How to Start a Podcast for Beginners

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How to Start a Podcast for Beginners

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If you’ve already looked at our guest today, you might be thinking this is my sister because we share the same last name. Well, she is not my sister. I didn’t even know she existed until just recently, but I’m so glad I know her now! Her name is Krystal Proffitt, and she knows so much about podcasting from her experiences helping people create their own. So if you are interested in starting a podcast, this episode is for you!

The podcast world has really taken off, so you may wonder if it’s too crowded for you to join in. Though there are so many talented people doing podcasts, it’s not as crowded as you may think. If you choose a topic for your podcasts that is too broad, then yes, it will be over-crowded. If you get very specific, however, there will be an audience for you and, surprisingly, more success. Speak to a very specific audience, and you’ll find that that audience actually exists outside of your mind. 

Getting started is always the hardest part. There are two things that people usually get hung up on. One of them is that they are afraid that they’ll sound stupid. This is natural: no one likes the sound of their own voice. Krystal suggests that you practice talking to yourself so that you can get comfortable with your own voice. The other issue people have is that they don’t have a plan. Nothing gets done if you don’t have a plan! So to get started, practice speaking and start planning. 

Sometimes you might not even know what to talk about, but Krystal has some brainstorming ideas for you. Start with answering the questions you get asked the most. Then, create podcasts on all of the stuff you already know. Get that easy stuff out of the way first before you start diving into research topics. As you get established, choose topics that will lead you towards your goal, whatever that is. 

Podcasts are a great way to connect with people. If you, like me, want to make a difference in the lives of other people, then a podcast is a great place to start! It’s amazing how much influence your voice can have on your audience. It can be a point of connection between you and your audience. If you want to know more about podcasting, listen to this episode. Check in again next week for even more tips and tricks! 


  • Is the podcast world overcrowded?
  • Getting Started
  • Brainstorming Ideas


Just keep trying, keep exploring those voices that say ‘Hey! Try me!’…because you’ll be very surprised at what you’ll find out about yourself.

The most important thing is to figure out who you want to talk to.

There is nothing wrong with your voice. You sound just fine, and there are people out there that need to hear the messages that you have.


Krystal Proffitt left the corporate world, in part, because she hated commuting. She decided to become a stay-at-home mom, and she realized that she needed something else to add to her family life. She started with blogging, which wasn’t a huge success, but it led her to podcasting. Podcasting was her thing. Today, she is the host of The Proffitt Podcast that is all about podcasting, and she is still a proud mom.

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Hey, y'all, it's Angela. I'm back for another episode of business unveiled. And today if you are looking at the thumbnail, like on Instagram or on the blog, you might be thinking this is like my sister, because we share the same last name, which is so fun, because we didn't know each other. This is Oh, recently. And so when Amanda was going through all the podcast stuff because we had to reschedule system and she was like, do you like are you related to this girl because you guys, your last name is spelled the same. And so after talking with her, we both acquired the name through a marriage.

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My original last name, which is funny, but we'll get into that later. But crystal Welcome to the show. So excited. You're here. Oh my gosh, Angela, I'm so excited to be here. And I feel like you know something like happens with the last name prophet like we both have similar like upbeat energetic personalities and it just fits us. Right? Like it's just we were made to have this name. So let's just embrace it together. Absolutely love it. And we're both like, we love creative stuff. We love content. We love editing. It's literally when literally what I mean is like reading it and I'm now reading and I'm like we're so like, This is so fun. We're gonna be like lifelong friends now. Yes. Cuz you love YouTubing and podcasting, and it's awesome. But you live in Texas, right? Yeah. Okay. And you've got three sons. Yes. Anyways, three boys. How is that like having three boys? So it's funny you said that about like being a sister. And I'm like, Oh, well, I never had a sister. I had two older brothers. And it's one of those things where like, God was grooming me from a very young age to raise boys because I I have a niece who is like the biggest tomboy ever and I can deal with her. And then I have other nieces who are older. And they're so girly and me as a person. I'm not super girly, I was raised as a tomboy so I'm like, I do fine as a boy mom. I do very well. I like blues. It's my favorite color. I like put my hair in a hat and like doing all the sports stuff. I love it all. And I just feel like it was the path that I was meant to go on. Because it's total chaos in our house all the time. There's nerf wars, there's things being thrown around all and there's wrestling like root quarantine was a challenge Okay, like I was just go outside. I don't care what you do, just get out of this house and don't break anything.
Like don't, we cannot we literally cannot go to the emergency room for someone breaking something because there's going to be a line so just be nice to each other. Oh my god and see I'm over here. I'm like the opposite. So well. I grew up a tomboy too. But my sister had three girls and then she has a little boy and
I'm good with the three girls like I've got the girls a lot. In fact, a lot of people who don't know me that well think they are my kids
in they are very different, but they are very girly. And so it's like you will one of them is now in college. But the other it's like it's like gymnastics meet season, which I was a gymnast. And so always like doing gymnast stuff with her than the other one is all into singing and trauma and she couldn't be any more girly. And so it's like all the glitter and the glitter hairspray and the makeup and getting ready for all of those meats and all the drama stuff times like and then then you've got the little boy who's in kindergarten now, who is at a very young age, I'm like, does he think he's a girl, because like, he's trying to put his hair in pigtails. Because, you know, he's around three girls all the time. And sometimes I'm like, this is just too too many hormones. And I'm like, we are going to backup and we are not going to talk to each other that way. And the sassiness has got to stop. And sometimes it's like, I just want to pop them in the mouth. Because that's bassy. But you know, you can't really I mean, you'll go to jail for that now where back in the day, my dad would just smack me right across the face be like,
yes, it's really funny. All the the the kids and the things they say and things are so different now with social media, because now it's like, you know, you can kind of bribe them. I'm like, okay, three hours of homeschooling equals three hours of tech talking. So you do some, some homeschooling and then we'll do some tic tocs. And, you know, it'll be all fun, but get its priorities, right. It's like you got it, you got to be able to, you know, work hard, and then you can play and it just looks very different than it was several years ago. But it's, it is just it's so interesting. It's like a big social experiment, right with all the quarantine and the things that we've been through in the last year. And I have to say, I enjoyed how much time my boys got to spend together because usually we're all going in our all different directions. And it was like they were forced to play together and like each other. And so that was something that was really cool that came out of it. But also, they got to see mama in action, which was really cool that they got to stay. You know, I'm doing YouTube videos, and I'm doing podcasts and they're like, This is so fun. Getting to watch what you're doing. And also I'm like, okay, that's nice. Watch from a distance Be quiet, like sit down and don't like I'm I'm on a facebook live right now. Hang on. I gotta work. Uh huh. Yeah, yeah. I mean, the struggle is real, but also to I think that it has normalized and human as people a little bit. And so. So what we're talking about today, y'all is not all the kids stuff, okay. But if you're moms out there, and you're listening, you can totally like, laugh with us for a moment. But what we're really going to talk about is creating that content and creating his podcasting completely overcrowded, and his YouTube like, is all of the things where it comes down to audio, and then video with content. Like, if you haven't gotten started yet. Why? Because everyone has a message. Everyone has a voice. But before we jump into that, I do want our audience to know a little bit more about you and how, how did you decide like, I'm going to start a podcast, I'm going to start a YouTube channel. And before you have gotten to where you are today, cuz I'm sure there's been lots of other things that got you to land on. Okay, I'm going to start a podcast, I'm going to start a YouTube channel. So take us down, give us a little bit of back frame of your journey of how you have gotten to where you are today. Yes, for sure. So I was in the corporate world, much like, you know, a lot of entrepreneurs before they decide like, I never want to work for anybody else. Again, they usually have an experience in the corporate world of some sort. And I did that for a while for a large general contractor in Dallas. And so my husband was working downtown Fort Worth. I was working in downtown Dallas, and we lived in the middle and y'all commuting in the Dallas Fort Worth area is just I mean, you know, I've never lived in LA, I've heard horror, but I've had my brothers lived there before. I've heard horror stories, but I'm like, I'm not a commuter. It's not my favorite thing. And so we did that for a while and then my husband got transferred for his job and I had this opportunity. I wasn't in love with my job. We had two boys at the time. Neither one of them were in school. They were like daycare age. And I thought I think I'm just gonna stay at home for a little bit. I wasn't like I said in love with my job. So I started staying at home. And I'm just going to be really honest, this was right around the time Pinterest was out and
Pinterest, y'all, there's so many ups and downs to Pinterest. It's like such a blessing and such a curse at the same time, right? Like it makes your life easier. But also you're like, Well, why doesn't my pantry look like that? It? Why does it Why does it my you know, my kids love the show nailed it on Netflix. We're like, can you do the baking? And it's like, oh, well nailed it. It looks nothing like what I was trying to create. But I put this unnecessary pressure on myself all of a sudden, because I'm a stay at home mom. And I'm a natural achiever, right? I'm an enneagram, three, four, anybody knows what that means? Like I just, I let you accomplish things. I'm like, if I'm going to be a mom, I'm going to be the next Pioneer Woman, I'm going to be like, all the things I'm going to be this incredible stay at home mom. So I put this insane amount of pressure on myself. It was almost like I got burned out being a stay at home mom does that.
Me. And so it but in doing that I realized, okay, what I'm trying to do is I'm trying to find myself, and I just can't 100% go in, like, envelop all of myself and dedicate everything in my being to just being a mom, this is what I realized about myself. And like, it makes me cringe still, when I say that out loud, because I live in the south, okay. And we're especially where I grew up in a small town in East Texas. It was like, if you can just be a stay at home mom the rest of your life. You've made it. This is one of those like, yeah, like it's, it's just like really kind of backwards way of thinking. And I got out of my small town, you know, I went to college, and I worked in the corporate world. And here I was, I was supposed to be so happy as a stay at home mom. And yet I found myself wanting something for myself. So I started blogging, unsuccessfully. So I tell everybody, I'm like, I wasn't like this, oh, I'm gonna start, you know, do the mommy blogger thing and then just blow up? No, I tried it. I do really bad. But in that journey, I found a blogging mentor. And so, you know, she was like, kind of coaching me, I bought her books, I enrolled in her course. And I was watching her for about two or three years I was trying to blog, raise my kids find my voice, I was journaling a lot. And then this is like the Genesis moment that everything really changed. That blogger started a podcast. And I had been listening to podcasts like the mainstream, like Dave Ramsey, and like a lot of other big names who had been podcasting and radio for a long time. And so I had this idea of, well, that's what you have to have, you have to have a million dollar company in order to podcast or you have to do this. And then here this blogger was who was only a few steps ahead of me, right? She wasn't lightyears ahead of me, like, you know, someone that has a super mega successful company. And so when she started it, that was my lightbulb moment of, Oh, she can do it, I can do it. And so that's kind of the Genesis moment where I got, you know, I started my podcast, like we can go so many different directions from there. But that's just kind of the foundation for anybody that's listening, because I know you have creatives in this audience and they're, you know, maybe they're trying to tap into that thing, that one thing that's really going to work for them. And I have to just encourage anybody listening to just keep trying, like keep exploring, like those voices that say, hey, try me, here's writing, hey, you're like photography, here's, you know, this creative painting, whatever it is for you. But just keep tapping into those because you will be very surprised at what you'll find out about yourself. So that's a little bit of my backstory, and we can go any direction you want from there. But um, it I love it, though, but it's it. I feel like it's really important for people to understand, like, you don't just roll out of bed one day, and you're like, Okay, I'm gonna start a podcast, like there's always this journey to like getting there. Or there's a backstory of like, why did you start it? or How did you start it and it's so obtainable. And it's, there's not a huge overhead, you know, with it, but it's, it's a way that you can actually like, catalogue things and like, tell your story and help so many people. And it doesn't have to be this this crazy, crazy thing. It's wild to me how, and especially women, we do it all the time we make shit up in our head where it's like, oh, well, but they have, I remember kind of, like similar to you. I was looking and I love Marie Forleo as podcasts and I love her YouTube show. And I remember looking at her how many people were like subscribed, and I'm like, is that how many people you need to like, do some type of show like on YouTube? And it's like we make up these things that no one is saying that you have
To have any numbers, to do anything to start anything, but we like make this stuff up in our head when you just have to get started. And so I know last year when when 2020 happened with COVID, a lot of my friends are entrepreneurs, they actually had this thing on their hands called a little bit of time. And they were like, ah, I want to start a podcast like, Can you just help me do it together? And I'm like, Well, I am a little bit smarter. Now we are on Yes, I've like, you know, let's sit down and like talk about a strategy and like, a name and like, let's patch some content. Let's just not start throwing it out there. I mean, even my own brother, who was starting to, we started a true crime podcast for him. And I mean, it's true crime, like, it's his cases of crazy shit that has happened. But I cannot pin his ass down. for more than an hour take like, batch out the cases in the content. I'm like, you're never going to be able to build an audience. Dude. I'm like, when you think give me a day a month and I can batch out your stuff, then we'll really do it right. But until then, it's just gonna sit there. So for people who want to start a podcast, like, is it overcrowded? And if they want to start a podcast, like, what should they do? Yeah, oh, my gosh, well, first of all, I want to tell you, your friends are lucky to have you because just knowing even just that like 62nd like piece right there is so important, because those are the things I wish I would have known, right? We have all these things that you learn as a business owner, or entrepreneur or a podcast host that you're like, Oh my gosh, if I could just go back until my day one self this one thing, it would just change the trajectory of everything. So I think that your friends are so lucky to have you. But for anybody that's listening, it really isn't complicated. It's super simple. But I will start with the question of, is it overcrowded? Because I know I use a hosting platform that recently started sharing their stats with people and they say that this is a question like all of their users, they started, like posting this is all the information that we have on our users. And what was really surprising is people were saying, well, this markets overcrowded, that markets overcrowded, like, I could just never do it. And like people just automatically shut down. And it just blows my mind. Because, again, going back to me being the overachiever, a high achiever, you know, it's like, well, if I'm going to be a podcast, I'm going to be the best podcast, I was the best coach there is. And so what I've really found and talking to my students and my clients is, the most important thing is to figure out who you want to talk to. Because, yes, you know, if Angela, you're coming to me saying, oh, Crystal, I think I want to start a marketing podcast, I would say, Okay, let's dig a little deeper. Because marketing is Oh, my gosh, you know, this, it's just so broad. It's such a broad topic. Well, are you doing email marketing? Are you doing social media marketing? Are you Marketing for Small businesses? Are you marketing just online? Are you doing ads? Like, there's so many ways to break it down? So to like, it's one of those catch 22 questions. It could be overcrowded. If you are not specific enough. And I know, people always talk about niching down niching down and for people that are just getting started, that really overwhelms them, because it's scary, because you're taking this really big net, right, like I met a going back to my brothers and one of them loves to fish, you know, it's like, you have this big net that you're casting out. And you're like, well, I want to catch as many fish as possible. I want so many to get in there. You know, like, just, I just want to every female to listen to my podcasts.
And then I asked them a question where I say, okay, but is this female that you're imagining in your mind? Is she a mom? Is she working? Mom? Is she a working mom that likes to do yoga? Is she WORKING MOM that likes to do yoga and drink green tea, you know, lattes? And they're like, Oh, yeah, that's the kind of like specific details that you have to understand about your audience. And then the question of, is it overcrowded and your industry simply just fades away? Because all of a sudden, you have this very specific target market that you're trying to reach? And if someone says, Well, your shows not for me, well, then your shows not for them, and you just move on. And I know that that sounds scary for a lot of people listening. They're like, but it's scary to niche down. I don't want to do it. But I'm telling you, your show will blow up and you won't find your audience, the more specific that you get. No, does that answer your question about that? Yeah. And I think to like something that really, you know, helped us in it. And again,
Y'all, it sounds so silly. But like we literally went through and came up with this whole client avatar that is a real person. She has a name, she has
blonde hair, because I have blonde hair. It's like, what is the vise in drive? What do they wear? Where do they shop? Where do they eat? Do they go to Whole Foods, like all the way down to like the hip hop music, okay. So it's like coming up with these client avatars. And so something that, you know, has really helped me, which I mean, I'm just a natural talker, like, I'll just talk to the wall, I have conversations with my dogs. And so it's not hard. But what I've had to learn is I have to stay focused on because I could just get to talking and just talk, talk, talk, talk, talk all day. And then it's like, what are we just talking about? You know, talking about like, 10 different things. And so, you know, you do have to learn, like, what does that person want to know? How can you help that person, go through some of the things that you have gone through and so when you just exactly what you're saying, if you think about it like that, and you drill it down to even give that person a name, then you you you're not afraid, like to do it? And, and you know what, I will say, you're gonna have trolls, the more trolls you have, the more successful you're becoming. And I love it. I mean, it's, it's, I'm not going to be funny about it. When when I get like, all it's not some of the hate comments, but it's like, well, you're the dumb ass listening. And you're the dumb ass commenting. And if it's not helping you, there's plenty of other podcasts out there to go listen to, if you're not getting something out of what I'm saying. Then bless you for even listening. You know, bless your heart, as we hear this, though. Yeah. But But yes, I think I think that's super, super helpful. And then for people that just neat, you know, want to get started or launching, it seems that so many people get in their own way. And so people who they know that they want to do it, but it's like, what to talk about and how to start? And what about the intro? What about the AI? And what about this? And, like, why is it so hard for people to freaking just get started? Are they worried about other people? So I have found there's two, two camps where I just seem most everybody in my audience fall in one, they think they're gonna sound stupid. This is first and foremost. And it's not even so much about them worried about what other people think they have to get comfortable with their own voice. So, Angela, I'm sure you remember this, like back in the day. I don't know if your parents were like this. But you know, we had the voicemail box in our kitchen, you know, the phone rings, and all of a sudden, it's like, Hi, you've reached the Blair household for not here. You know, everybody hears it in the whole house, because we're in our calls, or whatever. Like, don't answer it. We're not here right now. And so, but my mom would hear her voice and say, Oh my gosh, like he would just throw her hands up over her ear. She's like, I cannot stand the sound of my voice. Yeah. And I find that that's true. With most everybody, especially with voicemail. Today, most people just have the automated, you've reached this number, you know, leave a message. It's not even this big, elaborate thing, because people don't like to listen to themselves until they get over that fear. So I don't know if it's a fear, it's an insecurity. It's a combination of everything. And so what I'll tell people is exactly what you just said, start talking to yourself. And I know that sounds really weird. Like, it's like this way, what you want me to go in a room and talk to myself? And I say, Yeah, and it's like bonus brownie points. If you turn on The Voice Memos app on your phone and say, Okay, I think this is what I want to talk about on my podcast, and I'm just speaking out loud to feel more comfortable. And I know that feels really awkward. But those are the things that you have to baby step to get over this fear of my voice like, I accident questions all the time. People will say, Well, I have an accent. And I think people are gonna, they're gonna say something and I'm like, have you listen to anything that's come out of my mouth, okay, like, I've got an accent and people will you know, it's again, the people are either going to love you or they're not going to be your listeners. And that's okay. If you have an accent, embrace it. It is what you've been given. You can't change it unless you're an actress and that's what you want to do. But that's too hard for me. I'm just going to show up as myself and, you know, hope that people stick around to hear the message I'm sharing so
Number one, you've got to get comfortable with your voice practice. Just, I can't tell you enough how often I tell people just record yourself and throw it away, record it and throw it away. And they're say, Well, why am I doing that? And I'm like, well, you don't have to air it just because you record it. I can't tell you how many times I've recorded things and trash them. So I'm like, I want to sound like an idiot, or I have to go on like three seconds in and I'm like, Oh, wait, I couldn't start over. So just start feeling comfortable with your voice. And the second thing, the reason why people don't get started is because they don't have a plan. And I know that you've been doing this long enough. And I was actually listening to the episode that you did with Rachel cook. And you're talking about having a strategy, like having a plan, like knowing what you're doing what you're getting into. And that is like podcasting one on one, if you have a plan, just going into the whole thing, feeling more confident, will actually give you more confidence in your voice. Because you know exactly who you're talking to, you know why you're doing this. And you know, at the end of the day, that you're sharing a message that's going to have value to the person that's listening. So does that answer your question? Yeah, it does. And like the other thing, too, that and one of my coaches taught me this, he's like, because I say the same thing. I'm like, Oh, my God, I hate listening to myself. I'm so country. And he's like, and it's not about what you're, it's not about your voice. Get over yourself, this is not about you. Do you want to help a lot of people or not? Like, that's what this is about, and the knowledge that you have, and the knowledge you could share is so much greater than you understanding yourself. And he's like, but there are some things that we're gonna work on. And he's like, you're very entertaining. But you have got to learn to finish the sentence girlfriend, like you just don't put periods on any. He's like, and you go from one subject to another subject to another. And he's like, you're so hard to follow sometimes. So it actually does. I think podcasting has helped me be like a better public speaker.
And the other thing too, I don't know if you do this with your episodes, but we transcribe everything. And so if you look at a transcription from like,, which is like 12 bucks a month, rather than rev comm, which is like hundreds of dollars for every episode, because my episodes aren't super short. You know it and you start looking at it. I'm like, Oh, shit, like, I really don't complete my sentences. And I really don't pause for periods. And so if you start paying attention to those things, and if you want to be a speaker, and you want to be a leader, and you want to help a lot of people, I think that podcasting was like kind of the intro into helping me be a better speaker. Do you feel like that? Oh, 100% 100%. And I have a great example to share with you. So yeah, I'm actually started a podcast whenever I started going on this journey, she's a gardener. And so shout out mom, like, you know, I just I'm so I'm so proud of her because I'm like, Oh, you know, like I was able to teach her something she shared is so many things. It taught me so many things in my life. And so to be able to show her how to do this, so she can share something that she's passionate about. But she found herself so passionate about gardening, but not everybody in her direct vicinity. Like my dad's not super passionate about gardening, and the people that she would see at dinner parties, you know, or birthday parties, like they weren't super passionate about it. So she said, and I love this and you will get this reference and think it's hilarious, because it's a southern joke. I guess I've never heard it until she said it. Say it again. For my mom. She said, I felt like I was 11 months pregnant in the month of July with all the information that she had inside of her. And so she said, I felt like when I started my podcast, it was like, I just gave birth to the all of these ideas that have been floating around in my head and they just been inside me for so long. Like she did a daily podcast. I'm not joking for the first three months of her podcast because she had so much information.
Okay, like, let's let's tone it down now like you got it out of your system. Let's take it back. crazy good. That's not really sustainable mom, right? But that's what it was. It was therapy for her because she is so passionate about this one idea, this one focus. And so she was able to pass along that value to other people by sharing all the things that she's known by gardening for several decades. So I thought that was really cool. I love that. You know, especially for creatives. I know that you've talked on your podcast about having so many ideas and a podcast.
is a great way for you to ask yourself, what's the strategy, okay? Like, let's say you have 50 podcast ideas, and you throw them all out in a Google Sheet or posted or however you want to organize your content, and say, Okay, now that I have all these ideas that I want to talk about on my show, how can I create a strategy that will either lead people into signing up for my programs, or encourage them to try out my new product that I have? Or get them on a discovery call, like, whatever your business looks like, you actually take all that content, and formulate a strategy with what you have kind of out there on the table, instead of just saying, Oh, crap, I have to record another podcast episode, what am I supposed to talk about this week, which is what I find a lot of podcasters doing. And I did that a little bit in the beginning, too. But like, take it from, you know, Angela, and I like, that's not the best strategy, like you need to have a plan.
So for people who do, I mean, in my head, and again, y'all I, you know, I come from the planning world, I plan, plan, plan, plan, plan. But the thing is, I plan for other people can't I mean, that's my baby to do. And so but when it comes to doing it for yourself, or for your own brand, it can be a little bit more challenging, I would say, to sit down and say, Okay, what the hell do I want to say now? And so for people who
need to come up with ideas? How do you start?
How do you start with just getting getting those ideas out? My biggest suggestion, especially Okay, so I'm gonna talk to entrepreneurs, like, those are my people, those are the people that you know, I speak to so much my audience, but if you have other types of business, or you're part of, you know, a larger business, and maybe you're their marketing person, and you're trying to come up with ideas, the first place is always to start with what questions do you get asked the most? These are your DMS, these are your emails, these are the number, the first five questions that every customer you know, whether it's what are your practices? How do you work with people? What is your product, like, start there? And I know that sounds so simple, because it is like, these should be the foundations of your podcast. Now, if you have more of an audience that you're trying to reach, like, let's say, you know, Angela, you wanted to get super specific on just creativity and journal or sorry, creativity, like separate from biz, like creative business owners, you just wanted to go more broad, then you have to get a little more strategic with how you want to reach those different listeners. But I think at the end of the day, you have to decide what is my goal of this podcast? Do I want to generate leads? Do I want to add people to my email list, like whatever it is, and then say, Okay, now, what are those people need for me? What are the first few things? What are the questions that everyone asked that I know, I can answer very easily, without having to go and do a bunch of research, I think people want to just immediately start throwing information at people and like, okay, what's an hour long episode that I can throw out? That's like a lecture that I would do on stage. And I'm like, Why don't instead of an hour long episode, you start with 420 minute episodes, and then just go from there. Because you know, you and I know this, like batching, that content is way easier. And you you give yourself more breathing room whenever you can do that to
Totally, yeah, that's the thing. It's like, I just started to keep a note on my phone, of all the shit that was happening at our events in the background. And that's what I actually started just telling stories. I did my podcast for a few years by myself. And then I would bring in team members. And we would just tell stories, things that Yeah, I'm like, is this real life? Like, is this really happening? And would we've done this a little bit differently if I had known this? And so almost just sharing my experiences, like as we were learning them and keeping up with the the stories, and I would just go down the note literally on my phone and like, batch the content and like, tell these different stories. And then we started to introduce the whole guessing thing when when podcast started to get a little bit bigger. And then people were like, Oh, well, if you have a podcast, like can be on my podcast. And so then it started to be like, Oh, well, it's more fun to interview people than just talk to yourself. Yeah. And so don't feel like that. You have to have guests all the time. Because, I mean, some people I talked to a young guy recently who he just wanted, he's like, I just want to talk to entrepreneurs.
And start in smart people and talk about their superpowers. And he's like, the easiest way that people would say yes to talk to me is if I invite them on my podcast. And he's like, instead of that, Hey, can I pick your brain and have coffee with you for 30 minutes, come be on my podcast. And I thought that was like such a brilliant approach this year young, super young guy, and said, He's like, yeah, I'm just really trying to meet smart people. And they won't like, do coffee with me. I'm like, because we don't have time on anybody. Yeah, you know, I tell you go read three books before we go have coffee and tell me what your biggest takeaways were, and half the people never get back. Yes, exactly. You know, the more experience you get under your belt, the The more you become in demand, where it's like, you want to help everybody. And one way you can help everyone who chooses to listen to your podcast is have a podcast, or show. I think this this was super helpful if people want to connect with you, or learn more about how to start podcasts, like what's your favorite platform for people to connect with you on? Yeah, so I would love for you to come hang out. I have a free Facebook group. And I know, Angela has all the links to everything. But yeah, I'm actually a huge fan of Instagram. So you can find me at Crystal profit TX because I'm a Texas girl. And you can come hang out with me over there, y'all. I want to do more real, okay, like if you're hearing this right now, come like send me a DM and say Krystal, where's your rails? Because I want to do this. I did tik tok for a while. And then I'm like, just posting videos of my kids being silly. And I'm like, I'm still trying to figure out the role that rails plays in my business. And I just need to give myself more time to play around with it. So I want you to come and say, where's your life this real? Okay, this is my shout out to the universe to keep me accountable. Girl, I just I know this is probably lazy of me. But like all the little video productivity tips that we do on Tick Tock like, you know, just reuse them wash, rinse repeat on reels. And so I've even had people to give me their like, you know that you can take the logo for Tick Tock off. I'm like, Yeah, no, I really don't care.
Like, it's repurposed aid. And it's still, you know, kind of working.
But it doesn't The thing is, is like, I think it has to be under 30 seconds. And so I have to be like, very strategic and like getting everything in. And that's also taught me to be more efficient with like, a 15 second increment of what can I teach somebody in 15 seconds. And so Tick Tock has helped me do that. And then and realz has helped me do that, too. So it's, it's crazy to me how many people now are doing the whole learn on Tick Tock thing, right? Tick Tock was like, you know, the cute dance fight. It's so fun to watch it because it is and what a fun creative challenge like I love, like, okay, so just like, quick, silly story. My dad loved weird owl when we were growing up like super silly. Well, now my kids are like, they discovered them on YouTube or somewhere like, I have weird owl songs always playing in my house. But what's funny about that, is I will hear them and I'll get these ideas like, ah, I could totally do a real about that. And like, do something silly. I just haven't done them. It's like, yeah, I'm on the priority list. But I know it would be super fun to do. So that's why I need the accountability. Because I know what would be fun. Every time I create one. It's fun. It's just it always drops to the lowest priority for me. So I need to do them. I need to go put that on your calendar. We try to do it once a month. And in the way that we get a lot of our tips and stuff is literally people asking, like how do you do it? It's like my friends and family. They'll get like when Christmas wasn't too long ago, and a lot of my friends got new Macs. And like, you know, new new iPhones new iPads are like how do you do this? How do you do this? I get this I'm like, you know what, I'm gonna do a 12 part series, little tips of like how to do these little things. And not only is it gonna help you it's gonna help a lot of other people too. So it's just a way to you know, sit down and and just like you do with with podcasts, you know, come up with the strategy. So guys, we'll put all the links in the show notes, go to Crystal profit, comm slash buck B isn't boy up you P and we've got something there for you. And be sure to go check it out. And crystal, this was so much fun. Thank you so much for being on today. Yes, thank you so much for having me. And for all of you creatives out there. If you're just like, I really want to start a podcast. I cannot encourage you enough to just get started.
Start recording yourself whether it's just on your phone, it's on your computer like, and don't be so hard like we are our own worst critics and I promise there's nothing wrong with your voice. You sound just fine. And there's people out there that need to hear the messages that you have. So y'all just you just do it. Just take that leap. Amen. Also everybody that's listening. Thank you so much for your time today. Be sure to tune in next week for another episode of business unveiled by Yo, what's up GST? leaders thank you so much for tuning in. And I would love for you to text me your number one takeaway, any feedback that you have, and we're also starting a new series called The number one time suck how you can be more productive and GSD and everyday life so you can be present. So if you can help us out and let me know just text me your number one time suck 6155 to 78755 Let's get shit done.


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