How to Use iCal to Be More Productive

Like most tough lessons learned in life, I didn’t quite understand how powerful a digital calendar could be until my paper planner was stolen. And much like the Chipotle gif, my planner was “my liifffeee.” Now looking back, I realize how much value I put into a piece of paper. So when it was stolen, I was in a really bad place. I didn’t know how I was going to function, what came next, and most of all, my client information was available for some other person to see.

Through my paperless journey, another one of my TOP pro nuggets is the use of ICal or I-Calendar. With Apple, you’re able to sync across all devices, store information privately, set reminders, get updates , share with your peers and color code where necessary. <Participant Name>, if you haven’t already, retire the highlighters, and turn your planner into  a decorative piece for that end coffee table. Join me as I walk you through setting up I-Cal by clicking below. Trust me, it’s “liiiffee.”

I see you, you’re amazing…now let’s rock this business world together,


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