How to Use Quizzes to Attract Ideal Clients

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How to Use Quizzes to Attract Ideal Clients

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Do you want to attract more of your ideal clients? You may have tried a number of things, lead magnets, webinars, the list goes on, but now you are looking for a fresh new approach to streamlining your client’s needs. 

Quizzes are a great way to get your message out and know what is best for your audience and helps them feel like they know more about you before even contacting or meeting with you. 

Quizzes are also an excellent way of getting feedback on how well your product works for the different types of clients that it's aimed at attracting. This will allow you to make adjustments so that everything runs smoothly when someone does contact or meet with you. 

Today our guest is AnnMarie Rose, Online Business Strategist & Quiz Funnel Expert, who is sharing all the tips on why quizzes work so well for businesses looking to grow online. Whether you're looking for new clients, surveying your current clients, or even just curious about your business internally, a quiz may be the answer!


  • Why quizzes work so well for businesses looking to grow online.
  • The most common misconceptions serious business owners have about using quizzes to grow their email lists.
  • The first step you should take if you’re thinking about creating a quiz for
    your business. 


How to know if using a quiz is actually right for your business.


Why quizzes are one of the most powerful ways to grow your email list and attract more of the right people to your business online.

The first step you should take if you’re thinking about using a quiz for your business


I’m AnnMarie Rose! But you might as well call me your online business big sister. Over the past 5 years, I’ve helped hundreds of impact-driven leaders build ALIGNED online businesses, STAND OUT in their industries, create consistent PROFITS and find feel-good MOMENTUM in the direction of what they deeply desire in work and life. I’m committed to helping you focus on the right things in the right order so you can impact and earn MILLIONS without overwhelm.  If that idea seems too far-fetched and you have no clue where to begin, you’re in the right place. I’m on a mission to help you establish an online business strategy that fits like your favorite pair of jeans, sets you apart, and gets you moving toward your vision in a BIG way. I’m not going to give you the go-around or tell you to invest in something that won’t solve your problem. I’ll shoot straight with you and tell you what you actually need to hear, heart to heart, just like I’d do with my real life sisters. (Except, they don’t always ask for my input) We’re going to get you off the hamster wheel so you can experience the aligned business growth, freedom you’ve been dreaming about since the day you began your entrepreneurial journey.

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It's Angela, I'm back for an episode of business unveiled. I'm so excited to talk with our guest today because she has something that's super unique, that's going to help you grow your business. And it just really gets you to think a little bit differently. Like, oh, my god, there's so many tools to grow my business. But I doubt that you have thought of this. Like this was actually a new one for me. We actually talked back in the fall, and she's telling me about her business and like, Oh my gosh, we have to share this with everybody, because this is really cool. So Amory, welcome to the show today.

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Thanks so much for having me. I'm happy to be here.
Super excited. So before we jump in and start talking about what we're going to talk about today, and y'all it's like, her brain is like strategy brain and I love it. I absolutely love it. Because we need that, especially creatives. Like we need a strategy framework. So before we jump into that, though, can you share a little bit with our listeners about what was your journey as an entrepreneur? And how have you ended up where you are today and helping people?
Oh, it's been a super long journey. But it does feel like a loaded question. I started really, really, I've had the entrepreneurial bug for a long time, I was that five year old knocking on doors selling lemonade, because not enough people were coming to the lemonade stand. So like hounding my seven year old neighbor who is mowing her lawn, oh, five year old hustler, trying to get some new earrings or whatever. Um, but yeah, so I've always had that little bit of an entrepreneurial spirit in me. But so and I did, I knew that eventually, one day, I'd want to do my own thing. At a certain point, I kind of realized that. But I was working at a full service digital marketing agency, where he was really big brands, you know, national companies, you'd recognize and realizing that our agency's role was more on the implementation side. And that my value came in and more of that strategic visioning side of things like every single brainstorming session with the client that I would get brought in for even though I was low man on totem pole at that point, and just sort of realized that there was a lot of small business owners out there that didn't have the strategic marketing knowledge that our clients had, which is why we were mainly on the implementation side, because our clients had these big marketing departments. And I thought, there's tons of small businesses out there that can't take advantage of of what all the marketing potential there is right now, because they don't know how to strategically do so. So from there, I just started getting I leaned into I knew the fitness industry really well. So I leaned into some local fitness businesses at the time, and started doing online marketing strategy. And now that's shifted and evolved because I realized, there's really no point in marketing your business if you're not doing something that you love, because what's the point of building a business that feels like a prison? So yeah, all that to say it over time, it has evolved into online business strategy, which I say is our bread and butter. And then I also like to say that quizzes, quiz funnels are our jam, if you will. So online business strategies, our bread and butter quizzes are a jam. Because we absolutely love once you do know what what type of business you're looking to grow, or at least the problem you solve and who you want to help. Quizzes can be an absolutely excellent way to attract those right fit potential clients.
And y'all I know it works. Because when Instagram Stories came out with polls and questions, and getting to involve your audience, and I love like doing the polls and asking the questions, because I really want to get a pulse check on like, what do you think how I mean from a product development perspective. I've been listening to all these podcasts and these books about like product development stuff. And even if you're developing an online course, or service or anything like that, it's still really a product, and you're selling something. And so going back and like listening to some of these old school books, it's like none of that has changed. It's just the way that we engage with people on social media is a little bit different. But it's still hasn't really changed. And so when I'm when I was talking to you back in the fall, like, this is so neat, like, quiz funnels. I haven't heard of anyone doing this. And you guys have heard me talk about sales funnels. And so I'm excited for you to share with us like, what exactly? Have you seen work? And what got you so excited about quizzes and, and how you've like, can turn it into a funnel?
Yeah, totally. So I will just my own journey with quizzes is a great point for kind of illustrating how quizzes can work really well. And I love that you mentioned the product development aspect of it, because that's what our very first quiz helped us to do is to develop the our signature offers that we deliver now that make up the foundation of our revenue model in our business, and the foundation of everything that we do. And but way back, when I created my very first quiz, I was I knew I just wanted to help business owners to grow online without overwhelm. That's what I knew I wanted to do. I was offering a whole range of content marketing services, some done for you stuff, some social media management, like anything I knew how to do, because I was just trying to get, basically sustain myself at that point, and then figure out what what, what am I going to be packaging up. So I was in the very early stages, but I did know I need to be growing an email list. So my very first quiz really helped me get you know, have have those first few people on my email list who are people looking to grow their business online. But what I didn't expect was that that I would notice trends in the responses people were selecting, that would then inform my next step that that thing I did package up the offer that I did craft after after seeing those responses. And to be perfectly honest, the responses I was seeing from people, they were saying they needed things like clarity, and that they felt like they were really struggling on the strategy side of things. Well, because that is my zone of genius. What do we do with our zone of genius, we often discount how valuable it is. And we don't think anybody would possibly pay us for it. So I don't know, had I not seen those quiz responses like clearly the data showing me people want and need and would be willing to pay for you know, they're at least willing to spend time on this quiz to get to get some clarity and get some strategy that I don't know that I would have leaned into what's truly my zone of genius and started charging what I charge now for it and be as happy as I am in my business. Yeah. So that's that's the first kind of the first phase. So people I used to save quizzes are only for established business owners who have an offer that they're like, they know they're ready to just sell like gangbusters. I, it took me working with enough clients through our program quizzes to to be proven wrong, but then I think to myself, why did I think of that first, because that is exactly my experience with quizzes at first anyways, I wasn't I didn't have an offer that I was excited to grow yet. But I got one because of the quiz responses.
Right? It's just it's finding the commonality in it. And it's so neat, because we're doing this series called The number one time set. And so I just asked people on like, what's your number one time set? I mean, that sounds like a great quiz to me. Right, right. Totally. So we got lots of responses, which was amazing, just from our email list. And then we went through exactly what you just said, and found and it's kind of like, I know what people are gonna say, Yeah. Because my like, I'm thinking of myself a few years ago before I like hard people and hard help to help me get out of email jail, and to help with some social media strategy stuff. But it's like if we know it, why are people not taking advantage of hiring new people and taking advantage of some of the social media platforms that aggregate all the data into, into everything? And so that then it's like, okay, bring me the next question. But people don't know how to Are the right people. And then they, there's so many platforms now they're there to overwhelm, so they just shut down. So it's like, you know, you scratch the surface, and then you ask more questions. And yes, it is a great crispy, you're exactly right. And
I love that, like, each of your, like thought points are really relevant to kind of like the next benefit, because also what you just said, about, you know, you kind of know what people are going to say. And we often do if you've been in business for a while, you you do kind of have you have a knowledge of the empirical data, if you will, kind of the assumptions, we can make some reasonable assumptions about how our audience is going to respond, or what they're gonna say about certain things. But what a lot A lot, a lot of business owners get wrong. And to be perfectly honest, myself included, so I'm constantly doing research about these kinds of things, is the language the specific language that our audience members, our ideal audience members, those people who are, are, would ideally become clients and customers of ours, the language they would use to describe the problems they're experiencing the desires they have, and your quiz questions and response options can help you to decipher what what type of language they would would like to hear, for example, our brand message breakthrough quiz asks, asked people actually, all of our, our all of our quizzes, ask a question like this. How would you? How would you ideally like for your best clients to describe their experience with your brand? Or how would you like people to describe your brand, right. And I know, that are the people who really resonate with our brands, specifically, the people who hang around on our email list the longest, they want to be known as inspiring. And that's one of the words that they really gravitate towards. And I don't, because I'm, I'm a pretty naturally motivated and driven person. Again, we discount the thing that comes easily to us. So I don't need a ton of inspiration. Like I can find inspiration in our rock on the side of the street, like, I don't need a ton of that. And I don't, I would almost rather someone, that's not always the word I would choose, for example, but I started you I started to use the word inspiring a whole lot more, when I found out that my, my people want to be known as inspiring just because it's not the exact word I would use. It basically means the same thing. Same thing as the word I might use. They just that word means something to them.
It's perception. It's, it's and you, you want to serve your audience in a way that they need to hear it it regardless of what you think or not like, exactly that the hard way to so for anybody listening, and they're not really sure, like, What do you mean? Like a quiz? Can you go deeper into like, what I mean, I know what a quiz is. Yeah. You know, you think it's like, again, I don't want somebody to perceive what it is. And then it's like, oh, no, that's not really what it is so,
so good. And the perception, you're so good at that. Yes, that I was gonna backtrack us there if we if we didn't do that, because there are alive discrepancies. Nope. At this point, if you're on Instagram, at least or Facebook, you've seen quizzes popping up. I mean, the easiest simplest example that many of us have seen is like a BuzzFeed quiz, you know, which Disney Princess or you or whatever, something like that, obviously, we're talking about something far more intentional here. But that's it's I like to describe it as a dynamic tool that people can can use that your your brand creates. And people can can use this dynamic tool to get a unique outcome, they answer a series of questions by just selecting a multiple choice response. And then they receive a unique outcome that's based on the responses they chose. So it's different than a survey, a survey would be more of an open ended type of a questionnaire of sorts, maybe you send one through type form or Survey Monkey together, you know, market research, those are great, those are fine. But the real difference is that a quiz is framed as a tool that's going to provide value for the person taking the quiz. Whereas a survey or a forum, I hear people refer to them as forms, sometimes, surveys forms any of those things with open ended questions, you know, scale of one to 10. How is your experience? Or if you could change one thing about your current experience? What would it be describe it in two sentences below. Those types of questions, though, that you'd see in a form or a survey. Those are really you're asking a favor of your audience to give you some insights. Now you get those insights with the quiz too, but then they get something and they're eager to take it in their ear to give you their insights.
So as far as As you know, I don't know, you guys will have to like, comment and tell us like when we released this episode because as a like, pretty Intune person from a marketing perspective, you know, when I see some of that stuff on Instagram and tik tok and Facebook, and I'm like, ooh, I want to take that I want to know. But I also know like, okay, you know, it's marketing stuff. But you're right. Like, I never really thought of it that way, where the outcome of like, what the answers are, is for the person taking it versus the brand that needs your help. So that's really good, because I never really thought of it that way. So that's awesome. But I know there's also like misconceptions, where people think like, oh, if Do I have to have a quiz to do this, or I have to have a quiz to do that. Like, I see it as a way to better elevate how I can put out better content to like help my community. But what are some of those common misconceptions and what people think versus like, what actually is really going on? Because I know that you have several ways that quizzes can help people in their business, build certain things, right?
Absolutely. So that's a good place to start is just what what can a quiz help you do? The number one thing I hear from people is, they might say, because quizzes have become more popular lead magnets or, you know, there's different terms for this, but something that you're offering to grow your email list, right, you're offering some value in exchange for people's email address. Because quizzes have grown in popularity, I hear a lot of I've been wanting to create a quiz because it sounds really fun, it seems really fun. I want something fun for my audience to engage with. And quizzes are fun. Listen, I am all about fun. I don't know if your audience knows the enneagram. You know, the enneagram love it. I'm an eight wing seven. So I'm like fun with like, got to have impact here. But I'm married and business partners with the seven. So we got a whole lot of fun going on here. Fun is fun. But we also want to be strategic, because let's be real, we're business owners who were busy. And we can, we could work 24 hours in a day and not get quite everything on our list done. So let's have let's create something fun that also has a really meaningful impact on our business. And quizzes can have a an absolutely beyond meaningful impact on your business in four different ways that I always like to start with. And those are quizzes can help you to first of all, learn more about your audience, which we've already sort of touched on the length from the language that they're using to the problems, they feel like they're experiencing the desires they have, they can help you to learn more about your audience, the people who are interested in what it is you offer, that it can also help you to segment your audience members. This is great if for a couple different reasons. But if you have a couple different types of people in your audience, like if you're a career coach that works with recent college graduates, and you so you have maybe parents of those recent college graduates in your, in your on your list, as well as students or recent grads, you would want to probably segment those people. Also, qualifying This is super helpful if you know that the person that you're your ideal client, your ideal customer is at a certain has an external experience level. Maybe they need to have already known X, Y and Z or jumped through X, Y and Z hoop, whatever it is, a quiz can help you to uncover that and and prequalify your audience members. And then it can also help you to direct people towards the bet the right offer for them. So we see this all the time on e commerce websites where you take a quiz and it narrows down the options for you, which I love. Because, hey, I like to shop but if you give me you know, 9000 pages, I need to click through. Now I'm overwhelmed. And I get to a point where everything starts to look the same. I don't know if you do this and then I just Yeah, and I just leave. Yep. So a quiz. If I take a quiz on my you know, right type of workout tights or whatever, and then they recommend here's some that aren't you know, the color profile. You said you liked the fit. You said like I'm a lot more likely to buy then if I had to click through 19 pages of options.
That is probably the most important thing that I've learned ever since like getting into e commerce and sales funnels and understanding pre qualifying is like, like you said the first step. And I know for us when I started a productivity company, but I was very heavy like on the events and weddings and everybody was land on the website. And then it's like where are you here? So the Like we learned to ask, why are you here and then segment the people out. But then to take it a step further, is customizing the message the way they need to hear it, because they're going to ask different questions. And so coming up with a indoctrination or welcome funnel, like email funnel, for good customer service, not to take the place of people doing a job, or good customer service. But a lot of people fill things out late at night, or not, like during business hours, whatever that means. A are on a weekend. And so for me, it was all about like providing that good customer service. But it's really awkward if someone lands on your website, and they're looking for something. And then you just have an email list and everybody gets the same thing. Unless if you just have one audience, that's awesome. But I know a lot of businesses that they have multiple audiences. And so the segmenting piece is so so so key, because we were actually just working with a company. And they weren't segmented seven different audience types. And they were not segmenting. And we were trying to teach them and educate them. And like things, convert hire people, when you start talking to them. As like, as one person, you have not 1000s of people. And they just they couldn't really, there was a lot of work that needed to be done there from an educational perspective, but they almost couldn't grasp the concept of meeting because it was so overwhelming, having to come up with seven different funnels. And I'm like, well, maybe you should consider who's who's your target audience? Where is your most profit coming from? Who are you serving to help narrow it down? And maybe just talk to that one audience member that you want to serve? Because seven is a lot. So as a as a business owner to it can, like you said, help you drill down to who is your perfect client? Or who is your target client? You know, who do you want to work with the most? So I would love to know, like, if anybody that is listening, they're like, okay, I want to do this, like, what's the first step? If they're, if they're thinking, because I know that your company like you guys will create the quizzes for people, but you also teach people how to do the quizzes. So like, what's the first thing that someone would even think about doing if they wanted to do this?
Yeah. And just to clarify, so we do have like an intensive that is totally done with you. We're not an agency. So we're a consultancy. And it works. Great. Because there's, there's a lot yeah, there's a lot of just collaborative things that need to come into the mix, which is why the very first step is truly getting clear on why you want to create a quiz in the first place, like what do you want the quiz to do for your business? And I just covered those four main strategic I call those the strategic purposes, learn, segment, qualify and direct taking a look at your own business and where your pain points are right now, as it relates to marketing your business to attracting those right fit clients and customers to maybe is it in understanding them? Is it in? That you you're talking to all these different people and no one's really, you know, so they're not resonating? At least not at the at the rate that you'd hope? Or are you getting on a lot of sales calls with unqualified people? Are you? Or are you finding that people maybe make it to you if you're looking at the back end of your your marketing analytics, and you're noticing people dropping off when they hit your your work with me page or your shop page or whatever it is. and direct can mean that can be used in a number of strategic ways as well. But that's the kind of the most basic version. So which one of those if you were to prioritize it in the process of creating your quiz would make the biggest difference for your business. Now, that's maybe you could think on that. Angela, I'm curious to know like, if you were to prioritize one of those, is there one that would be
most powerful for you.
Were really for us, because well and the other thing too is like you think you know what people are going to say or click on and then what you think and what actually is really going on is two different things. And so like for us right now, because we've been we've been listening right to our audience and what they're asking. And over the past six months consistently, people are asking about Time, time management time and like, that's a big Word is how to better manage my time. And so in seeing this over and over and over, and I knew that we were going to do like some YouTube labs and LinkedIn labs and Facebook labs, and you can get stream yard and do all three at once. productivity is so I'm like, Well, then let's just do a weekly show. And like, answer the questions like about Tom sucks. And so, but instead, instead of me, like the old me before, like, I knew, you know, a lot more knowledge now. I would have just like, went on and done it without asking the audience without surveying or email list that already I don't even know if it was really survey, it was literally like the the quickest email I've ever sent out. I'm like, hey, Amanda, email everybody and ask him what's the number one time suck and tell him I need to know by this date? Because we're going to be doing the show notes. And it was so easy. And but we got so many responses, just asking one simple question. So it's like, you know, this quarter, our goal was like to launch that. And so right now, it's like, that's the most important thing. The one thing that I want to know, which, like I said, it's just surface level. And then it's like, all these other things, but we can help people with that. But some of the responses really, I was like, wow, people see that as a time suck. Like, it's like, what was an example? I'm curious. So like, Well, first off, emails, one hands down, and then social media scrolling. Okay, one hands down. And so my whole thing is like, are you looking at content? are you creating content, and then your content? So you know, you people say that they want to do content creation, and they want to build an audience, but I'm like, but just asking the question of, do you spend more time scrolling or creating? And then what do you really because you, you're saying you want to do something? But is that what you really want to do? You know, put a psychology spin on everything. But some of the things that people like some people were saying, the the number one time suck for them is copy, like copywriting Hmm. Writing captions for their social media images or their their videos, you know, so in my mind, I'm like, we just transcript all the video. And then you don't have this come up with any of it. Like, to me, I'm like this, I'm confused. I'm like, Why do people think that they need? But But then I started to see the thread of people repeating that and saying that. And I'm like, you know what, I think? Why don't think I know, people are afraid of how people are going to react or respond to what they're writing. That's what it really comes down to. Yeah. So that little bit like mindset, fear. Totally. And so I'm like, Okay, then, you know, if you take it deeper, and you know, it's like, tell me more, tell me more. Yeah. And what I've learned is First off, like, you got to be you. And, but there there, there is a way to make sure that you're being clear, right, and not leaving the door open for perception yet where it's like, you know, in the tabloids, and in the magazines at the grocery store, checkout lane. It's like you see a picture. And it's got, like, you know, I know, the Prince Harry and all that stuff was going on with Oprah recently. And it's like, you see these Oprah means of these awful faces she was making of like, Oh, my God, you know, but it's like until you understand what's going on, or you see it or hear it you context. Create, yeah, you create a perception in your head of like, Oh my gosh, she's pissed off or Oh, my god, they're fighting or in like, I hate it sometimes that people leave that open in, like, an image so that you can you This is why people make shit up all the time. They don't have any context to it. Yeah. And people are afraid that if they don't say the right thing, it's gonna upset someone, or they're gonna leave an open ended sentence for someone to create a story. So how do you close the loop kind of thing? Right? This is very interesting. Like, they're just asking the question
total. So and that's actually one of the steps is to do something like that, that I would say to get. You asked for the first step, but I'm over deliver kind of person. So I'm gonna I'll just share even more than that. So really, the first step, like I said, is determining which of those strategic priorities is most would make the biggest impact. Because trying to be perfectly honest, if you try to focus on all of them as you're creating a quiz, it's going to make things really muddy. So and I also say, as a side note, growing your email list is not a strategic priority. It's a given when you're creating a quiz, because you should create a quiz around a topic that's valuable enough for people to get want clarity and additional insights around that. They're excited to give you their email address. So it's if you're going to go through the process of creating a quiz, and bringing that to life and sharing that with people, then you should absolutely ask for an email address. Just that's kind of my blanket statement. I don't make very many blanket statements. But that's when I'm don't hesitate to make. So that's the first thing is determining what the strategic priority is. The second is determining what type of quiz is going to most effectively help you. To achieve that strategic priority. I always say like your quiz should be serving like a role in your business, it's it's basically doing a job, which is the beautiful thing about quizzes is that it is a dynamic piece of content. Whereas an ebook or a checklist is it's a one way conversation, they're just handing you their email address, they get this piece of content that they may or may not ever look at a quiz they have to engage with in order to ever end up on your email list. And it's already become a two way conversation. So then when they end up on your list, they tend to be a lot more engaged moving forward, because they've already given you some insight, they've already feel like they've had a little bit of that connection with you. So they're more likely to stay engaged. But you want to have the right type of quiz. There are three main types and I won't get in too deep into the weeds on all that necessarily at this moment. But if people I think I might have mentioned I have a I do have a quiz that will help you figure out what type of quiz to create. I love Go figure. And yeah, it's just super simple. So you could just it's the quiz, quiz calm, you can check that out, it'll help you it's basically based on some insights around some nuances of your what your brand voice is likely like and likely to write who it's likely to resonate with. And then also just how comfortable you are with your, you know, with your audience with your current offers, because certain elements can make it easier, more difficult to to create a quiz with the right language it I won't get into all the specifics on that. But there's been a lot of thought gone into why why we recommend the type of quiz that we do for certain types of business owners. That's the second thing is just know which type to create. And then you know, I share examples in that if you go take the quiz. And then the third thing is to figure out what topic to create your quiz around. And I recommend doing almost exactly what you described. Angela was sending out that question to people that you actually know in your circle you can put if you have a social media following with a couple 100 people who would also be a fit for what it is you're trying you know what it is you're offering. Because if it's just you know your mom and aunts and uncles and they don't follow your, your ideal audience, then it's not gonna be that helpful to hear with eBay. But just like you did, what's your biggest time suck? So let's say you're gonna have a course on productivity for business owners, then knowing you just ask what your biggest time suck if everybody's saying social media. First of all, that could give you insights to reframe the course as a social media time saving course. And then if you want it to, you don't necessarily have to but then your quiz could be uncover your biggest social media time suck and start growing your following fast and next steps to start growing your following faster. Take the quiz now. And then you're so good. I can't wait the way you say it. It's so awesome. It's like my weird party trick. My old party trick used to just be I've never shared this on a podcast before funny. used to just be I know every word to every schneid Twain song.
I know I listen. It's you know when you grow up with disc man, and that you will just have those CDs listened to on repeat. So I know every I don't listen to the schneid Twain regularly now. But I did when I was 10 years old. And I know all the words. Anyway, my my new party trick as it that I've developed is being able to come up with quiz ideas for basically anything off the top of my head. That's amazing. So yeah, that's awesome. That's sort of the process and I'm I am alarmed by example person. So hopefully that helps anyone who's listening see how the that's really the the initial phase or what I call the strategy phase of our poisonous framework is getting getting into motion so you know that you're actually headed in a direction that people are going to be interested in. Because it's not that motivated. To put all the time and effort into creating something, although, you know, you can create a quiz pretty quickly if you've got a framework to do it, but it still is just, you don't want to, like I said, we're short on time anyways, as it is, we're shorter, as you know, well, Angela, because everybody's telling you that. Yeah. And so it makes sense to at least know, okay, this is something that's gonna be of interest to people before you dive in and get it created.
I'll never forget years ago, I was at a conference, and there was a girl on stage talking about creating courses. And she's like, how many of you pre sell before you ever create module one? Like, what? And like, I'm looking around, and I'm like, holy shit. A lot of people would ask, and I'm like, I would never think about selling something until it's like, completely done. And what I thought was perfect. No, I was thinking all wrong. And it's like, let's gauge the audience. And or even better yet, like, what are your thoughts on doing a quiz leading up to like joining a waitlist for something to open up? Do you think that people can get a lot of value out of that?
I yes. And I know they can, because we've done it. Yeah, clients have done it. Yeah. We so that's, that's exactly how we launched this our course quickness? Because I said, our bread and butter is and has been for the past several years online business strategy, people just start asking about how do you use quizzes to grow your business? And it was something that, you know, I'm like, Okay, if a solution isn't out there, that it's gonna support people in getting that launch without, you know, there's a few people out there talking about it, but a lot of them are really tied to specific platforms, or, yeah, just making it more complicated than it needs to be, in my opinion. So I just looked at, okay, is this something I could reverse engineer and figure out how to teach in a way that makes sense to people? So I tested it out a little bit. And then that's exactly what I did was I, we had a quiz. And then I pre sold the the program version of it and created it live, I delivered the content live to see how people responded. And then I pre recorded it for kind of our second open open enrollment period. But I tested it out first, and just saw how it worked. But yeah, we've and we've used a quiz to build our waitlist for that program. Every time we've opened the doors. It's consistently open now. But um, yeah, we're still using a quiz to attract people for it. And I absolutely, I had plenty of clients do the same thing.
Yeah, it's just, I'm so thankful for, like, those conferences that I sit in, and I'm like, Okay, what am I missing here? Because we're taught, you know, in school to like, do it one way. But things are so different now. And why put all the effort and time and money in investments of creating all of this great stuff that you think is great, but then it probably is great, but you're just not delivering it the way that people need to hear it. And even though like, my whole thing is like, my uniqueness is psychology and knowing how to tap into the schooling of all the psychology stuff. But even then, I'll ask something. And then, like you said, the way people say it, it's just y'all test things before you do it like that. Don't go doing it because you think it's a good idea. Like so many companies. I think Nike A long time ago put out like a new shoe without like testing or asking the audience or whatever. And like it completely flopped. I was listening to a podcast and they were talking about things that like kept flopping. Even Starbucks, like one of the biggest coffee brands now like things kept failing, heed the gut, they kept getting turned down and turned down. And they kept like perfecting the pitch, perfecting the pitch getting clear and clear. And finally, you know, someone says yes, and then like, Oh, my gosh, look at how big the company is now. It just takes asking the questions and getting some data together. So if people want to take the quiz, or go through your quiz course, or work with you, what are some of the ways that they can reach out with you?
So first of all, they have any questions at all there? Well, I'm always up for a good Instagram dm chat. So I'm just I'm at ask Anne Marie rose on Instagram. So just DM me and I know we've covered a lot of ground on the quiz right now. So you might be like, this was super interesting. I've been hanging on every word, but I have no clue if or how a quiz could even begin to work for my business. I know a lot of business owners feel that way at first. So if you have questions, feel free to DM me. But yeah, if you are thinking, yeah, I can, I'm already sort of starting to connect the dots here seeings and potential for a quiz to grow our business. And by the way, I have yet to find a business that a quiz wouldn't work for. So feel free to challenge me on that I'm like looking for one that would work for and but if you are pretty sure, and you want to figure out which type of quiz to start with, you can take my quiz at the quiz quiz, calm, nice and easy. And then get quickness calm. That is an overview of our program, which we've got a 24 seven support community. So I'm super involved in it. I love working with business owners who are just, you, you want to make a difference in the world and you want to make an income doing it. And you also want want it to be enjoyable for your audience members. So that's what we're all about. My team and I are always in the community supporting business owners and I what my favorite thing to do is when somebody's got a new quiz that they've just gone through the program I like, please share them always share them in the group. And then I go share my on my Instagram sometimes included in my emails, because I'm so excited about it. And I love that we've been able to make this simple for people because oh, yeah, that was the thing I didn't share. It took me four months to create my first quiz. And now we have our clients creating quizzes in a weekend with our course. Right? Yeah, we're months. Yeah, because you got to do a lot of thinking through how people are going to process like receive the the, the response options, and the language they're gonna want to hear and all these different things. And then outcome mapping, but we've broken it all down. So all that was I didn't have anyone telling me how to do it. I was just figuring out every single step. So it took forever. But now we've just reverse engineered the entire thing. It's literally, it's basically paint by numbers like you come in, you just follow the steps and your quiz gets graded. So that's amazing.
Yeah, that's amazing. We love like automation. And it's really cool. Like how you can punch words into certain things. And then it spits out this like amazing report that you can like go use in your business. So your favorite place to connect Instagram. Absolutely. Okay. And then y'all will put it all in the show notes. I want y'all to go and like check out this whole quiz thing. Like, I'm so excited because I'm over here, like my little. Just ideas and wheels are here spinning. And I'm like how we could do this and this and this and this. But I know that it takes focus. Right when we start with that strategic priority. Yes, yes. So I also will put everything in the show notes. Everyone that is listening, go take this quiz, because I really think that you can use this in your business. And there's so many amazing things. I wish that when we had started an email list many years ago that I would have had access to something like this because I know that it would help us sift through all the stuff that we're thinking, and it would help us deliver our content much better for our audience. So everybody check it out. Every thank you so much for being here today. This is awesome.
Thanks for having me. I'm was super happy to be here. And I loved all the quiz conversation we had.
Awesome. And everybody. Thank you so much for your time and be sure to tune in next week to another episode of business unveiled
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