Shalita & Rosco: Hutton Hotel
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You will not find a classier, sweeter pair than our couple that just said their “I-do’s” at the Vine Street Christian Church! Their beautiful reception followed full-swing at the Hutton Hotel, a new hot-spot for events located on West End Avenue. Keeping it simple for the ceremony with a few floral arrangements and eco-friendly petals down the aisle, they went all-out for the ceremony with giant candleholders as centerpieces, smaller florals on the guest tables and huge pieces for the head table. Soft seating provided a frame around the dance floor arranged with pink pillows to match the decor, and an elaborate rouched tablecloth dressed up the cake table, set off with a pin spot light and parameter up-lighting around the room!

Highlights included a surprise bow tie cake for the groom as their big day was also his birthday, and the couple’s two grand entrances that night, the second being after a quick wardrobe change into traditional Nigerian garb, a testament to their roots! The groom's bubbly aunt was the perfect MC for the party, and both sorority and fraternity were honored with traditional ceremonial dances choreographed for their members!

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