Influencer Scams on the Rise

Has anyone else gotten these emails offering FREE products?  They seem so legit but then I later find out that they are total SCAMS! And I am usually too busy to take the time to google it, which I take the time now after getting scammed! I got several enticing email to start.  Which hey, who doesn't want to great workout pants that make your butt look better??! I can always use another pair of those! Where they get ya is the shipping AND there is an up-sell for another pair for like $5.99 and my dumb ass got 2 pairs, I mean, why not!

So about two months later I do get them in the mail.  I was SHOCKED.  First off, the battered bag them came in, like WTF.  And no way in hell could I wear these workout pants, they must have sent the complete wrong size.  They looked like XX Small when I ordered a Large.  The fabric was SO cheap feeling.  There was NO size or label, or anything that referenced the brand. 

I emailed Alice, the person I had been emailing and told her there was NO way I could post anything about these leggings; hell I couldn't even fit into them. I was not going to “help spread the word”.  I gave them to my 12 year old niece who is stick skinny! And crickets. Nothing.  That's when I googled it.  Dug more and read the reviews of how it's a scam. I think I was more pissed at the fact that I had wasted my time.

So when you get these emails, be careful and ask questions; just google the company and there are real reviews out there.

“Here is our new Pegasus Leggings, you can go ahead and order your favorite color to officially become an Ambassador. Once you´ve ordered your FREE pair (just cover shipping) please send me:

·         Your Paypal email so you can receive 25% commission per sale (paid every Friday)
·         You will also get a welcome email containing our ambassador perks
·         And this is your unique ambassador code to place on your post caption:  X  your followers get 15% off by using it

Looking forward to have you on our team!

Alice (Head of PR), Bliss Body, London, UK

Well I don't know if Alice is real, but I never got a response.  I waited two more months to post this.  I never want to spread negative things about brands and companies, but I also want to education hard working women out there who are just trying to help others not waste their time like I did!  Just sayin! 

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