Join Me On My Virtual “Get Stuff Done” Session

You know who businesses avoid? Potential clients who have champagne dreams and a beer belly budget. Why? Because these clients are draining.Think about it… If you needed a car, would you ever set your expectations for a Tesla, knowing you have a 95 Nissan Altima budget? No. Or how about vacation? Would you opt into traveling the world knowing that you can barely afford to travel outside of your front door? Probably not. So how can you expect these client’s expectations to change, if you continue to cater to those needs?

Do you like Getting Stuff Done?

If so, let’s get transparent on how to manage these expectations and attract the kind of client, who sees the value in what you do. I call it, GSD. Short for Getting Stuff Done. I’ll do all the hard stuff like:

1. Give you my communication guide, which has helped me land clients such as: Jason Aldean, Kelly Pickler, and Hillary Scott-Tyrrell.

2. Layout the process for attracting your ideal client

3. Teach you how to use technology to run your business efficiently

4. Create a visual content planner and share it with you

What am I asking for in return? Not much, you don’t even have to leave the comforts of your own home. I’ll be showing up and broadcasting LIVE to answer any questions you have. Be there.

This is not a workshop, or even a training. This is a…virtual GET STUFF DONE session. Click here to register for your spot!

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