How to See Your Business Journey as a Gift

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If you're an entrepreneur or business owner, then you know that starting and running your own business is no easy task. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and perseverance to make it successful. While there may be plenty of challenges along the way, don't forget to take moments to see your business journey as a gift. 

Because really, that's what it is, an opportunity to create something amazing and achieve your dreams. The journey does not come without obstacles, embrace them as part of the journey and use them to help you grow and learn. 

I’m so excited to share today’s guest Cbabi Bayoc, visual artist and illustrator of Cbabi Bayoc Originals. He will be sharing with us how to approach challenges and make decisions that are aligned with your purpose and mission in order to grow. 


  • How to choose your yes’s
  • How to you approach each project
  • How to approach the challenges that you struggle with the most


It's okay to not have everything figured out before approaching a project

You can always grow but be okay with where you are now

Make decisions that are aligned with your purpose and mission


Cbabi (pronounced Kuh-bob-bi) Bayoc is an internationally renowned St. Louis visual artist and illustrator who is highly sought-after for his murals and illustrations by diverse clientele such as schools, corporations, non-profits, hospitals, churches, actors, athletes, and musicians seeking images depicting the vibrancy and beauty of diversity through either acrylic on canvas, metal, wood, and even stained glass or digitally.

Bayoc, whose birth name is Clifford Miskell, Jr., adopted his name Cbabi (Creative-Black-Artist- Battling- Ignorance) during his time at Grambling State University and later legally changed his last name to Bayoc (Blessed-African-Youth-Of-Creativity) as a way of setting the stage of always reminding his future children of their value and worth. His connections at Grambling State University and the experience acquired while working at Six Flags Mid America- St. Louis led to his being sought after by actors, athletes and musicians to provide portraits and album covers such as Violator Compilation Vol 1 which features the likeness of Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliott, Foxy Brown, Q-Tip, LL Cool J, Mobb Deep, Fat Joe and Big Pun as well as artwork featured on Prince’s Rainbow Children album.

Perhaps Cbabi’s name and evolution as an artist are best embodied in his 365 Days with Dad series—his 2012 New Year’s resolution to paint a positive image of Black fatherhood each day for the entire year. This project was quintessential in starting a dialogue within the community about the importance of a strong foundation and support system for all children, no matter the age.

Today, this series continues to evolve, revealing the complexities of Black masculinity through Cbabi’s 52 Fridays of Fatherhood and his commitment to grow art collecting amongst Black families through weekly giveaways of original art pieces. He also recently completed illustrations for Dr. Ibram X. Kendi’s children’s book, Good Night Racism, scheduled to be released in June 2022.

Artist Statement

“My art is activism filled with light, life, heart, bold color, patterns, and phunQ! My goal is to paint the world I want to see my children and yours thrive in. This goal keeps me committed to evolving my art, and engaging my community”


I'm so excited to talk to our guests, because he's an artist. And like many of us were creatives and his art is, it's so fun. And it's so cool. And it's so beautiful. But when doing art you have, you can take yourself through this journey, which is exactly what our guest does today. And so I'm going to share a little bit about that. I can't wait for you to share your experiences and your journey and telling the story through like the stroke of a brush, which I absolutely love. So Bobby, welcome to the show today.

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Hey, thank you for having me. Yes, Angela. Yeah, I'm
super excited. Before we jump off and start talking about journey and life and all this stuff. Have you always been an artist and just share back your backstory with us? How have you gotten to where you are today.
Um, I've been at this for 27 years professionally. So I came out of college. And I mean, we'll get into different parts of it. But for the most part, this has been what not one to do. And I've had to figure it out along the way because it's a very strange walk of life, especially before the internet and all that there was literally no blueprint on what it looked like to be a living non starving artists. So made some points to not forget that have been driven by the whole concept of being a starving artist that used to drive me crazy to be called that but you know, that's this just kind of been my drive. But I real quick. Real quick timeline. If you do dot dot graduated from college, I went right back to my trailer, I drew portraits for a year Dan and Graham and then I got a mural job in St. Louis. Gave me the deposit I came back to St. Louis mural fell through, but at least I was brought back here. I worked at a place called a Union Station downtown for a minute. And it was a gallery and I drew portraits in the area where people walked around. It's kind of like a mall, destination touristy spot, and the guy downstairs doing characters. He saw me drawing portraits. She's like you should kind of Six Flags the season started and you probably be dope as a character artist. That's it. Okay, galleries about the clothes. So I went to six legs. I was already 22, which when we're going to Six Flags feels like 80 Because everybody else there's like 1314. And even though we were independent contractors, you know, but this is my first time doing a character. So when they good and we only got paid on commission if people liked it. So after having people walk away and just sweat and kids laying on you. I knew the year was it. And so I taught myself how to do caricatures at home on campus. And because of connections I had at the college I was at, I saw that the guy who was an editor at a newspaper that that I did drawings for my college was now the editor of rampage magazine. So create a portfolio, sent it got the job for a year doing monthly and then this guy named Chris lighty, you know, recipes. He used to manage Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliott called me up, like, want you to do our violet, a compilation album. And I was like, okay, you know, now here we are 20 years later, it's like iconic album and, you know, the title job, you know, and then I did that job script, Caulfield mom saw that and you're like, maybe we need this guy. So I did another one that became an iconic app. So I was like, I've never I didn't have business mind. But I had some angels and they were just like, let's just give them these dope, dope ass little jobs along the way to just set them up. And then you know, here we are. 27 years later. Well, let's say 20 Let's say 17 years later, I decided to do a project 365 days a day. In that pilot literally changed. Everything for me as an artist, where I can finally in some kind of way say I'm you know, I'm an artist for almost a businessman again, T Even, you know, got system, you know? So I'm following that world. So I listened to y'all a little bit, you know, I'm gonna know your capacity. And, you know, sometimes I'm like, blown my mind. And I'm like, I was like, Okay, I think these things I just don't know. I think so. Yeah. So but now, you know, as artists, like, like, we were talking earlier, there was no blueprint before. But now online, you got funnels and all those other stuff, like, I can show you how to be an artist and how to make money. I'm like, that's like this this way. It's like, come on.
Me. Right. But that's so neat. Like, what I've noticed, even recently, like, in the past, I would say six months, some of the events that I've been to even corporate events and some weddings, that that's like, the thing is to hire someone to like, come and draw a character. And I'm like, Okay, that's cool. Like, I was at a corporate event, and they had four different artists there. And then I'm like, this should come out really funny. Because this is like midnight, like, maybe one in the morning. And you know, people but dragon. Like, is this gonna be the drunker version of this person? But it was really neat. And it actually like, captivated an audience. And people like, came around and like, watched him do it. And it was just, I don't know, it was very entertaining. It was, yeah, it was almost entertainment, rather than, you know, someone just sitting there. Like drawing someone's head. It was it was fun. Yeah, and then there's a girl that we work with, like, she'll come and she'll ask the client, like, do you want me to paint something super specific? Or do you just want me to take in the story and like, come up with the story. And 90% of clients, like, that's what they do. But it's so cool, because it's unique, you know, to that person, or that wedding or that event. And there's just some really cool things with art. So I have to ask you, what are your thoughts on NF Ts? As an artist? Like, are you doing it? Are you registering your shit? Like, what are your thoughts?
You know, I got stronger with COVID. But I was getting hammered by people about this. And I'm usually leery about, you know, get caught up in something that's so like, in your face, and so aggressive. And so I still don't understand it. I mean, I hear what people say it is and all that. But mentally, I just still don't get it. But I do have somebody who's working on a page for me on open seas. And so yeah, we're thinking about putting stuff out there. But I just but it's like, you know, I hear all the money is being made. But then I go home myself. And I look at artists, and I'm like, I'm not seeing there. You know, it's almost like everything else. I fell into the network marketing for you know, that caught me up for a second. And I see the formula, like, you show the few who are doing great, but there's millions who aren't doing that. And so I'm almost seeing the same thing in a tease like, I could jump in into it. But you know, will I be one of the breakthrough? Or will I be one of those who put it on there and just forget about me every now and then find out? Oh, you saw something? Like? I don't know, I just I know. It's all a gamble. It's all at risk. But I do think about if I do it, how do I do it, how to approach it because I don't want to just put everything up on there. I've learned it. Because just like in FTS, early in my career, I wanted to be the artist that did everything I want to do with a pencil drawing I want to do painting, I want to do sculpture, in my dream was when you come into the show, it looks like there's a million artists and then I come out and say hey, you always asked me like, did I learn like through the art fair world? Like no, no, that's not what you do. You need to have, you need to have a series you need to have a style like people will need to see some consistency. And so now I'm so now I'm thinking about how do I approach this? Because I have some brands that we want to get into? Do I offer them up as in a case where they hurt me in my long game? Or do I create something just for that world? Because I do draw on a tablet also so I could do that? I have the ability. So that's that's where I am right now. Like how do I approach it because I don't want to just jump into it. I want to come into in a smart way that works for me.
Yeah, it's definitely you know, it's new. But it's interesting. We listen to a lot of Gary Vee and you know, he really teaches hard about NF T's and cryptocurrency in fact that's how I even got into cryptocurrency because you had to have a crypto wallet in order to buy an NF T for its marketing conference. So It's like, a barrier to entry. And it's like I thought of is like a token, or like a concert ticket, you know, like going into back in the day when we have like paper tickets and, you know, then went to QR codes. And so it's really, the The fascinating part is as for artists is that things, people can't really copy your work or they can't replicate it for a second, from a security perspective, it's just, at least, you know, I'm regurgitating what he's saying, in a very high level, but we've even had clients ask about creating their own NFT as like an invitation to get into an investor event because they want it to be the barrier of entry. If you don't have crypto, a crypto wallet and cryptocurrency then you can't really participate in these types of events. And so it is very niche and like, very specific so that not everybody can come into it. At least that's been my experience. But it's really fascinating. And I could not agree with you more where it's like those of us who fell into network marketing, I went to a conference, you know, 15 years ago or something when Infusionsoft and funnels and all that came out. And then, you know, a lot of people do just quit. But as we know, you know, yes, you can build million dollar funnels, it doesn't happen overnight. In fact, it's taken years and years and years of re launching things. And most people just give up. But you're exactly right, like the people that stand up on the stage of Click Funnels and some of these other places. And they're like, I built this and this and I'm like, and can you back up and tell us how much money have you invested to? Okay, you made six figures on that webinar. But what was your overhead and what was your ROI after you did all the stuff, you know, it's just like, tell the backstory, because it's not easy. I mean, and it's another thing, but at least you're staying in front of it. So I know that as an artist, like you probably get asked to do a million different things, and especially when you start to work with people in the public eye. And I love Busta Rhymes, and I love missio. Like, those were my people, like, I love hip hop back in the day, like when I was in high school in college. I mean, they're still cool to me. But it's like you people start coming out of the woodworks and the more you become known like for your art, the more they keep coming. And then people just keep asking and grabbing and everybody wants something from you. Usually at least that's been my experience. But did you have a specific way? Like how do you filter all that work? How do you say yes? That it's a great thing? Or like, No, this isn't for me? Or do you have a hard time saying? No, I'm just wondering,
oh, you've hit the nail on the head. I've had a hard time saying no. Because for a while, I was doing this by myself. I mean, I was married. But as far as the art side, I was doing that on my own. And after I was separated. I mean, all I had was art in literally my mode of if people will call me or email me, there's almost there was really literally almost anything I'd say yes to when it came to art, whether it be doing a portrait. The murals are really new, only last three or four years designing a tattoo being a caricature artist of somebody's party, live painting, you know, and some of the points that you said earlier, because I was thinking as we were talking even the most recent thing with the funnels and, and the business. I think what I got from being network marketing is the long game, like this 27 years, you know, like, and it's probably the best consistent has been last three or four, you know, but I've been committed to like, you can I can I can just do this. This is what I can do as an arts. But now where I am now like saying a lot of people know me. So I want to do it all, you know, but I'm blessed to have a fiance who is also my, you know, she manages my career. And so she's, she's like, look, you've been doing this 27 years people love you. You don't charge enough. So even now I cringe at the prices that she charges people but they say yes, I'm like, Okay, let's back up. But also what that does is if I was going to do 100 things at this price, and now she gets me this phrase for one or two jobs. She's like, you've just like you've painted today for six hours. Go home and sit down and watch TV, hang out with your kids, or take a walk. You know where I'm like, I got Peyton's at home like I know I can I just want you know, I've did this work today I want to go do my own. So I have hard time saying no. So now I have her as a filter. So I've learned to even because a lot of my mirror his or her schools. And so even like the past three days, I was in grade school working on a mural. And it just I mean, it just happens hanging on a wall. So parent after Parent Teacher teacher was great. My kids room, can you count? I don't think people's houses that just became my answer, like, because I had to come up with something. Because either way, because I felt bad about how much I charge for what I do. And I feel bad pre judging, like, you know, my knowledge on POC, driving for this, like, because I would even test a few people. Like, I would just say they started to grant and they're like, oh, no, I'm like me. I mean, I just started doing this. Like, this is a again, I do this three days now, but 27 years of learning when I'm painting, so I can do it fast and efficient. But that doesn't mean it's gonna be cheap for you. So and I don't want to have that long talk with anybody. So I just, I don't paint. I don't paint the sides of people's houses. I don't do bedrooms. Yeah, like, Oh, really. But my brain business wise, I'm like, Ah, decals or something like because people keep saying it's great. These characters. I was like this, there's an opportunity here. Like, I could say no to you now, but my head some for you later, you know, I've learned not to tell them that because I used to, I used to be my MO to like, are you going to be poor? Just one day? Oh, yeah. But start series? You know, can you do some lemongrass? Yeah, I'm gonna start that tomorrow, like, because I would get excited about their height. But then after I said, and they walk away, I just do to myself. So I've learned to dial back. And for the most part, right now I'm just doing murals. Just do a few portraits. No more tattoo designs, no paint live at parties, because I also want my paintings to be seen in certain lights, I'll keep on taking them here and setting up a table and putting the payments on easels that doesn't look like 1015 $20,000. And looks like 500,000 like I'm so I'm learning to grow into who I am, which is very hard for me because I feel very connected to the community that buys posters and buys prints and, and I love the love that they give me but I'm like, how to identify the balance like between where I am and where you are, and how we can still be cool. And I can still grow like it's tough.
Well, in southern that really helped me and what you're saying is like feeling bad. And so hopefully you don't feel that way anymore. But what helped me is that my when I hired like a real business manager to, like, just help and have I get a new mentor every year. And when you sit down and you add up all the time, and all the time that you give up when you could be doing other things like with your kids and with your family. And then you look at all the supplies and you look at the things that you do creatively to become inspired and the homework that you do to prepare for something. When you start to track all that, it, it makes it really effing easy to say no. And so when I got really, really black and white with my numbers, and there wasn't like gray because I didn't know my numbers. I mean, come on. I didn't even know what net profit and gross profit man, I have no freaking clue. I didn't go to business school. So but once my accountant and manager put it up there, and they're like you need to do this mini thing was the first time you know, they're like, What do you want to do? And I'm like, why am I was like you yes to everything want to help everybody because that's it makes us feel good. You know, we have a brings purpose. But then that means they pushed and pushed and pushed and pushed on getting a lot more granular and a lot more focused. And so when we think, especially in the creative world, it's like, we'll just take whatever comes our way, when you actually say it out loud, put it up on the whiteboard and set goals where it's like, Okay, we'll do 30 events this year, we'll do 30 speaking gigs, we'll do you know, 30, whatever. So it's like you did, you know, 10 murals, I'm making this up. But then we had to back ourselves into the numbers. And so when you look at your overhead, and I'm getting like super geeky, which is not fun, but this is how you legitimately can say to yourself, like, either this is not a good investment of my time, or ROI is not there. And so thinking of your art, as I mean it is it's one of a kind, especially the murals, like you can't go anywhere in the world and see the same thing twice, usually, I mean, there's like the coolest murals all over the place. And so and with the reach of social media and the power of social media, it's almost a little bit more. It's easy in my opinion to like, do it but then what is missing with a lot of art is strategy of like the business side, you know, in the sell side, but when you really put those numbers up there, which is sounds like you know, with time and with age and with life experience, you just get older and your time gets a lot more precious and a lot more priceless. So at least you know that so that you can like be present with your family, and you know, that you have to have that person who's like, guarding your time, and helping you otherwise, it's just like, you don't feel good saying no all the time, at least I don't know. So how do you approach each project? Like how do you prepare what inspires you? Like? How does that work?
So a lot of murals, people come to me, they, and it's all come. I've never fished for any of them, like it never advertised, I just did the first one and use Instagram. And so people come to me. And so now the filter it comes with, before we get all emotionally attached. Yeah. You know, I'll just say your name Amber, she sends people, you know, she requested size a wall, what they're looking for, sends them a quote, you know? And after they say, yes, okay, then we'll set up a call. And we'll talk and, you know, well, of course, now that we do zoom, and so we'll just discuss what they're looking for. Or I'll go to the wall, and we'll talk. But a lot of times, it's all all the murals have been, usually about specialty schools have been about representation. I love paying kids love children's books, I mean, it's easy. It's just, it's just yet to be a little bit more considered of details, you know, whether somebody's you know, impaired in some way or you know, different skin colors need to be on the wall. Some specific is music or art, like all these things, I usually get really excited about it. The hard part is, is I don't get excited about sketching it. And so that's, that's, that's one struggle. Once I get to the wall, I'm good. But as far as getting up to it, you know, I'm working on trying to sketch weeks in advance, which is fine. And I'll be usually once they get to the wallet, they're all up door just changing, which I'm trying not to do as much. But I'm in a space now where I've been doing so much people trust me. And so usually I see I see them come through my email. But I don't respond because me and abrogate it. So I'll see jobs from like, sometimes I'll text you like, Yes. Hold up, let me see what they if they got the mining and I and like I said, Amber, this is, you know, because in my brain. I'm like, Okay, I see what they want to charge or what they can afford. So I can do that in a day or two. She's like, it is a day or two. She's like, but she keeps on where she got this on your podcast. But she keeps on saying every time you say yes, what do you say no to? And I'm like, okay, okay, I was like, I'm not going to get emotionally attached. Because I'll get the most sense to all of it. Because you know how to get me to like, kind of followed you forever. I love your work. And one person laid on me, like I had a dream. And you were the only person that could do this, just like that.
So don't look your email stop looking. Because I we are so similar. And it's like, but when I just it's like, stay, I try to stay in my lane. And then you know, my team members like they stay in their lane. But then when I'm like super busy and like, you know, we calendar block everything. And so whatever my calendar says that's where I'm 100% present for. And there's a lot of days where it doesn't there's no time, it doesn't allow for me to like, go look, I couldn't tell you the last time I looked at it. I mean, I do for my team, you know, but it's like if you just emotionally because it takes up energy, like in your heart and your head. You think about it. And then I mean I couldn't agree more like it's just it is it's emotional and you want to help everybody and you know, you can help them. But that's where not not that it's even selfish to think about your time and think about yourself. When we're young and business we don't know. You just you don't know you have to feel the pain and feel the hurt of being frankly, like kinda mistreated and talk to talk down to and you kind of have to experience that and feel that feeling before you're like, Okay, I need to start saying no sometimes because not everyone's a good fit. So
I mean, you know, the business piece is it interesting now, we need to sit ImageNet because honestly, it's taken me a long time look at it like that. Because it's still even though the internet makes it look like there are a lot of this is still very rare to find somebody who does art full time like this it because even I have people who have studios in here and I'd say, like you do this for a living and like, I'm like, Yeah, this is all you do. I was like, Yeah, this is all I do, man, I just, I'm making money on it. I mean, it's still very rare. Like, it's, it's a weird thing, because it's not really unlike anybody else's business. But I had to get over the fact that I'm painting things that nobody's asked for you. I'm creating things. Like, I have to have a body of work that nobody even knows exists yet. And then present it and then there's no guarantee sale of that. So, you know, just like musicians, when it's just, it's such a weird thing. You know, that even in my brain, knowing this probably helped. When people want to give me money, I take it because it's like, great, these things. I don't know, I'm getting money out, but you're definitely gonna give me $100 Or gonna give me 200,000? Like, I can't say no, because as you know, I know what it felt like to not have my bill paid. And, like, Ah, sure to download it. I was like, I was just curious, you know, but now I'll come into the space of trust and, and faith and knowing that, that what I'm putting out was coming back. I've gotten I'm getting better. Saying no, and slowing down. Not being so emotional by that by painting blank canvas, because that's where I used to be like, a whole pie 100 camps because the series of dope like, hello, Monday campaign on the same time to just buy to work, give, you know, I get a good job and I get a good check. I do go splurge a little bit, you know, I'm get a little more snobby. And my paint choices, they cost a little bit more but but the saying no is a mortgage, I'm learning now that my purpose sprint and brand are all kind of won. Like, because as we talked about it, nobody knows what looks like to be an artist like I am. So I have to show so I have to show that you got to say no, no, just because I can draw it doesn't mean I can draw that I can draw it one draw because this isn't where I'm headed. This is this with this is my I have a vision and that doesn't fall in it, you know, what you're doing is great. There's a lot of other artists, but I'm going this way, you know, and I'm trying to honor that more and more. And the more I do it what you know, once you pour energy to comes back, and it's crazy, right? Because I keep putting these murals out and murals keep coming in, you know, I even talking about, you know, talking to me, and I was like, I want to sell more paint. And she's like, we haven't really put any energy into selling paintings yet. She's like, that's like, you know what you sent her? Like, people know, I paint, but we haven't really stepped into that. So that's something to be addressed. But yeah, the more we just keep doing these murals, I keep getting faster at them so I can have more space to heal my shoulder and take care of my knees. Whereas, you know, I'll tell her like, I'll finish this one Thursday, I could start a new one on Monday. She said no, okay. She's like, when you had to sketch for murals coming up, which I hate. I just love, I love the performance. I don't love the behind the scenes. So yeah, I'm learning to just let her to continue to harness the greatness inside of me. And, you know, so that allows the nose to feel a little less, you know, harsh, but, um, and I've learned to to, it's taken me a while because I want to just, I don't want to lose that dollar. But now I just tell people like, Okay, let me send you. Here's the email to send your request to. And also what I learned is, what do you charge? I like, you know what I don't handle anymore?
That's right, good job.
Even though I know what I'm a Chartered Bank as like, I have as like, hammer handles that I have, we have a system. So, you know, if it works out, you know, we'll come back and we'll figure out the details. But, you know, you just send your request here and then see what happens. And then like, oh, manage it now. And I'm like, Yeah, that's what we're doing, sir. It is. So
I mean, even people that I'm, I become friends with, you know, some sometimes, you know, we've become friends with with our clients, and they know that even like to schedule anything like meeting a dinner or a phone call, like they need to go to Amanda. And it's, it's not you know, I have one side, my family. They're like, Oh, I have to go through mudra and I'm like, But now my brother owns a business and he gets it. He's like, Oh, I see that when you stop and you have to text back three and four different times in the back and forth and it's a distraction and you It's not that I don't want to look at my calendar. And it's not that I don't want to tell you a date I'm available, that is someone's role. And when they don't know, the big picture, and they're not doing, and owning that, it creates miscommunication and creates problems and it creates, I'm the bottleneck, you know, you get out of your own way. But the people who get it, get it, and then the people that, you know, lightweight, make fun of me, I'm like, fuck you, you don't understand, because you don't have a business. But like, I don't care what they think. And most of those times those people like weed themselves out of the life, out of our life anyway, because we don't have anything in common. And, you know, if you can't, we can give value all day long. But if you can't get value back, it's like, you know, the tennis ball back and forth. It's two way street. So I do have a question about murals, though. So do you give yourself like creatively? And being a perfectionist? Do you give yourself a certain amount of time where it's like, I'll go paint, sometimes for 12 hours, or it may take me 25 hours, like depending on creatively, because then you have to, like get into the, the mood and the mode? And do you put a timeframe on it? I'm just wondering,
most of them, I know now, just haven't done them how long they usually take and I can look at a wall and assume how long it's gonna take. So most of them are a week, two weeks tops. And I know what I can get done in six hours, eight hours. So I usually like a lot of times, I'll have shorter days in the beginning. And if I'm getting closer to deadline, and I know, I still have a little bit to do that make the days a little longer. But also, I've learned that I'm doing this for me also, I'm not just doing it to please the client. Because I realized their business cards, you know, and I tell people that like, because a lot of times I'm halfway through the mirror close, like, I can't believe me almost finish my brain. I'm like, no, no, like, I still have the patterns and the shading. And, you know, like you love it where it is like, but you know, so they're pleased at that point. But for now, from here on, like, I'm doing the rest for me. But I also I have to, I gotta figure out that balance with that too. Because, you know, some I say eight by 10 foot wall. Somebody has two grand, somebody has five grand, they both can't look the same. You know, the two grand one. And I'm even learning that, you know, because I'll say that I'll say all the time like this simple, amorous I look, I don't pay. So stop saying that, yes, you can do it quickly. Because then a million times, some people might get a face that you know, and a word or two where somebody will get a collage of stuff, the collage stuff takes longer. People might pay more for that. So, you know, I'm learning. Because I always want to go in and I love performing I love painting in front of pupils, I want to give them you know, I want to get that wow factor. But I had to dial back and just realize that, yes, some of them just can't. So I know I can, like just want to just it took three days, it probably could have taken two to longer days. But I allowed myself just to do six hours. So that I could also go home and work a little bit on, you know, some some stuff. I just we had the podcast, you know. So, you know, like, say the importance of calendar and scheduling and filter. All that, like I'm learning that, you know, because I have to go to Maryland, because I could have done this yesterday, varnish it but I said today got the podcast this afternoon and it takes 30 minutes I go there, roll it, go home and chill, like done. And then on to the next. So I've I've learned to Yeah, just take a little dose here. Because I love it so much. Yeah, I can be there from time sometimes up to the time sun goes down, especially if we're outside and I'm doing like a mural festival and as bunch of artists like to drive away from that, like, oh, like people are here, you know, like this, I know go home sleep. Come back tomorrow, you know, in because yeah, I work very fast because one I just do just my style allows me to work really fast. And I've been blessed to have people like my style so I just it's a win win for me so I'm learning to pace myself a little bit more.
It's It's so cool. Like I'm in something for me like the whole BTS like the whole behind the scenes of like prepping and like I know exactly what you mean. It's not like the fun part at all. The the rewarding and glorious part is like when you're done and you reveal it, you know, and it's like everybody Just like oh my gosh. But what's really over the last few years, like when stories came out, I'd never gotten into Snapchat. But I'm like, if it disappears, I ain't doing it. And then my brain managers like you're being stupid. It creates FOMO. Like, what the hell's that? He's like fear of missing out. And I'm like, oh, so then, you know, I listen to them. I mean, they're doing their jobs. And thank God that I did, because now it's like, I don't feel like it's time wasted as much. Because I can be very transparent through my story. And through social media. I mean, a lot of it, you know, just disappears or it goes into a highlight. But that's what people actually love. They love where I think it's boring. And I'm like, No, I sell perfection should has to be perfect before we put anything out. Like I was so obsessive ever being a perfectionist. And it was hurting me more than helping me because it really didn't show like this shits hard. And in terms of like creativeness, like, I'm not an artist, I don't paint anything. But when I walk into an empty room, and someone is like, giving me adjectives, and the personalities of like, their guests, or the feeling they want to create, when someone walks into a room, and looks at the room, it's like, you know, I just closed my eyes. And, you know, I don't know, like what happens in my head creatively, but it's like, you know, that I pump out floor plans and stuff. And creatively and mentally, that takes a lot of energy. It really does. And so when we started, we were doing it so much, I was really burnt out and tired of it. And so that's where, you know, putting boundaries and limits and I said, Okay, we will never do more than one a week ever. And now like we've whittled it down to where it's like, Okay, I'll do two a month. And then my team takes on a lot of that. wasn't always like that. But it's the two top tier. And that way, I don't get so tired of it, or so burnt out, because creativity does take a lot of energy and capacity. So don't discount what you're doing insane. Like, Oh, I feel bad, or I just love doing it so much. Because I remember when I was like that when I first started doing events, I'm like, Oh, we could do five weddings every weekend and did it and we did for a long time. And then I'm like, This is crazy, right? What am I? Actually it wasn't me, it was like my business managers like what the hell are you doing? But you, you know that you need to surround yourself with those people and you know that you, you give up control and you're like, I'm gonna do what I want to do. But the whole time blocking and only doing like, a certain thing. On a day. It's like, one day is a creative day. One day is a GSD day, like today's our podcast day. So it's like when you really start to put them in compartments of like, working on the business, not in the business. You know, you hear people say that all the time is like what does that really mean? It's like, you know, you put a day on your calendar like today where it's like you talk you network with people. But if you I don't know if you like time lapse your stuff, or do you like your behind the scenes things like on your stories and stuff, but on tick tock, oh my gosh. Like, there are people doing some incredible like, artsy things. Yeah. And people are loving it. Uh, do you do that on tick tock or on your stories? Or do you go live?
I do stories on my Instagram. I do tick tock some. Because even with that, like I'll do the goofy dances and all that, but I love it. Yeah, but I was like, okay, don't just dance in your bedroom as like put on your outfit and go to the studio and dance in front of your art like, so people see you having fun. And I you know, I try I've learned to use always still branding. No, I want to just be a fun thing. I'm still promoting my business and who I am as a person. i Yeah, I'm not the stiff guy working on having fun. So, but even hearing it like, because I love those videos too. And I love so my brain is thinking, I have to think that that's not just for fun as part of this, like, I've learned that people have bought into me. They haven't just bought my murals just as is they, they bought my transparency, you know, because I had to go live on Instagram and like even today, I might just this might be one of the days where I just gone live and just talk like something that frustrates me about being artists and things that we brought up. Like, yeah, that stuff is very vital. But you're right learning to put things like they all matter like it's not it's not for that like but it's hard to think that like, because I I used to you because I you know, I used to own Corona restaurant, you know, with my ex wife and she still owns it. But I used to, you know, just looking at employees what they make while they're working. You know, they're trading their time for the dollar literally, like, that's not what I do. So how do I not think like that and think differently or without thinking and I'm in of the elite of the elite far from the elite, you know, I'm doing well, you know, as I should, because, like you said, put in the time, I've had a lot of years where it wasn't great. So it's kind of balancing out now. So but, uh, no, I the stories matter. Tiktok matter for for time I thought about YouTube and but that's a whole nother beast like, I don't I don't I don't want the drive of worrying about the likes and and also learn it, you know, I guess I'm successful friends. I had a million followers. Men doing great. So, so I'm learning it. So many people walk up to me and say, Man, I saw your such and such, you know, in my brain. I'm like, yeah, that posted you do autohide something like which number were you? And it's like, man, it's like they the whole page, the whole body of work as a collective. You know, all this is my opus. You know, it's not just one day I get there, like, No, I'm living the dream like it's happening in real time right now. So, yeah, if I could take a day off. For myself, it's not even a day off. Like, I put in some great hours yesterday, so that today, I can just chill. And then tomorrow, get back home. Because you're right, I don't stop. When I'm sitting at home. I'm on Pinterest for three or four hours filling up my portfolio of images for when Amuro comes just like another flower. You know, some? Yeah, the work never comes up and watch TV. Do you see what was in the background? Why'd it take picture like it? Yeah, it just never says that. It's, it's exhausting. You know, it is
and but one thing you said earlier that's so important is like you choose what to do like based on your passion, like what you're passionate about. And like, I've realized that the more you do your passion. And if you have a strategy, and you have good people around you, the right people around you, not just good people, people are good. Sometimes they're not the right people. The money comes like, again, you have to have a strategy, you have to have goals. But once all of that is in place, and they're going to change, they change year over year, sometimes they change every quarter. But it's like you know what you're passionate about. And a lot of people that I talk with, they're like, I'm passionate about this, but I'm in banking, know, Mike, well, how's that working out for you? Are you happy every day to wake up? Like you might want to consider exploring some other things, you know, so it's like, you have found that and so it's like, protect that and protect the energy. And it's just, it's so awesome that you have found that and you have put the time in and you have worked so hard towards all of that. So I know that I had asked you what was your number one time suck and you said TV, and you just brought up TV? What's your favorite show? Like what do you and we all need something to turn our mind off? Right? Like we really do. But like what's your favorite? Or do you
documentary junkie? Okay, literally, I'm a documentary junkie like I've seen the Bosque really Uncharted documentary, three 400 times, like, I can easily keep on making that and because he was the actual I could I could see myself in him like somebody who's doing what I do. But beyond that, like just fascinated by real stuff behind stories because we only see the surface so I find it so fascinating to see like what actually happened behind closed doors like and I know it's still not the whole truth is still a movie. It's a documentary, but it's still as still has an agenda, you know, or a story to tell. But yeah, I just I just liked the idea of knowing that culture just going through stuff. Yeah, sometimes it's dark and sad. But for me, it's just like it's just real like yeah, don't just think that everything's glossy like no people going through some drama in the bag doing so. So I've watched that a lot and I'll get caught up and he's you know, when if they put a good series up on Netflix is so bad sometimes it I had to bring my tripod to the mural and I got my, my iPad and I got to show playing because even if I I'm not looking at it, because after two or three episodes, I know the characters that know what they're doing, so I can listen as in I get my brain I just see what they're doing. I look over now and and if someone's crazy, but it's like, I get obsessed, like that. So I have some addictive personality I'm aware of, you know, so I had to be careful with it. But yeah, if someone has, like, I think tombstone was a show that just had like, 707 seasons, I watched those days, and like four days, man, I could turn it off. So and I knew this now felting is like, don't look up anything else. They just, your brain is shut off and relaxed. Because I just like, more, more and more and more in that route. I'm even on Amazon like 199 for more episodes, like, as I can just pay $5 More for, like, get get those CDs. So yeah, I'm, I'm a visual guy. You know, I'm a visual guy I love. Yeah, I'm just so fascinated what people do with film and on it, and it and more and more translates into my work. And, you know, so it's still it's all connected. So I don't feel like it's a waste of time. But it's a it's a way to just not physically be doing anything and just sit down, talk smack with my kids eat peanuts and just enjoy the screen. They're like,
Yeah, well, I mean, everything in moderation, right. So it's like, having a discipline. Like we teach these content creation workshops and, and teach people they all want to know how to wash, rinse, repeat their content, like with Instagram rails, and Tik Tok. And, like, I go the other way, it's like, we started in tic tock, and then we use an app to like, take all the branding off, and then like, we'll reuse it on rails a lot of times, okay. It's called tick, save. It's awesome. And so it's like you can wash, rinse, repeat your content. Again, you just have to know a little bit of strategy strategy. And then once you know how to do it, you know how to do it. But it's like, when I ask people, why aren't you on Tik Tok? They're like, Oh, my God, it's so addicting. I'm like, Well, do you watch TV or Netflix series? And they're like, oh, yeah, I'm like, What do you watch? And they'll tell me, and I'm like, well, instead of watching for episodes, you could spend, it's like an 8020 thing. So it's like, if you spend 80% of your time, creating the content, and educating and showing a peek into what you do consistently, that words very key, and you said it a few times, consistency is key. And then if you if you're not consistent, they're gonna go somewhere else. So that's why like, you want to be consistent, you want to it's like, think of the news. Like, you don't have to turn it on. But it's there, if you want to know what the hell's going on. And they're always consistent. And that's what, and then people like the people, you know, there's like three different news for different news stations where I am, but usually, you know, like, you just said it perfect. You see yourself in some of those people, and that's how you relate to them. And then that's why you make those choices to watch them. But I'm like, if you spend 20% of your time consuming the content, and just getting ideas and for creatives, it's like, I'm like, y'all watch something, sometimes. People that I'm watching something with, they're like, Well, you just shut up, like, just let us watch it. I'm like, Oh, look at that set, look at the lighting and let you know, it's like, I see things totally differently in movies. And like, I'll have to watch it a few times. You know, not in a row. But it's like, if you spend 20% of your time being inspired, which most of us it's like, I'm sure you are, you're just inspired by people, you don't really have to watch TV. But then if you spend a percent of the time creating the content, and then filming what you're already doing with your phone, and a $10 Amazon stand, it doesn't have to be perfect. It's not about perfect lighting. It's just it's real life. And I'm glad that we live like in this trend, transparency world now, where it's getting a little bit more transparent with social media, which is why like tick tock more than any other platform, because it is short form content, it's a little bit easier, although they do keep changing it. And like, I don't know how timet tic TOCs are going to do on tick tock,
but it ticks out now.
Yep, they went to three minutes. And now there's some accounts that have 10 I just, I don't know, maybe new people coming on, we'll do it. But I'm like this sent you to people. So I don't know. You know, we'll we'll see. But if there if there's anyone listening that I know, it's like you hear the starving artist, which I don't know who came up with that, but it kind of annoys me from a business perspective. But if there's one thing that you could tell people that because even in weddings and events like it's very similar to being an artist where a lot of us it's a passion you started out as a hobby, and then you feel bad charging, you know, money for it and but if there's one thing through all the 27 years that you've been As a business owner and doing art and doing other things like is there one piece of advice or takeaway that you would tell like a new artist or a new creative or somebody that is just trying to pave their path, and some of these people has nothing to do with age, because there's people that are in their mid 50s, that had a full blown house career, like in healthcare and stuff. And then they just, like, did balloons on the side for fun, and now just kind of by accident, you know, it's, it's the thing, it's the rage is popular, you know, murals are popular, and and you have to pivot where your audience goes, but what's that one thing that you would tell your younger self? Like, if I only knew this, this would have helped me, you know, 20 years ago? Like, is there one thing you would tell yourself?
Everybody's not your audience. And you don't need that many people to be successful? You know, that's right. I find myself saying more and more folks, like, be careful to get access to like, you know, because the answer could, you could be on a path to doing something that's gonna be great for you, and community. And some might say, the, the thing that doesn't connect with you, and you just throw it up, or it's just yeah, if you stick with something and put your energy into it, you know, I truly believe you'll find your tribe. And, and also, I don't really like the shirts that much, because you gotta be careful on it. Because, you know, folks will always come, you know, you should do this, because I'm sure, then it'll be will be great. Like, you already just told me you don't know. So I'm gonna really not listen to that. I know what I like, and then I'm gonna do, and this is where I'm at. So, yeah, I just say, and just be careful, you know, and of who you're trying to seek acceptance for. Because, you know, that's just, that's just where we are. We love those likes. It feels great.
But like you said earlier, like, it's so true. Because there's, you know, we look at our analytics, and I just look at a monthly, and people will come up to me at conferences and stuff and say, like, Oh, I really love that. And I'm like, the exact same thing. You just said, Well, that didn't perform that, well, then why didn't you hit? But I've learned to just put it out there. And you definitely watch your analytics to see you know, what, what people are responding to best. And people respond to the dances. And I didn't understand why until people started to say, you know, it's a breath of fresh air. Like, it's, it's fun. And you show that you're still having fun, even though sometimes, Life is stressful, and people are rude. Don't let one person ruin your day, much less, you're weak. And there's people around that. I mean, around me some that tell me that they're like, it helps just taking the mind off of it. But also knowing that, you know, we're in the same industry in the Creative Market, and you can still be happy and do your passion to make money. Like, it hit me. I'm like, people need that outlet sometimes of just okay to have fun and work hard work.
And perfect to Yeah, yeah. Yeah, even without dancing goofy, like, I'm not showing and I can dance to make money. I'm just saying Good job. Right?
Yeah. Just to it and fill in the above, like, you know, it's all good. If people want to connect with you, where's your favorite place to connect?
I'm most active on Instagram. And that's just my first name. Heck, Bobby. And then yes, the Tiktok do a little bit more of those. But those are probably my two, the two platforms I get the most energy to.
That's awesome. And like you said, where you show up and put the energy. Somebody said where energy goes, where it flows or something like that. I can't listen to somebody podcast. But this is awesome. Thank you so much for your time and sharing all of your wisdom. And we'll put all the links in the show notes. So people want to go, y'all have to go check out his website, like your website and your Instagram. It's so good. Like, it's just fun to look at everything that you do is so cool. And I love how you like I can tell on your website, just from the order and phone view. It says exactly like and I don't know if this is like strategic or has anything to ROI. But it's like, you've got your portraits, your murals, your custom works your 365 days with dad. And it's like those are the four things like if it's not with he doesn't fall into those buckets. You know, it's an easy, thank you for thinking of me not now. Absolutely. Right. Absolutely. This is awesome. Thank you so much. No,
thank you. Appreciate it.
And if you're watching or listening today, thank you so much for your time and be sure to go out there and GSD and tune in next week to another episode of business unveiled by y'all. That's it for this week's episode of business unveiled. Now that you have all the tools is that you need to conquer the world and GSD get shit done. Would you share this with your friends and fellow business leaders? One thing that would really, really help us and help new listeners is for you to rate the show and leave a comment and Apple podcast, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you tune in and listen to business unveiled. You can check out the show notes at Angela and link up with us on social media so you can share your biggest insights and I want to know your aha moments. Until next week, remember, the profitable shifts and structures you're creating in your business, help you be more present in your life. So get out there and GSD


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