Rome Italy Getaway: La Posta Vecchia Hotel

Naples Italy Getaway: La Posta Vecchia Hotel

When arriving in Rome for a marketing meeting for the Hospitality industry, the first hotel was amazing. The views were breathtaking being right on the beach. This was the perfect location to be for a group of around 50 people. The customer service and attention to detail was top notch. Each of the rooms are decorated uniquely since this used to be an old home. The food was awesome and we enjoyed preparing for the AJA certification for wedding & event planners. 

If you are looking for a vacation destination that is out of the ordinary, a breathtaking place for your wedding, retreat, family reunion or just looking to get away from it all and really immerse yourself in another culture? If so, then look no further than Hotel La Posta Vecchia in Italy. The historic seaside villa is in the Palo Laziale and it is in the perfect location where they have been doing business since 1875. It’s so intimate and charming! 

The views from your room will be something that you will never forget! The beach and landscaping was exquisite. And the food they serve is just as delicious as their surroundings are beautiful! And it’s easy to get to; only 18 miles to the airport and 24 miles to the centre of Rome, which guests frequently enjoy for day trips. 

This blog post will explore some of the amazing features of this historical landmark.


The Italian Story

La Posta Vecchia is an intriguing witness to Italian history. A ‘voluptuous seaside resort’ favored by Roman imperators, a Renaissance villa for the noble Orsini family and home to John Paul Getty a billionaire who filled it with Italian art treasures. Finally with typical Italian passion, Roberto Sciò who confesses to a love affair with beauty, found La Posta Vecchia irresistible and made it his family home.

This rich history has been captured by todays your host, daughter of Roberto and creative director and Italy’s contemporary tastemaker Marie-Louise Sciò. La Posta Vecchia balances the Baroque exuberance of a Fellini film with her renowned artful elegance. So guests live in refined style above Roman mosaics and ancient artefacts.

It is a living museum; as you enter La Posta Vecchia you are presented with a glorious 17th Century tapestry, dignified marble busts of Roman emperors Flavio Vespasiano and Agrippa, and an antiquarian map by Giovanni Battista Piranesi one of the greatest printmakers in the world. This is a taste of the magnificent furnishings that adorn every wall and room of La Posta Vecchia, a collection made by Getty with his art historian Federico Zeri.

Guests are invited to live in elegant style amongst some five hundred treasures, just as the private collection was intended. During Getty’s restoration of La Posta Vecchia, a Roman villa dating back to the 2nd century BC was revealed. First in the gardens, where the ruins remain open to nature and our guests, then beneath the Renaissance foundations.

The Archaeological Authority carried out excavation work, discovering ancient walls, colorful mosaics, African and Greek marble as well as an array of plate, amphorae and ampules. Today our guests have a private view of these valuable discoveries in La Posta Vecchia’s museum on the lower ground floor.



La Posta Vecchia offers you an extraordinary location with historic style; romantic enough for a Renaissance princess, rare enough for Pompeii and his peers, rich enough for J Paul Getty. Their palazzo has been sought out by all who can choose the most privileged setting. Inviting you to join the exclusive set for a celebration or business retreat at La Posta Vecchia Villa Rome.

Their five star luxury hotel is available for intimate private occasions or can be reserved in its entirety for your exclusive event.

What you can do with the Exclusive Use:

  • 19 rooms and suites at disposal, with breakfast included (max. 45 guests)
  • Use of all indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Complete use of the sea-view front terrace
  • No time limits for your music
  • Fireworks
  • Personalized set-up of the venue
  • Arrival at the hotel by helicopter
  • Arrival at the hotel by boat
  • Installation of a marquee also in the common areas
  • Possible customized tensile structure available in the common areas
  • Exclusive use of swimming pool
  • Exclusive use of the beach
  • Exclusive use of the SPA and Wellness Centre
  • Exclusive use of the tennis court
  • Guided tour of our private Roman museum from the II century
  • Full-time assistance in organizing your event
  • On-site presence of one of the Events team members the day of the event
  • Coordination service with all suppliers of event

What you can do with the Non-Exclusive Use:

  • Use of the gardens, sea view
  • Use of The Cesar terrace, sea view
  • Music until midnight
  • Arrival at the hotel by helicopter
  • Full-time assistance in organizing your event
  • On-site presence of one of the Events team members the day of the event
  • Coordination service with all suppliers of event

To book your event, you can email at:, or submit your event booking through clicking this link HERE.


Dining – The Ceasar Restaurant

Their executive chef Antonio Magliulo has many passions. He has worked at La Posta Vecchia since 2011, where he has free rein to achieve the gastronomic heights his guests demand. One of his many passions is perfecting Pasta Pomodoro, for which, like everything he cooks, he demands the absolute best ingredients.

Antonio is always very attentive to local products but if he sees something truly special, he is going to buy it for his guests be that Icelandic cod or Ronce oysters. Chef Antonio is fierce on these small details, which is what makes him a superb chef and La Posta Vecchia a truly fine Italian restaurant. Season opening from April – November. 


Italian Cooking Classes

With such a passionate chef, they also offer cooking classes and courses for you to experience during your stay. Learn to create a two course Italian lunch and then enjoy the fruits of your new found expertise.

Chef Antonio Magliulo will share his rich knowledge and together you will prepare a two course lunch. The class will be tailored to your interest and ability, either something from the Cesar menu or an authentic Italian dish you would like to replicate at home, perhaps Antonio’s perfect Pasta Pomodoro, making the pasta by hand.



They also offer you a private Beach Club, Beauty and Sports Centre, for active mornings and lazy afternoons. Swing in the garden hammock, Lampedusa’s work in your lap, and listen to birdsong as melodic as a Boccherini chorus. Stroll from topiary to tennis courts, and stride from fitness trail to pool. Put body, mind and spirit in the hands of our massage therapists and let stress drift away on the flickering candlelight and scented air.

Click HERE for more info about La Posta Vecchia.

All photos in the blog post are by GI Photography, Italy based photographer. View more of her work here: @giphotositaly

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