there because their podcast is an amazing resource. And they are consistent. And I'm so proud because not everyone is we
have not missed a week since we started in December of 2020. And yes, so marketing Mondays, we now call them business booster Monday, because we've grown up more even outside just the word marketing. And then Wednesday are for engaged couples parents wedding party, because sometimes they need some tips and information on what to do and not to do. And then sometimes we also do some vendor spotlights as well that normally come out on Saturdays. And then you have your community we have in the community. Yeah, so we launched an online community platform. And it's a place for us to bring engaged couples and wedding professionals together in one space. Where there's we're we're focused on connection, education, visibility, technology, it is an it is we get a lot of feedback for being a resource, a hub of information for both parties, for professionals and for engaged couples. They both need each other and having that space where they can connect. They can learn. We you talked about it earlier, education is such a big part. I'm very passionate about education, and helping people along the way. But also having a community where you can lean on others other engaged couples that have or even people that are already married, where you can ask questions and feel like people get you we talked about that also we're yeah click And for wedding professionals, again, our whole mission is community over competition, we are stronger together than we are individually. So absolutely enjoy it just recently launched it. And what we have planned, I mean, honestly, the sky's the limit. And that's what I think is the key there. We've listened to the pain points, from engaged couples and from wedding professionals. And that's the key is continuing to listen, get feedback, and then find ways to implement consistent content that delivers on those key items. So thank you so much. I really appreciate I had so much fun doing this.
This was so fun. Yes. And now we're gonna eat a little bit and drink a little bit and then we're gonna do a tick tock.
Shoot and some of that before, no know what she's talking about.
And thank you so much for your time. Keep GSD and doing shit that you love to do.
I love it. GSD
that's it for this week's episode of business unveiled. Now that you have all the tools that you need to conquer the world and GSD get shit done. Would you share this with your friends and fellow business leaders? One thing that would really really help us and help new listeners is for you to rate the show. And leave a comment and Apple podcast, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you tune in and listen to business unveiled. You can check out the show notes at Angela and link up with us on social media so you can share your biggest insights. And I want to know your aha moments. Until next week, remember the profitable shifts and structures you're creating in your business help you be more present in your life. So get out there and GSD


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