How to Use Social Media to Generate Leads

How to Use Social Media to Generate Leads

How do you generate leads? I bet your answer is through social media, right? Or maybe you haven't started your lead generation journey? Did you know that not all social media platforms are designed for lead generation and some of them will actually make it more challenging to find the qualified leads that are looking for your services? Let's get you on the right path to find qualified prospects and get those potential clients in the door!

What Steps Should You Take to Map Out a Social Media Strategy?

  • Sit down and map everything out for at least 90-days, and decide which platform you’re going to focus on for consistency and to build a community.
  • Pick the platform on which you think your ideal client avatar hangs out.
  • Map out the brand story and the journey of how you want the customer to see your brand through their eyes.
  • Create a story on social media and pick 3 categories that you can rotate
  • Look at your analytics and see what is resonating with your audience.
  • Build a community. Ask questions, poll and involve your audience as much as possible.
  • Batch and schedule content and make sure that somebody is available daily to look at the messages and engage on social media to build an organic audience.

You may be wondering which channels work best for certain types of business, or certain objectives? Go back to your client avatar. Where do they hang out? Certain platforms attract people from different industries:

  • LinkedIn – healthcare, financial and professional services
  • Instagram and Pinterest – creative industries, events and hospitalities
  • Facebook and TikTok – any business, with TikTok you have to understand how it works and how you can reach your target audience (and it’s a little bit more fun!)
  • Twitter – politics, sports, entertainment

How Can You Determine Whether a Certain Channel Makes Sense for Your Brand?

Reserve or Claim your business name on every platform across the board regardless if you will use it or not. You can still keep your profiles private but you want to own all of your handles in all of the socials. If you’re not quite sure which platform performs the best, you can always do a 30-day trial by consistently posting, building a community and spending time on all of the platforms to see what resonates well with your audience so you can find your community and your perfect client. Or join professional groups and ask other people in the same industry as you on what works well for them.

How Can You Incorporate Social Media into Your Overall Marketing Communication Efforts?

It should be about 50%. What’s really important is that you have to have your profiles, headers, cover photos and bio’s consistent with the brand. Make sure your social headers have a call to action. Say what problem your services can solve and what is the outcome. Change them out every 30-days to keep things fresh on social media. The goal is to connect to your audience on social media but drive the traffic to your website/blogs so they can learn more about your services and your product. Give value and you will receive value. 


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