Organize Your Life With Technology

So you’re out there conquering the world, CRUSHING your business and living the #goaldigger life, right? You want to #ootd on Instagram and capture those #foodselfies at your local dive…and you get the dreaded “STORAGE FULL” error.

Friend, I #gotyou. See…things get interesting from here. And while most refer to me as Angela Proffitt, my family chooses to call me the  #appslayingqueen (App Slaying Queen). Because yes, while this episode will cover my “I solemnly swear by apps” to making your business more profitable and efficient, I want to get you up and running for those other important things too.

Life is short, and in this great big world, the greatest asset that I’ve learned about technological devices, is that they are tools. Tools that allow us to connect. And in this day and age, social [ME]dia is an incredibly powerful resource.


Sooo…let me rewind back to social [ME]dia. Do you see what I see? This is your social [ME]dia, your time to connect and my goodness, if you’re getting that dreaded “STORAGE FULL” error, well friend let’s take care of that. Because you have lots of moments that are waiting to be captured and lots of connecting to do.


This episode will take you through LOTS of apps and you’ll think #omg #herfamilyisright #thisisabitmuch. However, beyond learning how to automate and implement better business practices, I’ll fast track your day to day, so you can get back to snapping the #bestvacationever  #mykidsaredrivingmecrazy #nomydogsarethecutest moments.


Let’s connect and #creatememoriestogether. Use my code [BOGO] for our next Let’s Get Tech Savvy Class. Check it out below.


I see you, you’re amazing now let’s rock this business world together,




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