Angela Proffitt Brian Worley


08 Oct

How to Increase iPhone Volume

 Do you turn your iPhone volume all the way up, but it's still just not loud enough? Well I've got a tip for you! Watch now to learn how to increase your iPhone's max volume! This tip is brought to you by Kajabi, (the most amazing time saving all-in-one platform) check it out at:

07 Oct

Having an Intern During a Pandemic: Anna Cooper

 I'm so excited to share this video of Anna sharing her experience as an intern during a pandemic! When approached by one of my previous mentors about having Anna as an intern, I wasn't so sure, my team and I really wanted to give her the opportunity but wanted to make sure that she..

01 Oct

How to Market on Instagram

 Instagram is more than a fun social media app, it can also be a powerful marketing tool for your business! I'm here with a new tip to show you four ways you can market your business on instagram! Watch now to see how to utilize scheduling platforms for your grid, IGTV, highlights and stories!..

17 Sep

Unboxing New Video Tools

 Is it just me or does anyone else get excited about new technology tools?! I'm so excited about my new Movo Video Kit7. It's the perfect kit with everything you need to make perfect videos, even a mic, light and remote! Watch the video to learn more!

20 Aug

How to Update iPhone Privacy Settings

Did you know that there are settings on your iPhone that come standard on each phone? But these features can be disguising an invasion of your privacy and you may not want those extra little features turned on. Watch this tip where I show you what they do and why you may want to turn..

13 Aug

How to Use Apple Shortcuts

Ever been in a situation where you could use an extra hand, or a sidekick? Ever think that sidekick could be your phone? In this tip I show you how to set up Apple iPhone shortcuts so that all you have to do is say “Hey, Siri…” and receive a helping hand from your favorite..