How to Turn Your Passion into a Career

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How to Turn Your Passion into a Career

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Today, we’re pulling back the drape and sharing some deep, deep stuff with you guys. We are definitely not holding back today, so you are in for a treat! Our guest is Eva Kaszyckii, and together, we are talking about freedom and passion and inspiration. We are talking a lot about how much we all need a sense of purpose, so if you’re feeling a little lost right now, this is the episode for you. 

When you’re searching for a sense of purpose, the first thing you should listen to is your intuition. Most of us spend our entire lives in our head, but life isn’t always logical. It doesn’t always make sense on paper. You have got to connect to your spirit and heart to really understand what you should be doing. Also, you may think that you have to search outside of yourself for your purpose, but the truth is, your purpose is already within you. You’ll find out what it is when you learn to reconnect with yourself. 

Going after your passion or your purpose is scary, but you have to get over your imposter syndrome. If you don’t, nothing will ever get done. Don’t buy into the idea that there isn’t enough success out there for you or that you’re not worthy of your dreams. You’ve got to believe that the success you want is available for you and that you are worthy of it. Once you have your mindset correct, things will go a lot more smoothly.  

As you find your passion, you’ll learn that you attract not only your dreams, but also the right people into your business. You’ll learn to say no to the people that will have a negative impact on your life. And when you truly love yourself, you’ll truly be yourself, and people will be drawn to you if they are compatible with you. By taking care of yourself, you’ll get the clients you want and need.

As you find your purpose, you’ll have to get over yourself, but you’ll find the people you need in your life as you do. Before you can worry about your productivity, processes, profit, and people, you’ve got to know the reason behind everything you do. Having a purpose makes the rest of it so much easier. There’s so much to learn from this podcast, so I hope y’all will give it a listen and join us again next week! 


  • Finding a purpose
  • Overcoming fear and imposter syndrome
  • Attracting the right people


The most powerful thing we have is our intuition…but most of us spend our entire lives in our head.

I can guarantee you that if you start listening to silence and just quiet your thoughts, you are going to start feeling.

Your feelings are powerful because they are a compass to get you where you need to go.


Even though Eva Kaszycki grew up in a well-off family, things were never rosy. At a young age, she became independent. After some very rocky years, Eva started a successful business, and people flocked to her for advice. Today, she helps other women find their passion and purpose in life, just like she did.

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Hi, y'all, it's Angela. I'm back for another episode of business unveiled. And I'm super super excited to talk to another bad as business owner, she is so much fun. We're gonna have awesome today. And we're gonna have an awesome awesome time. I wish you guys could see her picture. So whenever Amanda post, I have to share it with you guys. Because this hat and there's like this pink, amazing geometric backdrop of every picture. And I just love it. And so we're gonna talk about some good shit today.

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You guys like we're gonna pull back the drape and really share some some deep, deep stuff with you guys. So we're not holding back today. So you're in for a treat, so ever. Welcome to the show. Welcome. Thank you so much for having me. I'm so excited to be here. I can't wait to see what we dive into. Yeah. Well, before we jump in and start talking about your entrepreneur journey, and really just talking about like freedom and passion and purpose and inspiration. And I know that you teach women globally as well, just about their passion and their purpose. But you've had to go through a lot I'm assuming to really get there I know that I have as as a woman, and it's like, you don't just wake up and say, okay, what's the passion and what's the purpose, you really have to get through a journey. So I know that you're from Australia, absolutely love your accent. But share with me and share with everyone listening a little bit about your journey and your background. How have you gotten to where you are today?
Hmm, well, you know, I really wish I could have just said I was born yesterday, and I woke up and this is my life. But unfortunately, I yeah, really, you know, I don't like to put labels on it and be like, you know, it was so much and all the things but I guess in the grand scheme of things, I have really had to overcome a lot of stuff to get here. And I was born into a, we were well off. We're a well off family, upper middle class in Australia. But my parents were extremely stingy, extremely tight, I would fight over money all the time.
Our my childhood was all about status, you weren't anybody unless you were somebody. And so to really paint your picture, I guess who we become is who we had to be for our parents. And I had to be this you know, perfect team in that had all of the all my ducks in a row knew I was going to go to uni, everything was going to work out beautifully. And it definitely didn't. So until now, but um, so my childhood, even though it looks great on the outside, it wasn't great on the inside, my parents would fight all the time they were going to get a divorce. My father sort of lived away most of the time. And as a child, you don't really have much to compare to you sort of feel like and this is how I felt that your circumstances are just how everything is. And so I thought it was normal until one day I really had to wake up. And that day was when I was 13. And we just come home from Christmas shopping. And we walked in and my mom was screaming my sister was screaming, we had to call the ambulance and my father unfortunately had taken his own life. And no, yeah, and it was a very, you know, ironically and I was saying this on another podcast recently.
It was the best thing that ever happened to me and not in a narcissistic way in a really beautiful way because I actually have more of a relationship with my dad now that he's passed and I ever had when he was alive.
But it Look, it was, it was a very, it was a shock to the system because mainly that we were conditioned that everything had to be perfect, you had to have a mom, you had to have a dad, you had to be well off, and everything had to look a certain way. And now here, I was with my model of the world shattered to the ground, because my father had just taken his own life and the word suicide is to Buu. And so I had to go to school, you know, for the next couple of years, and just nothing felt right. And the reality is sometimes when events happen in your life, they often take away what's really happening, they take away the focus from what you're really dealing with. And the focus of what I was really dealing with was the fact that my sister and I were raising ourselves my mom was never home, you know, from the age of five, we had to walk, you know, an hour from school every day, we had to cook our own dinner, we pretty much raised ourselves from the ground up, which
which I'm, I'm not, I don't have anything against my mum for because it made me the woman I am today. And it made me incredibly independent. But the energy around my mom is that she was a very cold woman, you know, there was no real love to give. And you don't have to like if you tell someone that you love them, but there's the energy behind it isn't warm and loving, you know, it does nothing. So being in the house that and I'm very sensitive to my environment. If anyone's ever done epigenetics or, you know, just done anything around finding out who you are with all of the incredible modalities that this world has to offer. I'm really sensitive to my environment. So my office is you know, perfectly white and pink and my Korean was like a catalog or because I just love space and and I feel better when I'm in a beautiful space. And so my 15 year old self,
just could not be at home. I didn't really know why I didn't put labels on it at the time, but I just knew that I couldn't be in that house. And so I did whatever 15 or not every 15 year olds some 15 year olds don't rebel, but
um, yeah, I was
the worst 15 year old I'd like sneak out of my home, climb out the window, you know, go to houses down and go to my boyfriend's house at the time. And, you know, I did it for a whole summer my mom called me and she told me to leave. And you know, wasn't in a way like leave and never come back. But she was like, just get out of this house. I don't want you here. And me being the stubborn, determined woman that I am. I noticed that foot back in that house again, I I went to a completely different life. It was almost like an insane parallel, like, you know, timeline shifts, but it wasn't a quantum leap. Because it was definitely not, you know, for my highest good, but it really taught me a lot. And so I lived with my boyfriend, his family and I had to go from this beautiful, expensive private school to one of the worst schools in Brisbane. And so it was, yeah, it was it was an insane shift. So I saw I always share the story because it's really means a lot to me.
Very first day of school at my new school at this school where, you know, I'd gone from pricy private school people that, you know, parents are making millions of dollars a year to a school where they're taking drugs and smoking and,
you know, pulling knives out. And I'm sitting at this school that is so out of my comfort zone because I'd been conditioned around status, and I'm sitting there and the very first day of this school, this girl is sitting beside me and I'm like, Oh, where's your mom? to go pick her up? And she's like, Oh, my mom's dead. And I was like, Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that was your dad. And she's like, our dad's in jail for killing mom. Oh, and but in the irony of the mess, it was the very first moment in my life where I was, like, ever.
There is always someone out there that is going through more than you. Yes. Like your your what you've been through is just making you the person that you are, you just need to surrender and go along with it, and learn everything that you can from it. And, uh, while my story didn't get much better, you know, I went down a very dark road for a long time, I was addicted to drugs. I tried to commit suicide four times, I ended up in hospital four times. And on the fourth time, when you know, it's terrible like to have to hit rock bottom and I will
remind everyone that I created this prison in my own mind, the only person that created these choices was me. And sometimes we need to, you know, it's hard because no one's really showing us any differently. But on the fourth time of being in hospital, trying to take my own life, I had this really strong awakening that it was just like, ever, if you can fail at taking your own life
You have to live, like, like, it was like, how would you fail at doing this. And so, in that moment, I made the choice. And I was like, ever, you need to get yourself some endorphins and get back on the right track. And so I did just that. And it wasn't easy. And I started to get my life back on track. And as of course, when I gave up, you know, the drugs and the alcohol and the parties and just really focused on my health,
I got pregnant.
But obviously, there's a bit like, obviously, there's a bit of time, I was able to grow. But yeah, I'd, I'd gone to uni, I started working in the events industry. And then when I got pregnant, I realized that I couldn't work for someone else, because I'd never have time with my babies. And so I started forever events, which is an event planning and styling company that blew up, we've still got that company. It's incredible. And we became so successful, everyone else was asking for advice around you know how to run a business and working with business coaches, and incredible mentors over the years, I realized that the reason that I'm in this physical body this lifetime, is to really help women step into their purpose and unlock who they are, as a coach, we can't give you all the answers, you have to really unlock the power within you, but we can hold the space beautifully. And that's what I get to do today, every single day. And I think the world would be a much better place if everyone realized their true power, their true potential and stops, you know, buying into this bullshit illusion that there are limitations when they're really on on. Yeah, no, it's so true. And thank you for sharing all of that. Because I know it's not easy. You know, talking about some of it. But sometimes you got to get through all of that. And then it becomes easier to talk about it because it's like, Look, I went through this stuff. And but just like you said, you never know what's going on with the other person, they could be sitting right next to you. And I learned that working in mental health.
I've probably worked at a facility that that you went to for help. And most of the patients that that they were, they checked themselves in for help. They had had suicide attempts. And then we had a whole nother unit where people were not there voluntarily. And they were so incredibly sick out of their mind. And you know, you study something in school, and you read books about it, and then you actually get into the real workplace. And I was scared. I was like, I was kind of a sheltered child. I was like, Oh, shit, I didn't realize that. Like, this is what a psych ward is like, and I know I can help people and I love to help people. And I just really wanted to hear people's stories. And I wanted to understand their brain, and why they were so sick. And I just I felt like I could help them. But what I didn't understand as because I was so young, I you can't fix everybody, you just you can't. And there's so many factors that go into that. But long story short, that there were people that would come in for help, and they look completely fine. And I'm like, I'll never forget one of our patients or I miss Jane, I called her Miss Jane. She was gorgeous, perfect clothes, perfect, beautiful family husband, beautiful daughter beamed at nice BMW car. I'm like, what's wrong with you? And issues about polar and she suffered. And until I really started to understand her, like from a medical perspective, I was just looking at like, what was on the outside and then sizing her up. And that's what we do in society, not meaning to at all. But you never know, until someone sits down in therapy and they open their mouth. And then you're like, Oh my God, that's not what I was expecting to come out of your mouth. But we have to stop painting this picture of, Oh, woe is me, like Poor me. Every time someone like is driving, and they're like they, you know, completely just almost hit me and flip me off. And I'm like, You almost hit me here. But it's okay. Like I just wave and I smile. You never know that. If that woman was beaten that morning. You never know if she was on the way to the hospital because their child was dying like you just don't know, until you take a step back and you actually ask someone. And so I think that that's a really, really valid story, to get people to look at things a little bit differently so that you don't always think like oh,
My gosh, my life is so bad, you can make your life so much better. I mean, look at what you've done with your story. And you've used that as such a positive way to help so many other women. And I'm sure that women that come to you feel comfortable in confiding in you because they, if you've talked about yourself being at a low point, you can never even imagine what doors you open, and fires you put out of other women feeling comfortable and confident to come to you. Because let's be honest, like none of us are perfect. None of us are perfect. So what what's the the first thing that you can tell people that they really have a passion and a purpose? But maybe they don't know what that is yet? How can you tell them? Like what's the first thing that they need to do to go out searching for that, to know what their purpose is right now? Is this funny because I was literally on a coaching call with a client yesterday, and we were having this same discussion, she was like, you know, I'm doing this job that I can't stand, I really want to be doing this. And it's so analytical. And it's something that I've really uncovered in the last few years, because in the early days of business, I was so in my head. And I think the really important thing about this lifetime that most of us have a comprehension of most of us always say, you know, it's mind, body and soul, there's a universe, whether they grasp the 3d and the five D is another story. But the reality is that if like we are always being guided, the most powerful thing that we have is our intuition is you know, our spirit is our soul, whatever you want to call it is our connection to the universe. But most of us spend our entire lives in our head, you know, we were lifeless, you are absolutely lifeless, without your spirit, a fetus is just a fetus. And then the spirit goes in, you know, you start your heart starts beating, and it creates life. And so the reality is that we have the power and the potential to know in any given moment, if something's for our highest good or not, we always have that potential. But we come into this physical body, and we're not taught that no one's teaching that, you know, it's pretty much just doo doo, doo, doo doo, and constantly be in your head, and not in your heart, constantly. Run, do everything with your head. And if you just get out of your head, and come down to your heart for a second and connect, and connect to your intuition and your wisdom, and you turn off all of the thoughts that are just constantly rampaging around that aren't even really for your highest good. And then you're going to know. So for somebody that stuck, and they're looking everywhere for their purpose, and they're looking outside of them, the first thing I would remind you is that your purpose is inside of you, it's been in you all along. And it doesn't have to be anything grand, it can just be making a certain you know, someone happy every single day, like living your life with so much fun and so much joy and so much passion, like when you start having more fun, you start connecting back to yourself and back to your highest and back to who you are, then anything's possible. And the I guess, like, the most powerful thing I've learned in business is that energy is everything. And so when you're connected with yourself, like and the reality is that, you know, when we're looking at frequency waves, and all that type of stuff, we're all connected with thoughts. It's like when you go to message someone, and they've just messaged you, or you're thinking about someone, and they just contact you, or you're thinking this happens to me all the time. It happens to you to Angela, when you're thinking and then you get the email and you're just like, Oh, awesome, because everything is connected, like it's the laws of the universe. And so, if you just get out of your head, and people get thrown with meditation, if meditation is not for you totally fine. But you need to do meditative things. Like go for a walk without music, without a podcast without anything, like go and stand on the grass, go stand in the sand, like with no distractions, I can guarantee you if you start listening to silence, and just quietly in your thoughts, you are going to stop feeling. And when you can use your inner guidance system and see, well, this feels really good. I'm going to do more of that, well, this feels really bad. I'm not going to do more of that. Like, for instance, if Angela was hosting this podcast all the time, and she hated doing it. And it felt really bad. No one would listen to it. Because she energy, like you just would if you didn't do it, if you didn't enjoy doing this, no one would listen to it. And so really finding out your purpose is just reconnecting to who you truly are. Which is limitless potential, which is abundance, which is source energy, like whichever, you know, whatever you choose to believe in, in this lifetime is fine. But really understand that there is so much more than meets the eye. And when you can connect with all that you are and start running with your heart and going like this is this is what I was talking to the client about the other day. She's like, you know, I have all this money from this job, but I've been unhappy for years and I was like okay, so what you're telling
Tell me right now is that your happiness is worth less than money.
And so many people are living this existence going, Well, I'm going to be a slave to the money, I'm going to do that. I hate doing that. But I'm going to do that because I'm a slave to the money. But if we're looking at law of attraction, and if you're really feeling good about us, and if you're making that money and you hate what you're doing, imagine how much money you're going to make when you feel good about what you're doing. Right.
Right. Like, you don't have to be a slave to the money. And it's funny, because a lot of people, if you stop and ask them, like, I'll stop and ask younger entrepreneurs, because someone stopped and did it to me. And I never really, I was like, I don't know why I'm working so much. Because I love what I do. And I love helping people, it's really not about the money. There's money in the bank, there's, you know, there always seems to be money, there doesn't mean that we were always profitable. That's a whole different story. But yeah, it, it also sucks to have to be a slave, to make enough money to commit to a lifestyle that you don't even know if you like sometimes, because it's what society builds up, which is crazy. So anybody that's listening, that is dealing with, like fear, or self doubt, or imposter syndrome. Talk to us a little bit about that, like, what are some things that they can do to overcome that.
And let you know that there's, there's millions and millions of modalities in this world that you can use to overcome anything, you know, if you feel called to do something, if you feel called to work with a kinesiologist, or you feel called to work with a counselor, or anyone that you feel called to work with,
is important. But this is how I like to look at life. When you were born, you were perfect. You didn't have any limiting beliefs, there were no limitations, there was nothing you were pure and other consciousness, you were perfect. And then all of a sudden, people started saying, Well, you can't do that, or money doesn't grow on trees, which is bullshit, because trees are made from paper and money's paper, right? And then all these people, oh, my goodness, it's so many stupid things out there. But it's just all these like, oh, there isn't enough money to go around. Or don't buy that or you know, and so we start forming a story around all this crap that was never ours to begin with, none of it was ever ours to begin with. And so when you bind to the fear, or you bind to imposter syndrome, or you bind to any of that, what you're really saying is, I'm unworthy of my dreams, I'm unworthy of my greatest desires. I didn't even come into this experience to really have everything that I want. But that's all a lie. And it's all an illusion, every part of it is an illusion. And I like to, you know, I'm not going to go too much into it, because it's quite left field. But I believe that, if you've read Think about it, it does a lot of humanity better for people to be limited. Because if everyone woke up tomorrow, and they knew how incredible they were, and how much power they have, and how that every single thing that you believe inside of you is projecting outside, we're literally like that projector screen. Whatever the real, you want to put inside your mind and play. If you're playing that real, it's like I'm the wealthiest person in the world, the world outside you as you are the wealthiest person in the world. That's the lifestyle that you're seeing. That's the lifestyle you're living. And so it really comes down to what you're putting on that reel that you're putting in your mind every single day and projecting it. And so people like it does, I feel like it does society, a world of good, you know, people in power to keep people you know, limited and in their place and doing the nine to five because then everything can be controlled and conformed. And so the more people wake up, and the more people just stop, decide that they're going to take back their power, and they realize that they can create anything they want. everything, every single thing that we see in this physical reality has been a thought has been a thought that just manifested into physical being into physical form, you know, and so this is exactly how you can create the most powerful life in the world. You wake up every day like this. This is what pisses me off. Why do we have to feel like, if Why do you have to wait to be a multimillionaire to feel like a multimillionaire? Why would you be so cruel to yourself? Why would you hurt yourself so much that you're like, No, I don't deserve to be happy until I have that like in what fucked up world?
To be like, no, sorry, guys, I just need to prove my happiness for another 10 years until that manifests. And the sad part about that is it's never going to manifest if you think like that, because you have to become a vibrational frequency to the things that you want in your life. So you have to feel like you already have them. Like we'll get it. We'll get that you have to feel like you have it and then it manifests but no one is brave enough.
Do it or people like No, I'd rather just play small. No, I couldn't possibly have that now rather work this job that I hate. No, no, no, I like my shitty life. Oh, good, I'll die like this.
Why? Why people?
I think some, like you said, people just get so into their own heads, and then they make up shit in their own head. And then they don't know how to get out. And they don't surround themselves with that with people. Like I can tell like you and I, we surround ourselves with people that are going to help support what we want, and some lifestyle we want. And you surround yourself with those people who can help you fucking get there. Otherwise, those people have no place in my life. And I love listening to Jay Shetty one one day, I was listening to something he was saying he's like, you know, people are like leaves and roots. And, you know, you're gonna have people come into your life, and you're gonna have just like seasons where I live, we have all four seasons, typically. And it's like, the the leaves grow, they fall off, branches grow, they crack, they fall off, but then you've got your roots, you know, which typically like your family, you can't pick your family. And but but it's so true. It's like there's seasons of life, and you can choose to stay in a season, or leave a season, and leave it behind. And that's okay, and you never have to go back. There's nothing wrong with that. But because our society in our culture doesn't teach that it's okay, that people are going to come into your life for a reason, a certain moment, and then they're going to leave your life at a certain moment. And that's okay. Like, there's nothing wrong with that. But you know, I feel like a lot of people don't know how to manifest these things, because they're not surrounded by the right people, or they're not listening to the right things, or they're reading the right books, for some reason. I mean, there's so much limiting shit out there, where I'll just simply put my hand up and say, I'm not listening to that, that's garbage, it's negative, I don't want it in my life, my home my space, and we're gonna move on, we're gonna stay in into the positive zone over here. because like you said, it's like the energy, and it is magnetic. And what you put out is what you bring in, you're putting out negativity, you're gonna bring it in. So talk to us a little about a little bit about like, the whole magnetic thing, because like, I want to know more about that. But it's so neat to me, like, how do you bring in clients that you like, want to work with? Because you and I know that exist? You, you have the ability to say yes, and you have the ability to say no. So for someone who doesn't know, what would you tell them. And this this is, this is the thing with, this is the hardest thing that I find with women in business, you know, it says, to really manifest Well,
I believe we have to have the strongest relationship of trust with the universe. Because the reality is that when we're calling in something great, so if we're calling in a life where we want clients that are incredible, you know, overflow of clients, literally turning clients away, because that's how busy and that's how booked out we are, then we have to act from that space. And so if we're really, if we are really living into who we are, we are really interviewing people that are coming to us, and we're getting really, really clear, and we're like, do I really want to work with this person? Um, no. And we're saying no to people, because we value our time more than anything, we're not going to fill it up with people that don't mind us to the highest good. And you know what, I'm not saying completely turn them away. If you've got, if you can help them and you've got online programs and things like that, then you can offer them those things. But the reality is, most people stop business and they're so desperate to get clients and they're being needy, and the universe is really just putting back what you're putting out there. And so if you're needy, and you're coming from desperation, and the universe is gonna give you nothing back, it's gonna be like, Oh, it's like, trying to date someone. Think about it. Like there's at least things out, there's like, treat a man keep them cane, but it's really, when you're, when you're completely in love with yourself and your soul in your life and you don't need anything, then that's when everything comes. That's when everything comes because you're magnetic. That's the most pure place of being a magnet when you are so full, and you are fulfilled and you're coming from this place of that you have everything, everything will come to you. And so when it comes to clients and it comes to business, get clear with the universe about who you want, write it out, know who you want in anyone that isn't that type of client, send them away and trust that the universe is always going to give you bigger and better things. Trust because when you take on clients
that aren't for your highest good and they drain you and they make you feel like crap, the universe is going to go, Oh, they like this, let's give them more of those shitty clients. Let's give them more of those clients because that's who they're an energetic match to. When you start up leveling, and you start trusting and going well, I live in an abundant universe, where there are endless possibilities where quantum physics proves that there's millions and trillions and infinity of different possible outcomes and timelines that I can pull in at any given moment, then you just start having fun. This is the thing in business that no one really that people, people need to realize more of, like, I wish I wish there was this thing. It's like, I mean, I might even start something around this be like, awesome. You've just started a business. Let's start having some fucking fun. Yeah, how can we have fun, like, people are just like, Oh, my gosh, I kill myself and I and I put my hand up. Because I used to do all of this. I used to kill myself. And I used to do all the things I didn't want to do. Now. It's all about when do I want to work? How do I want to work? How do I get the most out of my time, and I'm only going to work with these people that light me up. And I'm only going to work with people that I feel better being around and leaving, then people that drain me it's like the energy vampires versus the energy pygar offers. So yeah, it's really vampires out.
And just start, like start going, how can I have some fun with my life. Honestly, if you're in business right now, and nothing is working out, the best thing you could ever do is take a few days off and go and have some fucking fun. Yes, that's going to clean up your vibration, it's going to allow you to get back in flow, it's going to remind you why you're born because it's like your soul gets to be on a holiday every day, you didn't start a business to become a slave to the business, you started a business that would support you that would love you that would fill you up. And so stop being a slave to it, like you're being a slave to the money and just start realizing that the more fun you have, the more money you make. The more joy you have, the more play you have, the more like the more you are you, the more the universe will support you. That's all it comes down to. And I love the whole law of attraction in business because I watched the movie is so freakin old. Somebody like needs to seriously redo it. However, it's still, even though it's it's been around for such a long time. It's still relevant today. It's still so true. And so relevant. So even though it was not the greatest movie to sit there and watch one time when someone told me about it years ago, it still is relevant. And so if you haven't seen the laws of attraction, I think it's on Netflix or Hulu like go watch it because I haven't I haven't even seen that is it is it's not the secret is it's actually called laws of attraction. No, I think it may be the secret. Yeah. Yeah. And yet, like, it's there's a lot of
there's a lot of criticism about the secret, I guess the The only thing that, you know, but there's, there's multiple laws of the universe. And so you know, there's a lot of little things that obviously you and I can help clients out with, but it's all just really becoming an energetic frequency of what you want. And also with law of attraction. I do believe that the momentum that we create with our thoughts is more powerful than anything in the world. I really do believe that. But there is also a law of action. And if you were to already have the life that you want, how would you be taking action? Would you be calling up Jay Shetty and going? I'd like to be a guest on your podcast, like what is the action that you need to take so that you can live the life that you want? And the thing that people get stuck on, which I've really learned over the last couple of years is that when you do anything in your life, the universe will always give you something back. So for instance, if you were to reach out to us Jay Shetty, because you mentioned him before, yeah. And my friend actually had him on on her podcast. He's such a lovely guy.
Yeah, but if you were to reach out to Jay Shetty, and Jay Shetty never got back to you. Guess what would happen? The universe will probably get somebody that was friends with Jay Shetty, or someone that was around that same vibration, and get you as a guest on their podcast, because that's how the universe works. When you go out of your comfort zone, you create momentum, and you start doing things that are acting as if, because the reality is that we shouldn't be idolizing anyone in this world. Everyone has the equal amount of value that we have. Every single person is equal, our souls are equal to the homeless person to the queen. Like, we're all equal. It's just obviously there's certain like amounts of value and things like that given in the marketplace, but we are all equal. So to put someone on a pedestal and go, Oh my god, I'm not going to read that reach out to Angela because she seems so incredible. Like, it's like, it's just silly, because reality is
Exactly, exactly.
Exactly. And when you do that you're showing the universe that everything is equal, and you can have anything that you want. And when you start acting as if you're limitless, then limitless opportunities start manifesting into physical reality. Oh my gosh, that is one movie I love limitless. When that came out, I'm like, I want that appeal.
Oh, may not be so good for you.
It's sorry. It's like the matrix. You know, really, it's about the fact that we all live in living in a conditioned reality. Everything just is, every single thing just is I'm recording this on just a computer, I don't need to give it a label, I could say it's the best computer on the planet, I could say it's the most expensive, they're the labels like, he doesn't need to be anything. He's just like a person walks past, they can just be a person, they don't have to be the most incredible thing in the world. Or, you know, we go around, we idolize fake gods, and all of these things that was never meant to be it's like giving away our power and saying, well, we're less than something. Well, we're not. We're all equal. And there are a lot of illusions that have been created in this world like Instagram and social media. And I'm not saying anything bad against all those things. I think they're incredible tools, incredible mediums for business. But people need to get out of their heads with this whole followers bullshit and go, Oh, well, I'm less than them. It's like where it's all about correlators. Like, I really wish like Instagram, Facebook would all change like it to like, co leaders or friends or something that really didn't.
Because obviously, all of the social media and those types of apps are actually conditioning the mind to get addicted because it's just like the pokies. And it's just going up, up, up, up, up, and people cannot get off of it. And so it's about really taking charge of this organ, which we call the mind, allowing your soul to run your mind and your body, not your mind to run everything else. because your mind is only fabricating a story based on a really diluted illusion, really, like an old fabric and it's all made up. It's like someone's mean to you one day and you go create a story around them being a terrible person when they could be the nicest person on earth, but they were just having an off day, and today you hate them. And that's what your mind will do. But you can also use your mind for the better good and realize that there are a few things you need to know about your mind that it loves repetition. So if you want a better life, you start programming to one a better life, you know, you start being like, Oh, I'm a millionaire, or whatever it is that comes up, you know, for you. And I had to do this for years with my mind, just repeat the same stuff over and over and over and over again, until it became my physical reality. And when you use the tools and the organs in your body for the better good, and to really give you that wildly fulfilling life, then you're gonna have a good life. And it's going to be easy. But when you let your mind run the show, you have to understand that your mind is designed for homeostasis. So it's designed to keep you safe. And it's always going to make you scared and feared because programmed to allow you to run away from that saber toothed tiger. And so you've really got to go Okay, cool mind, that's we're not doing that today, we're actually going to go with my soul and my heart and know that I'm limitless because your mind cannot understand consciousness. It cannot fathom consciousness. And that's where we get stuck. Yeah, we really do. I think this is so helpful, like anybody that's listening. And if you're feeling stuck, and you're not sure what the heck you're doing with your time and your business, go back and listen to this again, because it's so true. It's so true. So as we wrap up, and if anybody that's listening, and they're just Hustle, Hustle, Hustle, Hustle constantly hustling, and they're staying in the fast lane, but they're definitely being a slave to the money. What's one thing that you can tell them to do, that you can stay in the fast lane and you can still enjoy your life. But manifest the positive stuff is that the one thing that you would say is, is the most important is the mindset of manifesting the positivity of things.
It's the beam, it's the being like living in the present moment. And just really quickly with the hustle. When you are constantly doing you are it's like filling up a cup. When you're filling up a cup with doing doing doing doing you're pouring more and more into that cup with doing the universe has no space to give you anything and receive. And so when you start doing less, or you're getting rid of all the things that no longer serve you you're creating space for the universe to deliver incredible opportunities and abundance or to you. And it just comes with being because when you're being and you're not in your head, then you're able to receive guidance, you're able to know where to go, you're able to feel where your soul needs to go next. doing is just a mask for covering up your feelings.
Really, and your feelings are powerful because they're a compass to get you to where you need to go.
So true, so true and so helpful. Like, my whole thing is, some of my friends are like, why do you teach productivity? I'm like, second help other people be present, like, life. And like, it all goes back to exactly what you're saying. Like, it's okay, like, stop all the distraction shit and like, be present in what you're doing. Because when you're not being present, you're doing yourself and the people you are with a disservice. You know, you really are. So this was so helpful. Thank you so much for your time. And I know that you have a guide, an ultimate guide that we're going to put in the show notes for everyone that can go and download it from your website. So that is awesome. Can you tell us a little bit about what's in this ultimate guide? Amazing. So the guide comes with a free 20 minute masterclass as well. So it actually yeah, it's been really, really popular, actually, like getting ready for 2021 with the whole grounding manifestation side of things, because I realized a long time ago that if you keep hustling you are like hustling and doing is the lowest, lowest lowest level of manifestation. When we start being, then we start expanding and growing. And so this guide and masterclass really takes you through that in 20, short minutes, and allows you to get really, really clear on where you want to go this year, what you want to manifest this year, and just some really, really, really epic things that I've learned from being a business over the last decade and just you know, investing several $100,000 on like coaches and mentors and growing myself and yeah, it's really just me giving back and helping you because the more incredible women that we have in the world, the better this world gets to be. Awesome. I love it. And what's your favorite platform for everyone to connect with you on?
Probably Instagram at the moment Actually, I've just gotten back into I think years and years of not being on my personal Instagram and having staff manage it for me. And now I'm like, Nah, I'm back there. So
I went through the whole, like, I just don't have time, like as we do this deletes cases, but now I'm really loving it. So Instagram, so I do have a weird name. So it's ever docusate ski. But the easiest one to if you're a woman in business, ladies on Instagram, it's a really, really beautiful little community. We've only just started recently. And yeah, it's all like ever, like millions of videos and just epic resources and quotes and all that fun stuff to keep you motivated, inspired. And yeah, allow you to step into all that you can be. I love it. And y'all, if you're driving, we will put all of these notes so you don't have to remember how to spell anything. We'll put them all in the show notes. And so make sure that you go and connect with ever and I am just so thrilled that you took time out to be here today. So thank you and everyone that is listening. Thank you so much for your time. And be sure to tune in next week for another episode of business unveiled by Yo, what's up GST leaders thank you so much for tuning in. And I would love for you to text me your number one takeaway, any feedback that you have, and we're also starting a new series called The number one time suck how you can be more productive and GSD and everyday life so you can be present. So if you can help us out and let me know. just text me your number one time suck 615578755 Let's get shit done.


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