How to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone and Elevate Your Business
  • January 5, 2023
  • GSD Creative

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Recently I had the most amazing experience in Egypt, and my friend Ramez Salama, co-founder of High End Journeys, is sitting down with me to talk about all things luxury travel and exclusive luxury experiences. High End Journeys is a boutique luxury travel agency, started by Egyptologists and best friends, Ahmed Aziz and Ramez Salama. Both share a passion for travel and draw on their combined industry experience of 34 years to deliver a personalized itinerary for their guests. They work with a singular aim in mind – to create unforgettable memories for every traveler. We touch on how to step out of your comfort zone and stand out to create experiences that no one else can offer. Details are everything, even the smallest details can make the biggest impact.

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Main Topics:

*Your comfort zone is not your comfort zone
*How to stand out and create experiences that your company can offer exclusively
*Details are everything, even the smallest of details can make the biggest impact

Key Takeaways:

*Step out and see what happens, removing yourself from the comfort zone may change your life for the better
*Curate a team that wants to grow with you
*No one knows your country or experience better than you

More About Our Guest:

High End Journeys is our vision for what a high-end luxury tour should be all about: connecting people to people; helping people experience Egypt outside the tourist bubble; allowing Egypt to inspire and change our understanding of the world around us all. Egypt’s ancient history and timeless culture have the power to transform the lives of our guests. We have witnessed that incredible transformation first hand and know that we are called to accompany this next generation of travelers to Egypt to continue to be changed by its people and its treasures. Ramez Salama's love and passion for his country and its amazing history led him to study Egyptology from Helwan University. He has guided a selection of leading diplomats, foreign businessmen, and world-famous musicians. He loves meeting people from different countries and explore their cultures. He has traveled to over fifteen countries – from the Great Wall of China to the game parks of Eastern Africa. He has seen the great castles of Europe, and hiked across the outstanding nature trails of North America. Ramez delivers lectures on Egyptian history and heritage at American churches and schools – particularly in Kansas, Texas, and California. He also serves as a guest lecturer on Windstar Cruise Line. Ramez’s area of expertise is Pharaonic Egypt, and he takes pleasure in leading clients around the Great Pyramids of Giza.


I'm back for another episode of business unveil that yesterday, we were having lunch at this Indonesian place, right? Lebanese, Lebanese shit, I just came from Indonesia that I met Lebanese. And the food was so good. But we started talking about the different experiences. And you started telling me your story.

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And I'm like, we have to make a podcast because it's so good. Like if you're in the travel industry. And people say to me all the time, like in their 40s or 50s, like, oh, I can never start my own thing. Like I'm too old. Or like, Oh, I've worked with the same company for 20 years, like, uncomfortable, like, why would I do my own thing? And it's like these kinds of stories that need to be told and shared. Because your story would give other people like the arm to like, okay, maybe I should do it. Yeah, because life's really short. It's like, quit living comfortably. And take a risk, you can always go back. Okay, introduce yourself. Tell him who you are what you do.
So my name is Ramez. I'm the co founder of highend journeys. It's a luxury brand based out of Cairo, Egypt,
a real luxury brand. If you know me, you're not.
Yeah, so if you like top of the line, I mean, they cannot go wrong. So everything from the arrival to departure and all in between, we do it right. So we do it from private access to the pyramids on your own like or guarded rather than things on your own. Imagine opening the Sistine Chapel for yourself back in Rome, like in the Vatican, on your own. We do these things in Egypt, like I've just finished a tour, we had a couple of people, we have opened for them. The museum, the Egyptian Museum on their own, they didn't say it in one line, they were just on their own and Egyptian Museum. So it's like, amazing. So we do all of these ultra luxury experience. Of course, we do the regular stuff to a regular daily tour to the pyramids are like you know, but we love the insider access experiences,
when they specialize things. And that's something that and we also were talking about EO entrepreneur organization, and that's something in the organization. And then also it's our exact clientele to it's like they they not only expect it, but they they come to us. And they seek very specific people and businesses that serve that very niche market who understand that every single experience matters all the way from landing at the airport, to someone standing at border control. Is that what it's called a passport. Yeah. So
I mean, I could do it, right. We have an experience of over 2020 years plus, myself, I used to work for a famous company for like for so long. And then
American company. Yeah, it's an American American company.
Back in the US almost 20 years, two decades, 20 years doing the same exact or I was a tour guide. So my career started I was an optometrist guide, doing a very interesting tours, I was in the peak of my success in this company. And then one American man, I met him, you know, he's like, he changed my life. And he told me why you work for this company, you should start your why. And I told him, because this is my comfort zone, he said, Your Comfort Zone is not your comfort zone. So if you're in a comfort zone, that you're not doing the right thing to get out of your comfort zone, that's what you should do. And he basically for a whole week, he was teaching me and about business. And he was kind of inspiring me with ideas. So really, he inspired me to start the company. And when I started, I could have started on my own. So I went to my best friend at that time, and told him Hey, as he's, there's somebody who's kind of like bugging me to start my own thing, and actually kept like telling me, did you start did you start to do to start, and he was like, kind of chasing us? Like, come on, you know, it's like, I talked to him, I talked to my best friend. And he said, Oh, yeah, let's start our own thing. And, you know, he said, to succeed, you have to be different. So give me three things that will make you different than the company that you're working for it. And just three, three things makes you different than the company that you're working for it. And then I would even help you more to succeeds. And to give me, you know, he wanted to make me think. So I said, Where Egyptians were based in the country. He said, valid points, your Egyptian base here, you know, your country, no one knows your country better than you. And then I said, Well, you're sending your American dollars to Egypt. So you're helping the economy in the right place. So this is part of responsible tourism, you're helping the right people in the right places. And we don't offer or we don't offer commercial experiences. But we offer authentic because we are Egyptians, we do it right. And basically, he said, Okay, you're on the right track. Let's work on something together. And as he's and I, we started going on to coaching lessons with this man who didn't know us. I mean, like, you're like, he was super nice. Without anything. Yeah. And he started putting us on the right track. And then we make met our third genius partner, who basically started moving us all together. And we have made the great trail team. So 20 years of tourism, each person. So makes it 60 years of combined tourism.
That's a long time. And it's not just any tourism. And it's not just any experience, like the way that it's organized from a luxury perspective. It's all about the experience. And it's like people that actually care. And so even today, and like I've gotten to experience some of it, even how we met. It's funny, it's all about relationships. I get asked all the time, how do you travel to all these crazy places, like, you know, I don't even know where I'm going half the time, because I'm not good at geography. You don't need to be good at everything. My phone tells me where I need to go. And that's all that I really need to know. But a lot of us we start businesses because we have a passion. Yeah. And then, but we like, drop the plane because we don't know where we're going. You know, it's like blindfolded. But when you have a mentor or someone in your life, and you have the right components, and the three people we were just talking a cheerleader, champion and a coach. Yeah, like, you have to have those three things. I was listening to Ron Avery, who was a speaker through EO and he was saying like, those are the three C's. Like I talk more on psychology, like you have four personalities like the blue, gold, orange, and greens. So same concept, but when you know your place, and you know, who is really good and who isn't so good at things, and you come together as a team, it works. And so now you're seven years in and yesterday, you're telling me some of the different things that your company can do that no other company can do. Which you're not going to Google this shit you guys like it don't work like that is never going to work like that. I'm from a little boy scout town. But every country in every city has those people. And those people find those people in orange people we find our orange people and but you need the other colors to make sure that you have the trip complete. And for some people, a destination wedding or destination of it like it's very stressful. If they've never, ever traveled. Never been on an airplane, like just imagine. But if they step off, and they haven't experienced like, all but God always had always heard to God, okay. And I'm not just talking any tour guide, you do need to do a little bit of research, and there's certified people and then there's people who are full of shit, who will just take your money and pretend which is a completely different thing. But once you've had that experience of you're taking care of you're not afraid to go to any Third World country, you know, you're not afraid to fight or No, I
Oh, the thing that because we're based in the country, so and we have our team like we, we started three, but now we are 12. So we are kind of like 12 people in the office.
So he's grown.
And we basically, or our team are world travelers. So they have traveled the world, they know exactly the needs of the travelers. So we are assumptions. So we're not bringing the west to the east, but we're making the East be appealing and charming to the west. So and that's the charm of our company. So we are not, we are blending the two cultures to come together. You know what I mean?
And so what are some of the things like explain what they were explaining me yesterday is like, taking people that like you showed me this video?
Yeah. So like we do. So one of the things that we do, we love taking people to an active archeological dig.
So what does active mean? In case they don't?
Like you really get Indiana Jones inside you out? Right? So. So what happens is, we give you we give you actually the x and you start digging with
oh my god, there's a tick tock on that. Oh, really? Yes, yeah,
you basically work with your own hands into the active deck. So you are basically for a couple of hours. Indiana Jones is it's a dream for every single person to be part of an archeological dig. We make it happen for you. Yeah. So after this, we take you in a basket, you go underneath the ground for almost 10 meters underneath the ground. So
we do miles in us. Yeah. So 10 meters is like, how many miles should Google
10 meters underneath the ground, which is like dark passages of eternal life of the ancient Egyptians, you get to see mummies and treasures that I've never seen light that's been underneath the ground for 2600 years ago. So it's a long time. It's really amazing. And you know, I always think of our tours in Egypt. It's like, you know, Aladdin, when he told Jasmine, do you trust me, and he pulled her out? Remember that movie? That's exactly from Disney, I overthink our journeys like this. It's like, we take you from one wonder to the other on a magical carpetright. So we take you to, as I've said before, the value of the kings that night, on your own how many people in the world? Who does that? I mean, like 7000 people that day, the visit of out of the kingdom, you can just go there on your own, if you know the right people doing it the right way.
You ever had to walk in there and not just like,
show up at night? Am I going to do it at night? No. I mean, like if you know the right connections, if you do it, right. I mean, like there's price for it, of course. But it could happen, you know what I
mean is the price for everything. But again, there's a difference between paying for something, and like getting a great experience, and then paying for something.
I always think that time journeys, we don't offer tours, anybody can book you a nice hotel, anybody can book you a nice cruise, people come to you and I because we deliver services. And basically we don't offer tours, we offer memories and experiences. And that's what makes a travel agent different from the other one, someone can deliver just a nice hotel. But you know, that's it, anybody can, they can go on any platform for booking a nice hotel. But why people come to us because we offer something different that others do not offer. So we offer memories and experiences that last transformation that experiences that change the travelers mindset.
It's just all in the details. So when I arrived, I got this bag. And your I mean, you know, all the conferences, all the traveling we do, we get handed a lot of stuff. And some people look through it and some people just push it to the side. I mean, I'll always take the time, it may take me a day or two. So there's always look through it. And I like to thank people you know, we're like looking through it. And then my travel husband gets in it like later than we thought and when we did go to switch like 330 but he's like what's in the back? There's chocolates. He's like there's chocolates. And so he
saw the serve that chocolate how, okay, a friend of mine, who basically always loved having chocolates, making chocolates, he was accountant. Yeah. And then after COVID he was laid off and he started making chocolate and we tried it. Oh, this is really your chocolate. It's a homemade chocolate. So the chocolate that you have is a homemade chocolate. My friend of mine who basically moved from being an accountant. It has a very successful jacket because of COVID So he was there yet Home Story of staying at home doing chocolates more chocolates, more chocolates. And he came to be the chocolate man created the best chocolates of all times. Yeah,
that okay, see now that makes it that's why
he's company brand. Yeah, we like helping local businesses. And that's why we decided every single guests coming to Egypt should have one box of chocolate branded with our logo and everything. So we
ate the chocolate at three o'clock in the morning and then But wait, there's more. And this is an even bigger deal for me. So the people that I travel with, we all talk on WhatsApp. And if you're not in America, you operate your business in your life off of WhatsApp. Americans, we don't wait. Like some people. They don't even know what it is. And that's okay. Like if you're not traveling.
You guys, text for free. Yeah, once you travel abroad restrictions and people of the world. Yeah, texting is with money. Yeah, WhatsApp is free. Yeah. So that's why you go for the free instead of Yeah. Which totally makes American companies a company. What's up
is I mean, it's great. Like, I love it. It's just funny, because we're in all these WhatsApp groups. And so people start or they're arriving for a retreat. And that's why we're here in Egypt to begin with. But I've learned in traveling really, really far to try to come early or stay late. So and experience the culture and experience and do some different things as much as you can. Because not only for for your personal memories, like you said, but I like to do it so that I can take it back and show people well, first, like my family who some people our family can't travel. But they love history, and they love to do things and they want to it's just they can, yeah, so it's fun, I get to go and like capture content, like do fun things. And like, I have people tell me like I'm living through your Yeah. And like, they'll say, oh, go eat here, go here. And then I'll give them my opinion. You know, it's just, it's fun to be able to document and share and show people. But when you're not having a good time, it's really difficult to get on video and be fake. Yeah, that's, and that's something that I cannot do, I cannot do. And I'll tell you, I'll know, I'll straight up tell you like, this was my poor planning. So I should have done this differently. Or I should have done this. But it's all about relationships. And so when I knew that we were coming, by the way this trip was started to be planned in 2019, prior to convert, and we changed the date multiple times. And so things were kind of last minute, it's kind of how life rolls at this point. But it's like my travel agent who we work with, and we've worked with for over a decade. He's like, Oh, you're gonna need to, can I introduce you to these people? Right. And I mean, within, you know, a few days, it's just like, okay, we can do this, this isn't this. But I was pretty specific. Y'all know, I'm really specific. I'm like, we want to fund to a guy that, like, likes to dance and can speak good English. And she was, I mean, so perfect. Our driver was perfect. It's like, people were handpicked. And then the stories throughout the day that was told, it's like everything happens for a reason. And like we wrote a camera today. And it was so fun. And the guy that took us though he wasn't the guy that was supposed to take us it was supposed to be another guy, but he didn't speak English that well. And our guide knew that we were like going to want to do videos and things. So they sent this other guy who spoke perfect English. He's like an Instagram and he's like, I know how to use this contraption. But a little new DJI DJI Osmo I just got the new six. That's incredible. And so it was just fun. Like, he is like, I've been doing this for 20 years. And he's like, I've never danced in front of the pyramids. You know, it's like 10 seconds of shaking your button, having fun. And then the driver, we drove around, I'm like money, you do it too. And he's like, Oh, no, no, no, not me. And I'm like, no, yes. You and before, like you just get people going, you don't get you don't answer questions like now you see this, we're going to record you don't give him time to think and then all of a sudden, like, Oh my god. He's been doing it for 30 years. And he's like, I've never gotten out to like dancer. Like,
Ferris I think I never did before, but it's like,
you know, incorporate what's happening in the room.
People to People connection, right. So I mean, like, was the point. I mean, I mean, that's why traveling, the reality is old is the best. So even though it'd be made me watch a nice video on Instagram or something. But when you connect to people, yeah. And when you feel it, the sounds, the smells, the voices, you know, connection. It's all about human connection, you know, communication, communication,
communication, and that's the thing where, I mean, I like to think I'm a good communicator. I'm not perfect by any means. But just the different experiences that I've personally had an Egypt just recently with a few different companies because there's 50 of us. We All plaintiff is for living, we all are pretty well traveled. We all deal in the luxury market. But American luxury and different parts of the world, it means something different. And so to find someone who actually cares, understands about the experience, you
know, anybody can claim that I can anybody really claims that he sells luxury, you know, yeah, but those who deliver luxury is different slide. So, you know, I'm telling you, there are at least 2000 companies in Egypt, like registered, registered legal companies that have got a certain number
registered and legal being because you can
just be there on a page on Facebook, you know, on our page on online, but not having a number and licensed from the minister Ministry of Tourism. So you have to have two things. So this is the way how you find whether you're dealing with a kind of like, a credited company or not. Yeah, all of them claim that they do luxury, but really out of them. Five companies do luxury.
So five out of 2000. Yeah. And those who
do like True, true, true ultra luxury, I will teach you. Yeah, one company that I was working for before, which I really cherish my partnership. I mean, like my long partnership with them, and myself because they know exactly what I'm delivering.
So were they a big cheerleader for you when you went to them and said, Yeah, they were
super nice. Are you like, Yeah, go for it. You know, it's like good luck. I mean, like, we're good friends still today. We can have good relations. But you know, the business that I told you about him? Yes. He said never burn your bridges. That's right. And you're leaving, leaving a very good, proper ethical way. Yes. And that's what I did.
Yes. That's awesome. That was so good. So if you're coming to Egypt, or even if it's outside of a wedding or an event, you'd
like to talk about weddings in Egypt. Yeah. I think weddings in Egypt is amazing. This is off the shard people go to Europe, but come on. You just offers a lots of nice wedding destinations. How
just Yeah, paint? Yes, we
can charter a cruise on the Nile where this is a perfect wedding venue. Yeah, just just across there. So imagine your guests are getting married on the Nile? You know what I mean? How awesome is this? So basically, we take the whole entire cruise with the guests there. And we do the wedding on deck. As they are sitting down the Nile. The bridal walk down the aisle. Yeah. Are you like this is awesome. This is epic. Or getting married by the pyramids behind you the background or getting married in a very nice Victorian, old hotel in Upper Egypt, in Aswan on an amazing nature out there. So we have a lot of or even on the red team, like getting married on the reds. How many people in the world get married on the red team? Yeah, you know what I mean?
So anything you can think of, you can pretty much do
it. Like here. I remember I told her like magical copper triad of a lot of Yeah, so you know, remember the line turned a fiver later and of 11 You know you love it. Hi, and journeys makes it happen for you.
If you have a wish. The command. Yes, it just the whole experience has been really, really lovely. And it's all about it's all about relationships. So how did you meet Harlan?
I met him through a very good friend of mine, who's a Travel Advisor. And, you know, the our kind of like connection to Office, Harlan as part of the Trump game. Yeah. So basically, I was in New York Times street show, and my friend told him, Hey, come over to our office, I can hook you up with other people from our office. And I've met Harlan, Cara, and I fell in love with them. They're so genuine. So nice. I thought okay, you know what, this is amazing. Great. Brother and sister. I love them. And they're so nice people. So it's like, it's like as terrorists from my partnership with them. Yeah, yeah. It's just
again, it's like when you when you have a good relationship with someone, no matter where you go in the world, the world doesn't seem so big and it doesn't seem so scary and overwhelming. When you have somebody that you can trust. That's like, literally a WhatsApp, like a text away. Like it really really is. So, so when we talk about destination weddings for Egypt, or even events, or retreats, or leisure travel for executives, like are we talking 50 people? Are we talking 100 People like what how many people voted from
five to 500? Okay, so and all in between? Yeah. So,
and then they move people logistically from the airport to the hotels.
Yeah, I mean, services. From etc, from arrival to departure and all in between everything Yeah, bookings of hotels, venues, restaurants, everything.
And then travel siblings on the front end helps organize like all the flights and all the things, let me tell you, the best thing ever did was I learned this the hard way I was telling them, we have a destination wedding. It's about 50 people, and Harlan and his sister booked all the travel. And overnight, Halloween, an airline sold. And all the flights were canceled and all of our guests were getting these notifications but Harlan was like 10 steps ahead of it. Right. So they're all getting notifications or party in drunker than skunks. And there are Muslims, like started taking care of it's all good, don't worry. But it's like, I also learned a lesson to not give people so much information about their stuff like the notification should have been coming to us or like just to Hollywood, you know, or when you have too many people involved. Things can like go wrong, and people's experience can get tainted, but it's like they were on top of it. And I could actually just focus on reading the event and not worried about rebooking 50 Something flights. So when you have a team of people come together, and you're all working together, the experience is amazing. I have a wonderful time. It's just absolutely. When people are like, Oh, I'm just gonna Google it. I don't need a tour guide. I'm not, I don't know a better culture barrier. Oh, did not finish my story a minute ago. This is called looping Tony Robbins. I just remembered the little money bag with the money. Yeah. So that was the little details, right. So Brian and I are going through it. And he we all talk is like who's getting cash. So I was monitoring like, I got the cash. But I don't travel very much cash like I just normally don't we do for tipping and things like that. We usually work conferences and stuff. And so I opened a little bag, and it was like, bathroom tipping money, which I learned the hard way. When I was like, oh, I need to carry tissue and you gotta money, these effing bathroom. And like, but it's like that a lot of countries, a lot of places. And so I'm like, that was so thoughtful. Like, not everybody does that. It's like a simple thing. But it's like, I didn't have little bills, like at $200 pounds. And which is way too much to pay to sponsor, okay. And you got to learn the money too. And that's the other thing and like, your detailed itinerary, which means I'll ask because my detail isn't always like 22 pages of a Google bot. And they printed out all nicely. And then you send the PDF. It is like all there's like one day, but then the next page was like tips. It's like how much do you tip? Like, just tell people because otherwise, they're Googling, you hit the wrong information. So it was just telling people going the extra mile. Not everyone does that. And your solutions people. So if you have to have a plan B, you have a relationship. fixers, we like fixing things. Yeah, they're not going to tell you over WhatsApp. Well, what can we do about this? Nothing? Let me fall on my chair over here. That actually happened to me. Oh, no, no, no, no, I'm just sharing an experience and are like, this is the difference between, again, what defines luxury. It's like someone who's like, well, I want a really beautiful wedding. But I don't want to spend a million dollars. Okay, well, what's a lot, I don't want to spend a lot of money on my wedding. Well, what's a lot of money? Because to some people, $10,000 is a lot of money. Some people say 100 Some people it's a million. Yeah. So it's like you have to dig further. And you have to ask the right questions. The other thing that is just could cause like some hiccups in the beginning, especially traveling just anywhere, internationally, is the whole visa thing getting in and out. And so there's things that have to happen beforehand. And depending on where your guests are coming from, like, all these things matter. And if you don't know to ask, your guests could show up. And then they're a little surprised, like a visa. What do you mean, what do you mean, I had to have that, you know, so it's like telling everybody ahead of time and communicating right things is key. It is so important. And most people don't ask these things. So it's just like giving all the information like you guys
with a drone in Egypt.
Oh my god. So I have you listed in previous podcasts almost got arrested in India. They're totally legal. But the last time I was in Egypt, I brought my drone and but it was a poor marketing thing for us hell and in the owner, and he's like, No, it will get shot down. It's completely illegal. So in yalls email signature it specifically says I didn't know is in your signature. If I was to meet and I'm like, oh my god, the words get around that I'm getting arrested in other countries are not arrested but threatened.
chasing her we know she's drunk. She's the girl that travels with the icon, drone.
So I'm like, oh, Wow, you're on top of that. I'm like, did you put that in there just for me? He's like, No. No, I was. There was a drought.
Yeah. Basically, it's for military intelligence. Yes. So the space is owned by the military. Yeah. So for safety for the air, so any flying object is subject for interrogation. Now you can get a permit. From record companies. Yeah. Federal license from the military intelligence if you're gonna have an event. And if you want the right people again, you come to us, we put you in touch with the right people. Yeah, sure wedding or something. We can easily do it with a drone with the right permissions.
Yeah. And likely, you just take care of it. You know, it's like, Oh, it's this much. Okay, fine. The clients fine with it, because they want that beautiful car. Sorry. You have ever
imagined you're getting married on the night, cruising down the Nile. The drone goes around a cruise and you're just in the middle of the river. Making your vows with a with with basically, this amazing view on you like How romantic is this?
It's so peaceful. It's like, it's very peaceful. So tell us are there Pete months for people to travel? Or do events here? Like is there a high season low season?
The weather is good as old as second half of October? November. That's high season. Okay.
That means plan ahead, peeps. Yep.
I would say March. April is good. But I would always go for especially for weddings. October, November. This is the best two months of the year. early December.
Okay. Are there a lot of outdoor weddings?
Are those linear? Outdoors running?
So does it ever rain here?
It trains in December. Okay, so
there's tents?
Not really, no, we're not prepared for now. So whatever rates government October, October, November, September, and your sweet Yeah, and you'd be absolutely fine. You're good.
So how far in advance? Would they need to plan
for a legendary wedding? Yes. Legendary. Legendary, how long? One year,
one year. If you asked me, I would probably say 15 months, sometimes 18 months, 18 months if we're moving over 50 people who are not well traveled. Now there are other planners that we work with, hey, plan these destination weddings for 300 plus people in three months, and get it done. To me, that's just
trust, we can make it done make this like, we can make it on two weeks time. You know, it's just not just one not one year, one year 22. relaxed, yes. And do it right. We can experience the best experience.
So if they want to get in touch with you. And your company, where should they go?
Our name is Hines journeys. We're based in Cairo, Egypt. And they can find as many work is WWW dot Hyken.
Okay, so So
it's at www dot tion
And this is anything, anything on the ground and
some arrival to departure and all in between?
Yeah. So check it out. And then do you guys have Instagram?
We do. But it's kind of like I'm the one who's running Instagram, so I'm not doing a good job. So it's like social media, for the fact of presence. But, you know, it's like, if you want to check whether we are existing or not, we do exist in Instagram. But I'm doing a very bad job in Instagram. But
it's they're busy you guys. And that's the best news is like, we were even talking yesterday. Y'all thought it was gonna be a slower month. Right? Oh, yeah.
We have 60 people on ground right now, as I'm talking to you right now. Their problems are having those ultra luxury experiences we're renting tomorrow like a private helicopter to fly the guests over the permits. No one has this in Egypt, by the way. We're the only ones that because the space owned by the military. So we're renting a military, we take you to a military base. You fly out of a military base, and you fly over the pyramids. It's amazing. Amazing, amazing. Amazing. It's like it's a wow experience. Like you fly above them. It's like wow experience we saw
people parachuting in. There was this event going on. I think it was like the last day and I'm like, Oh my God, I want to film it. Friends like why you're not doing it? Well, we would love to do there's a few things
because you're kind of like doing it.
Like I definitely want it Like to capture the beautiful content and like all the memories from above. I love that. Okay, we're getting tired.
Y'all know what time it opens on? It's quarter to 11 at night.
Yeah. And we're gonna, our car picks us up at 4:30am. Because surely, we're fine. So Lux for sure. And then I'm going we're gonna
lock short horned God,
or goddess or god or goddess, or God. How do you make your time do that? We're
actually in Arabic.
got like a tiger. Oh my god. The camels talk to us today. Oh, they were so talkative. I mean, like, I've never heard an animal make a noise. Oh, they do. They do so but they made noises like, like, I can't even get it was just so odd. But my cable famous Mickey Minnie Mouse, and bronze cables name was Moses.
Moses. Yeah, I've
read the Moses before. Yeah. There's I mean, they're just so nice. Campbell, you know,
cruising the desert on a camel. It's amazing. Yeah. And you know, why do I use the word cruising? Because the camels in the air culture, we refer to them as the desert ship. Because they can go 14 days without drinking water. 14 days not drinking water. Right. So it's like a cruise. You're like, Yeah, it's fine. I mean, like, that's why the Arabs have used them through centuries traveling through the Sahara Desert. Yeah. So traveling for 40 days without drinking water. It's like a cruise down the desert. So to ship so the desert ship. And so
Oh, in camels run. I didn't know they run.
That's why we call like cruising. Tomorrow we're gonna be cruising the Nile. And today you have cruise desert. So you went on a camel cruise, and you're going tomorrow on the night cruise.
And it was so fun. We just had the best time. And it was beautiful. The weather was perfect. And there's a new place that you can watch. And it was great.
Oh, the nine parents lounge was like amazing. Yeah, it wasn't one of our favorite spots there. How many people died overlooking the permanence is like,
and it was so perfect. Because the view is so perfect. And all the different angles for any video or photo. They're incredible. And it looks like no one's really there. Yeah. So it's like, you don't have too many people. Because the way they scheduled groups, it's like very organized.
Oh, actually, it's a very high end restaurant. They they do not accept any travel agency to work with them. So it's kind of like top of the line they choose. They can choose who they work with the filter. They don't want somebody to go for a cup of coffee there. Yeah. I mean, so it's like the filter people. If you're a good battery go there. Yeah. So that's why basically, they kind of like make it very complicated to have a place there. That's why they choose pick and choose clients, I would say, but it's a good way. Remember, 7000 people a day they visited 7000 people, if they open it for everyone, all the 7000 people, they will be there at the restaurant.
That's the other thing. You have to have reservations like you have you can't just show up knowing and like there's these huge buses, and just like people get off, but it's like very organized, like people coming off in order to start to overwhelming. But everyone was so fun. It was just nice. And the food was amazing. Yep, it was our favorite food we had yesterday was actually come on yesterday. It was amazing. It was really good to see if you're coming to Egypt, or have you know someone coming to Egypt, reach out ask questions, and we gotta get a bed. Yeah, I'm going to bed you have to do emails.
Fourth email server play till three o'clock in the morning.
Yeah. So when we say dedication, dedication, dedication. And if you're thinking about starting a business,
I would just if you are thinking to start a business business, make make quick response, like quick response, be on top of things. Don't be late. Don't be late. You have to get over like the key of success. So the key words be detail oriented check every single and never too late. You know, I thought I've never started my own business, actually. Is this American man that have started inspiring me and another South African man to Yeah, he came like six months after, and he owns a business. And he was like telling me exactly what I have to say. So it's like, because they know and later on, he started his own Lodge. Really? Yeah. Because he was like working for as a CEO for one company. Then he started his Lodge and he was like, super nice, man.
It's just, that's awesome. Okay, you have to pick a card and then you have to answer a question we use in our podcast. There's cards here, y'all my cards got wet. I think I have. Yeah, yeah, pick one. I have a week in my purse or something every year.
Have you ever gone to the bathroom? The pool? Ever gone to the bathroom? Like number one? You mean?
Oh, let's clarify. Yeah, right, I guess number one and number two, no numbers just
never ever. everyone all the time asked me like, why did you get out of the baby when I was five years? When I was five years old? My mom would bring me up. But after this, I decided to vote it
up in the pool.
Can I get another one? That's like very interesting questions. Have you ever gotten a
DUI? Do you know what that is? No, this is hilarious. I love that he got this. So in America, if you're drunk, you drink too much alcohol. You get a DUI.
Oh, let somebody like to check you as
you're asked goes to jail. You get arrested? Oh, yeah. And you get a DUI and you get your license taken away from okay. I never have if you drink too much, you get a deep but rivers are
great for this.
Because they're relevant to you. Okay, here. Yeah. I can't really knock carts got wet. Actually, I can.
Have you ever stolen something from a store? Maybe Of course all maybe eight at it later on. I was like 10 years old.
I've never stolen anything.
Crystal. I was 10 years old. Mom told me this is wrong going pate.
Good mom, good mom. My dad, I saw gummy bears, and a hairbrush from Walmart. I was about the same age. And my dad was home from school when I got off the bus and I knew something was wrong. And I was wearing a red coat I'll never forget. And he put my hands in handcuffs. He worked in authority law. And he took masks to jail. Big people jail. And they left me there just for a little bit to scare the shit out of me. And it did and never saw again. And they took me back and made me return having gummy bears and apologize. But that never happened again. Okay, you have to answer one. Okay. So I'm like how long my cards get way
more here with us. You want to be on video? Yeah, come over here. You can over here. We just my business partner
who is like so patient with me. And so Hi, thank you. I know it's a lot of work sometimes.
How many times you have a queen in Egypt? Y'all listen. Okay,
so if you don't have the Nile here,
well, the other thing is like, and I do know, like women here are dressed and they don't really wear dresses. I was not thinking but this morning because we were riding a camel. I texted him. I'm like, we should wear pants today. Right? Like not shorts, even though it's it's hot in the sun. But actually, there was a breeze because it was really, really nice. But he's like, Yeah, wear pants. And so I couldn't wait to get the clothes off because they were you know, it's dusty. That's the other thing. You have to wear tennis shoes. No high heels. We're trying to be cute. Okay, you can still get really cute shoes that are comfortable. But you need to issues and good socks, right? Yeah. But so I put a dress on. Everyone was staring at me. When we walked down to dinner and brands, like just walk in front of me. Because this is hilarious. But everyone was like looking kinda like I was just. So it's like, you also want to make sure that like you're appropriate for like, where you're going friends. Like you probably shouldn't want to dress beyond me. I'm checked out sometimes. But your itinerary did say like certain things. And then one thing before the question, what's the thing about asking people about taking pictures because they don't like to be have their picture made? You ask why?
Why You Should Ask people because sometimes we will like, while you take my picture or
you're walking in Nashville, I stop you and take your picture.
We'll do it all the time.
permit or love to do it. But in the street. They might like Oh, but
you'd have it Oh, hold on if they ask you for kicking picture for you. Because you're like a Hollywood actress. Yeah. Because no. No, you're blonde blonde. We don't have longer. Right? So that's like Hollywood. Wow. Oh my gosh. She's like you're an actress,
and movie star in Egypt. And then in India. It's like people want to take pictures and I mean we have fun with
lots of times and people. Locals they don't go to the permits to sit for an hour see them on TV. So when they see the
reality so the teachers wanted to see that permit.
When I was in school and they went first time to a school trip, I was like, 10 years old. I was chasing like, people like photographs of men or boys or girls. Can you think of creatures? Yeah, I did.
I think that's cute. Yeah. But it's like, just so you know, mericans if you're here, and people are asking, like, Can we take a picture with you?
Or a nice way?
Like, I love that. And I'm over here, Mike, what's your tick tock? What's your Instagram? What's your business? The other thing, you got to know where people are, because like in some of the countries, they don't use tick tock. Some of the every country is Facebook, every country pretty much uses Instagram. Well, we go we follow each other, and you build an audience and relationships with people all over the world. So now, if people were coming, well, they can just call you. But if someone's asking, they're like, oh, where who? Should I go for camels? Or where should I? What's that lunch place again, you know, they can reference all of this. And I'm like, Oh, we have a tick tock on that. You know, just type the hash type in Egypt, camel, luxury camo each abroad or something because that's the hashtag I would use. And then it pops up. And that's the point of hashtags. Is it helps you find rabies. Okay. I went off on a tangent. Okay, we gotta go to bed. We gotta get back.
Would you ever get attached to what kind of a to b? No, never. Why? No, I don't have it's a commitment.
Too much of a commitment. Right? Yeah. Do you know? Do Okay? Fraud, regret it. Don't do it. Unless you do a strategy meeting around it. And if you have a strategy meeting and you feel really good, like in 100 years, you're still gonna love that slide. have fucking hurts. It really hurt. I cried and sweated or God was bad. I don't know what it was. I wasn't thinking actually. Yeah, they were thought of it to it. Yeah, you know only if you love it. Okay, you want to do one more?
Okay, sure. You know this one? I don't know any of them. You're just read it. Read it.
Hi Darya.
How did you find out that Santa Claus is not real?
Do you celebrate? Oh, would you? Okay. Wait, you're heartbroken my parents they just told you. Yep. Okay.
I was actually I was old. I was in my fifth grade. So I was like, my parents played the game. Well, till I was like, really old. I was like, my brothers told me so. I come from a family that the honors and to close. Yeah. So like everybody like Santa Santos. They're just coming. So it's like, I was old. It's a big deal.
And I love that it's not in every culture. So I love that. Okay, thanks so much for watching and listening and tuning in. Be sure to tune in next week for another episode of business unveiled. Bye for ages. Thank you.
Thank you. That's it for this week's episode of business and veiled. Now that you have all the tools that you need to conquer the world and GSD get shit done. Would you share this with your friends and fellow business leaders? One thing that would really really help us and help new listeners is for you to rate the show. And leave a comment and Apple podcast, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you tune in and listen to business unveiled. You can check out the show notes at Angela and link up with us on social media so you can share your biggest insights. And I want to know your aha moments. Until next week, remember, the profitable shifts and structures you're creating in your business help you be more present in your life. So get out there and GSD


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