How to Use Dropbox

If you missed last week’s episode, I talked about notification hoarders. And I laugh now, because my family and friends are constantly telling me that I am the application queen, holder of all applications, or application hoarder.

Once I had an intern ask me why I needed to use Dropbox when everything could simply be saved to a flash drive or worse…to my desktop. Truth serum here: I about died internally. If you’re a native Nashvillian, you’ll remember the flood in May of 2010. While many valuables were lost, Dropbox was an incredible saving grace.

Not to mention, Dropbox allows you the freedom to pull your documents up on the go, organize your documents with specific naming conventions, it’s cloud based and biggest perk of all, it syncs with many other business specific applications.

Because if you’re even remotely like me, then keeping up with a flash drive is like keeping up with my favorite pair of sunglasses. I always lose them. Needless to say, I’ve had many pairs of “favorite” sunglasses.

Join us for this week’s episode as I show you exactly how to use Dropbox by clicking the link below. Get started learning now by clicking here.

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