It’s Small Business Week! How are you celebrating?

It's Small Business Week! How do you plan to celebrate your small business? I know we are all busy, but does that mean we are busy doing the right things? The things that will help us grow our business and become more productive and profitable?

In order to have a successful small business there are some key things to consider putting at the top of your priority list:

*Customer service and communication

*Setting client expectations

*Prequalifying the right clients for you

*Building a strong team and surround yourself with people that are not like you, be clear on roles and who is responsible for what

*Define a culture for your business by using key words and not using words that don't speak to your overall brand

*As a leader be open to empowering others

*Be intentional when networking

I was just traveling from Hong Kong and it really hit me. How Amazing is it to have the opportunity to be a small business owner? A leader. An expert. To do what you love every day. It is the BEST feeling!

America's 30 million small businesses are pivotal to our economy and our communities. No one said it was easy! To be a small business owner it takes courage, risk, determination and a sleepless night here and there.

If you are striving to start your own business, I believe in you! If you are an established business owner now is the time to celebrate all that you have accomplished so far and all that is to come!

Always remember to share your story, say thank you to the people who keep your business thriving and invest in yourself and your business through education.

I love small businesses; check out the newest business I am a part of, Collective615, a co-working space focused on women! Schedule a tour or stop in to learn about our culture soon!

Happy National Small Business Week!

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