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As a business owner, how often do you take a vacation? And there is a difference between going on vacation and taking a vacation and actually being present. We all know that time off from work can be extremely rejuvenating and beneficial for our health, but it's hard to really enjoy the break if we have so many things in our mind. One of the best investments you can make is in yourself, so if you're looking for an escape where your worries are left behind, escape and rejuvenate, definitely go visit Mezzatorre Hotel & Thermal Resort in Naples, Italy. 

Mezzatorre stands proud on the northwest tip of Ischia, above their private bay. The two charming beach towns of Lacco Ameno and Forio are minutes away. A complimentary shuttle takes guests to and from the shore side town of Lacco Ameno. You pass San Montano Bay where the Greeks first landed on Italian shores, leaving a wealth of historic pottery to discover. Forio is another charming beach side town, and the location of La Mortella, the world famous tropical gardens created by Lady Susana Walton.

This blog post will share some of the features of this one of a kind destination getaway. 

The Hotel’s History

The castle of Mezzatorre has an ancient and fascinating history. The name “Mezzatorre” derives from the presence of an ancient watch tower that remained unfinished (from here “Mezza”) and built between the sixteenth and seventeenth century by the Aragonese as a watchtower. It was enlarged in the eighteenth century by the dukes of Rancidello.

In the thirties, the tower was used as a pension until one of the owners was Luigi Patalano, a distinguished scholar, politician and poet. Founder of political and cultural magazines, he transformed the tower into an active cultural cenacle. Patalano also built “La Colombaia” in the same park as Mezzatorre, just a short walk from the hotel.

After being owned by Baron Fassini, an educated aristocrat, elegant and lover of good life, the beautiful villa was bought in the 50s by Luchino Visconti, the eclectic Italian movie director, who brought an atmosphere of fruitful culture to the island.

Dining – La Baia Restaurant

Snatch up that catch of the day, enjoy it carpaccio or cooked to your wishes. Taste all the mediterranean flavour of “Tubettoni” pasta with mussels, pumpkin flowers and pecorino cheese or a Free range cockerel breast, grilled or Biancolella white wine sauce.  The restaurant menu is truly a must try!

Dining – La Torre Restaurant

Chef Giuseppe D’Abundo’s tasting menu is a showcase of culinary versatility, anticipate local snapper, rockfish and crustaceans presented crudo, tossed and cooked. Among the most typical and traditional dishes we will taste Pennoni pasta with Neapolitan ragout and the Ischia style rabbit “pasta and main course”.

Bar La Torre

This is where the Greeks first landed and brought vines and wine to Ischia. They also left a treasure of artifacts including ‘Nestor’s Cup’, with the oldest known inscription in the Greek alphabet, quoting the Iliad. If you sip from Nestor’s cup they say you will be seized by irresistible sensual desire.

Rooms With A View

One of the known features of Mezzatorre is of course their beautiful architecture and views from your bedroom. You can choose below based on your preference. 

  • The Cottage – The Mezzatorre Cottage is a three bedroom hideaway in the park, with a lovely wooden terrace and garden. 
  • Grand Suite – If Mezzatorre is a hidden village, our Grand Suite is the nobleman’s residence. The most gorgeous suite for a couple, with lavish amounts of character. 
  • Bellevue Suite – This is the place to fall in love in Ischia, just as Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton did, just as Visconti did with our cove. Glorious secluded suite with glass wraparound balcony so nothing interrupts the blue bay views.  
  • Deluxe Suite – A cottage in the park, only bothered by the rustling of the swaying trees, or a more spacious suite inside the tower.  
  • Junior Suite Sea View – Mezzatorre has a history and it is reflected in the 16th century architectural details found in circular bay walls and arched windows, though views are eternally changing with the ebb and flow of the sea. All junior suites are in the lookout tower and have neat sitting rooms with sofa beds. Sofa beds in the sitting room are ideal for families.
  • Double Deluxe Sea View – Step into a room and catch your breath, the azure view is fabulous, watch the sea spray splash on rocks by the entrance to Mezzatorre’s private bay.  
  • Double Sea View – Stay in the bay that seduced Visconti, the great director who had seen all things beautiful through the eye of his camera. 

Events: For Weddings

On occasion Mezzatorre can be made yours exclusively. Their 52 guest rooms, two restaurants and cascade of terraces and bars, becomes your private party place. Or take a smaller celebration into the event marquee above the pool terrace. For even more intimate events The Cottage in the park is ideal, with two floors, four different party rooms, and a sprawling terrace that runs down to a clifftop spot above the sea.

To book your event, contact us today HERE.

Events: For Meetings

The Cottage is excellent for meetings, secluded in the park, yet easily accessible to the torre, pool and facilities. Their Ischian idyll is a delicious reward to incentivize your team, while the spa, pool and sea provide a refreshing revival for body and mind. 

Thermal Spa

The source is alkaline, containing sulphur, iodine, chlorine, iron and potassium, which specifically benefits respiration, arthritis and dermatitis. Inviting all the guests to journey through the pools and heat rooms. 


Aside from having such an amazing view from your room, delicious meals from the restaurant, and relaxing experience at the spa. They also offer these following activities for you to do during your stay. 

If you’re interested in a wedding or a special event, reach out to us at

Photos in the blog post are by Italy based photographer, GI Photography: @giphotositaly, and Mezzatorre Resort and Thermal Spa website.

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