How to Promote Yourself to CEO

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I am a huge supporter of women in business and women creating opportunities for themselves to achieve their goals and lead lives that they love! Today, I am chatting with award winning business strategist, host of the Promote Yourself to CEO podcast, and best selling author, Racheal Cook, all about how creatives can break free from the feast-famine cycle. 

In this episode, we are chatting about:

-How to make money more consistently without sacrificing their creativity
-Understanding the speed of growth and its dependency on how much you can reinvest
-Planning for the business to be an asset, not something that they simply operate

Here were my Key takeaways for y’all:

-Clarity on the principles to create consistent income
-Actionable steps to implement while increasing time in your business for creating
-Break the cycle of feast or famine cycle by defining and implementing a process that creates baseline revenue

More about Racheal:

As an award-winning business strategist, host of the Promote Yourself to CEO podcast, and best-selling author, Racheal Cook is on a mission to end entrepreneurial poverty for women. Over the last 10 years she has helped thousands of female entrepreneurs design predictably profitable businesses without the hustle and burnout that doing #allthethings inevitably accomplishes. In fact, Racheal is a sought after speaker on entrepreneurship, marketing, and productivity and has been featured by the US Chamber of Commerce, Forbes Coaching Council, Female Entrepreneur Association, and more. Her real passion, though, is supporting savvy, soulful women as they implement the strategy, systems, and support to uncomplicate their business so they can work less and live more.

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