Katie & Jose at Schermerhorn Symphony

Angela and Alison,

You and your team did an incredible job with Katie & Jose's wedding ceremony and reception. You made a thousand things work behind the scenes to create a truly “dream” wedding.

Wightman Chapel was beautiful, every part of the ceremony fit together perfectly, the musicians all played great and flowed with the extended All I Ask processional, the attendants were all perfectly placed and the ceremony itself was very meaningful.

We have performed at Schermerhorn many times, including the Grand opening and numerous Symphony Balls, Heart Galas and corporate events. The members of the band commented last night that the decorations we absolutely beautiful and possibly the best we had ever seen in the venue. The sound crew was very helpful, upbeat and great to work with. The meal you provided was wonderful and gave us the energy we needed. All of the special request songs went very well. Katie’s vocal was very nicely done, with the band following her every phrase. It came off as if we had rehearsed. The 11:11 tango went great and matched their dance perfectly, which they danced very well! The last dance was exactly on time and capped off the evening.

Once again, accolades for a job well done on a wedding with a thousand moving parts. You have a great team. We hope to work with you again soon.

Craig Duncan
Craig Duncan Music and Entertainment

Photo: Erin Lee Allender Photography

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