Life Changing Video App Vlog Easy

Ok, so this is a SUPER life changing blog post!  This is hands down one of my very favorite APPS for Apple users that I simply can not live without!  I know, I know, seems a little extreme, but after learning how to use this APP and all of its features, it saves me SO much time and money!  For those of you who do videos or vlog’s this is hands down the BEST app out there.  I have tried them all.  Paid for them all.  Wasted money by ultimately canceling a bunch of monthly app subscriptions. So when I say I hunted down the BEST one. I literally did.  

And I did a podcast with the app creator and CEO, Chris Carmichael, stay tuned, that will be out soon!

Ok, back to what this APP does; 2 things:

1: Planned Videos for Branding and sharing your story. Have any of you ever used a teleprompter for your videos? I have! Vlog Easy allows for a more authentic approach by allowing time for pauses in-between phrases. And the most amazing thing you may ask? It automatically cuts out the silence and edits the snippets together! Life. Changing. I know!

2: Vlogging on the go. Do you find yourself taking videos throughout the day and then manually pulling it into a program to edit together later? With Vlog Easy you can take snips throughout the day and at the end of the day it will auto-render and magically you have a edited video to share! Such a time saver and so easy!

Here’s some of the exclusive features of Vlog Easy:

*Jump cut: This feature records  then automatically makes editing cuts for you called “jump cuts”. This is a huge huge huge timesaver for those of you who do videos and are manually editing them.  And if you don’t know how reach out; I will teach you! 

*Search for your favorite movie quotes with yarn feature and insert into the video 

*Create for any platform with the option of vertical or horizontal video format.  This is H.U.G.E

*Add text in drawings to make your vlogs pop. There are a ton of fonts to choose from which is great for personalized branding.

*You can event subscribe monthly and put your own logo/watermark on your videos.

*Export your blog specifically for YouTube, InstaStories, IGTV, Facebook, etc.! One of my favorite features is if the video is over 2 1/2 minutes it will auto slice the longer video up into 15 second increments which makes it so much faster loading into your Instagram story.

Spread your story with Vlog Easy today!!!! Click here NOW for an exclusive lifetime membership!!  Send me your videos, I would love to see them!!

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