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As wedding and event professionals, we often have to come up with new ideas on the spot when something doesn’t go as planned. Frequently for reasons that are out of anyone’s control, we must quickly develop a backup that will work in the moment. This week’s episode of Weddings Unveiled will help you discover how to handle unexpected surprises with limited resources.

Podcast Episode 43: How to Prepare for Destination Events

In my experience, something always goes differently than planned on event days. A mirror breaks or something is delivered in the wrong color due to a warehouse mistake. Many times these hiccups are completely out of our control, and we must figure out a solution then and there. This week, I share my experience working a destination event on a private island with absolutely no resources for backup plans. Together with my co-host Alison Burry, we will unveil how to creatively formulate new ideas on the spot, with nothing but some palm fronds and the beach! We hope you’ll learn a few ideas that you can use when something unexpected happens to you.

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