How to Survive, Drive, and Thrive Through COVID-19 and Beyond

As we continue to make our way through these turbulent times, I wanted to share a recent interview I did with celebrity event planner, productivity coach, and entrepreneur, Angela Proffitt.

In this interview, we dive into the subject of how you can survive, drive forward, and even thrive in the face of the challenges posed by COVID-19.

Over the last couple months, Angela and I have spoken with so many of you who are deeply concerned about how COVID-19 is affecting your business. So, we wanted to give you a boost of hope and to share some concrete strategies to help you navigate the current situation.

Since weddings and events have been put on hold temporarily, many of us have more time now to work “on our business.” But that raises the question, what specifically should you be doing? How exactly can you fortify and elevate your business so that you make it through these times and come out on the other side ready to fly?

To hear answers to these questions and issues, check out the video here!

Angela and I hope this interview helps you weather the current storm. And if there's any direct way we can be of help to you, don't hesitate to reach out.

Above all, please remember that weddings and events will come back. People will celebrate again. And we will get through this, as well as any other challenges that arise, together!

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