Over The Edge

Over The Edge was started to give back to three local non-profits in Nova Scotia, Canada. With a background in adventure sport, Founder, Paul Griffith, thought it would be fun to invite  friends and the Halifax business community to the roof of the tallest building, charge them $1,000.00 and get them to climb down it. So, he did, and raised almost $70,000 for local charities.

Making the decision to expand into the US in 2008 was when Paul began even to consider that Over The Edge could make an impact – not only by helping clients fundraise but helping them expand their donor lists outside of their traditional base through these unique events. Over the Edge has hosted events all over the US; Atlanta, Michigan, Colorado, coast-to-coast. Then they set a goal to help raise $50 million for charities and non-profits by 2018. Honestly, $50 million seemed like a pretty ambitious number. Hitting it by 2018 was even more ambitious. But Paul knew they could do it, because he knew how much their clients needed them to. They hit thier target by 2016.

The success of the organization has largely been built on the passion and expertise of the staff. Their drive and commitment to clients is what makes each event a success. And it’s why customers keep coming back for more.

Today, Over The Edge continues its commitment to help non-profits and charities meet their fundraising goals with our unique adventure experience. They've expanded and now also help businesses with their team-building and conference event’s needs.

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