A New Collaborative Environment for the Production Industry

In general, we tend to avoid change for numerous reasons..it can be overwhelming, changing a process involves hours of training, purchasing new equipment can be expensive and hiring additional employees for support are all time consuming and create major headaches.

Way too often people continue doing processes the way they’ve done them because it is a safe place and that’s the way it's been done for years.

The reality is doing things the outdated way is leaving you behind. We can no longer deny that technology & software are playing a huge role in shifting our behaviors every day. Since the very beginning, the production industry has been adapting to new technologies by leveraging the latest lighting technology and video screens to create powerful experiences.

Yet some of the most basic workflows like creating rundowns and distributing production documents are behind the times.

The leaders of the production industry are always seeking process improvement and they're turning to cloud-based solutions. Today productions teams are leveraging technology like dropbox for file sharing, event for attendee registration and Shoflo for a collaborative pre-production & on-site working environment.

Those who want to lead the production industry and beat the competition are becoming early adopters of a continually changing industry by moving over to cloud-based workflows. Those who decide not to follow because of their fear of change will be left behind.

If your production team is adopting new tools and processes, please share with us your ideas or for more information, visit Shoflo.tv.

This article was written by Spencer Naegle.

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