Managing & Backing Your Stuff Up

Now that you’re part of the Mac club, let's talk about the additional FREEBIE that is an absolute must. Some refer to it as “the cloud”  while others may use the more proper name; “i-cloud.” It reminds me of the many tourists that come to Nashville. I can always tell the tenured transplants (because there are so few that are actually from Nashville)  from the visitors. The tell-all are the cowboy boots…I mean Nashville is the Country Music Capital AND we have a show named after us.

However I digress, and from my experience, those who prefer to use the proper name “i-cloud are those who are not as familiar with the service; the ones who wear the cowboy boots. Friend, don’t worry. I promise, you too can become a tenured transplant and join “the cloud” club. So let’s begin with some logistics.

I-cloud is an internet based storage service offered by Apple. The service allows you to store documents, emails and the really important things like photos of your pups. But the greatest benefit even more than looking at pictures of Lily & Pepe is the syncing ability across all Apple devices. I don’t know about you, but I don’t carry my Mac with me everywhere. So being able to access documents via my i-phone or i-pad has increased productivity within my business significantly. As event professionals, we’re always on the go…shouldn’t our work be too?

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I see you, you’re amazing…now let’s rock this business world together!


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