My Journey to Becoming the Productivity Therapist

So here’s the low down on my background. I started off in Nursing, worked in a morgue (oddly relaxing), switched my major to Psychology, because I realized that working with living patients was WAYYYY more stressful. And the thought of inflicting pain on others was just….well, gut wrenching. Many asked consistently what I had planned for my future. And as always my response would be “well, I’m 22, and does anyone really know at this point?” I realized that those influencers had my life mapped out, but what did I want? Listen here:)

It was by chance that I was introduced into the events industry. My humble beginnings started off with planning events for our local church and close family and friends. I’ve always been somewhat of a diva and my passion for design and helping others has been the fueling agent in planning breathtaking, showstopping, and Beyonce praiseworthy events.

If there is one large takeaway here, it is how I found what I love to do on my own. Yes, it took my big girl britches, lots of gumption and incredible support from family and friends, but I did it, and I want to show you how! Grab your best lip liner, and let’s start writing some positive affirmations to keep you going!

I see you, you’re amazing now let’s rock this business world together


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Posted by Lauren Ringo

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