How to Market Using Digital Science

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How to Market Using Digital Science with Arjun Rai

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The world of marketing can make you feel lost, the trends are constantly changing and keeping up can be a challenge! Did you know that digital marketing is a science?! Today I am chatting with Arjun Rai, Founder and CEO of HelloWoofy how he and his team support business underdogs with the power of visualized data science for digital marketing.


  • How to create a seamless, smarter, and innovative social media marketing experience while maximizing efficiencies
  • How to eliminate time-wasting work so you can spend more time doing what you do best
  • How to elevate your business with AI


Market with Science

Create content automagically using a smart marketing dashboard

Work smarter by utilizing AI


Arjun is a New York City based entrepreneur originally from West Windsor, New Jersey (aka Princeton Junction). Since high school, Arjun has been networking with some of the most well known entrepreneurs and even worked on a few projects and startups of his own.

Upon graduation, Arjun pursued his career opportunities and came to New York City where he enrolled at the New York Institute of Technology in 2011 with scholarships and grants. Following a few weeks into college, Arjun launched his second startup,, a social media agency focused on small businesses and startups, and a student-focused organization, TheBizDen.

After interning at a PR and ad agency in the summer of 2012, Arjun quickly saw the need for yet another startup within the tech space and raised a seed investment round to build it out. That startup became which was a virtual collaboration space designed for creative and visual people (we liked to say we make visual conversations).

After spending a few years and learning the ins and outs of running a venture backed startup, Rai set out to modernize another industry related to his former passion of social media. The startup would be known as which is a social media management platform driven by artificial intelligence to help small to medium sized businesses with digital marketing.

Arjun currently lives in New York City. Arjun went to the NYIT School of Management (majoring in Small Business and Entrepreneurship). He also holds several notable awards and has been previously or is currently a member of the Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society and Golden Key International Honour Society. Professionally, Arjun has also been a member of The One Club, The Art Directors Club, The Advertising Club of NY, Social Media Marketing Society, IVY Connect Club etc.

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I'm so excited for our guest today because I think I'm going to learn a lot. Like I love learning all about digital marketing. And when I was first looking at this guest and about the company, I'm like, ooh, I love dogs. So what is this company? HelloWoofy.Continue Reading

 And it's just like, you know, when you see those business names, and it doesn't necessarily you know what it is or what it does, but you just have to learn about it. That's what this name did for me. And so I'm excited to bring on Arjun rye, he is going to really give us some great nuggets on digital marketing, which you guys know that I'm a complete nerd about. And so we're gonna jump in and just tell you some things and how it's done. If you're driving, just remember, we'll put all this in the show notes, and we'll share a link at the end. Because I feel like it's gonna be one of those podcasts where you're like, Oh, my gosh, I need to stop and like take notes and write this down to grow my business. So just be safe. So Arjun, welcome to the show today. Thank you. Thank you so much, Angela for the opportunity. And it's really an honor. And Hi everyone. My name is Arjun like Argentina without the Tina, and founder and CEO at Hello wealthy, which we like to say we are a smart marketing dashboard, or platform for underdogs. To your point earlier, we love supporting underdogs, and we like to call them are all rather they're known as the smallest of small businesses or small businesses overall. And I love it, which I didn't even I'm like, yeah, you know what sometimes, like when you're not in digital marketing, and you don't have access to all of this data, and all of like, the shiny new software's, you kinda are the underdog, which I never even thought of it that way. But what I'm really excited to know is how like, Where did you grow up? How did you get involved in like, digital marketing, and then doing all this data around emojis? Because I can't wait to hear your journey and like how you've gotten to where you are today? No, it's a it's a great question. And so I've been pretty much throughout my entire life, I've been very entrepreneurial selling things here and there even as a, you know, as a as a kid, and, you know, formerly building a startup at 17 in the advertising space, and then building a social media agency, which is basically an ad agency doing social media work, and then raising capital in college to build a software company that sold into agencies, which was primarily focused on collaborating around a limitless canvas and you can drag and drop people project files onto it, almost like Iron Man or Minority Report. And we figured out we were too early for our own good. And so I ended up building Wolfie after that shortly thereafter. And we pivoted a little bit we figure things out as well. But if you've only been in market believer or not, but Hello, Wolfie for about 11 months in this year, we grew 21,900% and we, you know, we're about to do probably quarter million in revenue on a severely massively discounted rate, you know, $49 a year for everything that we're about to talk about today. And, yeah, it's like crazy. And so we're on a mission to help you know, small businesses. We started that mission back in November in December last year, but a COVID happening and everything else.
It was interesting because a lot our demographic it was if it was, you know, X percent, it was now like 500% bigger because of
Every one was becoming a small business owner, everyone was becoming a coach. Everyone was, you know, launching their podcasts and and we're right there supporting small businesses underdogs with, you know, for the price of a cup of coffee.
Literally, like, Oh my gosh, yeah, so Okay, I have to ask, how did y'all come up with the name. So I love dogs. And I've always grown up with Maltese. And so that's where the the white color comes in. And, and, and so that's kind of where we're the, I guess the the mascot and the idea comes in. But the idea is really around the or the concept around your best friend. You know, he teaches you he or she teaches you when how and what to post, and is always by your side is your best friend. And, and so similarly, the platform as you start typing it automatically companies the words for you, it goes it's you know, we like to say it fetches emojis and hashtags for you as belt as well depending on what you're typing. And then if you upload any images, it'll look at the image, and then give you a corresponding hashtags and, and there's a whole bunch of other capabilities as well. But the concept is to make it very user friendly, but also friendly to use. Just like your best friend, he has your back. Oh my gosh. So do you still have a Maltese dog? My dad does. I have been approved to become a foster parent or be able to adopt a dog here in New York. So I am looking and I might be getting one very soon. Okay, we'll look and see.
Oh, hi. That's That's exactly it. Hi. I love all these. So cute. All the paws are so cute. So I have two there, Lily and puppy. Oh, oh, this one looks like he just woke him up.
I did. But their brother sister and they're multiphase. And so she took out for the Maltese and he took after the poodle. Yeah. And people cannot believe their brother and sister. But they're so different. They're so different. But I my dogs are my children. And so when I saw your branding, I'm like, this is genius like this is but I'm like there has to be a story behind it. Yeah, I totally get it. So talk to us a little bit about your experience with building sales funnels. Sure. And by using and I just I love the emoji stuff, which I'm laughing because years ago, when the iPhone came out with the keyboard, and my much younger team members are like, Oh my god, you can like do this little poopy thing. And you could that was like my first introduction to like, an emoji is shit literally. Sure. And I'm like, What are you talking about? I'm like, I don't have time for this shit. Like, just text me the words of what I need to know. And like, let's move on. And so then like it kept like coming up more and more and more and more. And then when I got into the digital marketing world, and we started building on different platforms and doing strategy for sales. I'm like, maybe I should, like, understand this emoji thing. Sure. And so then that led me to use Marco Polo, which is, I mean, that just takes all the miscommunication because you can see my face and you can see when I'm being sarcastic. And when I'm like, I'm like shits getting real, you need to go back and do you know, so but I don't ever want to offend anybody but the but Marco Polo, the way that they use emojis is so that when someone is that's how I know my team members have seen my video message is because they'll do like a thumbs up, or they'll do like a heart. And so it's really fascinating to me over the years how you can send a series of emojis and you know exactly what people are talking about. So
in your experience, since you've been doing and working in all of this sales funnel stuff, have you always have emojis always been like a part of it? Or did it like slowly come into that? And if so, like, how did that change? Well, so we do have emojis all over our sales funnels. But I think the thing to keep in mind about the sales funnel is that it doesn't have to be overly thought out it just needs to be very simple and the call to action has to be upon every scroll. And so those those are the those are the important elements of that and and make it obviously super easy to transact and and check out which you know, if you haven't read Russell Bronson's book, you know, his, you know, expert secrets or, you know, Traffic Secrets, those are really good books about you know, especially traffic secrets about upselling and things like that. But in our case, you know, just a very simple product offering make it enticing, you know, it originally it was like $588 or you know, in pricing, but we're charging $49 for the year. There's a call to action in the Buy Now button that follows the across the entire scrolling of the website. So those are little things that you need to keep in mind and you can find resources on Fiverr for you know, 50 $100 build the entire funnel for you and then you know, we were able to do we
Spend $200, give or take, we spent a couple of $1,000. In Facebook ads, half of revenue comes from Facebook ads. And today we've done about 120 $130,000 in revenue from that one sales funnel that we then, you know, replicated for partners and customize it for partners as well. But that was that was it. And then obviously, we have emojis in there we have call to actions, we make it super visual. So that you know, the customer can understand very easily what's what they're being being offered, and they can transact right there.
So I was speaking at a tech conference a few years ago, and one of the other speakers he was specifically speaking on growth hacking. And he was showing us some studies on the button. Color matters. Yep, the green and red.
Yep. And then grew, and then also the shape of the button, like, square or rounded edges or not rounded edges. And then what it actually says like, what is the text actually saying? Yep, so it was very interesting to me. And that's actually where I really adopted like, Okay, we got a be split test everything. We're not making a decision until we literally split test everything. And it's because every time like I took myself out of the process a long time ago, because I had to buy a lot of dinners and a lot of one from my team. And so I'm like, Well, I think this picture, or I think this would work and what we think, and also what I learned about myself is I had an emotional attachment to those clients, which that's why I liked the pictures. Yep. And so in marketing, it's a completely different world. And there's Yes, you want to pull a motion, but I lost every single time. And the reason I lost is because the the analytical data smart team that I have, they like their five steps ahead of me. They're like, Oh, well, we already split tested those three pictures, so we knew we were gonna lose anyway. I'm like, this really mean sometimes. But it put me in my place. And it was like, Okay, what you think? what's actually going to convert? Meaning clicking? Putting your credit card in converting getting a sale is not? You don't know what you don't know. Sure. Though, what is your experience been with? Like split testing? I'm assuming you guys do that. No, you're you're absolutely you're absolutely right. I mean, if you take a look at the emoji trend report, which is by Adobe, it came out I think, middle of last year in July, or sometime, it was a 19. And it literally talks about which emojis are the most popular, which combination of emojis are really popular, we were actually tracking now, you know, the, which emojis are actually being used around the world. So for viewers who are not able to see right now, I'm basically pulling up a ticker that we built that literally figures out which ones are being used around the world in real time. And so if you want to take a look at this, you know, if you want to take a look at the flower, it gives you a little bit of understanding of what's happening there. We also built a sentiment tracker, so we can actually tell you how happy or not so happy The world is right now in terms of real time analysis. But we're literally taking data science to a whole new level to figure out, you know, based on what I've entered, in this case, you know, I entered I love dogs, it starts figuring out this is a sample of what's happening on the back end, in terms of why are we giving you those recommendations like love does really well with fitness and fitness does really well with these other hashtags, and these emojis and, and things like that. So we've, I mean, this is a very small data set of a very small sentence. I love dogs. But the idea is, and for viewers who are unable to see we're basically looking at a graph, it's called a complex graph. And so you're able to see which words tend to do well with which, which other words, which other has hashtags, which hashtags tend to do well with other emojis, which other emojis do well with other emojis. So it's a very interesting approach to building that out. But I do recommend your listeners to take a look at the emoji trend report because it talks about not only the trust factor and how people are pulling a trust score, but they're also willing to convert into purchasers people are willing to buy more when they see emojis and the use of them. And obviously the engagement goes through the roof as well. Okay, y'all, what I just saw was like, the coolest thing I've ever live unseen. So if so if I'm like, okay, you sold me that little thing, because we put a word in, and then my team can go and instead of like going because we use a couple different apps and like software's that show like what but I've never seen it like that. Sure. And, and I'm a visual person because I'm a creative person. And so why even complete the sentence for you. Like for example, if I'm typing in a post here, right. So if I'm typing in like
Say, I love, which of course, we love you and my coffee, it'll automatically complete the sentence for me and then give me the right emojis in the on the on the bottom, and then give me the appropriate emojis there. Now the other thing we're working on, is not only giving you emojis that are relevant to what you typed in so far, but sentiment wise, what is, you know, from, from a perspective of emotion, are these emojis actually relevant to what you've written here so far, which is, you know, it could be anywhere from neutral to positive. And then if you don't, if you if you want to use a hashtag, like, if you want to turn this into a hashtag, you could be like, maybe I don't like coffee I want to use I love my coffee lover, and, and so on, and so forth. So it'll give you other hashtag recommendations as well. Now, the other cool thing is that if I don't want to, let's say if I go ahead and turn this into coffee, and again, for viewers who are not able to see what I'm doing here, I'm just double clicking on words and switching them out from the other one and turning them into hashtags searching for other hashtags. When I click on the purple dot, it'll find memes for me that are relevant to what image you know what I've written so far, or static images that are royalty free that I could use with the the post itself and will automatically figure out based on the imagery, what hashtags will do really well. So what I'm, again, for people who aren't able to see what I'm doing right now is literally looking at an image that was recommended based on the artificial intelligence and then detecting hashtags. And I have a fully optimized posts here, and I can go ahead and turn those into, I don't know friends if I wanted to, and it'll be we're good to go. Okay, this is flippin amazing. And we'll put all this on YouTube. So you guys that can only listen, like you're gonna want to go see this because this is the coolest thing. So is this like, when people subscribe to
your product? Is this exactly is this like what they get? Like they do? Yeah, and so this is literally beating the the beat out of our competitor competition. I mean, a lot of our competitors, they tend to look like this, right? They tend to be very old school that tend to be very, you know, clunky, but they've been around for a very long time, you have a tremendous amount of respect for them. But there's no AI, there's no data science. And then when you take a look at tools that are a little bit more robust, a little bit more, you know, enterprise grade, they totally have the data you need, but it there's very little science involved. There's no data science, there's no artificial intelligence, and this will cost you you know, 50,000 $500,000 a year. And so we were like we need to build something that actually is intelligent super simple to use, even a kid could use it if they wanted to, so long as they have their you know, parents permission and and now we're actually building the world's first Alexa Scheduler. So you Angela as a as a podcaster. You could now schedule content directly into all of your listeners living rooms, either as video or audio and they can say literally just play the Angela, the Angela Proffitt, you know, skills, podcast skill or something like that, and automatically will be on their TV. And so we grew really fast. We, you know, we grew nearly 22,000%. And we actually integrate we grew with, we actually partnered with our biggest competitor, which is Hootsuite. And so we've done we've done pretty well for ourselves. But again, we're we're building this technology to help the underdog right to to your point and you can do social media right now you can do you know, blogging, as well, you can automatically type entire blog post, you can also type anywhere on the internet now using the Google Chrome extension. I can do the exact same thing, you know, typing a blog post, and my and my coffee, and it'll automatically complete the sentence there switch it out. For me. The Google Chrome extension actually even allows you to do that outside of Hello, Wolfie.
Okay, but you guys built that extension, obviously. And it's in the app store and the Chrome app the Chrome Store, yep.
Oh my god, I'm gonna go get it.
And it's so affordable. Yep. Which is awesome. Which is all about the feedback it's that's the most important thing for us is how can we make it better and and we can talk about Facebook groups and how that's been very valuable to me.
Yeah, cuz I know that you guys have an awesome robust Facebook group and so you were telling me earlier like before we got on and started to record like you You actually listen, and then you deliver. Yep. So how when you all started Is it a private face Facebook group, it is a private Facebook group. But it's it's is it's private and public you know, in terms of like, you know, the feedback is coming from our customers. They're telling us every single day, what's working what isn't working.
So then again, for viewers or listeners who can't see the screen this we have nearly 20 to 2300 people in here we have nearly 7000 customers and as you can see, we obviously love you know, love dogs, but you know, every single day we're and I'm responding in video, you know, asking people what is working for them and responding to
Questions and video, which is they're not expecting that obviously to be a thing. And I think that's the best way to, again, we're a b2b company, but if you really want to be differentiating yourself, you have to be able to, you know, act like a b2c company at the human level. And so we you know, every single day people are, you know, jumping in and telling us exactly what they want us to build, what's not working for them, what is working for them. And I think that's the best way to to build a company. And then what we can do further is raise capital from them. So we've been raising, you know, raising raising capital, we've raised over a half a million dollars so far from the public markets, and it's through reg CF, which is equity crowdfunding, a lot of our customers have put in as low as $100. So I've put in $10,000, into the company. And as we grow, they obviously grow as well on on paper.
Okay, so for people who aren't who are listening, who are not familiar with crowdfunding raising money, you might hear people say, like, you know, capital or angel investor can like, Can you explain to them exactly, how would you go about that, because Sure, you were telling me earlier, you love how you know, people put in, everybody gets a piece of the pie. So if you can go deeper with that, sure. So for example, we have a campaign running right now, which is an equity crowdfunding campaign that we started a couple of weeks ago, and we raised about 130,000. so far. And so the idea is literally anyone can invest as low as $100. This is a platform using call for public, there's other platforms like start engine seed invest, we funder that, you know, anyone can use as long as obviously, they get approved, and they're able to do all the paperwork and the legal side of things. But so this is our second campaign between the first campaign and the second campaign we've raised about, like I said, a little over 500, you know, half a million dollars, and we'll probably raise it a little bit more as well before the our first or second campaign ends. But this is a really good way for companies to be able to raise capital, because it allows them to raise capital from their customers and you know, get a little bit of notoriety on the public and on the public side. And you can give, you know, benefits of it as well to, you know, you can give perks, and there's valuation, there's a whole nine yards here, I do encourage everyone to look at the the benefits of this, and typically could only raise up to $1,070,000. But as of Monday, you know, the the securities exchange commission, which kind of you know, dictates all the terms of this kind of raise, or approach, they've raised it to $5 billion. So that means that a lot of people, a lot of small businesses, can or startups can raise a lot more capital and for a longer period of time, than then they were able to do before, which means a lot more opportunities. So does this platform, I'm not super familiar with that platform, but does it work, where other platforms, like for example, if you have a goal of $100,000, and you only get to $85,000, you have to raise the minimum, you have to raise the minimum. So in our, in our example, here, for this campaign, it was 25,000. And we're already you know, for like 520,005, or 20% of the minimum goal raise, right. So we've raised, you know, quite a bit more than the minimum. And so after that, it's just, you know, whatever the maximum we can raise legally is the limit. So then when that when that's over, and it's closed out, then what happens, then you will have to wait for the escrow to, you know, send over the capital and things like that. But you know, you could have, you could do another campaign, so long as you fit within the limits of how much you're supposed to raise within a 12 month period. If you're well below it, then, you know, you could do another round, you can wait a little bit, then do a round. totally depends on the strategies of the company. And so then, I'm assuming then you take the money, and you reinvest it back into technology to continue to build more research and development. Yeah, we have a great data science team, and a great team of engineers. And so that's, you know, why we're kicking a asterik asterik right now, you know, based on our competition, competition, who really don't care about small businesses, they say they do. But, you know, for example, one of our competitors is a publicly traded company, 2.2 $2.3 billion in market cap, and their cheapest prices are over $100. And in small for small businesses, it doesn't give you that much AI capabilities at all, or no AI capabilities and doesn't give you that keep that much capabilities in general. And usually it's $100 per month, you guys know, like, oh, like Tom. So let me just clarify that. Oh, yeah. 12 $100 a year Oh, you're already in and but no benefits of data science or AI capabilities. This is just insane. So we used to use Hootsuite years ago. And then we started, we split tests and things and we noticed that if we would post on each platform on each respective platform or use that platform
A scheduling tool or like creator studio or whatever, that the engagement was better? I don't know how much truth to that there is, do you have any insight to that? Um, yeah, it's, we've I mean, we obviously use it our own tool, and we get great engagement in our own Facebook group. So we do believe that if you're able to think a little bit about what you're about to say, then have been doing it in the moment on the platform itself. And obviously, with our data science, we're looking at, you know, 10s of millions of data points and conversations to optimize everything you're typing, you're gonna get more insightful posts out the door, plus the recognition, the image recognition plus the emoji, you know, data science plus the hash tag analysis, the whole nine yards, you basically have, you know, multiple data points that if you had to hire for each data point an individual, you'd be spending 10s of 1000s of dollars. So we obviously give you that for the price of a coffee. And so what we're finding is that more insightful, thought provoking, you know, posts come out as a result of just typing something in randomly and then going to Twitter than Facebook, and then doing it on Instagram, you know, one at a time. So we do believe that the platform allows you to not only schedule with thought provoking and insightful content, but the AI itself will make it even better.
This is so incredible. I'm like, so geeking out right now I'm like, Oh, my God, this is so awesome. Like, how am I just now hearing about this, but you're under a year old? If you only been around for like I said, we've only been around for 11 months, but we've we've grown 21,900%, which is staggering, but crazy. I've never and I mean, I'm totally geeking out. Yep. So in your platform, our people. One thing that I'm on the hunt for right now, is a platform that allows all of the messages to be managed in one place, because, you know, Hootsuite only allows some and actually they I don't think that we could pull any of our DMS or messages like, I know now Facebook and Instagram are pulled together. But then we've got LinkedIn and we've got Tick tock, and then we've got Twitter, and then we were working on that. And we're also going to be integrating with telegram, Whatsapp and messenger apps and
SMS text very soon as well. Okay, so I will be the first one in line. Because from a productivity perspective, even though I have team members help me, it's, it's actually still overwhelming, because there are some questions on there that people are asking follow up to my productivity tip videos that or people will send me actual like you did in your Facebook group, like, they'll send me a video message or they'll send me like a voice memo. And so they're expecting me to get back with them, you know, not somebody on my team typically. And so it's so much to manage, though. And so even though we are wash, rinse repeating our content, so like, I'll create one thing on Tick tock, and then now we're putting it on reels, and then we send out to YouTube to our email list. And then and then all these questions are coming in which I absolutely love, because people are paying attention to technology finally. But oh my gosh, it's like a full time job to like, get to all of these questions. Yep. And so it's like, Am I doing the right thing but like but it all these tips are listening is listening and or recall a socialist thing is definitely something that we're looking into now. Because of that reason, we have our Facebook group, and people are asking questions all the time. And so we're going to be allowing other people to do basically the same thing that I'm doing, which is responding and video responding in text as a founder. And so there there are quite a bit of capabilities that are coming down the road but that's exactly why we want your audience to join Facebook, our Facebook group content masters by Hello, Wolfie and tell us what is good. What do you need? What is you know what is happening in your small business that you want to be automated, you want artificial intelligence to give you insights around, right? Because 90% of our roadmap is heavily influenced by people that are suggesting features in that group. And also every Friday we have client calls and you know client networking calls we call it client therapy sessions. Anyone can ask me any question about how do you install Facebook pixels how you build a website anything for an hour, and and and a lot of our other customers actually start helping each other as well. So that's, again, we're building a very different community actually, very soon by the end of the year. or early next year. We're going to be allowing all of our all of our small businesses to potentially hire one another on our platform. So if you're a small business owner that wants to support another one and you need copywriters definitely have copywriters on board. And and so we're kind of building our own little village that's supporting small businesses and we've worked you know, obviously we're doing really well.
Yeah. Okay, but so for people that I mean, you've really built a great, I mean, you have a large team. And so are you answering? Are you taking time every single day to answer those questions? Or do you? Oh, yeah, seven to 11 o'clock 7am to 11pm, a couple hours in between for lunch and dinner and like social stuff. You know, Zendesk tickets, Facebook group posts, taking videos of, you know, people, you know, in terms of responses to people's comments, those are, those are things that, you know, I still have to do, obviously, at some point, we have to scale to, you know, with one or more people to do it. But the idea is, it's it's super high touch point, and people want to feel that people are listening to them, they're not just getting shoved into an email inbox, or Zendesk ticket inbox. And so I do these kinds of calls, you know, 1520 times a day. And we end up closing, obviously, 90% of the of the calls, because people appreciate the, the, the attention to detail, and the Oh, my gosh, and like just still looking at your team, you've got people that specifically focus on iOS, you have people that specifically focus on Android, which is one of the I feel like I get this question every single day, because I've talked a lot about a lot of apps, because we use a lot of automation. I feel like I am like the only girl in the creative industry that has product that uses like 30 plus
platforms, in my account, it is like, do we really need to do use it? And I'm like, Listen, I don't mind paying three, four or five grand a month for all of these platforms, as long as it's making me money. And it is providing a good customer service. And it is saving me pain, another full time person or two or three or four sometimes. Yep, that's what you have to look at is like, what is the ROI on these investments? And some, like we have some clients, and they're like, well, how did you do that? I'm like, well, it's this app, and they're like, Oh, my God, another app on the app store I have to pay for. And so I'm like, but if you really want to take advantage of AI and take advantage of all of these amazing platforms that specifically are leading. And just one thing, which I appreciate the focus, like, I'm okay with that, because we can't be everything to everybody. Yep. But I mean, you really have in my favorite team members is the chief wolf officer,
me out officer and the chief PR officer or the rope, rope pets. Those are Yeah. And I'm actually I've just been approved to foster foster dogs as well. So we'll see if I'm, if I'm getting any more, but yeah, we love animals. And as you can see, there's a quote that from Gandhi, it says you can treat you can see how great a country is simply by the way it treats his animals. And we definitely take that into account when it comes to treating our customers treating, you know, obviously, the pets, but you know, people partners, and you know, podcasts or hosts. And it's all important when it comes to, you know, karma, and whatever you want to believe but you know, things people are important and how you treat them as important as well. Absolutely. So what are the the emojis that you showed me? What are the top trending in the world right now? Did those change every day, every hour every month? Like? How does that work? They do. And if you take a look at our login screen for the API we built, which is the emoji Data API, it'll actually give you a little bit of understanding of like, exactly what the sentiment is, which is like, what does the world feel in in real in real time? So for example, let's see, I'll share my screen real quick. So the the API, which is essentially a technology we built for ourselves, it you know, if you click on login, you'll see, you'll see that it's giving you an understanding of on the left side, you know, how joyful you know, how, you know, anticipation, sadness, surprise, in real time. So it's, you know, we're kind of trying to figure out now is, how do we use this data to kind of give you better insights in real time, so that you can make better decisions, not just you know, just not, you know, just winging it, when it comes to coming with the right copy the right emojis. And, as you seen here, we're also that you built a ticker that allows you to figure out which emojis are being used in real time. That combined with what you saw earlier, which is the complex network graph. And again, you know, for people who aren't able to see this is a this is a complex graph, we're showing you the the web essentially of which emojis which words which hashtags are related to one another is going to be very powerful. We're going to be actually combining the two interfaces very quickly.
This is your this is just the coolest thing. Ever.
I'm just fascinated. So not to age this episode, but we're in the middle of like election, yo. Yep. Depending on like what's going, I'm assuming what's going on like in the world, like it's a holiday or an election day or
something going on in the world. I'm sure that that triggers certain emojis that we might not necessarily use on a day to day basis. So have you seen like this huge uptick of like, Yeah, all the voting stuff? Yeah. So well, that's actually what we were hoping to do is to have all those this built by election day. And so I'm looking at the graph right now going up and down. So like, anticipation just went up, Joy went down, and sadness went up for a second, and then trust went up at the same time. So it's kind of like, and this is based on real time data. So it's, it's, it depends, what we're looking to do is give you all this information in real time, so that you can contour your messages accordingly. And not be completely off base when it comes to your approach to the sentiment, it's or the posting itself. So as he developed this more will include more data, again, for the price of a coffee into the platform. And hopefully that helps, you know, obviously, the small businesses get more done than what their biggest companies, they're, you know, the biggest companies who have like a limited marketing budgets are doing, which is using a lot of data to crush the small businesses. Yeah. And that is the truth. So if you guys go to the website, hello, will and at the top, the Facebook group that you mentioned, join content masters that is on the top there, but we will put the link in the show notes. And yeah, I think that you just got a bunch of people over
there also
credible, like, this is so neat. Like, congratulations on everything that you're doing, because data always wins. And I know that I've learned it the hard way. And so any, when it's easy to consume, and like move, especially like in a creative picture format, like that's my, it's like, those are my people, you know, exactly. It's like the graphs you showed earlier. Like that is what some of our dashboards look like, look like. And so I'm just asking my team members who know that I don't really respond to stuff like that. I'm like, Okay, what does this mean? Like, what this graph means this and this graph means then I was like, Okay, I get it, but like, how is that going to help us make a better business decision for next week? ads.
And that's another thing, like you mentioned, Facebook ads. And so I'm assuming like, by having all this insight, you can run your ads much, much better, and the outcome and the ROI is so much greater just by using this data. Next, the next thing we want to do is I talked about SMS marketing, because the interface is already there. With Alexa scheduler as well coming up for you soon. Shopify coming out very soon. And a whole bunch of integrations, the the Facebook ads, and paid advertising is is definitely on our roadmap for early next year. So you can, you know, instantaneously come up with the best combination and run that.
So if I sign up for your email list, sure, do you all send out like emails like, Hey, this is coming get in beta, or Hey, this is okay, so I'll be on your email list today.
And definitely join our Facebook group because that's gonna be you're gonna be the you're probably gonna be the one of the most beneficial people who are going to benefit the most from the platform, especially when the Alexa scheduler comes out and and be able to schedule content directly into your listeners living room, so long as the top 10 obviously, and they download your skill, you know, whatever you end up calling it, but that would be that would be super helpful. Yeah, this is super. This is so awesome. Like, I'm so excited.
Yeah, it's like the day that when iTunes centered podcasts and out and said like, hey, for everybody that has an iPhone, you can say like, Hey Siri, listen to business unveiled and listen to the latest episode. And so just by me putting out a little video a 15 second video telling people like Hey, did you know you could do this? Like we got lots of more subscribers and people still they were on our email list and they know that we put them out every Tuesday. Yep. But they didn't realize that they could tell Siri that and then it started a whole new trend of starting to use Siri more. So it's it's just all this stuff is so awesome. Oh my god, it took care of all day long, but we're out of time.
So it was a pleasure. Yes, for Facebook and your emails and everybody listening. You have to go check this out. Like this is the coolest shit I've seen in like, a really long time. And you guys know like, I am a tech geek, a software geek. And so I just haven't seen anything like
So this was incredible. I'm so so happy that you came to be on the podcast. Thank you. Well, if there's anything I can do for your audience for yourself, just Arjun, ar j un at Hello Visit our website, join our Facebook group content masters by Hello, Wolfie and email me What's your story? And in terms of, you know, what can we do for you? What do we know features are looking for us to build? Let us know because we'll most likely actually end up doing that 90% of our fraud by like I said, is influenced by customers and potential customers. This is awesome. And
I'm expecting to see your new foster puppy and Okay, let's say absolutely. So I'll be looking for it. So everybody, thank you so much for listening today. You'll have to go watch this on YouTube. Again, we'll send out the links to you guys, this I'm so glad that we were recording the screen part. Because this I'm so visual. So this made all the difference in the world. This was amazing. So everybody, thank you so much for listening. Have a great day and be sure to tune in next week. That's it for this week's episode of business unveiled. Now that you have all the tools that you need to conquer the world and GSD get shit done. Would you share this with your friends and fellow business leaders? One thing that would really really help us and help new listeners is for you to rate the show and leave a comment and Apple podcast, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you tune in and listen to business unveiled. You can check out the show notes at Angela slash podcast and link up with us on social media so you can share your biggest insights. And I want to know your aha moments. Until next week, remember the profitable shifts and structures you're creating in your business. help you be more present in your life. So get out there and GSD


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