New: Wedding Wire + The Knot

Have you heard the news? Two major leaders in the wedding space, Wedding Wire and The Knot, are merging together! Though this may come as a surprise to many, think about it, are you really all that caught off guard?

For many industry professionals in previous years, leads were often generated through this directory style advertising but it has stopped all of a sudden and industry professionals seem to be lost and unsure why that is the case.

The wedding industry is ever evolving and has been growing and changing for some time now. With multi-billions of dollars in revenue and catering to an audience of almost never repeat clients, marketing proves to be quite challenging for many wedding industry businesses.

As business owners we have been relying on and justifying directory type marketing services, believing that they are bringing in leads and revenue when this style of marketing is now old news. It is time for us to take control of our businesses and stop relying on advertising to make clients magically appear.

It is our job as business owners in the creative space to shape our own niche where our worth and value are portrayed and seen through our work. As a wedding industry professional you have to set lifestyle goals and invest, not just money but also time, in the things that will help you meet those goals.

This is a very exciting time for our industry. The time where you start taking control of your business is now, and I am so excited for you!

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