Improve Your Inflight Experience


Anyone headed to the beach for a summer vacation? As we begin to come out of quarantine and begin to travel again I had to pull out my travel list from years ago when I first started traveling. Because it's been a hot minute because of COVID-19.  But things are looking up in the hospitality and events industry.  We are all itching to get back out there and get going again with events! While things will be different on flights forever, there are still some things I will always take with me.  Something new to my travel list is a face mask (I always have Vaseline and q tips and put it in my nose before boarding to keep the germs out)! I know it sounds gross but it helps me keep from getting sick. The other important thing is to make sure you get eight hours of sleep to keep your immune system up.  Here we go…many of my favorites are pretty affordable and can be easily packed away in your carry-on bag.

*Pillow that supports your neck all the way around
Unlike fellow passengers in first or business class (if not on Southwest), trying to fall asleep isn’t going to be easy (depending on the person-valium helps!). 

*Sleep mask
If we are having to cover our mouths, why not cover your eyes too and get some shut eye

*Noise Cancelling Headphones
YES, the noise cancellation is worth the extra money.  There's nothing more annoying than a screaming kid or a couple fighting in the row behind you or in front of you.  My Bose headphones are large, but I don't care; it blocks the noise!

*Cocktail Kit
My favorite is clase azul reposado tequila and they don't exactly carry this on airplanes and some resorts don't have it at all.  So I like to pack a flask of it in my purse, just in case I need a swig to take the Anxiety away or it really helps me sleep too. There are TSA flask approved.

*Microfleece Blanket
I don't leave home without it. I don't want to use the airline pillow or blanket, especially after this COVID stuff.

*Phone and Computer Charger
If you have a long flight with no outlets, hyperjuice is my go to that will ensure I have a backup battery for my laptop.

*Travel Goodies
Don't leave home without it: chargers, Hand sanitizer, lotion, gum, zyrtec, snacks

And I am headed to start packing for a much needed R&R summer vacation where I can think  clearly about working on my business not in my business for the second part of the year! Enjoy your holiday and time with family and friends! Safe Travels!


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