How to Use Your Story as a Tool for Business Growth
  • April 6, 2023
  • GSD Creative

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What is your personal story? Have you thought about how it has shaped who you are as a business person? If not, it may be time to start uncovering it and how you can use your story as a tool for growth for your business. 

I am so excited to share today’s guest, Kay Cote, who I met at PodFest in Orlando of 2023. Kay is a podcaster and loves to dance, so you know we instantly clicked! Kay’s mission is to share how to live an elevated life by embracing your truest self.


  • Use your story to create genuine connections
  • How to embrace vulnerability and create trust
  • How to uncover your lost talents


Forgive and release what holds you back

Learn how to talk to the childhood you

Embrace your truest you


I am a speaker, podcaster and entertainer. My story began when  I was an enthusiastic 5 year old, full of energy and wanting to make friends with everyone. Despite my enthusiasm, after entering the doors to elementary school, I endured 9 years of chronic bullying and lost who I was the lies and harsh words I was told about myself.

I remember coming home, hitting record on my old cassette player and recording my thoughts as though I had a radio show. I would talk about encouraging other kids and reminding them that they would get through the hardships of being bullied. Creativity like this saved my life and allowed me an outlet to express myself during the years I endured being bullied. 

It wasn't until nearly two decades later that I started researching about the long term effects of bullying and realized that I had never addressed the negative inner dialogue that existed even years after the bullying subsided. Through this realization, I have discovered how to break free from the lies and embrace my true purpose.

Today I share my experiences in efforts to help others set themselves free from the lies to befriend their inner bully and discover their purpose.

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What do you guys think? Like? It's just so bright. I think minor to rave-y.
I think they're fun. I think it fits your personality. I'm crazy. This is K Welcome to Business unveiled. She's so much fun. We have so much in common. We met at pod fest, which if you don't have a podcast, you probably don't care about what is pod fest. But it is Is it like the largest conference in the US for podcasters?

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I think so. Yes.
It was amazing.
It was incredible. Because I walked in and I was like, these are my people where they live.
And when you find your people, it's just easy. Like today I'm in Austin, Texas. And but we met in Florida man Florida. And we both love to travel. We've been to a lot of different countries. We've just it's like the more we talk and we're like, oh, okay, what do we have in common? Like, both of our dads are in heaven for both Sagittarius? Yeah. We're both divorced. Yep. We both love to dance. We both make movement and dancing and wellness. Like so much of our brands. Yeah,
we both love pink.
We do you love to shuffle. I didn't know that. That's actually what I was doing. But I kinda like got it after I started to do it. I was like, okay, but like, I feel like I need high tops to support my ankle.
Oh, good. These my shoes. I get the Michael Kors and I love them.
So this is where I'm like, affiliate marketing. I mean, she when I met her and she's like, I always wear these unlike affiliate marketing, you
brands your your speech, her speech was like a lightbulb moment for me. I really inspired.
It's just, I mean, all good things like take time, right? Like, that's what it is. But today, we're more focused on the wellness part and the journey part. And yes, I mean, can always talk about affiliate marketing actually don't do that talk very much anymore, because it's not part of like our four p's and like the people process productivity and profit, that we pretty much teach like the whole GST framework. And so affiliate marketing is is a supportive component of it, but it's not a major foundational thing. The relationships matter, but without your community without people like you watching and listening and supporting. We're girls with cool ideas. Yeah, not a real community with real people. You know, so that matters. But K also has a podcast. And we also have both rebranded our podcast. Yes, yeah. Because what was your first podcast?
My very first podcast, pod fest. fest icad was the wow factor. And then it was fit fabulous life. And that's how I found Yeah, searching for you. Yeah, now it's elevated u which I launched in January.
Yeah. So It's like, over time, listening to your audience. And I mean, I would love to know if you would share like a little bit about what prompted you to change it over time to like, really shift? Yeah,
that's it. I love that question. Because, you know, as it shifted, it started as like a very holistic, all encompassing wellness podcast. And I started it out of just my own health anxieties that I struggled with and just wanting to take my health back into my own hands. And so after I started it, I just realized, like with each different variation of it, it was kind of like a new chapter of what I was focusing on and what the market wanted, like what people were listening to. And so the newest one elevated, you stems from a mind it's like a mindfulness and mindset in action. So you had that awareness component plus the action steps to elevate your self and your well being. And that stem from one of the whys behind it, which took me forever to realize,
it comes with age, it does come with life experience. So try it does like, you know, listening, you're like, it's not there yet. That's why Sorry to interrupt. No, that's so tricky comes I promise,
it does. And I asked, that was my biggest thing. I was like, Okay, what's my why I need a why, to set this show apart. And it hit me, it actually just showed up into my life. And it was an experience I had when I was a child, I was chronically bullied from ages five to 14. And during that time, it was so hard because every day I experienced losing a bit of who I was to the lies I was told. And it just reminded me, you know, after that experience was over, I wanted to just forget about it. But this coming up in my life again reminded me that, you know, this is my why, and I'm still trying to figure out who I am. Because that inner dialogue, that inner bully is still rolling on repeat. Yeah. And so I feel like many people have struggled either with a childhood bullying or some sort of oppression. Maybe it was a parent child relationship, or sibling or bad partnership, whatever it is, those are the lies, we start to layer upon our beliefs of who we are. And so elevated you is all about sharing transformational stories, giving resources and tips and tricks on how to rediscover who you truly are and what your purpose is.
I love that that's beautiful. I just, it's hard, because have you seen the movie that that onion movie of, I don't know, it's like something about knife, basically, you like peel off the onion, and the more you pull off the layers of the onions. It's like, the onions, cause the tears. And sometimes they're happy tears, and sometimes they're painful tears. And it's like, as you get older and more life experience, you start to peel back those layers and you start to realize, you know, there's there, it doesn't make it right or wrong, where you are in your life. Like, it doesn't matter. Everyone has different seasons of life. And age isn't what defines that. Like, my whole thing is just like, what makes you happy? Like, are you happy? And I just feel like in my 30s It was hard. I mean it. I don't really think I was happy because I was still searching, you know, for something else. So, but what I hear like, what I hear you saying is something that like I see us again, like aligning with is when we shift and change something that has to do with a personal issue challenge problem, you know, something that we're facing, and then we overcome it. And then people ask us, then we want to share 100% That's exactly. And someone recently because I was a guest on a podcast and he said, there's something that I noticed about you every time you shift or change. It is truly very painful for you. And I'm like it is but like these are the things that people don't talk about. Yeah, if we would normalize feelings more. And there's all these things that you can do like the meditation, like the yoga like the she's graduating soon.
Yes, I'm a yoga teacher training right now six months and I can't wait to add that to like, my understanding of the human mind and consciousness because there's so much study in the yoga practice of you know, the First Eagle stems way back to like nearly like 5000 years ago where human beings started to realize consciousness beyond just reactiveness to find shelter, find food, find whatever procreate. Now we have this consciousness of building or creativity. And that's where human beings had that light bulb moment. Come on, and yoga was one of the pillars that first pillar of what do we do with this consciousness? How do we work with it? How do we grow it and that ultimately led to what yoga truly is today.
And it helps like support discipline, and communication. 100 like everything that I like, tier 400 is, but at the same time, it's like, because I'm so how strong it's like, you know, even though I tried like, I tried hot yoga and you feel like you're gonna die like I did. Like, oh my God until you come out. And then it's like the best feeling ever. But like you said, you can tap into like, different ways that you breathe in different. I don't know what they're called, like breathing techniques. Yeah, there's making breath
work. Pranayama pranayama
pranayama way smarter. What you
just do your 10 Second thing she just a few minutes ago, that was yoga. From the Olga this actually ate me. We don't have to be sitting like No, no, you do not have to be in bolt pose. No, actually, the asana practice of yoga is the movement component. But Asana is actually
a seer. Asana isn't to do management system it
is I use it. Asana is the physical practice to prepare you for the meditative state that comes up. That's a yoga thing. Yeah. That's the physical practices yoga is
that their brand behind Asana is like, so you don't have a to do list. You don't forget things. And so it makes you like very centered, and
it'd be good to check into anyway, yeah, I like this tangent, because I don't get to talk about my Yoga very much. But there's a whole philosophy and it's all there's a lot of mind work. There's a lot of awareness, higher consciousness. And that's exactly ties into our brands of elevating to that next step. And so in the yoga practice, you're constantly trying to elevate your higher self, and to just become a better version of yourself. So there's some beautiful philosophy, I would highly recommend if you have any interest in it. There's a couple of great books out there. But I've enjoyed my process of growing and connecting in this new community and Austin, through the yoga practice.
So tell everyone where you're from, and a quick snapshot of like your journey that has gotten you to where you are today to what you're
all about. All right. Oh, I love this question. It's all right along how many hours do we have? So I grew up in on a farm in North Dakota, so born and born and raised Farm Girl. And then you know, I was in the school system in you know, the small town I was in. And about age 14, my that school close and I had the opportunity to make a choice to go to a different school. And that was my first big decision. And my parents were very supportive of me choosing the school I wanted to not the school that most of like that other school was affiliated with, so I was able to get a fresh start. Yeah. So then I went on to college, I graduated college as I really started to come out of my shell in college. I graduated with a graphic design degree in marketing, a little bit of sociology. We have that in common too. Yes. Yay. So I love it. Let's just add it to our list of things. I love it. And then fast forward a few years later, I married my first husband and lived in Minecraft for a few years. And then we separated and divorced and then I moved to Fargo, North Dakota. And I really hit the ground running there. And then I, along that journey, met my second husband and lived in South Africa because he was from South Africa. So I took a little journey to South Africa. I lived there for three months. Can you tell what color she is? I had a blast. I love South Africa had a ton of fun just exploring the country. I've always been a traveler. I studied abroad in Spain like we're doing like quick, quick cat. Yes, snapshot. So overarching theme, I love people. Yeah, I love travel. I love culture. I just really enjoy life and living it to the fullest. Yeah. And since Fargo now I recently moved to Austin, Texas, which
we are in right now. And they were at South by Southwest SXSW.
The energy is real folks. So that's where I'm at now. And then I was recent speaker at pod fest. And that's where I met you. Yes. Awesome. A recent speaker. Yes.
And we're both podcasters. And we were like okay, let's do a podcast together and talk about just it. We're like starting to make a list. And I'm like there's so many different things that we could talk about. The thing that shocked me the most is like how you've learned how to move and reframe your mindset into, Oh, this isn't bad for me or to be looked at a certain way. It's like, oh, this can be my superpower. Yeah. And what is that? Like? How did you like what is the framework And what are the steps to take to like change the mindset?
This is such a great question because I look at the valleys I faced in my life. And the valleys we face, we often whether we end up in one or no, we're entering into a valley, or we're faced with something really challenging, we can look at that challenge as we're fearful. We're fearful on that point. But when I try to change the perspective of when I'm in a valley into, I'm going to learn something, and become a stronger, better version of myself coming out of this, this is not forever, this is a season, and I'm gonna get through this, and I'm gonna find the right resources. And I'm gonna get myself through something. And I also like to use the valleys that I faced in my life, to face challenges that are, say, a positive growth, but still scary, still intimidating. But say to myself, well, I faced XYZ, I can handle this, I faced XYZ I face, whatever it is, you're facing, whatever you've been through, and grown as a person, you can tap into that, at any time. It's not just something that happened, you take the fruit that comes from every experience. And so I like to face everything in life with that mentality of how can I grow? How can I share? How can I become a more seasoned version of myself. And I look at the we're each a diamond, right? And every, every slice, every facet that we have, makes us different shine brighter and more brilliant. And so sometimes it takes those cuts that are a little bit painful at first, but then you become a shinier, brighter
version of yourself. I love that. It reminds me of the Rihanna song. Shine. Shine bright, like a diamond. Yeah, it's like we just, we just did it to everything. It's like I hear a saying and I like relate it back to music to a song. Because, like, even when we were at pod fest, I like use like a sound to remember things, just so that I don't go off on a tangent, or you know, like a framework of stuff.
That's genius. I'm totally stealing that. Yeah, thank you. No, like, seriously,
that's how I remember, it's like in college, I would make, you know, the flashcards and then because I could remember, you know, if I would just sit there and have a photographic memory. But if I was listening to a song, oftentimes it was hip hop or rap song. Yeah. And I would just, like make up my own words to remember these things. And then I got away from that. I just, it's like, I don't know what happened. I got so focused on like, building a business. And so it's like, bringing music like back into the brand and like helping other people who have a hard time remembering things. But you love music, too. So like, how do you? Do you bring music and sounds like into your brands? Like how do you? How does music in court like correlate with, with K? Oh, my
goodness. So music has been a huge part of my life ever since I could walk. I was singing, I was dancing. She's
a singer. I think he's got to sing for us. No,
maybe. So you can hear me sing on my podcast. And she has her own. So I have a song that has been produced. So that story, I was hanging out on the farm with my mom. And she's like, You need to sing. So one thing you're not doing yet you're you're doing all the things you're working on, but you're not singing and I was like, okay, Mom, I have an opportunity. It's always our moms. It's always our moms. And it's our moms are the best. And I literally DM this producer I was friends with I was like, Hey, want to help me co produce a theme song for my podcast. And he got back to me like a week later. And he's like, Yeah, let's do it. And I was like, Whoa, and now on the new season you can hear, especially episode one 110 or 110 is you can hear the theme song. That's so So you will hear I'm not really singing. I'm more so like, I'm saying like elevate Ray. Yeah, like the same words, but like real like EDM and like
we're talking about sounds earlier because I'm like, Well, have you? Like, is it a licensed sound on Tik Tok? Can we make up a dance to it? And can we like promote the podcast to it? You know, it's like, that's why I love the TIC tock community is because you can really get your information out there quicker. And people want you to win and they want you to do good and they want to share your stuff like if it's helping them, they will share it where on other platforms, people are not as willing to share because the mindset is a little bit more envious and jealousy of like, Oh, I wish I lived here. Like, it's the weirdest thing do people say to you, oh, I live my life through your travels and like, watching you through Instagram, and I'm like, that is not healthy, you should go, if that's the way you want to live your life figure out a way to get there. Like, because there is happiness on the other side, like when you just keep searching, you know, for that thing. And so, we were talking earlier about, you know, I was asking her, like, who is your perfect client? You know, who do you work with? And you said,
Well, this man's Yes, I, you know, it was so funny. You helped me literally write my vision statement, right? We're sitting in Soho House. So Ha, we're like, Okay, what did we just say? What'd you just say? Yes, I do. Remember, yes, I like to help wellness brands, elevate their brand, presence and visual voice.
Isn't that perfect. And you have the Elevate word in there, which ties back to the podcast, this is set. This is so big, like the takeaway is anything you're doing in your personal brand, your professional brand, what you're doing for the community, something I've learned the hard way, is if something doesn't connect the dots, and you're aligning yourself with things that don't make sense, like in your everyday life, y'all, and your personal brand, people pay more attention to that, than they do the company brand. So it's almost like if I didn't use paper, or if I did use paper, but I've like, always in business talked about like being paper, like it just doesn't make sense. So it's like, you know, when you can stand and do for everything in your personal and professional brand. It's just happier, like things are just more balanced. Would you? Like, would you say that?
And it's almost like when you have like, say you create a recipe, and you over the years fine tune and tweak that recipe to that point where it just is effortless and you've memorized it. But it sometimes takes a little bit of like, practicing and just the years of seasoning yourself. And being okay with like, you only know what you know, but it's your job to keep learning and growing. But never look back and be like, Oh, why didn't I know that back then? Because it's all part of the journey. Yeah, don't
beat yourself down. Yeah. Or elevate yourself. Exactly. It's like, Oh, shit. I'm glad I know that now. Like, would have been helpful to know 10 years ago. But then you wouldn't like you said you wouldn't be who you are today. And the other thing Oh, God, where people compare, and it's like, Don't compare.
I get stuck in that.
What is the same year today? Too much more like you in sometimes you just have to feel the pain. People have to feel the pain before they're gonna like listen. Yeah. Of oh, maybe that wasn't the best idea, or oh, that's what she was talking about. And you just have to sit back and write it out sometimes. Yeah. What did you have like a specific moment, though, in time where you're like, Okay, this is my superpower. This isn't like a negative thing about me, like, I can use all of these tools and elevate my superpower. Like, was there one story? Or did that just like happen over time?
You know, I think it's been little incremental stories along the way. My biggest one recently is I never thought about this, you know, when I was a kid, and you know, up to even now, especially getting working through the traumas of being bullied. I'd say my superpower is my charisma, I can talk to anybody, I can make friends with a tree Someone once told me. And it's like, I always thought that was everybody. Right? I didn't think of that, as my superpower. We all have a superpower. And it's sometimes we're just so used to being ourselves, or we're just so used to who we are. We don't think of our who have that element as our superpower. We just, it's our day to day, normal life I was brought up to just be kind to everybody. And through my experiences and the growth I've had and the work I've done on on my psyche and everything. I've been able to just tap into that. And then now what can I do with how can I help others find their sense of charisma, and then their active listening skills or emotional intelligence? Because those are things I'm always focused on growing in myself. So now I can help somebody else.
So we're also talking about active listening, which is something that is very important and it very much supports like our phase one and GSD is like the people understand the person you're talking to the person you're talking to, because if you're not customizing the message the way they need to hear it based on their personality. You can be talking and they can be listening, active listening, but if you don't understand it's it's almost a level of frustration. And we're not conditioned, especially in the American culture to ask for To clarify, like, What do you mean? Because some people are made to feel stupid, or that they don't belong? Or they don't want to ask for further clarification, because the person seems a little closed off for whatever reason. But there's this understanding. And there's a lot of misunderstandings that are going on. So when you define because you do talk about active listening a lot like what does that mean? To you?
Active listening to me means engaging and actually caring, and listening to the person you're having a conversation with. Because instead of like preparing yourself to be ready to answer you are, you're actually engaging in the conversation. And it can help you as a podcaster, it can help you as a partner, you can help you as a parent, it can help you a better inner dialogue with yourself. But taking time to actually hear the words. It's like, we're supposed to chew our food 50 times before we swallow it. And we don't just 50 I think might even be more I don't know that before. So we're always in a hurry. We're always in a hurry. And by like, I think that's the biggest takeaway from podcasting has been for me to learn how to listen to what someone is saying. And
that's, it's like, again, I feel like it's come with age, because there, I did have that part of my life where it's like, I wanted to fix everything. And I wanted to help everyone, I still, to this day, want, genuinely, I think we both we want to help everybody. But we're not for everybody. Because not everybody thinks like us. And that's where some of the miscommunication comes in, even when you're a completely different personality. And that's where if you're not self aware, things can get real heated, real fast, over miscommunication. And it's like, this is why I like Marco Polo.
Marco Polo, when you told me that I was like, Oh, girl, we're gonna have lots of fun because you get the the voice inflection, you get all the different mannerisms. And you and I think, too, with COVID, everything happening with COVID. And we were so blocked off from communicating on this in person level. It now we're kind of coming back, and we have to almost relearn how to talk to one another, or, you know, understand that expectations or assumptions. And those these are things that can break relationships. Yeah, I highly. I highly recommend the book, The Four Agreements, because they form the Four Agreements for agreements. Yes.
What is that about?
They talk about these four agreements, it's almost like it's philosophies of life. Okay. And one of them is don't make assumptions ever, ever, ever, ever. I mean, how many times do I catch myself? Making assumptions? And you know, you can like lose business deals, if you assume, especially we usually assume the worst for ourselves, like, oh, they don't want to work with us or this, but what do they do? And you're, you're, you're putting
trash talking yourself, your trash talking yourself, and then you sit the AWS like, don't ever? What is that? Like? Yeah, assuming makes the asset to you and me or so do you know that say, oh, it's like AWS out. And I was like, a little champ. And my dad always said, he's like, You never assume anything? Because assuming makes an ass out of you and me.
Something like that. That's funny. Yeah. Funny. That is too much. So
don't assume, don't assume so do you have a advice or feedback on if someone seems closed off? Or they're not active listening? Like how to re engage the conversation? Like, are there techniques for people to know like, how to know if somebody is not completely engaged in, like, what's being discussed?
I would honestly, like, ask them a question that, you know, think about something they're interested in, or ask them something that about them, you know, most people will like disengage if, think about times you disengage, and ask yourself, why those those happen. And then we'll just say, you know, think about another person and how their feelings maybe are in a situation or maybe they maybe they're just waiting for someone to say, Hey, John, what about you? What do you think about this? Or, hey, what do you got? What are you working on? Now? If that's a big project, what's something you're really enjoying in life right now? Just like reengage them in? Just show that you care? Yeah, just genuine, caring for another people, another person will really help them feel safe to open up.
Sometimes when you ask questions, like it's the most left field answer that you never thought. And then you end up connecting on a different level because you're like, Oh, I like to serve or I've been Tibet country or like, whatever. And you never expected the conversation to go there.
100% I have learned so many things, some new new things when I podcast with people especially, I make friends, you're watching a friendship on veiling right before your eyes, or you're listening to it on bail, because I am learning so much about this individual. And so that's been the most, it's such a joy for me, it's almost like almost selfish, just, I get so much joy out of learning about other people. And just also the feeling of knowing that this is a safe space to share. Coming from coming into conversation judgment free. And just meeting someone where they're at, I think that's the best thing we can do is yeah, it's just put our egos aside, or recognize our egos when they do start to show up. Because that's human, that's human, there's no, no shunning of anything. It's just being aware and knowing that you can take action to step into a feeling, especially with someone who may seem disengaged, and practicing bits of empathy, and just that active listening component.
And let me tell you, when you when you're in the middle of like, balls to the wall, building a business, having empathy is really
hard, so hard, it's hard. And it
is like, I had to learn like some really hard, painful things had to happen to me before I really realized, like, and there's still times where it's like, I'm gonna choose not to turn it on or not to turn it off. Yeah, but I think everything that you're you stand for, and everything that you're being a leader towards, and like, using meditation and active listening and like mindfulness. I don't know, maybe in my mid 30s, I would have been like, oh, that's bullshit. You know, like, who needs that? AD, but you're in a different phase, you know, and it's like, people are like, Oh, hustle, hustle, hustle. And I hate that word, because I have a negative connotation with it. Because to me, it's like, when I was in hustle mode, like, I didn't sleep, I didn't eat right, I didn't go there were so many things where it's like, we're our hardest critic, but like, what are some things that you do? Like, every day, like habits, we know that a habit creates like, you have to have action? So like, is there one thing that like you're working on right now that is like you do every day. And it's a habit and supports like one of your goals.
This is such a big thing. And I think recently, I've been really focusing on a morning routine, okay, I've been really focusing on a morning routine. And whatever you have time for a try to fit it in. What I like to do is get up and I write in my prayer journal, I write my gratitudes. And then I do a breath work or meditation, even if it's just a minute, even if it's just a moment, or being intentional with that minute of time, or sometimes it's 15 minutes, and I do a nice, deep rooted, like, go back to working on something I'm struggling with, like do a really deep meditation there. So I mean, it's just sitting in, you're sitting in stillness. And then I like to have a cup of coffee, prepare, and then I'll either go for a run or a walk or yoga class something. And that's usually how I start my day. Yeah, that's one thing I'm working on. When I'm doing it, I'm much more grounded than when I'm not doing it.
And you protect that time. It's like you don't let anything in. You don't let in the distractions, you're not worried about your phone going off. It's like, but is there anything that you've had to do other than have the discipline attorney it all off and focusing on you?
That's, you know, honestly, I, I just keep immersing myself in podcasts and things that I'm feeling around people who also remind me of that and celebrate that or I'll spend time with people who are in like a mentorship or mind mindfulness group that helps hold you accountable. If that's something that helps you but honestly, I just know I feel better when I do it like is when it becomes a habit and like sometimes I'll fall off and then sometimes I'll be on, but I just try to remember the feeling of how I felt when I'm on it when I am doing it. It's just so much better than when I'm
not practicing. Like everything is better. Yeah, like everything you're starting your whole day
off to a good start and it's like find what works for you. Maybe it's making breakfast with your kids. You know, maybe it is getting on and checking your email whatever it is that works for you to start your day. Maybe it is going to a 5am spin class. I am not the 5am club by the IMS six three I'm not I don't know how to any of those clubs.
I don't like getting up early.
I was it's hard for me because I'm also a night owl and we're not yeah we're not owls. I my weekends are a mess. And I'm like I my circadian rhythm was insane. And even if I go to bed at three in the morning, on the weekends, I'm up at six. Oh, that's like today.
It's so bad. Like, my sleep is just all over the place and like I Got this ring because my Apple Watch would keep like, you have to charge it overnight and stuff so, and then like traveling so much. It's like the battery just goes, because it's always on. And so it wasn't like really tracking my sleep. But this ring and the data points. Wow, which ring is that? This is our aura. Aura ring. Yeah,
why don't you try that.
But it's really like tracking the sleep. And I'm like, trying to read it. As I understand it. I'm like, I gotta watch some videos. And they like send a little QR code, their whole little presentation and their whole brand story. And experience has been like, great. It's just I need to go back and watch the videos and like, learn how to interpret the data. And that's something like, it's not fun, y'all. It's not sexy. But when you learn the numbers, and you learn the data, and how it can save your life, like how you're breathing, and you're not breathing, like during sleeping. It's just, it's crazy. And I've learned, like when you're doing stuff that you love, and you're surrounding yourself with the right people, you're more calm.
My sleep is significantly better if I am in a good waking space, like if I'm awake in the day and not to stress because I will like clench my jaw in my sleep. I have I have like I call it. I think it's like a day apnea. Like, I'll hold my breath if I'm on the computer or driving. And so I'm trying to be working on my being present with my breath more. And the more I do it, the more you it becomes you reprogram that part of your brain to breathe better. And not like hold it in. Yeah, that's something I'm always working on.
It's like yawning. Yeah, yeah, really, it has to do with breathing. Yeah. It's not so much like, yeah, you may be tired, but really, it's like there's not enough air. That's like getting to wherever it needs to get. As I take it, I would say fine. They forget to breathe. Thank you so much for your time. This was super insightful. I think just like walking away. People just need to understand that sometimes. No one else is going to fix you. No one else is gonna figure it out for you. You have to do the work. And like when you have things like the yoga and the mindfulness and someone leading, elevate and looking at it through a different angle of reframing, you know, it's people like you are like, paving the way for people who need that person and we all need motivation. It comes in different forms for different people. Yes, mine is Metro monta and so music and I'm like motivated like yes, let's walk in fact, I think if we had a gym we probably would have done this podcast Desi are moving or doing something in the gym. We
Yeah, we totally would probably. We just
there's so many things to like do around here. And I don't know it's so cute. We like want to go Yeah, lovers have fun. But where can everybody connect with you and find you and go follow and subscribe to your podcast.
Definitely subscribe and download elevated you I am on all major platforms, Spotify, Apple, all of them. And then also I am BK Cote. That's ka YCOTE on Tik Tok and on Instagram, and elevated u dot podcast is also on Instagram. So GM, come check me out.
We'll put it on the show notes. So if you're driving or working out, no big deal. Just go look at the show notes in the blog. Thank you so much. Thank you. And be sure to tune in next week for another episode of business unveiled
by yo. That's it for this week's episode of business unveiled. Now that you have all the tools that you need to conquer the world and GSD get shit done. Would you share this with your friends and fellow business leaders? One thing that would really really help us and help new listeners is for you to rate the show and leave a comment and Apple podcast, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you tune in and listen to business unveiled. You can check out the show notes at Angela and link up with us on social media so you can share your biggest insights and I want to know your aha moments. Until next week, remember the profitable shifts and structures you're creating in your business help you be more present in your life. So get out there and GSD


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