How to Use TikTok for Business

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How to Use TikTok for Business

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By now most of us have heard of TikTok, and it’s easy to fall into scrolling for hours! But do you know how to use it from a business perspective? Are you questioning if it is a good use of your time and wondering how you can use it to market? Today I am chatting with Kyle Kaplanis, Head of Talent for PRJT Z Talent and Host of the BizTok Podcast, all about marketing strategies that work on TikTok, How TikTok Influencer Marketing works and how it can help your brand.


  • Marketing Strategies that work on TikTok
  • How TikTok Influencer Marketing works and can help your brand
  • Building your personal brand via TikTok


Build your personal brand on TikTok

Insights on behind the scenes of influencer marketing

Key strategies to growth on TikTok


Kyle Kaplanis is the Head of Talent for a talent management agency called PRJT Z (Project Zee) who represents some of the biggest creators on the platform. He is also a TikTok marketing expert and a consultant for his own personal business called BizTok. He has helped build his brand with running a successful podcast under the name BizTok where he talks TikTok strategies with some of the biggest stars and business owners from TikTok.

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I'm so excited to talk to our guests today. Because if you've been listening to me for a little bit of time, you know that I absolutely love video, it's my favorite way to connect with you and our listeners in the audience. Even though podcasting has been audio for about five years. For us. We're thinking about bringing a little bit of video into it. We do now and then. But what we've learned over time and getting analytics is that people that listen to podcasts, they listen to podcasts, they listen to audio, people that want to do video, they go over to YouTube, so I don't know, we'll see what happens.  Continue Reading

But the new craze of ever since COVID. And Corona is this other app called Tick Tock and I've met so many awesome people. But I haven't met a bunch of people that are actually focusing on Tick tock, actually for business and for marketing. And so that's what our guest is today. And so I'm super excited. So Kyle, welcome to the show today. Thank you, Angela. I'm really excited to be here. It's really Yeah, really such an honor. Yay, super excited. So I met Kyle on Tech Talk. And he started to do something that I noticed right away that he knew what the hell he was doing.
You're consistent, which is really hard for people to be consistent. But before we jump off and like talk about one of my favorite little apps Tick tock, I'd love for you to share with our listeners who don't know you or don't know anything about your podcast yet. What what's been your journey like? How have you gotten to where you are today to where you decided, like, Hey, I'm going to jump into this new venture. Because I know you have a journey. And I know that you have a great path. So I'd love for you to share your professional journey with people to share with them how you've gotten to where you are today. Awesome. Yeah, Angela, honestly, this is a crazy story. So it's not so straightforward. It's all over the place, which is okay. Makes the story so fun. Yes, I my background is nothing to do with social media has nothing to do with marketing. I was a respiratory therapist for years in the US crazily enough. How I kind of got here was I was singing on an app. I know this sounds like it's going off tangent, but it's not. I was singing on an app called smule. And okay, when I was single guy living in the US, you know, working in the hospital singing on this app, and I met this girl in this group song. I mean, her started chatting, she was living in the UK. Well, she's now my wife. And so we met online crazily enough. I moved to the UK to be with her after only six months of chatting. We lived there for two years. We now move to Canada, but we have four. So she has four children and they're now my four step kids and one of those kids is a influencer on tik tok. And so she's got 2 million followers. And so through her journey of learning everything there and me stepping in and being her manager, I've learned the successes that people are having in that platform and what the space looks like. So I jumped in. As soon as she was growing, I started jumping in as well and learning and believe it or not.
I had a guy reached out to me, named Duke McKenzie, who's huge in the social digital media space, and said, Kyle, we would love for you to be the head of talent for our talent management agency called projects.
And I was like, do you experience? Yeah, he was. I was like, I have zero experience. I'm a respiratory therapist. He's like, Kyle, I, you don't understand, because you're so early. And this was in the beginning of tik tok as well, like we just merged for musically. So I've been in it from the beginning, he's like, you have a fresh perspective. You're not jaded by these other social media sites, you have a fresh mindset of short form platforms, and what influencers need in this space, you're the guy, you've been doing such a great job with your doctor. And I was like, Okay, and so me and him been running ever since. And we now have some of the largest talent, including Michael Lee, who's got 44 million followers. And so we're just crushing it in that space. And now with biz talk, I thought, hey, this would be a fun opportunity to talk on a podcast about business and tech talk. Because I noticed in the space, there's actually some great people on the platform that have changed their life with Tick Tock and marketing on there. I thought, how cool would it be to chat with these people on a podcast and learn the strategies they have. So that's what my biz talk plus podcast is. And that's a little quick rundown of my story and who I am in it crazy. Like I was in healthcare as well.
I did not go to school, for business, for marketing for any of that stuff at all. I just loved helping people. And it's crazy how your passion that you do I don't know about you, but like I was taught you go to school, you go to college, you get a degree healthcare seems really safe, you're always gonna be needed. Yeah. And then there's, you know, other things out there, which, when I was in school, as social media didn't exist, when I started my first business, social media didn't exist, we got business because we worked hard. And we were glasses off. It wasn't because of social media. And so this just evolution of being able to take new things and be able to learn them and have a whole different perspective of life is, is actually quite fun when you like, take a step back and like really think about it.
So it sounds like you really were there in the very beginning with Tick Tock and so it's changed so much. I mean, I know that it was around before Corona. And I know a lot of people that I know at least in the digital marketing space, I started to to get people asking me like, are you on Tick Tock? What do you think about Tick Tock and I'm like, I don't really know anything. My sister's kids dance on it, and I help them do the dances and sometimes I learned them because I was dancer I love to dance, but not anything about it. And then that turned into them and quarantine happen and I had to jump in and help homeschool them. I'm like, Okay, this is bribery, pure bribery, you can get three hours on tik tok, if you do three hours of work with no talking so that I can actually get work done too. And so but then I started to actually watch their reaction of how excited they were when it was like Tick Tock town. And I'm like, What is it about this flippin app. So I started to like, get on there. And then they start talking to me and telling me all about the hype house in the sway house. And I'm like, I gotta learn this business model. Like I got to, I got to figure it out. And so I started to dig and learn more and more about it. And then, you know, started my own after I'm like, Okay, well, we're actually gonna take a more strategic approach to your channel, like to the 11 and 12 year old kids,
when I started to like, understand it a little bit, but I know there's a lot of people listening to us right now that think we are crazy. And they are like, why should I be on tik tok? Like, total is a kid's dancing app. So and I'm sure you hear it ever. I know. I'm hearing it every day. So what would you say to those people? Like how do you even
when people come to you and say these things, especially, I mean, your podcast is all around it. And I know people think it is. People look at me like other moms and people. They're like, all the kids are on tik tok and you're on tik tok. And I'm like, you don't know what you're missing. You really don't know what you're missing. What do you what would you say to those people? Why do they need to be on it? Totally. Okay, so that is one that is the largest misconception of tik tok for sure that, oh, it's just a kid standing up. Believe it or not. Statistics show that 35% of the app is actually over 35 years old, which is crazy that that number has jumped up significantly since COVID. And that number is increasingly growing and growing. So I tell people this look at
The number there is, is 35% is still a huge market if you're trying to reach that, right. But it also shows that it's early, you're on the ground floor people, like if you have a business or you're wanting to market in this space, you might as well get in now, because so many people are still trying every single day hustling on Instagram and YouTube and not getting much access. So why not come to a platform that's still early for those people, those early adopters in that space of education and talking about your business. And given now, it is also so key, that algorithm is on believable because your content will get pushed within that algorithm to the right people. So it's like paying for advertising. You don't even have to pay it does it for you. So I try to tell people this and explain to them, but once they get past that, it is not just for kids that you can have as place on there too, regardless of your age. People just go crazy. And they realize once they get on there, and they see the the power of it, it's just unbelievable. It really is. And, you know, I will say that, and we're going to talk about a few of these marketing strategies, you know, even when
consistency is the key. And then there's some things that I've learned and that, you know, I've done myself over time, that have really helped, like, you know, jumpstarted some things and I'm curious to ask you, like some of some of your take on a few of these things as well. But just like any other platform, y'all, you really do want to sit down and put together a little bit of a strategy. The fun thing with Tick Tock is, every day you can go on go to a little magnifying glass and see what's trending, and see what's new and and use a trending sound. You know, for me, it's like, I've never sat down on Instagram ever. And I'm like, I'm gonna see what's trending today. And then let me do a little bit of content around trending things and then maybe people will see it. It's it's a little bit different with tik tok, where it tick tock tells you like, Hey, here's what's trending. Here's the trending hashtags. Here's the trending music, here's some of the trending effects and like, go have fun with it. Like, it doesn't have to be this strict strategy every single day. Maybe that's just what I'm thinking. But do you think that people need to sit down? And like, what is the first marketing strategy to sit down and say, Okay, I'm going to sign up for tic toc today. What would you tell people? Like what is the top thing that you have to start doing first? For sure, I think will consuming is obviously key. If somebody just signs up for the app, I would say just start consuming right away, because it's really important to understand the vibe of the platform and how it works. Secondly, though, if you have been a consumer and you're looking to finally start making videos, I think a plan definitely does help. But don't take it so seriously, like, relax, because it is all about having fun and being authentic and just being real. But a strategy definitely does help. Like what are you going to talk about on your channel, that is really key if you're going to kick it off, because you want people to be establish of who you are. And it is okay to change as you go. But the algorithm really does kick that out. So if you're going to be strategic, think about your niche and figure out where are you going to start, maybe start a series those work really good. And the cool thing is the videos are 60 seconds. So your series can last a long time because you can condense, you know, it's hard to condense everything into 60 seconds. So you can make multiple parts, like 10 parts into a series. So I would plan those out and maybe even record some of those videos right away. With for postings, you have a few days to kind of catch up like in your drafts. That's what I do. And then you have like some days that you can focus on what you're going to do next. And give yourself some time, especially in the beginning, because you might be like confused, what do I do every day. But if you have a little bit of a plan that that's really key.
For sure. It's so crazy to me how the algorithm works. So because what I see and then what other people see as the people that I talked to about it, we sometimes I'm like, What the hell are you looking at? Because I don't see those things like at all. And so, the key is like when you sign up, I know my mother. She's like, why Sunday why dateline that tik tok, and the Chinese government is spying. And I'm like, and I guaran damn tee you Facebook knows more than they do. So we're not going to go there. And guess what, you're not doing anything on tik tok and neither me or any of your kids or grandkids. You know what, they wouldn't end up on the front page of Facebook because that's how we've raised these kids. So we're gonna have fun with it. Like
Half the other world is now if your your friends at church want to poopoo it, whatever, they don't know what they're talking about, and they're definitely not monetizing it, and they're definitely not making money. And I guaran damn tee you they're probably not even on the app. So let's just start there. So she's like, okay, okay, give me an account so I can see what you kids are doing. And she's like, I don't want to post anything. I just want to follow people and I just want to watch it. I'm like, okay, mom. But we'll but we're gonna sit down, and we're gonna pick your areas. And we're gonna say what you like and what you you know, you don't like and she's Catholic, and she, she has found a few of her Catholic creators on tik tok, that are absolutely hilarious talking about the Bible, and yet all kinds of great things. And so if you would have asked her two weeks before on tik tok, you know, what's your perspective? And you interviewed her, I'm gonna do it one day, just sweet, funny. And then, you know, now she's like, Oh, my goodness. She did yesterday, everyday. She's like, Angela, did you know, on your iPhone, if you click on the notes tab, there is this scan feature, that you can scan a piece of paper into your notes, I learned that it's a talk, and like, Oh, my God, oh, man, teach Apple classes. I teach technology of like, course, Mom, I know that. But I'm so glad that Tiktok taught you that. It's like the cutest thing. And so it's not all about dancing. And it's not all about the Chinese government. I still don't know what what they're talking about. But it's like, if you want to watch my camera, tick tock app, have at it like, yeah, that's fine. I don't know, you'll have fun watching some of the things that I watch. But the algorithm is so different. So if someone's brand new, and how do you teach people how to train the algorithm to show them the things that they actually want to see? Mm hmm. You brought up a lot of great things there. Because before I say that, the algorithm I love it, because it's so true. We, my household, we all have Tick tock, and we go through our our Tick Tock feed, and they're completely different, which I love. Because it's geared to us, it's not just geared to everything else. And like I said, Before, I go into saying what to do to train it. The thing is, that's different as well. But the algorithms like Instagram, or Facebook, those algorithms are based off of the people that we also are friends with or in our circle. And we see the things that they're seeing as well, like shared interests, which is fine. But shared interest isn't that great, because sometimes our friends and family, we don't have the same interest, right, like, so we don't care about. So you're just like scrolling on Facebook and get really boring, actually. On Tick tock, it's geared to us. So there's no sharing, we don't have to share with anybody else. It's just our content, which is so that's why it's so key. And that's why it's growing so fast, because people were like, Yeah, I don't care about other people's interests, I want to look at my own. And so what I suggest to people that are just getting started to find those things, I think searching up hashtags right away, because you're going to get a mix of the for you page is going to be completely random. When you first log in and does not know you it's like dating, I say it's just like dating, you have to know it has to get to know you before you can make that match. And make that marriage because trust me you will be married to tick tock as you get addicted. But I say you know search up a hashtag if you're a photographer A search of photography, the hashtag and then see who's making photography content that you enjoy. like wow, I really like that style. That's exactly what maybe I want to make or I want to consume that style of content. Like those videos, follow a few people within that niche and quickly the algorithm will actually change really fast and you'll start seeing more content like that and if you look animals trust me animals videos will pop up on your for you page for sure. Oh
You like that one? Yes, that the old takes literally you see one cat video boom bunch of cat videos. But then that's how fast it really does work and then it'll start gearing and you can go on tangents sometimes your for your page will change because you start consuming different content like you maybe you like the How To videos or life hacks and then all of a sudden you start seeing way more life hacks so it's it's fun but I would suggest just starting there looking up a specific niche or topic you love going with that. And the algorithm will change. Yeah. And I will say to something like when it was it was the politics are really having I'm not into politics, I don't understand it. I don't pretend to understand it. I don't want to understand it. It's not something that I want to dedicate any time in my life to it just says it and but every once in a while like it would make its way onto my for you page. And what I also started to learn was if you stop and like watch it
Gonna start giving you more of that. So if you don't want it, like, just keep scrolling like really quickly and definitely don't doubletap your screen like don't like it. If you don't like it, then you don't if you don't want more of that. And so I very quickly learned that Oh, if I don't want to see those things like just keep scrolling so that the for you page quits feeding me that seven it actually quit. Yeah, amazing.
It does. It's a very smart system. It really is. It really really is. So okay, so if people want to get on? And do you tell people like use your real name, use a fun name, use a business name, what what are your thoughts on that? Yeah, it depends on what you want to do with the account. And another tip to which we can, you know, dive into in a second. But
I would suggest it depends on what you want to do. If you're just a consumer, go ahead, make your username however you want. If you want to make it a nickname, anything like that, make it something funny Go for it. If you're going to use it for content, it depends as well. If you're going to make content that's like funny, you're like a meme kind of page or you don't care, it's just gonna be a mix. You can use your name, that's a great one, you know, for for branding or personal branding as well, you could use your name, if you're a business, definitely use your business name, try to find that that's, that's key. Cool thing is I want to take a look, you can change your username every 30 days. So you can start off with something and then you can update it later. If you do decide to change, that's really awesome. But you can have multiple accounts on your phone. So I always tell people this as well. If you want a business account that's strictly for your business, awesome, you can have a second account that's just for your consuming. And I do actually think that's a valuable thing. Because sometimes you want to keep your niche of your business, you want to keep seeing what's in that nation, and what's trending, and it can easily be overtaken by some of your personal likes. So I have two Tick Tock accounts, I have one that's just for my personal consuming that because I watch a lot of animal videos. And I don't want that to get taken over with all my niche content and see what people are doing in that space. So I have a personal account for my personal consuming and then a business side for all my business stuff that's related with that. So that way for you, Paige can show me everything people in my expertise and field are doing so I can keep up with with it and get some ideas. super smart, super smart. So on the business side, can you share a little bit for those of you listening that if you want to do what what Kyle saying, which I completely think is the smartest thing, there is a different type of account. So you can get your analytics, right, by being a business account. So and then there's also if you'll share with them, like the different types of accounts. And then like, what you need, like if you're going to be in the creator fun what you need. And if you're going to go live, like how many you need. Like, there's all these little things that you need to know especially if you're a business and and you're going to get on tik tok. I mean, it's just like Instagram and YouTube. It breaks my heart when people come to us. And they're like, Can you help us do this business? I'm like, Well, before we make any drastic changes, let's look at your analytics. And then they don't have any analytics, because it's not the right account. So can you explain the different types of accounts and if anybody listening in, you're starting off, you want to start with your business, listen up, because this is really important the type of account that you have. Yeah, I know for sure. So when you just log in, and you just have an account, it is a basic standard account, there's no analytics, it's pretty much geared for you to just be a consumer, you can make videos for but you will not see any of your analytics, some people don't care, they're just there, they're just going to make silly videos. And they could care less about anything like that. But if you're using it as some sort of strategy, or you do care a little bit more about what people are doing, you definitely want to go and set up your account. For a either it's called a pro account. So you can either create it into a creator, or a business. So a business one is really for like brands, retailers, organizations, things like that, if you just you for your personal brand, or you're looking to get more analytics for just personal content, I would go with the Creator, the creator account and with that, you can pick different categories within there. You can be a beauty person and educator entertainment, media, dance, anything you can think of, they have multiple different categories you can pick on there. And and from there, you just you're within that and then you get access to the analytics, which is really important. So you can see things like how much your video was watched, how many views you're getting per week, per month, per day, and you can and you can look at that and see what's trending within yourself. It even gives you like a contract.
thing and see what videos are trending. So you can kind of make no and say, Oh, those that style of video is working great. I'm going to continue making things like that. And that is really important. What you need to know as well is the two key critical things is going live is such a huge aspect portion of it. And I know some people listening right now there's like, no way I'm not going live, it is something that it is something that you have to learn and get used to. But it Believe it or not, it's actually fun once you get used to it. And so you need 1000 followers to get that you also need 1000 followers to be able to put a clickable link in your bio, which is really important to some people were thinking 1000 followers, no way, like that's gonna take me ages, believe it or not, tick tock is so great at growing, that you could be able to grow to 1000 followers pretty quickly. It sounds like on Instagram that might take you months, it could even take you a year to get 1000 followers on there from nothing. But on on Tick tock, you could get there for a matter of days to maybe just a few months. like yeah, it's, it's crazy. So let's talk about that. Because I had that exact same thought of like, Oh my god, it's gonna take me forever to get to 1000
to be able to go live. And then there are a few little strategy things here that you can actually do to get yourself there pretty quickly. And so I quickly learned about duetting and stitches. So tell our listeners a little bit about those two strategies and why it freakin works. Yeah, the honestly, those two, my views do better when I'm doing a duet or a stitch, for sure. It's interactive. So the reason why I think Tick Tock loves it is Tick Tock loves to be interactive, they want their creators to be able to create and collaborate with each other. So a strategy is, you could go through your for you page. And if you find a video that's really interesting, you can either do edit or stitch it. So there's a few people that are now doing, they'll say, Hey, tell me your best marketing secret stitch to this. And then so you can take that little part of them just saying what I just said, and stitch it and then say your marketing secret. And that kind of kicks it out that you're being interactive, and you're collaborating, and people are gonna, like share it more. And then to do which is really fun, because you can put a video side by side. So people use it in all sorts of ways. Some people even just use it as a reaction, they'll just kind of watch the video with the people watching it with them and react and like laughing. Or you can do
things like adding something funny. So if somebody next to you, and they have like a broom, you could and it's like part of it is not in the screen, you can showcase the other side of the room and what's going on, people get really creative, you can also add value to it. So if somebody's saying something, you can add maybe some text on screen, or you can speak as well and say, Hey, this is such a great thing that they're that they just mentioned, I also want to include this, there's so many different aspects there. But those do really well, the views on there do well. And it's going to get kicked out further and you're going to gain some followers. So I always say, definitely add some stitches and do what's into your strategy, along with your regular videos for sure. So what are your thoughts around this, which I didn't know this when I first started, like doing duets, and I told myself, I'm like, okay, every time I see a video that I'd like to do with it, you know, and I might not be in the area or decent lighting or anything, you know, I like it. So I can always come back to it. Or sometimes I'll even say that on my phone. And then I'll come back to it. And then I'm looking through my feet and I'm like, Oh my God, I've saved weight
on my phone.
But I didn't know early on that. Now it and before I say this, let me back up. So to get into the creator fun, you have to have 10,000. So I know you mentioned 1000 to go live, and then 10,000 to go into the creator fund meaning if you want to do some type of mana monetization, which we'll talk about that later.
That's what you really got to get to which, you know, 1000 seems hard, but then when you get to 2000 3004 1000 you're like, Okay, I got this, I'm gonna keep climbing. I'm gonna keep going. I'm gonna get to 10,000 Yeah, but then a lot of the duets came to a screeching halt when I saw people say, Well, I'm trying to get to the greater fun and if I stitch or do it, people, those views don't count towards the Creator. Fun, right? The weather, if you can explain elaborate on that. So anybody that's listening understands what that means. And what are your thoughts behind that? Yeah, so the creator fund, once you get into that program, you get paid per view, and it's pretty low. It's only like one to two cents per 1000 views, but it can add up
Over time, right? Like, if you're monetizing, you're gonna make some money off a video, that's great. Like, that's exciting. It's like kind of a YouTube thing. But they realize that because the algorithm does favor, do it in stitches, they said that, sometimes people don't really bring value so that you know what I mean, like, so you could just sit there and watch a video and not even do anything and gain a lot of views. So they felt like, they're only going to reward creators who are creating their own original content. So those views will not count for being able to be monetized. But I still say use them because it helps you boost and get some new followers and shows that you're different and be creative. And if you're gonna do do it, add some value to them as well, people really appreciate that they actually will say, Hey, I'm glad that you didn't just sit here and watch this, like you, you mentioned something funny. But that is pretty much what that is. So you do still have to make your own videos if you want to do well. And, you know, maybe follow some of the trends. So if you do like some of the videos, instead of letting them see if there's a way you can do it yourself, and maybe bring that content, a little bit more value, even if it's like very similar. That's That's okay, too.
Yeah, so yeah, I thought I think it's I love I don't know, there's like a, I don't know how, like, I'd love to know your gut reaction on this, because I have like two different views on it. So one is like, there's a lot of controversy around these really large creators that I mean, their full time gig job, skipped college, all that stuff that you know, we did.
They're like, what's up, tick talker. And they do these huge, you know, dances that go around, and these,
you know, different trends, but then they don't tag the original creator. And a lot of people get really pissy. Yep. What is that about? Like, is it? Do they not? Do they really not know? Do they don't want to take the time? to tag the person? Like, what is all that about? Like, I would I would want to, if I knew somebody created a song or a dance, and I knew it, I would tag them. You know, that's just a little app thingy. Um, but I've noticed on these larger creators, especially the ones that might my niece's go gaga over like, they, they just don't do it. Like, what's the story behind that? Yeah, I mean, one of the biggest stories we can think of that was when Charlie Amelio kind of took over the renegade, and we found out later, she was not the original creator of them. But um, the the thing is my daughter, right, that's what her content, she's actually called Jade can dance. And that's what she's so popular on the app. And she's actually fallen into that trap to where she's done a dance and didn't tag anybody. And I saw Yeah, the hate that comes from other people. But believe it or not, there's so many trends that go on. And so many people are doing it, you're like, who even originally did this? So it's tricky. So her strategy is if she doesn't know, and she wants to pick up the trend, she'll put in the comments and say, Hey, tag the original person, so I can give them credit. And then she'll got it, do a shout out in the comments. If she does know who it is, she definitely will say DC. So the in the caption, the people are now putting DC for dance credit or,
and they'll tag the Creator, but it is you there's so many trends that pop off. And you're like, who did this because so many of the large creators are doing it. So you're like, who started this trend? And it can be confusing. I see tons of videos and I've even made kind of trending stuff within that. And I've never liked being called out but I eventually found out who started and I never even saw before or even heard of them. So that's tricky. And people will flip and tell you y'all because so I did.
My mother always says this, she's always like telling me how you know remember because sometimes, you know I'm just I'm, I didn't used to be like this, but I'm more business minded and like GST like we're gonna get shit done. Don't come and work with me unless we're gonna get shit done. And I'm very business minded. And so she's like, just remember that you people may not remember what they learned from you, but they're gonna remember how you make them feel. So you always make people you know, you offer them milk and cookies and when they come into your office, I'm like, I'm not a fucking Starbucks. Like they can go to Starbucks, like, I'm here to get shit. ology like I don't care about your milk. Please bring your own water. Like I don't know what to say.
She's like, people always make you, you know, whatever the Seine is inside. I said that on tik tok something because she had reminded me I was like, Oh, yeah, I should say that little tip. Tip on Tick Tock. Boy, people came through and they're like, you know, the lady's Maya. I don't remember her name and they're like, please tag blah, blah blah. Dennis.
I mean, lots and lots and lots of people. And I'm like, Damn people, thank you so much like, thank you. I didn't really I didn't remember who originally said it to me. My mom has said it because my mom always said it doesn't my mom was on our tombstone. Yeah. I'm always like, You know what? I know, somebody said it. But I was like, you know, thank you so much. Absolutely, you know, happy to tag the person. Isn't she dead? But like, whatever. But people are super protective of that stuff. There. Yeah. I appreciate it. But it's just, it's, it's crazy to me.
And then the whole stitching thing is actually really, it is a lot of fun. And I love how people start that where it's like, Hey, tell me about, I saw one that you did something about, tell me your crazy story with blah, blah, blah. And it's like, I'll go first. And then it's fine to see like, how people around the world start to pick up on what your your initial thought was. And then, you know, go after it. And it like you said, it can only be 60 seconds. Yeah, tick tock for me has taught me how to add incredible value in 15 seconds. Because I my videos that are shorter, do better. For some reason, it seems like
Do you know what that's about? Just Yeah, the 15 to 30 to 45 to 60 seconds? Yeah. The watch through rate like so. Yeah, here's a little sneak peek for anybody listening if you want to boost your algorithm, and trust me, I'm making longer videos, because I feel like oh my gosh, how do I get all this out there. But it is true, my shorter ones do work is because the watch the rate, so if you need somebody to, if you start a video, let's say it's 15 seconds, and people watch 12 seconds, that's the average, that's gonna do really well, because the app is like, you know, you put out a video, people seem to enjoy it, because they're at least watching it. But if you can get them to watch the entire thing. So if you can get them to watch all 15 seconds, and rewatch that video is going to pretty much just get kicked out far because the app recognizes that as its valuable content, the thing with longer, people are very, like you have to keep them going. So there's a lot of strategies behind that to like be do transitions or to not film it all at one go and kind of do cuts. Because sometimes like the audio, like when it cuts like that it actually keeps somebody focused. But because our attention spans are just getting less and less with the short form videos, the longer content does not get watched as much. So you have to be a lot more creative with that. For sure. What are your thoughts on
recording inside the app versus a little bit of both? Where creating the video and then bringing it in? Like do you think that matters at all? Yeah, so I do a mix. What the only thing I create in the video on the app is if I'm doing a duet or stitch because you cannot add your own videos to it. Now, there's you can add your own, you can add your video off the app with reply to comments, which is really cool too. I actually love filming off the app because I try to use my my camera I have a DSLR camera. And so I use a higher quality camera and I film. But what I love about it as well is you can have it saved in your phone. So you can repost later, you don't have to worry about watermarks. You can post it on to Instagram reels you can post it on other things without the watermarks. And so it can be shared on multiple platforms. Plus I can do a lot more editing, like with sounds with maybe some stickers or fun things. There's way more options to do that the text the adding the text to the screen on ticked. Okay, really, it's kind of it's quite difficult, actually, with the timing and stuff. So I find off the app is easier in that regard. But for people who don't really care about things like that, in the app is great. You could you can still can do everything in the app. It just depends on your preference and what you want to do. Yeah, I'm like you I like to repurpose, wash, rinse, repeat all that video content. Yes. So I definitely am not doing a lot of it inside the app. Yeah. And then one day, my niece's said, but there's beauty mode, and I'm like, you are 12 Why the hell do you do you cared that much about it? And then I just take a step back, and I'm like, is this what I mean? All these adults are talking about how what these kids are seeing isn't always like real life because everything is like a filter. So I don't really know what I think about that either. But I just looked at them and I'm like, I don't care about beauty mode. I care about reusing my video because I'm fucking busy.
I don't really this is how I look like
not always about how you look like it's more about the content, the value that you're putting out there, right? I mean, that's not what it's all about people I know and my theories on that or most of these Jen's ears because tik tok still relatively new rates just over two years. So what was before that Instagram? Instagram was so vanity, it's all about picture perfect life. What's your best pose? Like? What's your best picture of the day in reality is so funny if you could go through it and you actually know some of these people in real life. And you're like, Girl, I just saw you at Starbucks. And you're talking to me about your drama and with your boyfriend, you posted this like beautiful picture of you guys together. So it's so funny. And so everyone has this mindset of, well, things need to be great. But I do love about tik tok. Yes, there's still some vanity metrics there. But people definitely are changing a bit. It's way more authentic. People are just showing up to kind of, you know, if they look, if they don't look their greatest or like, I don't care, I'm posting still, we're on Instagram, you would have been like, died to do that people would have been like, what the heck are you? Like, how, why did you post this and, you know, people will give you some kind of hate there. But on Tick tock, you can just kind of be yourself, which I love. Yeah, and there are a lot of beauty people on there that I notice that, you know, they start off completely, you know, clean fin and they're doing their makeup like that, what they do on Tick tock, and you know, so they show like the before and after, which I love because it's like, and then there's also all this stuff going around about you know, the whole catfishing thing of like, Yes, I look like this when I wake up. And then if I'm going to go out, I look like this and there's like a pound of makeup, and then even making fun of themselves with makeup. Which is really no I love that. I love that. I also saw somebody calling out saying, hey, look, sometimes there's makeup artists or even like they use James Charles. And they said, you know, it's all about the lighting that makes your makeup look flawless. And then they show the realism of like, you still see blemishes come through the makeup without the lighting. And they're just showing realistic stuff where you're on Instagram and things like that you see these beautiful faces, and you're just striving for it. So you're going to buy all these different products and things and in reality, it's like no, we all have the same basis and products can only cover so much and you're just you're human. So I love that people are doing videos like that and showcasing and saying look, we're human people quit trying to look perfect and just be yourself. Yeah, it's true. And and and that's the other thing exactly what you just said I appreciate the realness of it's like it there's here's three different tones of how this reading like is gonna show your your makeup and how you look. So it's really funny. So let's talk about some of the big life changing things that I know that I don't watch the news that much, but when I do turn it on, there's always a life changing Tick Tock story on there. So what have been like your Do you have like a top three favorites of kind of like an overnight sensation of someone being discovered for something? And it's completely changed their life? Like do you have a few favorites? Yeah, I mean, one of them is massive. Let's talk about like dog face for Tony. I mean, he was a huge one with the and the thing is, even if you don't have Tick Tock you know about him because he became a viral sensation everywhere with his Ocean Spray. And using the Fleetwood Mac song I mean that that that song ended up becoming trending on the number one charts which is crazy just because of of him doing that the longboard and just drinking Ocean Spray and everyone got involved. And it's just it really has changed his life. I mean, he's got a house Ocean Spray bottom and truck he's now has I think he's almost at 5 million followers on Instagram Eve, even, which is crazy. And he's just transitioned him now he's known and he's on all sorts of stuff. He's on podcasts. He's on TV, he's on all crazy stuff hit. That's a great example of somebody, for sure. And there's some people that don't make it to the news that have great stories as well. I mean, I'm just going to use an example of somebody because I think this is a little like relatable to some people's thinking like, Oh, I cannot make it to be this viral new success. But I had a lady on my podcast named Erica Cruz who believe it or not, she only has about 100,000 followers is still relatively small. A lot of people though it's still a lot of people but it's still small in a way meaning like you don't need millions to be able to change it can even have less. So she decided she was a tech techie. So she worked at a tech job and she really wanted to be an entrepreneur. She wanted to have her own business but she didn't kind of have she had the drive. She just didn't have the clientele to be able to quit. So
She use Tick Tock and was like, Hey, I'm gonna make some videos about my program and my coaching that I'm going to do with one video. Angela, this is what's so cool one video, she ended up getting 300. And I think it was like 367 signups for her program and made more money in that one from that one video with the signups that then she was going to make in her home the whole year of her tech job and was able to quit her training. So like there's real stories like that. But you do see him in the news like with Dog Face. But there's all these little ones behind the scenes that are happening as well with the small businesses. So it's just it's really incredible. It's just like, you got to put yourself out there. And, you know, you never know what people are going to gravitate to. And that's almost the the fun unknown part. I know that. You know, I live in Nashville. I'm from Nashville, we've worked with a lot of people that have a lot of great record deals just from being in luxury weddings and have planned a bunch of their weddings and some of their second weddings. And the amount of work that it has taken some of these singers and songwriters to get to where they are. And then Tick Tock comes up and then quarantine happens and everybody's at home. And then the there are kids on there and I say kids, I mean because they most of them are a lot younger. And they're getting record label deals through tic tocs. Like today, my mother it was yesterday. I think she said, Angela, there was this 26 year old mailman and he is doing this chip song and I'm like what? And she's like, she gets all excited to tell me about the TIC tock, you know, just overnight sensations. And she's like all these people were dueting him and and I don't think it's in the United States, but it's about ROM and do you know which one she's talking about the mailman that just just came out? I think it was on the news yesterday. Where Okay, he was like on Friday, I was a mailman and he's like in today I send a major record.
He's like this is insane. But it's He's like, made up some song.
All About rum. Oh my god, I have to Google it and find it. That's awesome. But there's other people like in Nashville, that on tik tok, they're like, My dream was always like moving to Nashville and singing country music. And I don't know, I've probably seen at least four or five different people come across my for you page that are like I just signed with Sony, I just saw me and these are record label labels right down the road from us. And that, but that those are the types of things that Tick Tock is doing. But then there's also a lot of people that get on there and they hate towards singers. And they're like, that's just auto tune. Anybody can sound like that. And then they're like, Okay, well, I'll just take the auto tune away. And then I'll just raw sing for you. And they flat out show you like, this is my voice. This is my talent. Like if you don't like what I'm singing, like, get off my page. Like, there's plenty of other people
on there, that I've seen. And then there's, it's just sick. It's crazy. The people that I know, at the end of the year, there were some fun things going around where you know, some and when I say older, I guess I mean, like 40 plus people where they're like,
I don't know, the song was like, I have a new life. I have a new life. You know, like, you would hardly recognize me because, you know, I used to be a pilot. And then I was grounded because a COVID Yeah. And then they did like these fun videos with their family members, because they were all living together, you know, through quarantine and stuff. So I really feel like it's been a lot. It's brought a lot of happiness and a lot of bonding time for families. And kids like moms with their kids and dads with their kids like dancing and doing all these funny things. Do you have any stories there where it's really like help the parents bond with the kids through quarantine and tech talking? Absolutely. If we didn't have tech talk, I don't even know if I would know my kid to because that was something that that was their thing, right? Like they were on tik tok, and you didn't relate because they would mention a song or a video and you're like, I have no idea. So they're, they just get frustrated. They're like whatever. So they go hide in their rooms. Because we're all involved with tic toc and we help make videos we get to talk about it and when they mention a story or or say hey, do you know this song? We know all the words you know, we know the trends and we see those videos is cool and
They think that's so cool, we have something to talk about, which is really fun. And I think that's really important for parents as well. If you're not, if you don't understand their life, because we, you know, you kind of conditioned them you're like way we hope you grow up like this. But you also have to be respectful and learn a little bit about them and their culture. Because it's different, right? Believe it or not, we were just going to grow up differently. So being going down to their level, and learning some stuff about them will really bring you closer. And I'm really grateful. And I love Tick Tock how it is really about the family life. These kids, it's like it not cringy to have your parents and people who are like, hey, I want to know who your dad is. There's so many videos of kids bringing in their parents and people absolutely loving it. And my daughters, they don't care if we're in their videos, sometimes they're always asking us like, Hey, can you be in a video? And I'm like, sure. And sometimes it's not anything like cool. I don't feel like I'm doing anything cool. But for some reason, people just love it. And the family content is just huge on there. It really is. And then I know we mentioned this before, but like the pet content is just a whole different level. Yes, a whole different level. I do feel like I probably should start a separate account that is just like pet stuff. Because I mean, I love my dogs and I love like doing some of the things that I see other people doing but then I'm like, Man, that's gonna screw up my whole like little niche thingy like, this is not necessarily productive at all, which is what I do. So I'm always trying to like, have productivity even with like the funny dances and the Wop and stuff. I'm like, still making funny things out of it one of my nieces when that first came out, because I like I don't want them to do nasty days. I'm like, we can do the unedited things, right. But you're 12 and you're 10 and you're still going to be somewhat appropriate. Right? And so my sister like, doesn't strangle me. And so I'm just like this, she's like, what is whop? And I'm like, we are productive, we are productive. That's what
I mean, I totally just, you know, pulled out of my ass. And so and so then they went to their friends. And they're like, Well, my aunt says, and then one of the the one who was like, I'm a little concerned one day that I'm going to stripping out a bowl when she's of age, because she's wild. And I'm she's like, Well, my friend says it's like the P word. And I'm like, Well, what is the P word? Exactly, Carolina and she's like, you know, like, like a pussycat. And I'm like, Okay, okay, um, it can be that, but we're gonna be more classy with it for now, because you're 10. And so we're just gonna keep it with productive, okay, and so it burns calories. It's a great word.
Just like, I this is why I don't have real kids. Like, I don't want to have these conversations. But I want you to be able to do the trends, because I know your friends are doing the trends, because you're showing me I know, you want to write it. So we'll do it to the where the lyrics are not completely just explicitly discussing for 10 and 12 year old, but it's like you still can get you know, I guess the somewhat clean version. Yeah, but it also opens it up for like this kind of super uncomfortable conversations where it's like, you're just too young for this right now. And we'll talk about later.
I would rather be the one to like, at least they feel comfortable. Yeah. Like, it opens up the commentary. Yes. And not worrying about Where's your kid going to learn something from? Yeah, the other thing I will say about Tick Tock that I love is just the downright truthfulness. So were you following the lady that in its it, you can always kind of tell the scamming if you go and look at their profiles because they have like one video and it has like 2 million views and she's like stating they're pregnant with a baby on her hip and yes, the husband or the boyfriend that like right the furniture what Yes, yes. What Okay, when you when you saw it, if y'all don't know what we're talking about, we're gonna tell you real quick This will be my last story. But like when you first saw that because it showed up on my for you page and I immediately was like, This one was a fucking scam artist.
First off, I have zero empathy you guys and like I was raised by drug cop, so it's like I can sniff out bs a mile away. Even though I'm blind and sometimes I'm not the smartest cookie when it comes to some things that I can spell out the BS. I'm like, this woman is full of shit. Yep. Then, like every day the stories were developing and the stitches and the
Do let's and what were you thinking? When you first saw it? Did you? Are you kidding out? No way. I was the same as you. I was like, lady, let's be real. First of all, if you're scared of your husband, you're not gonna make a video that's gonna go viral, please. Because that will just trigger some craziness. And like, you have your kid involved. Like, there's just so much stuff there that I hate. Like, I was like, no way. I and then I went through the comments, obviously, that's the first thing you do. And yeah, people are like, I'm so sorry. I just sent you a PayPal. And we asked for money like that. I find it to be. I don't know, like, there's a lot of people that are open. And trust me, I've shared money with people who I've knowed legitimately like maybe they got burned in a fire, like some real proof there. But when to me just straight up like I need money to get out. And I'm like, please, lady. Uh huh. And yeah, it was proven that she was a total scam artist. I mean, the way tik tok took this to a whole new level. I mean, people on here so it starts out where they are. People on Tick Tock are tagging another lady who's a very active tick talker, who owns a domestic violence place. So she gets involved, and then she starts to contact her, and then other people start to contact her. And so all this started, then the family members start to get involved. And they start stitching her videos saying, bitch, you've already done this on Facebook, you've already got Facebook, did your same little ploy for money. And then and then somebody another family, they're like, well, we were at Walmart, and she was buying all kinds of electronics. And, you know, people just flat out telling the truth, which is great. And so I'm just watching this unfold on my forehead. Now, I'm not seeking this out, I am watching the videos. And then there's one guy, which I just love him, and he's like, you guys are gonna hate me. And I'm gonna be the first one to stitch this and say, you know, this, this is a this is all fake. And all of you that all you women that have the empathy. I mean, y'all this woman, do you remember how much money she made in 24 hours? Oh, my gosh, what was it? It was well, over $100,000 it was well over 100, I want to say was almost like half a million or something. Yes, it was. It was absurd.
The tic Tock community, you know, there's because there's so many people on it, and you've got your little Venmo or cash app or whatever. Usually. Isn't that fun? So the whole reason I bring this up is so is it normal for people like put their Venmo and their cash app, and people to send money to support creators? That's a normal thing, right is normal? Yes. Okay, totally normal. Yep. And I think it's also very normal. If someone says something. In fact, I have a friend that her daughter is a singer. And she was like I wanted, she wanted to do a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for marketing to try to put like out her first, like four or five song album, and she's more like into the indie thing and kind of, you know, wants to do her own thing and doesn't necessarily want to be up under a huge label yet. And she's like, and I'm like, Yes, like doing a Kickstarter and telling people exactly how you're going to use the money and what you're doing it for, I think, is a great plan. And then people are invested, and they're going to be watching your videos, and they're gonna be watching you make the music from your bathroom, because that's what she's doing right now. And there's nothing wrong with that. There's nothing wrong with that. But when you find people like this woman who take it to a completely different manipulative level of I need money. And there's also been a few scams, like with pets going around that I've noticed on there, they will find you, the police will get involved. I'm pretty sure that woman had to pay every penny back.
She did. And I don't know if she went serve jail time or not. But people will hold you accountable where I don't necessarily know that people really do that on Facebook as much, right? I do know, do you follow the guy, the singer that he just had a song with Jimmy Fallon, that does the whole internet drama with about the broccoli casserole and the butter? Yeah. I mean, it's just, it's so funny. But it's art. And you know, you've got to take the time to produce all that stuff. And so if you don't have a job paying you to do that, it's great to have people that will support the creators to put out such great content that is going to bring laughter to millions of people. So it is there's nothing wrong with that if you're using the right way, basically, exactly. Yeah, exactly like it. If you're
Being manipulative people, like you said, will call you out. But if you do it in a way, like, hey, look, I'm a creator, if you want me to make more videos or be more creative, definitely support me. And I don't think there's anything wrong with that. It's like kind of like, it's like a basking in the street, right? You drop money in their thing, because you're being entertaining. So it's kind of like a online, basking in a way, like you just putting your, your little pot out there. And if you appreciate the work, you know, throw a little tip in there. And so I think there's nothing wrong with that. My daughter obviously does it and she monetized monetizes quite well, with her account. And yeah, so that's, that's normal. But if you'd have to, sometimes you have to, like put different terminology in there. So like, standard bashing thing, some people might click and go, Oh, okay, that makes sense. Now. Yeah, that totally makes sense. I mean, also, to me, it's just like, I watch my mother every Sunday, when they pass the basket at church, it's like, you are taking up an offering so that the church can go to Haiti, and they can raise money and ship food over to the schools and the Catholic schools that they're starting in Haiti. So as long as you know, and you share with your fans, like where the money is going, like, there's nothing wrong with it. Like, it is a you know, a perfectly safe thing. So as we wrap up, I could just talk to you forever, but my sister's like, all right, we got to move on to the next one over here because I love to talk. Are there any final like thoughts that you would want to tell people if they're not on tik tok yet? Okay, yeah, so if you're not on tik tok, I suggest is do it, let your hair down. And just have fun with it. You can always get more serious later. Unless you really want a strategy. But if you don't just get on there and have fun, and make some videos, like do some duets with people and just be silly. You'd be surprised on during this quarantine, how nice it will be just to do something fun and bring something funny into your life. It will relieve so much stress. And just take some stuff off and get involved with your family. It's just a great place. It's just it's a lot of a lot of fun. It really is so and all the show notes, we'll put all the calls info so you guys can go and follow him on tik tok and LinkedIn and Instagram and YouTube. And if you want to know more and more and more and more about Tick Tock go listen to his podcast because he talks to everyday people that are on Tick Tock and doing things on Tick tock, so we'll make sure that we put that link over cow thank you so much for being here today. This is awesome. Thanks, Angela. It was a blast. Awesome. And everybody listening, go follow us on Tick tock, and listen, and then send us a dance and like, I'm just kidding. You don't have to send us a dance. If you don't dance. And it's if that's not your thing, do your thing on Tick Tock and send us your handle. I would love to follow you guys. And follow your journey, especially if you're if you're just starting because it's really, really fun. So thank you so much for listening today. Be sure to tune in next week to another episode of business unveiled.
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