How to Shift Your Mindset as You Grow
  • July 7, 2022
  • GSD Creative

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There is no question that as entrepreneurs, we must constantly be growing and evolving. But sometimes it's tough to shift our mindset as we grow. Today’s guest, Kacia Fitzgerald, PODCASTER | SPEAKER | CEO of EmpowerHER Podcast & SheGoes Co. is sharing the mindset shifts: going from Google to a full time Entrepreneur making 500k+ a year


  • The mindset shifts: qoing from Google to a full time Entrepreneur making 500k+ a year
  • What growing my podcast to over 3 million downloads in 2 years has taught me about authenticity & purpose 


The mindset shifts: going from Google to a full time Entrepreneur making 500k+ a year

What growing my podcast to over 3 million downloads in 2 years has taught me about authenticity & purpose


Kacia is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, speaker, podcaster, and CEO who's on a mission to help women unapologetically share their voice & message with the world.

She's found that what's often holding women back is the thoughts that they think about who they are & what they are capable of so she takes her knowledge from working with hundreds of entrepreneurs over the years, paired with her high energy bubbly personality and a “Come with me, let's figure this out together” approach to light a fire under their booty to get out of their own way and go.


Hey, y'all, it's Angela. I'm back for another episode of business unveiled. I'm so excited for our guests. today. I was reviewing all of her stuff last night. I'm like, I just feel like I know this person. And like, just click. And so she's also a speaker. She's also a podcaster. And like, she loves helping women and helping women succeed. And that is like something that I'm super, super uber passionate about. Because it's, it's muddy, it's hard. And, you know, women, it's like we are birth to like, take care of people. A

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And you got to take care of yourself first, which that's a whole nother tangent. But today we're going to talk about like the mission and how we want to help other women. And this is the key word ready on apologetically, because you're one more woman say like, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for each, right about like sharing your message. You're not for everybody. And that's okay. And we're going to talk a little bit about that today. So Keisha, welcome to
the show, Angela, I am so pumped to be here. And I love even just the idea of this podcast, because I'm a huge proponent of pulling back the curtain and saying, like, come with me, let's figure this out together. As an entrepreneur, sometimes you have your best day and your worst day in the same hour, and you're super excited. And then you're ugly crying on your bathroom floor. And I feel like that's what we can, like, get into that juice today. So thank you for having me, I appreciate you.
I'm so excited. And you really, I'd love for you to share just a little before we jump into like the months at work. And I won't be able to understand like, the just a quick overview of like, your transition and your journey. Like we were just chatting before we started recording and like how you have taken different opportunities and like moved around and where you came from. And like how you got into like entrepreneurship in the first place.
Yeah. So I feel like I had a situation that might be similar to a lot of women listening into this show where on paper, everything made sense. I checked all the boxes, I went to college, I got that, you know, job, I was working my way up the corporate ladder. And because we become a byproduct of the expectations of our peer group, I thought it was really normal to do what I was doing. But I felt so uncomfortable. I had this like very visceral gut feeling that I was in the wrong lane, I was in the wrong path. And I didn't know what my thing was. But I knew that I wasn't in it. But the situation is actually kind of difficult when everything is really good. And then I had a really good manager. So I had really good career trajectory, I made over six figures I was I mean, I was doing really good by most people's standards, but it wasn't aligned for me. And I felt really confused. And to be honest, I felt guilty at first that I wasn't grateful for what I had, like I was like, telling myself this story of you should be grateful for this, you have it better than so many other people. And it's not that bad. But in reality, I don't think that that's an indication that you should stay where you're at. If you've got this like gut feeling, especially when it's visceral. It's telling you it's time for you to make a change. You know, our life is a testimony of what's possible for other people. And I wanted to be an example of someone who left my version of good to go chase whatever great was for me, which is going to be different for every person. But for me, that led me down the entrepreneurial path, which I knew from an early age like if I trace it back you know, if you picture like your little girl self I used to like interview people. I had my Keisha, the quality, their talk show, obviously Acacia quality. I would interview people and I always wanted to entertain and be on stages. And I loved connecting with women. And I've always been very entrepreneurial. But I think I didn't see a lot of examples of it. So I just did what I thought that I was supposed to do until that discomfort wasn't just a rumble. It was like a roar in my stomach that was saying you need to do something else. But because I had a really good situation. I didn't want to jump and just hope that the net would appear because I didn't know what I wanted to do. So my first business was actually in network marketing back in January of 2014. Which I feel like because a lot of people is like gateway into entrepreneurship. You learned so much about it. I'm a huge proponent of it. I think it's a beautiful business model. I don't do it anymore, but it's really what kind of got me going in this direction. built up a massive team. We moved from Seattle where we're living at the time to New York City I last quarter My job was at Google in corporate recruiting, and I was building this business before and after work. And I built, you know, I got a lot of opportunities, building that business and a couple years into it, I started to get that gut feeling, again, that was telling me, this is not aligned for you anymore. And to be honest with you, Angela, it was way more confusing, because my income had grown by $100,000 a year. So at this point, I was, you know, speaking to 10,000 plus people in audiences, I had a lot of these like shiny titles, I was making a crap ton of money. And more importantly than that, I was making so much impact, but I just didn't want to do it anymore. And it was so scary, because I didn't know what was next. So I decided to start my podcast empower her three and a half years ago, with the intention of it being a come with me, let's figure this out together type of podcast rather than a look at me, I've got this all figured out type of show. And I would Google who wrote a book on feeling lost, and that I would bring that person onto my show. And I was like, I don't know what I'm doing. I feel all over the place. And a community was built from that. And I think it's a good reminder for anyone listening into this, that if you don't see what you think should be represented the way that you think it should, maybe it's because you are supposed to be the representation. And there was a lot of women in the podcasting space, but I felt as if they were three to five steps ahead of me. And they were saying, like, hey, you know, come with me, like, I'll lead the way for you. But I remember what it was like to be back at that stage. And I didn't feel as if there were enough podcasts that were like, We're girlfriends chatting over, like I say on my show spicy margaritas, and we're just going to be really raw. And so I created that. And from there, it led into podcasts, courses and merged and now live events and lots of speaking opportunities. And it builds out this whole business and here we are now.
And you are fulfilled. Right? I mean, that's, I feel like I'm like listening to myself, just talk out loud. Because the everything you're saying is so where I was like transitioning from this events business in this luxury wedding business and doing 250 Plus events a year. And it seems like everything you're saying, like on the outside, things were so good. And we were killing it and crushing it. And it was so perfect. And we were making so many people happy and making their dreams come true. And then it's like I was just dying in the background. Because I couldn't breathe out there was so much pressure. I mean, if I really sat around and thought about it, I'd probably just stroke out. But it's like, surrounding myself with the right people. And really, you know, I say like God dropping people as cheesy as it sounds like the right people around me at the right time to say like, What the fuck are you doing? Like, you're, you're working yourself to death? You're saying yes to everything? Like, why are you doing all of this? Yeah. And I'm like, Shit, no one's ever asked me that. I don't know. You know, that led me down a path of like, okay, I guess it feels good to be needed. It feels good. That, you know, everybody is like, wanting answers for me. But you can only feel that way for so long. To where it's like, there were days, I just wanted to get in bed and never get out. I just wanted to be left alone, I still kind of have those days. Like, you know, it's like you never get away from it. But I so resonate with you saying like, just, you know, in your gut when it you just don't want to do it anymore? And how do you unpack it? And how do you unplug it and people are so judgmental. You know, and now you know, looking back, I'm like, I don't care what people think I really don't. It's like you're not for everybody. But you're so right. There's not a lot of podcasters or people out there just being real and raw because it is uncomfortable. And it is being vulnerable. But at the same time, we are all freaking dealing with this. We're all dealing with it. And so while I love that in there, maybe there was a strategy and now like I am so strategy focused on like, before we launch a product before we do that I'm like, we need to think it through. We need to beta test things. We need to ask our audience, we need to involve other people just because I think it's a good idea. Doesn't necessarily mean it's a good idea. And so, you know, had to learn all that the hard way. But if you can share with us just a little bit about like, you know, jumping in and just doing a podcast, not overthinking it, not having all the perfect artwork. You just knew that you you were missing something which I think it was like just the community of people just talking through let's figuring it out together. Yeah, I mean, I'm sure it was scary. How did you arrive at that like What were your, like, the very first day you sat down, and you've got a microphone, and you're like, Okay, I'm gonna do my podcast, like, what
you're, like, sure you can connect to this, but I was sweaty in weird places that I didn't even know I could sweat in. Because it's so because first your brain goes to, oh my gosh, what if nobody listens in and then it goes to what if a lot of people listen to it, and then you start freaking out about it. And, and I actually really love that season. And I love that my first episode, even you know, because I helped so many women in the podcasting space, launch their own shows, and grow and monetize their shows that I'm like, go back to my first episode and see how painfully awkward I was. Because you also get to see that, and it's a gift for a future version of you to look back at that initial first step and see how far you've come. Because it's not easy to put yourself out there. And, you know, as humans were designed to wander along, in community, we're wanting to belong in this familiar thought pattern that we're seeing in our head over and over again, we're not wired to want to jump to something that we don't know the outcome of, even if we know that it's going to be better for us. It's just primally. We're not wired that way. So it's understanding that if at first you're feeling resistance, to starting that thing that you're scared to do, welcome to The Club, there's 7 billion of us, we all feel that way. But truth is on the other end of that jump is so much more fulfilled version of you. And I don't want you anyone listening into this, to get to the end of your TV in amount of days here and have regret or this shoulda woulda COULDA, I wish I would have gone for it. But I was too scared to try, you know, or I listened to somebody else's definition of what success was, and I follow their path. And now I resent them, because I didn't build the life that I wanted. So from a tactical perspective, I always like to think is, you know, there's so often women can say, you know, Angela cage, like maybe, maybe I don't know what it is that I want. And to USA, if Oprah was like, Yo, girl, I'll give you however much money you need to fund your dreams. But you have to tell me what you want in the next five minutes, or the offer completely goes away, and you never talk to me, again, you're gonna come up with something that you want to do. And that I think can be a compass to kind of guide you this, like you intuitively do know something that would add another stream of fulfillment in your life. Could it also add another stream of income and impact, yes, but also just fulfillment as a human. So if you had to say, what's something that I could do to take action in the next 24 hours, just taking one small action in the right direction, gives you this dopamine head, and it gives you this deposit into what I like to think of as your confidence bucket. And when I think of confidence, like a bucket, I'm thinking every single day that you show up, and keep a promise to yourself. It's like you're putting these deposits in bla bla bla bla bla, right. So when Sally Sue 293, or your aunt or some random girl that you're connected with on Facebook from third grade doesn't think your business idea is smart. It feels like somebody smacked this out of your confidence about it. And for sake of this analogy, some sloshes out, but you're still able to keep going. So how can you find those little tiny little micro things to move the needle forward? And, and that's how I started my podcast. I was like, I'm doing it. I announced it on social media, I had no name, I had no idea what the hell I was doing. And then when I sat down to your original question, I was so sweaty, and I did these really dramatic pauses because I felt like that would be more suspenseful. But we know when you're listening to a podcast, if there's dead air, you're like, checking is my headphones working is the thing still turned on. But from that first rep came, another ad came, another app came, you know, 300 Something episodes later, I'm so much more comfortable doing it. And we gotta give ourselves Grace at the beginning because everybody sucks. And then you suck a little less than that. If you keep going, you get good. And if you really keep going, you can get great.
I love I love your Okay, so like this question, though. If I forgave you, let's just say $10 million, and you've had five minutes. What would you do? What would you do? I know what I what would you do? Yeah, how would you
I would want to build it into so my podcast is called empower her. And we've got a little like a lot of silos that come off of it. And I just want to connect women in community together. So I think I would do a whole philanthropic branch of empower her to fund women with business ideas, but then I would do an entire like line of it to helping women that just want to have like experiential based connection retreats, and then I would fund like the big, big events all over the globe, and then just do a massive tour. And just like highlight women and like, I know I'm building that now Oprah eventually will be on my show. I've DM her plenty of times. She hasn't responded get keyword yet, but when she does, I'm like, yo, I've been I've been texting you for a while girl.
I love the mindset of like, well, it hasn't happened yet, but it will. And but that's like, here's a good gut check. If you ask yourself, what would you do with that money? And if you're not doing something right now that you would do with that money, quit f&b. In it, and go do and start working on what you would do. So pretty for us, like the pandemic dropped
that bike girl. Yeah.
That's got the Tick Tock day. It's my job, right? But it's true. It's like, the money does come in, it sounds so cheesy. It's like, Oh, your passion and the money will come like, you've got to have hard pains, you've got to feel the pain, you've got to go through the hardship, Quit Chasing the money, quit, like, do what you're passionate about, it will come. And so during the pandemic, the pandemic was like such a trance, transformational, just me personally, like in so many ways. And it's like I you know, we both have like a lot of energy, and I gotta move and I can't sit and it's, you know, you hear the new sitting is smoking, and it's killing you. And so, when I got COVID, last February, I ate literally, like, I'm not being funny, sarcastic, almost died from it for real. And so and I was very unhealthy. I was very depressed. I mean, everything my life of 22 years was ripped out from under my feet. I didn't know what we were gonna do. I'm like, we'll figure it out. Thank God, we have affiliates and other sources of revenue. But our primary source was live events. And, you know, I told my team and everybody I'm like, I don't know what we're going to do, but just leave me alone. And like, I gotta figure it out. But when everybody's looking to you it and you stop and think about it, it's a lot of pressure. And so I knew I'm like, I've got to move and I've got to get out of bed. So ordered treadmill desk, and I'm like, and so and then I like set goals, I'm like, Okay, I need to walk 10,000 steps today, I need to get my ass back in shape. I need to get healthy, I need to start. I thought it was doing the right thing like juicing and ordering the right food and eating right? Not completely, it wasn't good for for what I needed. And so, you know, just things started happening. Someone came into my life that was like, Can you market this health wellness program, and I'm like, come from health care, there's a lot of shit out there that is hokey. And it's BS, and I don't believe in it. If I don't believe in it, I'm not gonna, I don't care how much you pay me. I'm not marketing, something I believe in, it's not about the money
agreed, which everyone needs to hear that especially as you start to build a brand, or a podcast, and sponsors start reaching out to you and people that want to collab with you. It's like integrity of backing up the things that you actually stand for, like peep that goes so far. It's like, you don't want to mess with that.
Everything. And so not that I ever thought of like making a business out of it at all, I was just like, I need to get my shit together. Because a lot of people are counting on me. And in our community, a lot of people look to us for for these answers. And it feels I felt like so hopeless and empty, you know, when you don't have those answers. And my God, I wish I would have known about your podcast back then it would really have. But it's like, you know, start doing this whole thing with treadmill. And then of course, when you're walking, and then I joined this group, because they're like, Well, you can just come and observe what what has happened with some of these people like with their, their weight loss and their journey. And it's not always about like what you weigh, it was more about like health. And so you know, started losing weight. And then people were like, What are you doing? What pill Are you taking? What are you eating? What and I was like, You know what, screw everything else I'm doing. Because at the core of this, people need to be healthy. And they need to understand that you have to take care of yourself before you take care of other people, especially in hospitality. And so after you know, I just start answering questions. And then there's more questions and more questions and more questions. And I'm like, we just need to have a workshop on this. Because people need to know, they just need a little bit of guidance. No, nothing's easy. And there's no magic pill. It's called discipline. And yes, I talk about time blocking, you know, and getting it in there. But it's like, at the end of the day, people just need community and they need to be able to follow someone who has done or kind of figured out what they're trying to figure out. And like that's what has come out of this for us is like, if I took if I had that money, I would go and put treadmill desk in like the busiest hotels for the employees, because they take care of the guests and peloton has all this stuff. But in some of these brands, they don't even you're not allowed as an employee to go work out in the gym, like at the hotels. And then I would also take the money and put treadmill desk in airport lounges because for those of us who travel and we try to live a healthy life with the type of food we're eating and what we're putting in our bodies, which is a whole nother podcast. Like I'm just learning so much stuff and I'm like it would help people understand that you've got a move to be able to keep your body going and just to be more healthy and just to feel better and when you feel better. Your team is going to feel better and then your whole company morale everything gets better, and then your insurance premiums go down. So, you know, it's like the big picture here. But I know that that like I was going off on a tangent, but again, just ask yourself if you had that money. What are you doing today? And how are you making an impact? And if it's something different. First, I'm going to tell him to go listen to your podcast, like realign like your goals. And so I know you've learned a shit ton of things. Like, since the podcasts that I've made, it blew up, and it's growing, and it's still growing. And you're still like, bringing people into your community. But like if someone said, like, what is the number one thing that you have learned, like a takeaway from it? With this journey? What would you say?
Yeah, so I feel like I have to answer that in two parts, because one is more broad, and then one is more for business owners. So the first one more broadly, I think we have this tendency as humans to especially women that are listening to a podcast like this, you're ambitious go getters, you probably do have a big vision of where you want to go. And we can get caught up in the distance between where we are now and where we want to go. And what I've actually started to recognize is it's my responsibility, and it's your responsibility to listen in. And it's your responsibility to Angela, like labeling that space as something that actually serves us instead of overwhelming, or how am I ever going to get there and asking ourselves crappy questions, and therefore getting crappy answers, we've got to look at that space and label it something that's beneficial. And I've always labeled it as the qualification period, meaning, I'm not yet the woman who can accomplish those big dreams and big goals that I have in my heart. And I'm actually completely okay with that, despite living in an instant gratification culture, where we've created this narrative, that getting it more quickly means that we're more successful. So what I like to think about so an example, I was on a call with a bunch of my podcasters that are newer in this space, they've been podcasting for about six months. And I was like, How many of you guys would love to get a million downloads a month on your show, and the chat just goes hand like, right now, I'd love that blah, blah, blah, as like, interesting. For sake of this example, my podcasts, empower her gets about 250,000 downloads a month. And I told them, I definitely want to get to the million downloads a month point. I don't want to get though, because I know that I need this time between where I am now and where I want to go to actually qualify me, so I can handle it when I get there. Because with quadrupling your audience also means you're quadrupling the amount of people that don't vibe with you the negative feedback the people that are coming into your ecosystem that you might not have the backend system set up yet. How can you scale intimacy at that level, when that's really important to me is to have that intimate connection with my audience. And some of these things I just need to learn as I go. Same rules apply with you know, all of the stuff that we're talking about with health, it's like someone listening in could think that they want to lose 15 pounds tomorrow. But if you don't have the coping mechanisms, and the sleep routines and the water and know how to fuel yourself, and how to, you know, work out and get your steps in and all of that, you'll get there, but you will be able to actually maintain it because you didn't learn what's required. And you robbed yourself of the pride that you're actually looking for, by accomplishing that goal. Because if it comes easy, we rob ourselves of proud, right? So it's like I actually want to have this season. And I really learned that with podcasting. And entrepreneurship is all of it is serving me, whatever you look for, you're going to find but in particular with this big distance. And then from an entrepreneurial perspective, I've learned that the more you can crank it up on being you and being more transparent, the more readability and connective tissue you create with your audience. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people create something behind closed doors, and then they launch it out into the world. And then they wonder why they don't get the feedback, because they tried so hard to make this perfect, quote unquote, perfect, I should say, I guess, meaning like they think it won't be, you know, objected by other people are saying like, you know, I don't like this because they waited too long for it to be perfect for them to launch it. When instead, if you co create with your community, and you pull back the curtain more, and you take them along on the ride, they're more invested in it. And they want to root for you. And they want to tell their friends about you. And that's how we got to almost 6 million downloads of empower her. It's not ads. It's not fancy guests. It's literally just Sarah telling Ashley, who told Robin who told Carrie, and it grew organically. And it's been sustainable. I actually like the rate at which I'm growing. And I don't want it to go faster, which I think is kind of a beautiful place to be in.
Oh my gosh. She said it's so perfectly. I'm just I'm I'm thinking about a past client, that it was an app, a tech client coming up that created this platform for bridesmaids to pay. You know, it's like you go on these bridesmaids trips, and who's expected to pay for what right It's like a maid of honor takes it all on. And then there's 13 bridesmaids. I mean, I'm from the south. So it's like these big ass wedding parties. And you have different in most of our clients in the past, like they were over over 30. So they have different friend groups, and there's, there's just different personalities, and trying to bring all those people together. And then when you're the planner in the center of it, you you get all the shit, right, and, and you have to deal with all the emotions and how to deal with it. So I loved being part of this platform, because it took away all the shit, right? It's like, this is how much the trip is going to cost everybody, everybody could put your credit card in that it splits it all out the client, the bride doesn't pay for anything, and everything's good. And the Good Morning America had reached out to them, it was Valentine's Day. And they're like, hey, we want you to come on and talk about your your app and your platform for Valentine's Day. And all these people get engaged. And he's like, Oh, my God, this is like the best thing ever. And I was like, No, it's not the best thing ever. You are two guys, in your parents, literally garage like basement is code. You don't have the infrastructure, you don't have customer service. There's no called. Yeah, there's a basic website. We haven't tested things, you know, their startup. And so I'm like, no next year, when you have a team in place, and a call center and problem solving problems, and then you have your user error, and then you have Wi Fi error. I mean, there's so many things that could go wrong. And he was like, Oh, my God, thank God, because he's like, I just want it you know, you think you want these things. But if you don't slow down and look at the backend, it could really backfire. And be something horrible. So I just it's so important to just like, like you said, make sure you have that infrastructure setup. And but sometimes nothing. Yeah, it's this
dance, right? Because it's because it's also I love this topic, because it's important to think about that big vision. But then there's also this part that's like you if you know why you're doing this, you will figure out the how along the way. It's more about like when you're actually starting, and you want to get there faster, asking yourself like how is this season still serving me? How is this teaching me skills so I can manage it and continuing to make progress. Because the other thing the other side of it, which I feel like we're like leading into is, don't wait until everything's ready. Don't wait like all your ducks in a row. Because what I mean, number one, you're never going to feel like you're ready, you're never going to know what's coming. And often so many women in particular, like, it's like we're looking for step one, step two, step three, step four, step five, you don't even know what step three is, until you started and taken step one. And you also are, you know, building this confidence with every single time that you're showing up and making progress. And if you sit in this analysis paralysis, what happens is you start to doubt yourself, it literally digs at your confidence. And then you do this like spiral downwards thing where all of a sudden, you're comparing somebody else's carefully curated content to your behind the scenes messy, but no makeup zit in the middle of your forehead, just got in a fight with your significant other, telling yourself that you're like full of it, and you're never gonna be able to do it. And it's like, no, if you start to take action, you're gonna get that dopamine hit. As humans, we love progress, we have to give ourselves the opportunity. And then no, there is still a need for space to get you where you want to go. But you can handle it. It's just a matter of starting, right. So it's kind of like this dance of like, you know, anyone listening to this? You know, if you're coming up with really socially acceptable BS excuses, like, Oh, I wish I had time and they're like, oh, Susie, you're right. Like, if you had more time, I'm sure you would start that thing. Susie, somebody is busier than you that started that thing, because she wanted it more. If you want it bad enough, you'll frickin figure it out. And end of story, right?
Yeah. And so and I know, it's seems like I talk out of the both sides of my mouth, because I'm like, okay, don't wait till everything is perfect. Yeah, it started. But the difference is like in the communication. And so you know what I said to him, I'm like, if you want to go on the show, and tell them, this is coming, yes, elites list and give somebody a call to action and say it's not ready yet. But it's coming. Here's here's a URL and a landing page, sign up for it. It's a great promotional tool. For a leads list. However, people aren't going to wait forever. So that's where it's like, you know, you got to think about it and say, Okay, I can't just you can't wait to everything is perfect, and you don't know that everything is perfect. And shits not going to be perfect. And you're also going to start things. And then I had to learn to listen to my audience. And what I wanted. And what they were asking for is, is really two different things. So I had to learn how to be a better listener. And then that will you listen and you deliver that can propel you a lot further along. And we tend to make things so hard and so difficult. And it's like, just give it a try. I'm so thankful for like, how quickly I fell on my face so many times to get back up and know very quickly because I felt the pain. Oh, shit, I don't ever want to do that again. You know, like, it's just, and the other thing too, that I want to address with people, like, everyone, every single person is a walking personal brand. We all are, we are a walking personal brand. And so when the way I approach it is, like you said, when you go into that next level of like getting into millions of downloads, it brings all this other stuff, you know, the same it's like more money, more clients, more people more problems, more this more that? Do you really want that. And you have to sit down with yourself and or your team or your family or whatever. It is like, what do you want? Because we don't slow down enough to ask ourselves, why the hell are we doing this? What do we really want out of life? And the hardest part is when you are making good money, and you don't want it anymore? And how do you shift? And how do you make that start? It's like you just start. So
I love that you just brought up the problem thing, because I always like to think about it where no matter what your goal is, there's always going to be problems associated with it, you just pick the problems that you want more. For example, if you're putting out yourself, you know, so transparently through a podcast platform, it's a very intimate platform, which means some people are going to love you. And some people are just not going to vibe with you. The problem is you get to navigate other people's opinions of you. And you get pretty good at just knowing that it matters most what you think and you really start to drown it out the rest of it. But in reality, would I rather have the problem of putting myself out there and navigating other people's opinions or the problem of pretending like I don't have this gut feeling that I want to launch a podcast, shoving it down and keeping myself quote unquote safe. Because I think that that's going to protect me from other people's opinions. No matter what you do, people are gonna have something to say why not build a life that you're obsessed with? Right and pick the problems that you're going to want more. It's like, I've been underwhelmed, and I've been overwhelmed. And when I'm overwhelmed as an entrepreneur, I'll pick that problem and learn how to ask for help and delegate rather than the problem of being in a, you know, a corporate job, which I knew wasn't aligned for me and I was extremely underwhelmed. I know which problem I want more, I'll take the overwhelm. And then I'll learn to ask for help. And you know, even on that, because actually feel like your audience is probably a lot of women that maybe like I used to and maybe even used to Angela struggled with, like asking for help. Because Oh yeah, we live in this. We're busy like a badge of honor. Like I'm Superwoman. I can do it all and like we want to take it all on. But the way that I've reframed, asking for help, because I got to a point where I was, hysterically in tears, everything was grown so quickly, again, a great quote unquote, problem, but I literally couldn't handle it. And I called my best friend Jackie, who now works with me. And I was like, I helped me I literally can't do this, please help me and I was like, at the point of breaking because I loved what I was doing, but I just couldn't manage it. And I needed someone that I didn't need to explain everything to I just needed to get it off my plate as quickly as possible that I trusted. And I think about now how fulfilling it is for me. And for anyone listening into this just picture the last time that you got to help someone and you know that it really made an impact on them and how freaking good that felt for you. If you don't ask for help from your mother in law or your sister or your friend or that person that's reaching out to you, you're robbing them of the joy that comes from getting to help someone else. So do you really want to rob them of that joy? And when I think about it that way I'm like, I know how good it feels to help someone I love when I get to feel to your point right like feeling appreciated and feeling like you have something that you can contribute to another person as humans we love contribution. So don't rob yourself of that of getting someone to support you because if your dream is really big, it's going to need more than just you and that's a beautiful dream to have.
That is such a good way to look at it because and people still say this to me all the time like the lead in or go cities Marco Polo the Video TEXT fee now
I have a couple of my girlfriends that like have young kids send me Marco Polo I like forget to check if I know what it is.
So it is it's like my communication with Lifeline. I love it because it is often misunderstood through a text or an email and when you can hear me and see my face like you know what exactly where you stand or like if I'm being sarcastic. I'm super sarcastic a lot of the times but it's just like I'll still get Markopolos from people. Everyone's in there. Like I hate to bother you or I'm so sorry. To wait. i It's like quit saying you're sorry. Like I enjoy helping. The thing is the people you know In my life, it's like if you're providing value, I'm providing value. And you know, it's a two way street. And I mean, it's taken a long time to get there. But it's like, Don't apologize. But that is such a great way to look at it that like, when you don't ask for help, when you know that that person can help like you are kind of robbing the joy, because it does feel good to be able to help people. And so it's not that I can stop right then, and give you experience shares right then and there. But when I have time, I will sit down and think about it, it feels good to be able to share those experiences that can help other people. And that is a beautiful thing. So that's it's such a great way is such a great way to route it. I love that.
It's interesting. Like, I just feel like we're like jammy like we're just having like coffee together right now. Because honestly, I feel like a lot of the things that you're saying are things that I think about often even just this, especially women, asking for like, like apologizing or apologizing when they're doing something that's helpful apologizing for existing on the street, like, you don't see a guy that runs into into the grocery store, when he's the one that ran into that apologize. It's the woman that apologized. I'm like, Dude, we need to be representations of what we actually want to see in the world. Because it's really hard to be what you can't see. So to that, you know, the woman listening in, it's got three kids under five, and she's an introvert and she has social anxiety and struggle with postpartum depression. And she wants to start her blog or podcast or her business, do that because somebody needs to see your proof of what's possible for them. But then also, if it bugs you that people are always apologizing, stop apologizing, when you don't need to apologize. Like I like, Oh, whoops, there we go. If I like doing that in the grocery store with someone, I'm not gonna say I'm sorry that I'm walking down the same lane as you and so many women do it and it bugs me. And I'm like, that bugs me. I'm not doing that. I'm not contributing to that conversation. Yep. Yep.
I really, especially like being in the South. It's all the time. I'm sorry. I'm like, What do you fucking sorry about like? I mean, if I run into somebody, because I'm a very clumsy person, I'm like, Excuse me. Now if I accidentally like, step on your toe, which I have rolled over some toes before with my luggage recently, and I genuinely am sorry, because I'm like, Oh, my God, I know my bag weighs 76 pounds. Yeah, because it's my
ankle. I hear you like, you're probably sweet talking the person at TSA to be like, it's at least 26 pounds over the 50 pound limit, just like me. Yeah.
I'm like, Okay, I'll just pay for it. Like, I'm sorry. I just don't want to roll around two bags. Like I'd rather have one. I know, it's a whole whole problem.
Angela, that can be inspiring for someone to work hard. So you're okay with paying the $100 bag fee if you want your bag to be 67 pounds. Yeah,
it's like, people don't understand. It's like, my friends are like, Why don't you just check, you get two bags that you can check for free. But you want to pay over like overweight luggage because you want one bag. And I'm like you don't understand. Like when I'm going from like, when I'm moving locations every two nights like doing a podcast to or or interviewing different people or I'm scouting out properties for an event or for an executive retreat. I just want one big bag. And no, I'm not always lifting it. I tip well, you know, even in countries that they're like, oh my gosh, like they don't expect tips. But I still do it. Because I appreciate that. But it's easier for me to get around in one big bag than to anyway, you know, there's way bigger problems in the world. But I live relatable. I
honestly am picturing someone right now that's listening to this podcast while she's driving. And she's shaking her head like I get it. I get it girl I do.
I literally ran over someone's toes with flip flops. And I'm like, I'm so sorry. And I was like, on my phone watching a Marco Polo. And I'm like, I wasn't paying attention. And I probably just broke your toe. And you know, the girl was like, It's okay, like, that did hurt, but just, you know, watch where you're going kind of thing. But I felt like that was appropriate to be like, I'm sorry. But, you know, it's like, there's times where I will catch myself. And you know, I need to stop because even like my nieces and the kids that are around it. Like if you're a mom or an aunt, you do it and they see it. Then they think that it every f sorry about everything. And it's like, no, quit Say you're sorry. But yeah,
it makes me think about this whole concept of you know, like, I'm not a mom yet, but we definitely want to have kids soon. And I think about the fact that, you know, our, like, parents are modeling behaviors to us. And I don't remember a lot of things that my mom always said but I do remember what she actually did and the way that she talked to herself and I picture this hypothetical, you know, conversation with our future kids, where I'm telling them that they can do anything that they want in this world and I want them to be able to look at me as living breathing proof like I know I can I watched you not you told me that I could chase my dreams but I watched You chase yours. So you're an example of, of what it looks like to go be that person that goes and build whatever life that you want. And, and it's just, it's taking responsibility for how we're showing up as women as parents as whatever it's like, I just I wait, I let that weigh on my shoulders. And it is such a driving force for me to want to show up for, again, these hypothetical future kids, but also for women that are looking for someone who's scrappy and messy like I am, who had a really good situation but wanted great or decided to start that thing and went for it and was just really open about it. Like, we all just can be these examples to other people. And, and there's a lot of power and reminding yourself with that.
So so so so so much power. So tower, if people want to start a podcast, or get get started, I know that we I hear people say that a lot like, well, I feel like I missed the boat, or miss the wave. And you even alluded to that earlier, where like, there's a lot of women that have a podcast, but they're, but we all have our own individual stories. And so if someone is thinking about it, what should they do? And how can they reach out to you?
Yeah, so first and foremost, I think, squashing the idea that podcasting is saturated, and any story that you're telling yourself of why you can't do it, thinking that she you know, some woman that you're watching has something that you don't it's no everybody to your point, like has a story that is unique that needs to be shared and can be delivered only in a way that you can. So taking that responsibility that if you're gifted this dream on your heart, you're also going to the resourcefulness to figure it out. But you just can't be the only one standing in your own damn way. And this saturation concept or like, hey, you know, I wanna start a podcast. I feel like there's so many podcasts now is a question that I get all the freaking time. Like, there are 2.3 million podcasts, but of them less than 60% have released an episode in the last 90 days. And of those, less than half have released more than 10 episodes. So I know right now, if you're doing laundry, or listening to dishes, you're like, I can't do that math right on my head. If you can, you're amazing. But I'm not a mathematician, I will just tell you, there's a very few amount of people that are consistently showing up to their podcasts. And you compare that to YouTube channels and blogs. And the fact that you actually own your RSS feed for podcasting is such a beautiful platform. But also, it's reminding yourself that if you know who it is that you want to serve, we can figure all of this out, right you because when you know who you want to serve, and you know who it is, you feel like you want to show up to be an example for that person, or to educate or inspire or entertain that person, then you'll be consistent. So if this is on your heart, it's like, why don't you try the disattached from the outcome and understand that either you'll love it. And you'll stay consistent. And you'll keep going. And you'll build this amazing community and all the things that you want from this, or you'll try it. And you won't have to have this feeling of I wonder what would have happened. If I tried it, you'll at least say okay, it wasn't my thing. I didn't want to stay consistent at it. But now I know which that's a gift to give to yourself in general. So I think it's just like, a lot of it is mindset about it. And this whole, like, too many people are doing it already or even business ideas. Oh, that person's already doing it. Good. That's proof that the market wants it. I'd rather do something and put a little remix on it that's already been done, then create something brand new and have to educate the market on the need for it. Right. So yep. I mean, and as far as the podcasting course we have, we have a course that takes you from idea to launch. And we do it in cohorts, because I'm really big on community and connection. So in between each self paced phase, we do these groups, Zoom calls, if you're interested in that, you can always DM me on Instagram, and we can chat more about courses. I love to get to connect with women that are interested in starting or even growing, scaling and monetizing. But truly, it's all about his perspective. If you're asking yourself crappy questions, you're gonna get crappy answers. So take inventory of the thoughts that you're thinking about any dreams that you have on your heart, whether it's a podcast, a business, or just packing up your stuff. And moving from the place where you grew up to somewhere that's always been on your heart, like you're capable of it. You just got to take that first step, which can be scary, but it's also really freaking impactful. Because you get to get that sense of dopamine and pride from from doing that thing.
And document your journey. Yeah, and like, share it, right. It's so fun. It is it really is. And that's how you start building the community. And you also have a text community, which I love. Because not many people have that like yeah, a while ago like do you want email? Or do you want text? Like what do you want more people want text? And so you have a text community? Yeah. And so we'll put your text community number in the show notes. And if you guys are listening or watching you can text business to the text community. And then I love how you say it use them like free pump me up text. Yes. I love that.
Like if your saucy bestie and a fortune cookie had a baby. They're inspo texts. I call it text from cash. But it's so fun like I love just like sending out little little post people.
It's so fun. It's so fun. So if people want to connect directly with you is your is your jam like Instagram.
Yeah, Instagram is my dad. My jab at Keisha Kay CIO dot Fitzgerald and my podcast is Monday Thursday. It's called empower her. I love it. Guys go listen
and go watch and go connect. This was so much fun. Thank you so much for your time today. Thank you, Angela. I appreciate you, girl. Awesome. And if you're listening and watching, thank you so much and be sure to tune in next week to another episode of business unveiled. Bye. That's it for this week's episode of business unveiled. Now that you have all the tools that you need to conquer the world and GSD get shit done. Would you share this with your friends and fellow business leaders? One thing that would really really help us and help new listeners is for you to rate the show and leave a comment and Apple podcast, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you tune in and listen to business unveiled. You can check out the show notes at Angela and link up with us on social media so you can share your biggest insights and I want to know your aha moments. Until next week, remember the profitable shifts and structures you're creating in your business help you be more present in your life. So get out there and GSD


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